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Canisteo, NY



Latitude: 42.2703487, Longitude: -77.6058225


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amidon, Fritz George  23 Jan 1876Canisteo, NY I24205
2 Amidon, Leroy Tisdale  6 Aug 1874Canisteo, NY I24204
3 Puffer, Myrtle Mabel  16 May 1901Canisteo, NY I25695
4 Puffer, Rosana Alsene  14 Dec 1871Canisteo, NY I25737
5 Puffer, Viola Delphina  19 Jun 1857Canisteo, NY I4998
6 Puffer, Capt. William Henry  30 Sep 1884Canisteo, NY I25736
7 Punches, Samuel Jr.  1 Oct 1841Canisteo, NY I9506
8 Stephens, Agnes Louise  7 Nov 1904Canisteo, NY I9504
9 Stephens, Allen Baker  11 Feb 1879Canisteo, NY I9501
10 Stephens, Elias II  29 Jul 1831Canisteo, NY I46223
11 Stephens, Mildred Lucina  6 Aug 1908Canisteo, NY I9502
12 Thompson, William H.  29 Dec 1903Canisteo, NY I12243
13 Woodworth, Edwin Thomas  15 May 1900Canisteo, NY I13610


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Ward C.  1940Canisteo, NY I43725
2 Burd, Robert Otis  26 Jul 1949Canisteo, NY I39295
3 Currier, Eva M.  1955Canisteo, NY I38954
4 Puffer, Edith Mae  1946Canisteo, NY I39294
5 Puffer, Isaac L.  1919Canisteo, NY I18566
6 Puffer, Isaac Monroe  23 Nov 1958Canisteo, NY I21730
7 Puffer, Robert A.  13 Feb 2012Canisteo, NY I8520
8 Stephens, Agnes Louise  3 Apr 1980Canisteo, NY I9504


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Chase, Violet M.  Canisteo, NY I12241
2 Craig, Harriet May  Canisteo, NY I9730
3 Currier, Eva M.  Canisteo, NY I38954
4 Currier, Harry William  Canisteo, NY I50728
5 Halaninen, Lorena  Canisteo, NY I45419
6 Hallett, Frank E.  Canisteo, NY I45418
7 McChesney, Elizabeth M.  Canisteo, NY I16997
8 Prentice, Grace I.  Canisteo, NY I50729
9 Puffer, Edith Mae  Canisteo, NY I39294
10 Puffer, Gerald L.  Canisteo, NY I39293
11 Puffer, Isaac L.  Canisteo, NY I18566
12 Puffer, Isaac Monroe  Canisteo, NY I21730
13 Puffer, Marion A.  Canisteo, NY I38042
14 Puffer, Mary Louise  Canisteo, NY I39292
15 Puffer, Robert A.  Canisteo, NY I8520
16 Punches, Edith C.  Canisteo, NY I9503
17 Stephens, Agnes Louise  Canisteo, NY I9504
18 Stephens, Allen Baker  Canisteo, NY I9501
19 Stephens, Mildred Lucina  Canisteo, NY I9502
20 Teribury, Minard  Canisteo, NY I45629
21 Thompson, Martin Moses  Canisteo, NY I12242
22 Wheaton, Walter Bert  Canisteo, NY I52583


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Puffer  12 Dec 1926Canisteo, NY F11016
2 Burd / Puffer  21 Sep 1892Canisteo, NY F11015