Toledo, Spain



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alfonso X King of Romans Castile  23 Nov 1221Toledo, Spain I1781
2 Alfonzo Prince of Castile  Between 1144 and 1146Toledo, Spain I4048
3 Garcia Prince of Castile  Bef Mar 1142Toledo, Spain I4046
4 Joanna Juana Queen of Castile  6 Nov 1479Toledo, Spain I20529
5 Raimundo Prince Of Castile  Bef 12 Apr 1136Toledo, Spain I4043
6 Sancha Princess Of Castile & Leon  Aft 1102Toledo, Spain I27705
7 Sancha Princess of Castile  Abt 1138Toledo, Spain I18554
8 Urraca Princess of Castile  Abt 1185Toledo, Spain I28202
9 Acuna, Teresa Vazquez De  Abt 1285Toledo, Spain I34047
10 Alfonsez, Constanz Princess of Castile  Abt 1140Toledo, Spain I14014
11 Alfonsez, Sancho III King of Castile  1134Toledo, Spain I21985
12 Alfonso, Nuno  Abt 1033Toledo, Spain I28011
13 Alphonsez, Elvira of Castile & Leon  Abt 1097Toledo, Spain I31258
14 Alphonsez, Fernando King of Leon II  1137Toledo, Spain I4047
15 Armildez, Arabuena  Abt 1259Toledo, Spain I31387
16 Armildez, Gutierre  Abt 1231Toledo, Spain I31388
17 Ayala, Aldonza Fernandez De  Abt 1346Toledo, Spain I28010
18 Ayala, Diego Lopez De  Abt 1334Toledo, Spain I28009
19 Ayala, Elvira Alvarez De  Abt 1348Toledo, Spain I28005
20 Ayala, Fernan Perez De  Abt 1306Toledo, Spain I28001
21 Ayala, Inez Alfonsa De  Abt 1338Toledo, Spain I20822
22 Ayala, Juan Sanchez De  Abt 1336Toledo, Spain I28003
23 Ayala, Juana Garcia De  Abt 1342Toledo, Spain I28007
24 Ayala, Mencia De  Abt 1340Toledo, Spain I28002
25 Ayala, Sancha  Abt 1360Toledo, Spain I20820
26 Ayala, Sancha Fernandez De  Abt 1344Toledo, Spain I28004
27 Castile, Juan Manuel De Senor de Villena y Escalona  5 May 1282Toledo, Spain I3520
28 Comneous, Pedro  8 Aug 1053Toledo, Spain I28017
29 Dominico, Maria  Abt 1185Toledo, Spain I33090
30 Fernandez, Mayor  Abt 1237Toledo, Spain I31386
31 Fernandez De Ayala, Leonor  Abt 1350Toledo, Spain I28008
32 Fernandez De Barroso, Sancha  Abt 1282Toledo, Spain I28013
33 Garcia, Diego  Abt 1160Toledo, Spain I33089
34 Garcia, Diego de Toledo  Abt 1284Toledo, Spain I31378
35 Garcia, Gomez De Toledo  Abt 1259Toledo, Spain I32430
36 Garcia, Ines  Abt 1261Toledo, Spain I31384
37 Garcia, Pedro  Abt 1162Toledo, Spain I34992
38 Garcia, Pedro  Abt 1184Toledo, Spain I33088
39 Garcia, Teresa De Toledo  Abt 1263Toledo, Spain I32426
40 Garcia, Urraca Garcia De Toledo  Abt 1261Toledo, Spain I32429
41 Gomez, Fernan De Toledo  Abt 1282Toledo, Spain I34048
42 Gomez, Gutierre De Toledo  Abt 1284Toledo, Spain I34615
43 Gudiel, Maria Garcia  Abt 1297Toledo, Spain I31377
44 Ibanez, Teresa De Toledo  Abt 1290Toledo, Spain I32433
45 Ibanez O Yanez, Garcia De Toledo  Abt 1232Toledo, Spain I32425
46 Illan, Pedro Fernandez De Toledo  Abt 1229Toledo, Spain I31391
47 Lopez De Ayala, Pedro  Abt 1214Toledo, Spain I30267
48 Lopez De Ayala, Pedro  Abt 1278Toledo, Spain I28014
49 Lopez De Ayala, Pedro  1332Toledo, Spain I28006
50 Lopez De Ayala, Sancho  Abt 1246Toledo, Spain I29176

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alfonso King of Castile & Leon  29 Jun 1109Toledo, Spain I28980
2 Leonor Queen of Portugal  19 Feb 1445Toledo, Spain I463
3 Sancho IV King of Castile & Leon  25 Apr 1295Toledo, Spain I1328
4 Alfonsez, Sancho III King of Castile  31 Aug 1158Toledo, Spain I21985
5 Aragon, Leonora of  19 Feb 1445Toledo, Spain I55
6 Palomeque, Gomez Perez De Toledo Y  27 Jan 1291Toledo, Spain I31390
7 Portugal, Isabella of  1 May 1539Toledo, Spain I15086


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Simon  Toledo, Spain I8098
2 Plantagenet, Katherine Catalina De Lancaster  Toledo, Spain I7907
3 Raimundez, Alfonso VII King of Castile Leon & Galicia  Toledo, Spain I4045


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ferdinand King of Leon  1137Toledo, Spain I48


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1224Toledo, Spain F8035
2 Armildez / Fernandez  Abt 1258Toledo, Spain F7147
3 Ayala / Zavallos  Abt 1331Toledo, Spain F6664
4 Bourgogne / Alfonsez  1087Toledo, Spain F6886
5 Garcia / Dominico  Abt 1207Toledo, Spain F7489
6 Garcia / Garcia  Abt 1283Toledo, Spain F7351
7 Garcia / Gudiel  Abt 1311Toledo, Spain F7146
8 Gomez / Acuna  Abt 1307Toledo, Spain F7755
9 Ibanez O Yanez / Gudiel  Abt 1256Toledo, Spain F7350
10 Illan / Palomeque  Abt 1255Toledo, Spain F7148
11 Lopez De Ayala / Fernandez De Barroso  Abt 1303Toledo, Spain F6807
12 Lopez De Ayala / Sanchez De Gamboa  Abt 1245Toledo, Spain F6956
13 Lopez De Ayala / Valasco  Abt 1277Toledo, Spain F6957
14 Palomeque / Armildez  Abt 1281Toledo, Spain F7945
15 Pedro / Nunez  Abt 1083Toledo, Spain F8149
16 Vazquez / Toledo  Abt 1332Toledo, Spain F7756
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