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Downers Grove, IL



Latitude: 41.8089191, Longitude: -88.0111746


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Austin, Mable Gertrude  23 Jan 1882Downers Grove, IL I25826
2 Harthon, Eleanor May  11 Jul 1917Downers Grove, IL I48360
3 Havens, Susan  26 Feb 1837Downers Grove, IL I25825
4 MacVicar, Thomas Collett  9 Sep 1911Downers Grove, IL I42243
5 Puffer, Charles Martin  6 Mar 1847Downers Grove, IL I21009
6 Puffer, Edwin Russell  25 Sep 1852Downers Grove, IL I21004
7 Puffer, Frank Sumner  1 Feb 1856Downers Grove, IL I21006
8 Puffer, George Wilson  20 Nov 1850Downers Grove, IL I21007
9 Puffer, Harriett Mary  13 Feb 1862Downers Grove, IL I15247
10 Puffer, Henry Elmer  1 May 1855Downers Grove, IL I21005
11 Puffer, Julia Seville  4 Dec 1848Downers Grove, IL I21010
12 Puffer, Leonard Reuben  20 May 1859Downers Grove, IL I16843
13 Puffer, Lucy Genevieve  27 Oct 1867Downers Grove, IL I16295
14 Puffer, Martha Susan  12 Sep 1891Downers Grove, IL I23295
15 Puffer, Maurice Lyon  15 Oct 1872Downers Grove, IL I10436
16 Puffer, Ruth  12 Apr 1910Downers Grove, IL I22362
17 Puffer, William Lincoln  1 Apr 1865Downers Grove, IL I21008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ailene L.  1963Downers Grove, IL I10435
2 Austin, Asahel Blakeman  9 May 1905Downers Grove, IL I25827
3 Brunt, Jane Annie  28 Jan 1915Downers Grove, IL I21012
4 Cotes, Mary R.  21 Dec 1864Downers Grove, IL I12606
5 Faul, Henry  1909Downers Grove, IL I14224
6 Havens, Susan  20 Jan 1901Downers Grove, IL I25825
7 Kenyon, Rozella Sandusky  19 Dec 1914Downers Grove, IL I21003
8 Maercker, George C.  5 Aug 1960Downers Grove, IL I26633
9 Pinkerton, Jessie Pearl  29 Apr 1912Downers Grove, IL I22363
10 Puffer, Edwin Russell  18 Dec 1924Downers Grove, IL I21004
11 Puffer, Henry  12 Mar 1851Downers Grove, IL I21002
12 Puffer, Henry Jr.  18 Jul 1906Downers Grove, IL I21011
13 Puffer, Henry Elmer  10 Jul 1920Downers Grove, IL I21005
14 Puffer, Julia Seville  15 Sep 1850Downers Grove, IL I21010
15 Puffer, Leonard Reuben  5 May 1933Downers Grove, IL I16843
16 Puffer, Martha Susan  5 May 1932Downers Grove, IL I23295
17 Puffer, Reuben Wilson  15 Jul 1877Downers Grove, IL I21000
18 Puffer, Ruth Ella  May 1973Downers Grove, IL I26398
19 Wilson, Lusanna  7 Jul 1866Downers Grove, IL I21001
20 Wolf, Eva Magdalena  17 Apr 1888Downers Grove, IL I42998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mary C.  Downers Grove, IL I12605
2 Cotes, John P.  Downers Grove, IL I12607
3 Cotes, Mary R.  Downers Grove, IL I12606
4 Faul, Henry  Downers Grove, IL I14224
5 Haskins, Mary Adelaide  20 Aug 1920Downers Grove, IL I25417
6 Ingersoll, Genevieve P. R.  Downers Grove, IL I26029
7 Kenyon, Rozella Sandusky  1914Downers Grove, IL I21003
8 Maercker, George C.  Downers Grove, IL I26633
9 Pinkerton, Jessie Pearl  Downers Grove, IL I22363
10 Puffer, Charles Martin  Downers Grove, IL I21009
11 Puffer, Edwin Russell  Downers Grove, IL I21004
12 Puffer, Henry Elmer  Downers Grove, IL I21005
13 Puffer, Lucy Genevieve  Downers Grove, IL I16295
14 Puffer, Martha Susan  9 May 1932Downers Grove, IL I23295
15 Puffer, Reuben Wilson  Downers Grove, IL I21000
16 Puffer, Robert Elmer  2 May 1912Downers Grove, IL I22364
17 Puffer, William Lincoln  2 Oct 1932Downers Grove, IL I21008
18 Wolf, Eva Magdalena  Downers Grove, IL I42998


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Wood / Emigh  1870Downers Grove, IL F780