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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catherine M.  Abt 1832Ireland I13154
2 Ella Ellen  Aug 1830Ireland I10420
3 Ellen  1826Ireland I26233
4 Louisa  Ireland I43000
5 Margarett  CA 1806Ireland I54915
6 Mary  CA 1803Ireland I11503
7 Sarah Jane  Mar 1835Ireland I7633
8 Agnew, Henry Wilson  CA 1800Ireland I42345
9 Briody, Mary A.  Jun 1879Ireland I41879
10 Burgh, Edmund De  Abt 1298Ireland I32590
11 Burgh, Katherine De  Abt 1296Ireland I32592
12 Burke, Patrick J.  Jan 1854Ireland I10178
13 Butler, Elizabeth  1430Ireland I5945
14 Butler, Gerald  Abt 1404Ireland I6055
15 Butler, James  Abt 1390Ireland I6057
16 Butler, James  24 Nov 1420Ireland I1091
17 Butler, Mary  1828Ireland I47971
18 Callahan, Dennis  Abt 1825Ireland I9340
19 Canada\Kanady\Kennedy, James  CA 1838Ireland I12782
20 Canedy, Alexander  1654Ireland I11404
21 Carlos, Anna  Mar 1855Ireland I49044
22 Carney, William  Apr 1856Ireland I16016
23 Casey, Matthew  CA 1816Ireland I14912
24 Clune, Annie Catherine  18 Jun 1870Ireland I45288
25 Colden, Margaret  1825Ireland I17923
26 Conley, Abraham  Abt 1610Ireland I14938
27 Conway, Patrick  Ireland I52877
28 Coogan, Margaret  Abt 1850Ireland I13276
29 Cooper, James  Mar 1835Ireland I11142
30 Corbert, Johanna  Jul 1862Ireland I16014
31 Costigan, Elizabeth 'Lizzie'  Aug 1862Ireland I11770
32 Coyle, Abraham  1824Ireland I51776
33 Crumlish, Kathleen Ursula  Abt 1840Ireland I13450
34 Doheny, Patrick  1825Ireland I14838
35 Donelly, Jane  1818Ireland I45904
36 Donnelly, Anna  Mar 1832Ireland I40630
37 Driscoll, John D.  1831Ireland I42219
38 Dudley, Edward 4th Baron Dudley  1525Ireland I21484
39 Fenton, Mary A.  23 Nov 1842Ireland I39217
40 Foley, Patrick  Abt 1811Ireland I26646
41 Glynn, Mary R.  Abt 1845Ireland I26085
42 Golden, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1813Ireland I8782
43 Gormley, Patrick  1865Ireland I44732
44 Hannen, James  CA 1834Ireland I50227
45 Hatton, Arthur  CA 1830Ireland I54690
46 Herley, Julia Ann  Abt 1835Ireland I7719
47 Homes, Margaret  28 Feb 1695/6Ireland I1659
48 Johnson, Margaret  CA 1833Ireland I54691
49 Kerr, Elizabeth  1803Ireland I42346
50 Lavery, Agnes Nancy  1805Ireland I16742

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aldithley\ Audley, James of  Bef Nov 1272Ireland I23870
2 Aldithley\ Audley, James of  23 Nov 1273Ireland I29157
3 Butler, James 3rd Earl of Ormond  7 Sep 1405Ireland I4038
4 Butler, James  1434Ireland I6057
5 Butler, Thomas Prior of Kilmainham  1420Ireland I4037
6 Clifford, Simon De  Aft 1223Ireland I28675


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Butler, Eleanor  1392Ireland I9319


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Butler / Fitzgerald  1399Ireland F4602
2 Fitzgerald / Longespee  1276Ireland F4394
3 McChesney / McCullough  Abt 1840Ireland F8678
4 Olafsson / Sigurdsdatter  Abt 819Ireland F6612
5 Scott / McKenzie  11 Jan 1864Ireland F1608