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Toddington, Gloucestershire, England



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Herle, Margaret Alice  Abt 1383Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28072
2 Paunceforte\ Pauncefote, John  Abt 1379Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28073
3 Pauncefort\ Pauncefoot, Margery  Abt 1406Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28070
4 Spine, Alice De La  Abt 1381Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28089
5 Throckmorton, Margaret  Abt 1464Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I22196
6 Tracy, Alice  Abt 1437Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28076
7 Tracy, Alice  1511Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I31453
8 Tracy, Anne  Abt 1470Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28082
9 Tracy, Anne  Abt 1499Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I31449
10 Tracy, Eleanor  Abt 1558Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I33674
11 Tracy, Elizabeth  Abt 1462Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28080
12 Tracy, Elizabeth  1509Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I31452
13 Tracy, Henry  Abt 1185Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29451
14 Tracy, Henry  Abt 1275Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29445
15 Tracy, Henry  Abt 1305Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29447
16 Tracy, Henry  1431Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28078
17 Tracy, Henry  1507Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I31454
18 Tracy, Henry De  Abt 1166Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29443
19 Tracy, Henry John  1526Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29468
20 Tracy, John  Abt 1215Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29452
21 Tracy, John  Abt 1245Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I14300
22 Tracy, John  Abt 1335Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I30484
23 Tracy, John  Abt 1402Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I35002
24 Tracy, John  1521Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I33676
25 Tracy, John  1544Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29455
26 Tracy, John De  Abt 1275Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29446
27 Tracy, Joyce  1602Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I30495
28 Tracy, Margaret  Abt 1522Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I33353
29 Tracy, Margery  Abt 1435Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28075
30 Tracy, Nathaniel  Abt 1438Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28071
31 Tracy, Ralph  Abt 1468Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28081
32 Tracy, Richard  Abt 1433Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28079
33 Tracy, Richard  Abt 1466Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28084
34 Tracy, Robert  Abt 1407Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I34999
35 Tracy, Robert  1505Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I31450
36 Tracy, Samuel  Abt 1440Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28077
37 Tracy, Thomas  Abt 1405Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I35000
38 Tracy, William  Abt 1277Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29444
39 Tracy, William  Abt 1357Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I30485
40 Tracy, William  Abt 1379Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28090
41 Tracy, William  Abt 1401Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28074
42 Tracy, William  Abt 1500Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28083
43 Tracy, William  1501Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28085
44 Tracy, William  Abt 1524Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I31448
45 Tracy, William  Abt 1590Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29469
46 Tracye, Margarett  Abt 1520Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I33675


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Spine, Alice De La  1441Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28089
2 Tracy, Henry De  Bef 1230Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29443
3 Tracy, Henry John  Sep 1551Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29468
4 Tracy, John  25 Sep 1591Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29455
5 Tracy, John  14 Feb 1647Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29465
6 Tracy, Mary  25 Dec 1671Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I29456
7 Tracy, William  Bef 24 Jul 1441Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28090
8 Tracy, William  1460Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28074
9 Tracy, William  1531Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28083


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Tracy, Henry  Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28078
2 Tracy, Ralph  Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28081
3 Tracy, William  Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28074
4 Tracy, William  Toddington, Gloucestershire, England I28090


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Tracy / Pauncefort\ Pauncefoot  1449Toddington, Gloucestershire, England F6671
2 Tracy / Throckmorton  Abt 1498Toddington, Gloucestershire, England F7555