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4851 Resided in Peroria, IL Puffer, Pearl Lolaine (I22881)
4852 Resided in Putney, VT. Puffer, Isadore Burnham (I20664)
4853 Resided in Richford, VT Rogers, Melissa (I15161)
4854 Resided in Richford, VT. No children. Puffer, Lewis Johnson (I23257)
4855 Resided in Rockport, IL Lindstrom, Gunnar G. (I1937)
4856 Resided in Roxbury, unmarried. Puffer, Robert (I35523)
4857 Resided in Saxonville, MA. Puffer, Laura Ann (I16180)
4858 Resided in Seattle, WA. Lloyd, Eva Gertrude (I18514)
4859 Resided in So. Hingham, MA. Puffer, Tamsin (I19465)
4860 Resided in Springfield, MA. Puffer, Harriet Ellen (I6095)
4861 Resided in Springfield, MA. Puffer, Mary Diantha (I36911)
4862 Resided in Vermont and left for parts unknown (Livermore and Putnam, p 334) Burton, Ezra (I42952)
4863 Resided in W. Meriden, CT Puffer, Amanda Malvina (I36048)
4864 Resided in West Grove, IA. Bassett, Austin Edwin (I25483)
4865 Resided in Westmoreland, NH. Puffer, Abigail (I25140)
4866 Resided in Youngstown OH Raymond, Samuel Martin (I26170)
4867 Resided Odell, IL. Puffer, Ann Adelaide (I11788)
4868 Resided on a ranch in Columbia Co., WA Marshall, Edgar Henderson (I15571)
4869 Resided on a wheat ranch in Palouse County in eastern Washington State. Harper, Claude Americus (I2877)
4870 Resided with her father in Richford in 1897; unmarried, living in Water bury, VT. Puffer, Hattie Lauretta (I18538)
4871 Resided with son Everette Earl at Mechanicsville, IA. Boyles, Arminda (I10325)
4872 Residence Columbia ME, 26 years old.

Civil War Veteran, enlisted on 7/15/1861 at Columbia, ME as a Corporal.
On 7/15/1861 he mustered into "G" Co. ME 6th Infantry
He was Mustered Out on 8/15/1864 at Portland, ME
He was listed as: Wounded 11/7/1863 Rappahannock Station, VA

He saw action during the Penisular Campaign in Virginia, Antietam, Fredericksburg, the charge at Marye's Heights, Gettysburg, and Funkstown. Fonze Leighton's luck changed on November 7, 1863. The Sixth Maine was about to lead an assault on rebel fortifications at Rappahannock Station, Virginia. As the sun went down, and the charge commenced, Leighton was struck in the neck by gunfire. He would be taken to a large house 2 miles from the battlefield, then transported by ambulance to Warrenton Junction, Virginia the following day.

From there, he was placed on a train to Armory Square Hospital in Washington, DC. Once there, Leighton's doctors found a mini-ball in his shoulder/back area and removed it. He was discharged for disability and returned to civilian life. The bullet's path had caused damage to his lung and rendered his left arm useless
Leighton, Alphonso Green Hill (I39606)
4873 Residence, Champagne County, IL. Puffer, Elizabeth Wilson (I21070)
4874 Residence: bef 13 Oct 1713; Jonas Rice (1673-1753), Marlboro, Middlesex C o, MA; moving from Groton with a petition of that date signed by Gersho m and Jonas of Marlboro. Petition presented to the General Court expres sing desire to enter upon a new settlement of Worchester. The request w as granted and they then commenced the third and permanent settlement o f Worcester. Gershom and Jonas were called the "FATHERS OF THAT TOWN." A t his home, the first meetings for religious worship were held in 1736. T he church later was built to the left of City Hall on Main Street, Worc ester, the First Old South Church. Gershom was chosen as selectman & he ld that office for 9 years. He became a very prominent citizen of Worce ster. He built his home on Pakachoag Hill (now the site of Holy Cross C ollege). He sold his estate in Worcester and purchased a large tract o f land in what is now Auburn- on Bancroft Street where he died December 1 9, 1761, aged 101 years and buried on Worcester Common. His son Gershom , Jr. was the next one to live in the homestead and he assisted in orga nizing the new town and church. He was succeeded by his son, Comfort Ri ce, who is buried in Auburn, beside the Center Church. Then his son, Ed ward Rice and his son, Ezra rice lived there. From 1736 when the house w as built, five generations of Rice family lived there for 152 years. Th irty one children were born here by the name of Rice. Gershom (Sr.) pla nted the first orchards in 1735. Rice, Gershom (I5888)
4875 Resides at 114 Buckingham St. Waterbury, CT (1915) Jones, Mary F. (I21662)
4876 Resides at 2000 Main St, Peoria, IL Van Meter, Lettie (I24248)
4877 Resides at Chelsea, VT Mattoon, Herbert F. (I9392)
4878 Resides at Yonkers, NY. He graduated from the high school in 1895 and worked three years before deciding to go to college; graded from the University of Minnesota (B.S.) in 1902; a chemist with considerable experience along several lines and has written for various technical journals; has been superintendent of a Texas Sugary Refinery and night superintendent of a large New York refinery; a Free Mason. Rice, Edgar Whitman (I36607)
4879 Resides Cobble Hill, British Columbia, Canada Doogan, John Joseph (I14814)
4880 Resides in Hartford, CT with Mrs. Fred Bartlett, her niece. Puffer, Eunice C. (I36768)
4881 Resides in Otumwa, IA. Early pioneer of IA. Rankin, Arthur Charles (I7542)
4882 Resides in Richford, Vt. Puffer, Freeman Deforest (I23256)
4883 Resides in Rock Springs, WY Puffer, Melinda (I35917)
4884 Resides in Seattle, WA. Felch, Frederick M. (I22220)
4885 Resides in Springfield, MA. Lovejoy, Rose Rosanne E. (I13374)
4886 Resides in Springfield, MA. Has son Edgar Lovejoy. Lovejoy, Fred Prescott (I23997)
4887 Resides in the West. Lovejoy, Edwin Chandler (I23994)
4888 Resides on Moore Ave, Worcester. Day, Reuben J. (I35210)
4889 Resides Thorndike, ME; she graduated from the Sudbury High school in 1898, the Quincy training School for Teachers in 1899; taught school in Dover, MA, from Sept, 1899 to Nov. 1907; charter member of the Wayside Inn Chapter, D.A.R., organizer and first president of the Sudbury High School Alumni Association; member of Thorndike Chapter, O.E.S. Rice, Lydia Miles (I21594)
4890 Resides upon a fruit farm at Adams, NY Ripley, Jerome E. (I9982)
4891 Resolutions by the High School Association, Oct 29, 1859 call him " a faithful student, a kind schoolmate and one whose life extended many bright promises for future usefulness and virtue." Puffer, Edward Aldrich Jr. (I17964)
4892 RESOLUTIONS ON THE DEATH OF JAMES A. PIERCE Passed by E.M. Stanton Post, G.A.R. No. 147, Nov 5th, 1913. Comrade James A. Pierce, honored and faithful member of Post No. 147, Dept. of Mass. G.A.R., died on August 12 1913. He had served the Post as Junior and Senior Vice-Commander and Surgeon. Always quite constant at the Post meetings till the last three years being confined to his house by a long illness. We have missed him from among us. He served in the Army as Sergeant of Co., L, 1st Mass. Heavy Artillery enlisting on Feb 20, 1862, discharged Aug. 16, 1865. Cordially submitted, A.W. HALL, C.L. RUSSELL, B.F. KELLOGG. Committee Pierce, James A. (I2381)
4893 Resonded to the Lexington Alarm from Sherborn, MA Perry, Moses (I19090)
4894 Responded from Sherborn, MA at the Lexington Alarm under Capt. Henry Le land. Learned, Edward (I9667)
4895 Ressurection Cemetery Caranci, Angelo (I22955)
4896 Ressurection Cemetery Zdrojewski, Ben (I41490)
4897 Resumed her maiden name. Resided in Coburg, Mont. Burton, Ida Rosamond (I18856)
4898 Retail grocer and general goods Brackett, John O. (I24073)
4899 Retired executive secretary from Traveler's Insurance Company, Hartford, CT. Puffer, Priscilla Emma (I40245)
4900 Retired from Grand Trunk Railroad as a Police Officer Cundiff, John Albert (I37083)

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