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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Astrid Inegrid Princess Of The Obotrites Queen of Sweden  Abt 979Sweden I9484
2 Athils  Abt 572Sweden I34119
3 Braut  Abt 660Sweden I29752
4 Dag  Abt 431Sweden I33771
5 Hannah M.  1862Sweden I37679
6 Mieceslas Prince Of Obotrites  919Sweden I9483
7 Mistui Prince Of Obotrites  893Sweden I9485
8 Mitkg  Abt 885Sweden I14066
9 Njord King of The Swedes  Abt 214Sweden I16301
10 Yngvi King in Turkey  Abt 193Sweden I16300
11 Adilsson, Eystein King In Sweden  Abt 594Sweden I34118
12 Agnasson, Alrek King In Sweden  Abt 445Sweden I33316
13 Algautsdotter, Gauthild  Abt 664Sweden I20407
14 Alreksdotter, Thorborg  Abt 470Sweden I33314
15 Alreksson, Alf King in Sweden  Abt 468Sweden I33772
16 Alreksson, Yngvi King In Sweden  Abt 466Sweden I33770
17 Anderson, Alfred  Jun 1862Sweden I51113
18 Anderson, Bertha  Sweden I26273
19 Aunsson, Egil King In Sweden  Abt 530Sweden I33775
20 Bjornsson, Asleik  Abt 812Sweden I29414
21 Bjornsson, Erick King of Sweden  Abt 930Sweden I34995
22 Bjornsson, Erik  Abt 798Sweden I29417
23 Bjornsson, Refill  Abt 796Sweden I14289
24 Carlson, John  CA 1873Sweden I47564
25 Carlson, John Alfred  19 Oct 1839Sweden I45422
26 Dagsdotter, Dagreid Dageith  Abt 449Sweden I33315
27 Dagsson, Agni King In Sweden  Abt 424Sweden I33317
28 Danielson, Johan  CA 1720Sweden I2774
29 Danpsdotter, Drott  Abt 365Sweden I32635
30 Domaldsson, Domar  Abt 361Sweden I32633
31 Domarrsson, Dyggvi King In Sweden  Abt 382Sweden I33309
32 Dyggvasson, Dag  Abt 403Sweden I33318
33 Edmundsson, Erik King Of Sweden  Abt 849Sweden I14410
34 Egilsson, Fusto  Abt 553Sweden I34121
35 Egilsson, Ottar King in Sweden  Abt 551Sweden I34120
36 Eriksdotter, Holmfrid Princess of Sweden  Abt 972Sweden I34997
37 Eriksson, Edmund  Abt 832Sweden I14292
38 Eriksson, Emund Prince of Sweden  Abt 961Sweden I34998
39 Eriksson, Olaf III King of Sweden  Abt 950Sweden I33169
40 Eysteinsson, Ingvar King of Sweden  Abt 616Sweden I29753
41 Gautresksson, Alqaut  Abt 639Sweden I20406
42 Gautsson, Gautrek  Abt 618Sweden I20408
43 Heed, Axel L.  CA 1863Sweden I37681
44 Ingvarsson, Onund King in Sweded  Abt 638Sweden I29751
45 Johnson, Henry  CA 1867Sweden I36466
46 Johnson, Karna  2 Jul 1872Sweden I1127
47 Jorundson, Aun Ani King in Uppsala  Abt 509Sweden I33773
48 Joseph, Selma  May 1861Sweden I51114
49 Klingenberg, Catharina Elizabeth  CA 1690Sweden I4220
50 Lagergren, Marie Lovisa  Abt 1805Sweden I22143

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Agnasson, Erik  Bef 547Sweden I33320


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   Abt 238Sweden F6708
2 / Gymersdotter  Abt 255Sweden F7497
3 / Helgasdatter  Abt 593Sweden F7786
4 Agnasson / Dagsdotter  Abt 465Sweden F7680
5 Dagsson / Frostadotter  Abt 444Sweden F7549
6 Domaldsson / Danpsdotter  Abt 381Sweden F7547
7 Fjolnarsson /   Abt 297Sweden F7496
8 Svegdasson / Snaersdotter  Abt 318Sweden F7495