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Cleveland, OH



Latitude: 41.4993200, Longitude: -81.6943605


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Baby Boy  25 Feb 1912Cleveland, OH I52790
2 Bishop, Horace V.  3 Sep 1884Cleveland, OH I53487
3 Boord, Bernice Mary Ann  21 Apr 1923Cleveland, OH I45274
4 Brainard, Mable G  21 Dec 1874Cleveland, OH I26753
5 Burke, Anna V.  1891Cleveland, OH I10177
6 Cain, Katherine  1873Cleveland, OH I49194
7 Caranci, Agnes Valerie  9 Nov 1922Cleveland, OH I13039
8 Caranci, Betty J.  6 Apr 1921Cleveland, OH I19817
9 Caranci, John  4 Jun 1913Cleveland, OH I13040
10 Caranci, Leroy A.  25 Aug 1917Cleveland, OH I13038
11 DeViney, Ruth  1897Cleveland, OH I47951
12 Evans, Wanda Louise  18 Jan 1891Cleveland, OH I22635
13 Freeman, Harley Loeber  30 Dec 1895Cleveland, OH I25044
14 Freeman, Ruth E.  Sep 1899Cleveland, OH I25045
15 Marshall, Enos  CA 1821Cleveland, OH I14781
16 Mullaly, John  Jul 1852Cleveland, OH I15314
17 Piazza, Dominic J.  25 Sep 1917Cleveland, OH I53565
18 Piazza, Leonard  4 Apr 1923Cleveland, OH I11361
19 Puffer, Ruth Marie  22 Dec 1920Cleveland, OH I26746
20 Puffer, William Randolph  17 May 1898Cleveland, OH I7652
21 Skalla, Catherine May  10 Jan 1879Cleveland, OH I10972
22 Strittmatter, Joseph Charles  2 Apr 1864Cleveland, OH I23800
23 Turner, Mary Louise  14 Jun 1845Cleveland, OH I14254


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Baby Boy  25 Feb 1912Cleveland, OH I52790
2 Baron, Philomena  8 Dec 1911Cleveland, OH I1594
3 Bates, Laura Delphine  3 Oct 1924Cleveland, OH I46647
4 Brainard, George W.  20 Nov 1892Cleveland, OH I26756
5 Cain, Katherine  Mar 1914Cleveland, OH I49194
6 Caranci, Betty J.  6 Apr 1921Cleveland, OH I19817
7 Cavalier, Frank  21 Nov 1985Cleveland, OH I11559
8 Dean, Edwin Daniel  30 Oct 1897Cleveland, OH I5004
9 Delafield, Clint Irving  28 Dec 1994Cleveland, OH I41028
10 Freeman, Ladbrook Harley  14 May 1942Cleveland, OH I25043
11 Freeman, Ruth E.  18 Jul 1960Cleveland, OH I25045
12 Gleason, Jennie  12 Jun 1914Cleveland, OH I15313
13 Guimond, Alvine Philomena  2 Dec 1949Cleveland, OH I7625
14 Hill, Delight A.  31 May 1892Cleveland, OH I26755
15 Hopkins, Ida Eunice  6 Oct 1908Cleveland, OH I18045
16 Mullaly, John  27 Apr 1924Cleveland, OH I15314
17 Perkins, Harold Clayton Sr.  14 Sep 1968Cleveland, OH I53000
18 Puffer, Gordon Nye  10 Apr 1987Cleveland, OH I38928
19 Puffer, Henry Gordon  30 Apr 1996Cleveland, OH I26668
20 Puffer, Raymond Knight  10 Jun 1959Cleveland, OH I3447
21 Puffer, Rex Newell  19 Aug 1948Cleveland, OH I26178
22 Puffer, Scott Gordon  9 Jun 1982Cleveland, OH I45273
23 Puffer, William Erwin  27 Jan 1951Cleveland, OH I7622
24 Raymond, Charles C.  1 Sep 1892Cleveland, OH I21299
25 Reed, Jay Meigs  13 Feb 1944Cleveland, OH I48281
26 Shepard, Earl Lindley  11 Apr 1916Cleveland, OH I46648
27 Skalla, Anton  Bef 1924Cleveland, OH I22812
28 Skalla, Catherine May  21 Apr 1944Cleveland, OH I10972
29 Spencer, Timothy Phelps  1885Cleveland, OH I46552
30 Wheeler, Carlie Ann  14 Jun 2005Cleveland, OH I7762
31 Worcester, John F.  20 Jul 1927Cleveland, OH I39788
32 Wymer, Harry  7 Sep 1971Cleveland, OH I18339
33 Wymer, Joseph William  4 Jul 1953Cleveland, OH I18340


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bates, Laura Delphine  Cleveland, OH I46647
2 Brainard, George W.  Cleveland, OH I26756
3 Burton, Thomas  26 Nov 1925Cleveland, OH I52672
4 Cain, Katherine  Cleveland, OH I49194
5 Caranci, Leroy A.  Cleveland, OH I13038
6 Ferguson, Lelia Elizabeth  Cleveland, OH I48280
7 Freeman, Ladbrook Harley  Cleveland, OH I25043
8 Giunta, Rose  Cleveland, OH I17297
9 Golodisky, Annie  Cleveland, OH I45766
10 Guimond, Alvine Philomena  Cleveland, OH I7625
11 Hill, Delight A.  Cleveland, OH I26755
12 Loeber, Emilie  Cleveland, OH I25048
13 McCullough, William Thomas  Cleveland, OH I11562
14 Mullaly, John  Cleveland, OH I15314
15 Mulligan, Joseph A.  Cleveland, OH I41704
16 Perkins, Harold Clayton Sr.  Cleveland, OH I53000
17 Piazza, Leonard  Cleveland, OH I17298
18 Puffer, Mary Lucretia  Cleveland, OH I36482
19 Puffer, Raymond Knight  Cleveland, OH I3447
20 Puffer, William Erwin  Cleveland, OH I7622
21 Reed, Jay Meigs  Cleveland, OH I48281
22 Shepard, Earl Lindley  Cleveland, OH I46648
23 Skalla, Catherine May  Cleveland, OH I10972
24 Slomovitz, Charles  Cleveland, OH I10971
25 Steinbrick, Anna Margarite  Cleveland, OH I11561
26 Wright, Adelaide Matilda  Cleveland, OH I15310


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Drewson, John W.  1917Cleveland, OH I48594


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DeViney / Burke  26 Sep 1896Cleveland, OH F19857