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Appleton, WI



Latitude: 44.2619309, Longitude: -88.4153847


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Courtois, Genevieve Clara  16 Jan 1896Appleton, WI I36559
2 Courtois, Leo  12 Apr 1907Appleton, WI I51774
3 Courtois, Leone  12 Apr 1907Appleton, WI I51773
4 Felt, Clara Abby  2 Apr 1879Appleton, WI I50704
5 Puffer, Alverne Ira  29 Apr 1883Appleton, WI I1156
6 Puffer, Blanche Irene  27 Aug 1890Appleton, WI I24737
7 Puffer, Effie May  27 Jan 1888Appleton, WI I22649
8 Puffer, Loretta Marjora  5 Mar 1879Appleton, WI I15692
9 Puffer, Richard G.  12 Jan 1932Appleton, WI I10805
10 Puffer, Waldo John Sr.  16 Jun 1893Appleton, WI I37292
11 Puffer, Waldo John Jr.  1 Mar 1923Appleton, WI I37324


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bentley, Alverne Porter  4 Apr 1891Appleton, WI I43077
2 Bentley, Ellen Jane  1 Jan 1925Appleton, WI I1157
3 Bessey, Glendon Ralph  Jun 1983Appleton, WI I55073
4 Courtois, Benedict F.  29 Mar 1968Appleton, WI I36563
5 Courtois, Luke Victor  22 Sep 1969Appleton, WI I36561
6 Courtois, Victor G.  9 Jan 1929Appleton, WI I36558
7 Courtois, Wilfred Ulric  2 Mar 1979Appleton, WI I36560
8 Harthon, John Leslie  4 Jan 2004Appleton, WI I26635
9 Jobelius, Henry Peter  20 Aug 1986Appleton, WI I21238
10 Puffer, Arthur Ransom F.  18 Dec 1924Appleton, WI I1158
11 Puffer, Blanche Irene  10 Jun 1894Appleton, WI I24737
12 Puffer, Estella R.  15 Apr 1912Appleton, WI I38981
13 Puffer, Ira John Jr.  13 Jun 1882Appleton, WI I18436
14 Puffer, Richard G.  28 Apr 2015Appleton, WI I10805
15 Puffer, Waldo John Sr.  9 Feb 1960Appleton, WI I37292


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bentley, Ellen Jane  Appleton, WI I1157
2 Conklin, Caroline M.  Appleton, WI I37330
3 Courtois, Benedict F.  Appleton, WI I36563
4 Courtois, Genevieve Clara  Appleton, WI I36559
5 Courtois, Leone  Appleton, WI I51773
6 Courtois, Victor G.  Appleton, WI I36558
7 Courtois, Wilfred Ulric  Appleton, WI I36560
8 Forstner, Richard  Appleton, WI I18775
9 Gibson, Nicholas Ryan  Appleton, WI I50126
10 Nooyen, Catherine  Appleton, WI I21237
11 Puffer, Alverne Ira  Appleton, WI I1156
12 Puffer, Arthur Ransom F.  Appleton, WI I1158
13 Puffer, Baby Boy  Appleton, WI I37281
14 Puffer, Blanche Irene  Appleton, WI I24737
15 Puffer, Ira John Jr.  Appleton, WI I18436
16 Puffer, John Ira  Appleton, WI I38979
17 Puffer, Loretta H.  Appleton, WI I17509
18 Puffer, Richard G.  Appleton, WI I10805
19 Puffer, Waldo John Sr.  Appleton, WI I37292
20 Walheim, Mary  Appleton, WI I18774


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dalton / Puffer  15 Sep 1898Appleton, WI F2569
2 Templeman / Puffer  5 Sep 1906Appleton, WI F2112
3 Wilcox / Puffer  12 Jul 1890Appleton, WI F10651