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4851 Resided at St. Johnsbury, VT. Has one son. Beckwith, Delmar A. (I23193)
4852 Resided at Stafford Springs, CT Foster, Mary Ann (I18848)
4853 Resided at Three Rivers, IN Puffer, Charlotte (I18433)
4854 Resided at Tumwater, WA. Lloyd, Wyman Elliott (I18512)
4855 Resided at Vershire, VT Davis, Laura Bell (I1631)
4856 Resided at West Derby, CT. Drake, Gertrude (I20941)
4857 Resided at Willyard, WA. Puffer, Eudora Louise (I18756)
4858 Resided Chatham Four Corners, NY; had two sons and two daughters. Puffer, Tryphena (I8172)
4859 Resided for many years at Lexington, a stone mason. Puffer, Sylvester W. (I15207)
4860 Resided in Abington in a home that was still standing in 1932. He was a c o oper. Children: Jotham; Thomas; Barzillae. Whiton, Eleazer (I15769)
4861 Resided in Adams, MA Glazier, Sarah (I20625)
4862 Resided in Aurora, IL Marshall, Edith Alice (I16656)
4863 Resided in Bennington, VT. Had 3 children. Bates, Julius Edwin (I15551)
4864 Resided in Boston, a candy salesman. Worked for Henry Heide, Inc. in NYC.

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he was a traveling salesman for the George Close Co., NYC
Puffer, Harold Otis Sr. (I35696)
4865 Resided in Boston. Whitney, Persis W. (I37207)
4866 Resided in Brattleboro, VT. He was an organ maker by trade. He served from Sept. 1861, to Nov 1864, three years, in the Vermont Calvary in the Civil War, and was in forty-two battles and skirmishes. Co. F., 1st VT Cav.

The US City Directory for Meriden, CT, 1903 shows him as a police patrolman and in 1908 shows him as a "Veteran Reserves" for the Police Department.

Previously worked for Wilcox and White as an organ builder.
Puffer, Edwin Augustus (I1406)
4867 Resided in Cowansville, Quebec, Canada Rogers, Sallie (I15162)
4868 Resided in Detroit, MI Puffer, Lillian Ann (I13425)
4869 Resided in Fitchburg. Puffer, Mary Elizabeth (I18070)
4870 Resided in Flint, MI. Puffer, Florence Irene (I13437)
4871 Resided in Geneva, Switzerland. She was adopted
Puffer, Ella Frances (I20995)
4872 Resided in Lawrence, MA. Puffer, Almira Jessie Cutter (I36604)
4873 Resided in Los Angeles, CA. Puffer, Arthur Roscoe (I35937)
4874 Resided in Meriden, CT. Breckenridge, Ellen M. (I37121)
4875 Resided in Meriden, CT. In 1920 she is a housekeeper for William E. Shepard family in New Britain, CT. Puffer, Ida L. (I21291)
4876 Resided in Monson, MA Puffer, Edna Harriet (I19378)
4877 Resided in Montgomery, VT. Davis, Smith G. (I15520)
4878 Resided in Montgomery, VT. Davis, Mary Louisa (I15525)
4879 Resided in Mt. Palatine, IL and Ionica, IL. He was a farmer. Puffer, Deacon George Morris (I38093)
4880 Resided in Northampton, MA. Puffer, Lucy Ann Maria (I19376)
4881 Resided in Northfield and Lunenburg, MA Johnson, Martin (I8180)
4882 Resided in Oakland, CA Parsons, J. N. (I19784)
4883 Resided in Oneida Lake, NY and in Wisconsin. Wight, Ann Fisher (I20681)
4884 Resided in Orange, VT and eastern New York. Pillsbury, Solomon (I39370)
4885 Resided in Peroria, IL Puffer, Pearl Lolaine (I22881)
4886 Resided in Putney, VT. Puffer, Isadore Burnham (I20664)
4887 Resided in Richford, VT Rogers, Melissa (I15161)
4888 Resided in Richford, VT. No children. Puffer, Lewis Johnson (I23257)
4889 Resided in Rockport, IL Lindstrom, Gunnar G. (I1937)
4890 Resided in Roxbury, unmarried. Puffer, Robert (I35523)
4891 Resided in Saxonville, MA. Puffer, Laura Ann (I16180)
4892 Resided in Seattle, WA. Lloyd, Eva Gertrude (I18514)
4893 Resided in So. Hingham, MA. Puffer, Tamsin (I19465)
4894 Resided in Springfield, MA. Puffer, Harriet Ellen (I6095)
4895 Resided in Springfield, MA. Puffer, Mary Diantha (I36911)
4896 Resided in Vermont and left for parts unknown (Livermore and Putnam, p 334) Burton, Ezra (I42952)
4897 Resided in W. Meriden, CT Puffer, Amanda Malvina (I36048)
4898 Resided in West Grove, IA. Bassett, Austin Edwin (I25483)
4899 Resided in Westmoreland, NH. Puffer, Abigail (I25140)
4900 Resided in Youngstown OH Raymond, Samuel Martin (I26170)

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