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Bristol, Gloucestershire, England



Latitude: 51.4545130, Longitude: -2.5879100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Estmond  Abt 1050Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I30481
2 Livida  Abt 1073Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I28976
3 D'aubigny-Mowbray, Isabel  1395Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I4085
4 Fitz Harding, Aldena  Abt 1132Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I30476
5 Fitz Harding, Thomas  Abt 1126Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I30482
6 Fitzharding, Agnes  Abt 1080Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I28978
7 Fitzharding, Cicely  Abt 1093Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I33100
8 Fitzharding, Elena Fitzrobert  Abt 1130Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I30477
9 Fitzharding, Elias  Abt 1089Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I33098
10 Fitzharding, Henry  Abt 1128Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I30478
11 Fitzharding, Jurden  Abt 1091Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I33099
12 Fitzharding, Maud  Abt 1083Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I28975
13 Fitzharding, Maurice  Abt 1095Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I33102
14 Fitzharding, Maurice Fitzrobert  Abt 1120Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I29431
15 Fitzharding, Nicholas  Abt 1087Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I33101
16 Fitzharding, Nicholas  Abt 1124Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I30472
17 Fitzharding, Robert  Abt 1122Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I30479
18 Hayward, Margaret  1608Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I14525
19 Hollister, Lt. John  Between 1608 and 1612Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I199
20 Hutton, Alice  Abt 1515Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I24569
21 Meade, Isabel  Abt 1444Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I5932
22 Mowbray, Isabel  Abt 1396Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I946
23 Nutter, Hatevil  1603Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I24002
24 Wadleigh, Robert  1628Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I17990


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Harding Prince of Denmark  Aft 1125Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I28977
2 Berkeley, Thomas Baron of Berkeley  23 Jul 1321Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1850
3 Despencer, Hugh Le  27 Oct 1326Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I18243
4 Despencer, Thomas 1st Earl of Gloucester  13 Jan 1399/00Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I5901
5 Fitzestmond, Eve Prioress  12 Mar 1170Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I30473
6 Fitzharding, Robert Baron of Berkeley  5 Feb 1170Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I30474
7 Plantagenet, Eleanor Princess Of England  10 Aug 1241Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3954


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Berkeley, Maurice de 8th Baron De Berkeley  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I578
2 Berkeley, Maurice De  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2601
3 Berkeley, Maurice De 2nd Lord of Berkeley  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I18268
4 Berkeley, Thomas Baron of Berkeley  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1850
5 Berkeley, Thomas  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I25660
6 Chilham, Isabella De  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I577
7 Ferrers, Joan De Baroness of Berkeley  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1849
8 Mortimer, Margaret De  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1872
9 Tregoz, John De  12 Sep 1300Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I31477