Puffer Genealogy

Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT



Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Baker, Caley  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I22245
2 Bean, Catharine  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I24176
3 Camp, Mary Gertrude  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I17056
4 Colby, Frank E.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I12462
5 Davis, Sarah Ann  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I2003
6 Esty, Sarah Ann Miranda  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I1638
7 Grant, David Adelbert Sr.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I1180
8 Grant, David Adelbert Jr.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I1181
9 Jenne, John Thayer  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I10265
10 Kinsley, Esther Ann  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I13862
11 Miller, Annie E.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I26962
12 Nutting, Esther Ann Sabrina  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I19889
13 Puffer, Arthur  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I18540
14 Puffer, Austin A.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I18547
15 Puffer, Edna Sophia  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I1637
16 Puffer, Ella M.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I4320
17 Puffer, Esther A.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I22244
18 Puffer, Franklin B.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I1639
19 Puffer, Hattie Loretta  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I18538
20 Puffer, Henry Austin  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I17057
21 Puffer, James Martin  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I16799
22 Puffer, Jennie E.  20 Feb 1933Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I21624
23 Puffer, Ruth Camp  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I10266
24 Puffer, Rev. William R.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I18536
25 Rogers, Arba A.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I24177
26 Royce, Jesse Edward  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I46864
27 Sargent, Clealand  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I4319
28 Sargent, Fred James  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I4321
29 Sargent, Lida  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I19890
30 Wilder, Florence E.  Hillside Cemetery/Richford, VT I13241