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Watson, NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1812Watson, NY I38413
2 Alger, Frances L.  4 May 1834Watson, NY I12776
3 Alger, Roxanna  9 Sep 1802Watson, NY I22343
4 Herrick, Herbert Clarence  9 Apr 1857Watson, NY I35849
5 Puffer, Addison W.  30 Apr 1830Watson, NY I38412
6 Puffer, Charles William Jr.  Jan 1869Watson, NY I6873
7 Puffer, Clarence Filmore  2 Jul 1862Watson, NY I26092
8 Puffer, Courtney  24 Sep 1823Watson, NY I23212
9 Puffer, Dolly Anna  Abt 1833Watson, NY I38396
10 Puffer, Ella M.  Jan 1871Watson, NY I38415
11 Puffer, Francis A.  1841Watson, NY I13337
12 Puffer, Franklin J.  1844Watson, NY I38453
13 Puffer, Fredrick Wilder  2 Oct 1837Watson, NY I376
14 Puffer, Getta May  2 Jun 1876Watson, NY I37114
15 Puffer, Guilford Alan  14 Nov 1916Watson, NY I25001
16 Puffer, Guy Rainsford Sr.  10 Mar 1893Watson, NY I26578
17 Puffer, Henry  Abt 1831Watson, NY I13336
18 Puffer, Hiram  21 Jul 1815Watson, NY I25630
19 Puffer, Ida A.  Abt 1866Watson, NY I26764
20 Puffer, James W.  Abt 1851Watson, NY I38403
21 Puffer, Jane Sevally  1832Watson, NY I13334
22 Puffer, John Wesley  Abt 1826Watson, NY I7133
23 Puffer, Josiah Keyes  19 Aug 1832Watson, NY I38967
24 Puffer, Kenneth McCrossen  1 Nov 1901Watson, NY I13974
25 Puffer, Lorenzo  8 Jan 1818Watson, NY I13335
26 Puffer, Lucinda  Abt 1851Watson, NY I13332
27 Puffer, Merle Emmett  9 Jan 1889Watson, NY I25701
28 Puffer, Milford Clayton  17 Jan 1882Watson, NY I180
29 Puffer, Orlin George  25 May 1847Watson, NY I20213
30 Puffer, Ray Willis  Jun 1886Watson, NY I38455
31 Puffer, Silas  7 Nov 1827Watson, NY I23566
32 Puffer, Susan  12 Aug 1829Watson, NY I23559
33 Puffer, Thomas  14 Mar 1797Watson, NY I38398
34 Puffer, Wallace George  8 Oct 1887Watson, NY I38434
35 Puffer, Wallace George Jr.  3 May 1919Watson, NY I38458
36 Tremaine, Lucy A.  25 Apr 1798Watson, NY I13330
37 Van Atter, William  1837Watson, NY I51869
38 VanEtta, Polly Ann  23 Aug 1823Watson, NY I27060
39 Wetmore, Laura  Dec 1832Watson, NY I38414
40 Wickham, William W.  29 Apr 1842Watson, NY I38435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lydia  23 Oct 1877Watson, NY I38460
2 Mary A.  Aft 1880Watson, NY I38404
3 Alger, Frances L.  25 Sep 1911Watson, NY I12776
4 Bender, Sarah Amanda  2 Jan 1922Watson, NY I11184
5 Fillmore, Olive  1898Watson, NY I38406
6 Greene, Rosannah M.  19 Oct 1882Watson, NY I44687
7 Hawley, Agnes F.  1893Watson, NY I38426
8 Hawley, B. Hamilton  1906Watson, NY I39123
9 Merriam, Sarah\Susan  Mar 1845Watson, NY I13105
10 Pierce, Susan  11 Mar 1845Watson, NY I37178
11 Puffer, Addison W.  2 Aug 1902Watson, NY I38412
12 Puffer, Asa Jr.  4 Aug 1874Watson, NY I22716
13 Puffer, Asa  4 Aug 1874Watson, NY I49214
14 Puffer, Charlotte  1817Watson, NY I22718
15 Puffer, Deloss Erle  1922Watson, NY I17434
16 Puffer, Ebenezer P.  3 Feb 1872Watson, NY I17828
17 Puffer, Emmett A.  1905Watson, NY I38416
18 Puffer, Rev. Isaac G. Sr.  12 Mar 1837Watson, NY I37177
19 Puffer, Mary  19 Feb 1847Watson, NY I38410
20 Puffer, Ray Willis  6 Aug 1914Watson, NY I38455
21 Puffer, Thomas  10 Mar 1844Watson, NY I38398
22 Stone, Nelson J.  29 Sep 1866Watson, NY I38448
23 Stone, Russell  3 Apr 1871Watson, NY I38438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lydia  Watson, NY I38460
2 Alger, Frances L.  Watson, NY I12776
3 Ammon, Rachel M.  Watson, NY I8387
4 Back, Mary A.  Watson, NY I38944
5 Bender, Sarah Amanda  Watson, NY I11184
6 Brown, Isaac Christopher  Watson, NY I38459
7 Clarke, Harvey E.  Watson, NY I37686
8 Clarke, Victor Paul  Watson, NY I38879
9 Cole, Caroline Elizabeth  Watson, NY I38939
10 Conkey, David L. J.  Watson, NY I39021
11 Fillmore, Olive  Watson, NY I38406
12 Greene, Rosannah M.  Watson, NY I44687
13 Hawley, Agnes F.  Watson, NY I38426
14 Hawley, B. Hamilton  Watson, NY I39123
15 Hicks, Daniel A.  Watson, NY I39070
16 Hicks, Mary D.  Watson, NY I38456
17 Higby, Almerin  Watson, NY I39068
18 Higby, William Almeron  Watson, NY I42926
19 Houghmaster, Nettie Pearl  Watson, NY I38878
20 McCrossen, Jennie Estella Ouderkirk  Watson, NY I38417
21 McDonald, Clarence A.  Watson, NY I38902
22 Muncy, Clarissa  Watson, NY I39122
23 Pierce, Susan  Watson, NY I37178
24 Puffer, Addison W.  Watson, NY I38412
25 Puffer, Alvah D.  Watson, NY I38943
26 Puffer, Asa Jr.  Watson, NY I22716
27 Puffer, Asa  Watson, NY I39100
28 Puffer, Asa  Watson, NY I49214
29 Puffer, Clifford D.  Watson, NY I39040
30 Puffer, Deloss Erle  Watson, NY I17434
31 Puffer, Ebenezer P.  Watson, NY I17828
32 Puffer, Edward Sylvester  Watson, NY I38940
33 Puffer, Eliza A.  Watson, NY I39067
34 Puffer, Ella M.  Watson, NY I38415
35 Puffer, Emmett A.  Watson, NY I38416
36 Puffer, Ernest A.  Watson, NY I38454
37 Puffer, George W.  Watson, NY I38407
38 Puffer, George Washington  Watson, NY I39018
39 Puffer, Guilford Deforest  Watson, NY I38420
40 Puffer, Guy Rainsford Sr.  1919Watson, NY I26578
41 Puffer, Hattie R.  Watson, NY I39056
42 Puffer, Isaac G.  Watson, NY I37175
43 Puffer, Rev. Isaac G. Sr.  Watson, NY I37177
44 Puffer, James Washington  Watson, NY I39019
45 Puffer, Josiah  4 Mar 1833Watson, NY I22344
46 Puffer, Mabel Maud  Watson, NY I39020
47 Puffer, Mary  Watson, NY I38410
48 Puffer, Maud Blanche  Watson, NY I38402
49 Puffer, Mildred Elizabeth  Watson, NY I38945
50 Puffer, Ray Willis  Watson, NY I38455

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Stone, Mary Alice  1 Apr 1856Watson, NY I38429


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McGovern / Puffer  6 Sep 1853Watson, NY F16492
2 Puffer / Crabb  21 Jan 1841Watson, NY F10289
3 Puffer / Williams  1893Watson, NY F10714
4 Williams / Alger  3 Oct 1859Watson, NY F1512
5 Williams / Wolf  CA 1865Watson, NY F19251


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Puffer / VanEtta  1870Watson, NY F10286