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251 A blacksmith at the time of his marriage Gerry, Ernest Reed (I45379)
252 A blacksmith in Fayette County, IL in 1870 Puffer, Hugh (I1277)
253 A blacksmith in Hobart, NY
Barlow, Ward Samuel (I2338)
254 A blacksmith in Hobart, NY at the time of his marriage Barlow, William Harrison (I12369)
255 A blacksmith in Lockport, Nova Scotia. Bill, Caleb Ryder (I15339)
256 A blacksmith, brother of Luther. Washburn, Rufus (I21063)
257 A blacksmith, resided at 3736 Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN
A painter, resided at 212 38th Ave. North, Minneapolis 
Puffer, William Hale (I36075)
258 A blacksmith. Perry, Calvin (I19091)
259 A blacksmith. The Haynes family settled on a grant of land called "Quinisigmonnd" aft er arrival on the "Confidence" April 9, 1638. Deacon John Haynes grant ed one hundred of land included in the tract to Henry Balcombe, Septemb er 5, 1672.] Married by Lt. Edm. Goodonow Balcombe, Henry (I31930)
260 A bodyguard for George Washington McCausland, James (I37999)
261 A bookkeeper Irons, Franklin Henry (I24233)
262 A bookkeeper at the time of her marriage. Family F11140
263 A bookkeeper in NYC Puffer, William Lord (I20265)
264 A bookkeeper in Rockford, in 1940 Puffer, Henry Benjamin (I26681)
265 A bookkeeper. Resided at 83 Chandler Street, Boston. Taylor, Amos Spaulding (I15228)
266 A boot and shoe merchant. Agnew, James Henry (I25207)
267 A bootmaker at the time of his death Fisher, Ebenezer B. (I42931)
268 A brakeman for the B&O Railroad
Puffer, Neil D. (I3788)
269 A breeder of Cotswold and Leicester sheep, apiarist 50 swarms, and farm er 215 acres. Folsom, Chauncey Alonzo (I7250)
270 A brick maker

(Note: The Puffer Genealogy says his name was William. g.s says Wilson) 
Puffer, Wilson (I12900)
271 A brick mason in 1870, he lived at Porter, MI and afterward at Breckinridge, MI.

Living with his brother Benjamin in 1880 according to the Federal Census. 
Puffer, William R. (I24230)
272 A brickmason
Miller, Harry Harmon (I22880)
273 A Briton who settled in England during the reign of Henry II. Zouche, Alan La (I10920)
274 A butcher Reed, William H. (I35729)
275 A cab driver? Employed by Yellow Cab Taxi Co. Centralia, IL Puffer, Harry Roscoe (I7804)
276 A cabinet maker Black, Jesse S. (I4213)
277 A cabinet maker by trade and during most of his active life resided in Boston, where he manufactured musical instruments.

He was a 'pianoforte' maker in the 1850 Federal Census.
Puffer, Aaron (I36239)
278 A cabinet maker. Messinger, Jacob (I20527)
279 A cadet in British Navy, wounded in engagement with the French. Merchant, Falmouth, Jamaica-West Indies Delisser, Samuel (I45792)
280 A Capt. in the US Army during WWII Crookell, Mary Frances (I37128)
281 A captain from the island of Hooge, off the coast of Germany (just south of Fohr) Frerksen, Frerk (I53647)
282 A car maker in a steel foundry Olson, Frank (I11335)
283 A cardboard manufacturer Cheney, Frank Page (I23602)
284 A carpenter Puffer, Amos Taft (I633)
285 A carpenter Puffer, Arthur Ransom F. (I1158)
286 A carpenter Puffer, Lorenzo (I13335)
287 A carpenter Wilder, Thomas (I15994)
288 A carpenter Puffer, Albert S. (I20573)
289 A carpenter Sprague, Soreno M. (I21659)
290 A carpenter Whitmore, Harry (I22212)
291 a carpenter Lang, John K. (I23396)
292 A carpenter Ingraham, Edwin G. (I24198)
293 A carpenter French, Isaac Edwin (I36197)
294 A carpenter Minott, Joseph Nelson (I37194)
295 A carpenter Hotchkiss, John N. (I39091)
296 A carpenter Nash, Herrick E. (I39742)
297 A carpenter Beeman, Daniel Raymond (I43816)
298 A carpenter and Civil War Veteran, Co. B, 34th N. J. Infantry
Puffer, Courtney (I23212)
299 A carpenter and joiner. Grover, Wesley (I24235)
300 A carpenter and joiner. He served in the Albany, NY Company during the Revolution and while enlisted he became ill which lasted for approx. 18 months after his service ended. He was never paid for his time in service and numerous letters and petitions were raised by his family to secure remuneration. Marshall, Enos Sr. (I51922)

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