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Groton, VT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Benzie, Janet Helen  30 Jul 1937Groton, VT I15303
2 Emery, Lovina N.  31 Oct 1832Groton, VT I38231
3 Hatch, Clark  3 Apr 1830Groton, VT I14952
4 Scott, Mary  6 Jun 1857Groton, VT I37131
5 Welch, George Scott  25 Nov 1881Groton, VT I17878
6 Welch, Nettie Mae  16 Apr 1916Groton, VT I17876


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Benzie, James John  15 May 1975Groton, VT I15302
2 Hatch, Clark  29 Apr 1912Groton, VT I14952
3 Peck, Helen Mary  17 Nov 2000Groton, VT I15301
4 Puffer, Lorimer Gordon  27 Dec 1967Groton, VT I22660
5 Puffer, Lorimer Stevenson  28 Dec 1967Groton, VT I22659
6 Welch, Alice Leola  19 Apr 1981Groton, VT I22658
7 Welch, Austin Alston  3 Jun 1988Groton, VT I17879
8 Welch, George Scott  15 Jan 1977Groton, VT I17878


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Benzie, James John  Groton, VT I15302
2 Benzie, Janet Helen  Groton, VT I15303
3 Clark, John  Groton, VT I50859
4 Emery, Lovina N.  Groton, VT I38231
5 French, John William  Groton, VT I52406
6 Hall, Alexander  Groton, VT I10194
7 Hall, John Dunbar  Groton, VT I10192
8 Hatch, Clark  Groton, VT I14952
9 Hatch, Oscar Clark  Groton, VT I38192
10 Hutchins, Goldie Mae  Groton, VT I17877
11 Jewell, Eunice  Groton, VT I50851
12 Milne, Annie  Groton, VT I10193
13 Peck, Helen Mary  Groton, VT I15301
14 Puffer, Harold Bruce  Groton, VT I22662
15 Puffer, Lorimer Stevenson  Groton, VT I22659
16 Puffer, Mark Stevenson  Groton, VT I22663
17 Scott, Mary  Groton, VT I37131
18 Welch, Alice Leola  Groton, VT I22658
19 Welch, Austin Alston  Groton, VT I17879
20 Welch, Carlos B.  Groton, VT I37132
21 Welch, Carlos Edwin  Groton, VT I38167
22 Welch, George Scott  Groton, VT I17878
23 Welch, Hannah Page  Groton, VT I47227
24 Welch, Nellie Francelia  Groton, VT I38165


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hatch / Emery  24 May 1851Groton, VT F10139
2 Puffer / Benzie  13 Jun 1959Groton, VT F9726
3 Puffer / Welch  9 Aug 1924Groton, VT F6378