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Praha, Czech Republic



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anezka Princess of Bohemia & Poland  6 Oct 1289Praha, Czech Republic I32024
2 Anna Princess of Bohemia & Poland  15 Oct 1290Praha, Czech Republic I32030
3 Anna Princess Of Bohemia  27 Mar 1319Praha, Czech Republic I29776
4 Beatrix Princess of Luxembourg  1305Praha, Czech Republic I30713
5 Blanka Duchess Of Bohemia  Abt 738Praha, Czech Republic I30024
6 Boleslav Duke Of Bohemia  Abt 900Praha, Czech Republic I28935
7 Boleslav Duke of Bohemia  Abt 920Praha, Czech Republic I29410
8 Borijov Duke of Bohemia  Abt 842Praha, Czech Republic I28930
9 Bozena Biagota Duchess Of Bohemia  Abt 901Praha, Czech Republic I29409
10 Dbubravka Princess Of Bohemia  Abt 931Praha, Czech Republic I29413
11 Eliska Elizabeth Queen Of Bohemia  20 Jan 1292Praha, Czech Republic I29598
12 Eliska Elizabeth Princess of Bohemia  27 Mar 1319Praha, Czech Republic I29780
13 Hostivbit Duke of Bohemia  Abt 820Praha, Czech Republic I28939
14 Hruba Duchess of Bohemia  Abt 720Praha, Czech Republic I12263
15 Jan Prince of Bohemia & Poland  26 Feb 1294Praha, Czech Republic I32028
16 Jan\John King of Bohemia  10 Aug 1296Praha, Czech Republic I19606
17 Juta Princess of Bohemia & Poland  4 Mar 1293Praha, Czech Republic I32029
18 Karel IV Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire  14 May 1316Praha, Czech Republic I3721
19 Kresomysl Duke of Bohemia  Abt 780Praha, Czech Republic I30023
20 Krok Cracus Duke of Bohemia  Abt 667Praha, Czech Republic I14378
21 Libuse Duchess of Bohemia  Abt 782Praha, Czech Republic I10556
22 Marketa Margaret Princess Of Bohemia  8 Jul 1313Praha, Czech Republic I29597
23 Marketa Princess of Bohemia  21 Feb 1296Praha, Czech Republic I32027
24 Miloslava Duchess of Bohemia  Abt 824Praha, Czech Republic I28938
25 Mladba Maria Princess of Bohemia  Abt 924Praha, Czech Republic I29412
26 Mnbata Duke of Bohemia  Abt 716Praha, Czech Republic I12264
27 Mstivoj Prince of Bohemia  Abt 822Praha, Czech Republic I30030
28 Neklan Duke of Bohemia  Abt 800Praha, Czech Republic I30029
29 Nezamysl Duke of Bohemia  Abt 718Praha, Czech Republic I10557
30 Otakar Otto Prince of Bohemia  22 Nov 1318Praha, Czech Republic I29777
31 Ponislava  795Praha, Czech Republic I22840
32 Ponislava Duchess of Bohemia  Abt 795Praha, Czech Republic I30028
33 Premysl Duke of Bohemia  Abt 694Praha, Czech Republic I10555
34 Premysl Otakar Prince of Bohemia  6 May 1288Praha, Czech Republic I32025
35 Pribislava Princess of Bohemia  Abt 904Praha, Czech Republic I28937
36 Prince of Bohemia  Abt 879Praha, Czech Republic I28931
37 Spitihnev Prince of Bohemia  Abt 902Praha, Czech Republic I28936
38 Spytihnev Duke of Bohemia  Abt 875Praha, Czech Republic I28929
39 Strachkvas Prince of Bohemia  28 Sep 929Praha, Czech Republic I29411
40 Strezislava Duchess of Bohemia  Abt 711Praha, Czech Republic I30027
41 Unislav Duke Of Bohemia  Abt 758Praha, Czech Republic I30022
42 Vojen Duke of Bohemia  Abt 737Praha, Czech Republic I30025
43 Vratislav Duke of Bohemia  Abt 877Praha, Czech Republic I28932
44 Vratislav Duke of Bohemia-Satz  Abt 760Praha, Czech Republic I30026
45 Wenceslaus II King of Bohemia  17 Sep 1271Praha, Czech Republic I29782
46 Bohemia, Cech Czechus of  Abt 642Praha, Czech Republic I14379
47 Bohemia, Vaclav Duke of  Abt 899Praha, Czech Republic I28933
48 Bohemia, Vaclav King of  6 Oct 1289Praha, Czech Republic I32026
49 Bonne, Jutte Princess of Bohemia  20 May 1315Praha, Czech Republic I28154
50 Stodor, Drahombira Ze  Abt 881Praha, Czech Republic I28934


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Johanne Queen of Bohemia  31 Dec 1386Praha, Czech Republic I7345
2 Karel IV Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire  29 Nov 1378Praha, Czech Republic I3721
3 Ponislava  Praha, Czech Republic I22840
4 Wenceslaus II King of Bohemia  21 Jun 1305Praha, Czech Republic I29782


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Eliska Elizabeth Queen Of Bohemia  Praha, Czech Republic I29598
2 Johanne Queen of Bohemia  Praha, Czech Republic I7345
3 Karel IV Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire  Praha, Czech Republic I3721


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jan Prince of Bohemia & Poland  21 Mar 1295Praha, Czech Republic I32028
2 Mnbata Duke of Bohemia  Abt 716Praha, Czech Republic I12264