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Little Compton, RI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Briggs, William  1650Little Compton, RI I6623
2 Richmond, Abigail  1683Little Compton, RI I31331
3 Richmond, Abigail  25 Nov 1704Little Compton, RI I31334
4 Richmond, Amey  22 Nov 1697Little Compton, RI I31335
5 Richmond, Ann  1674Little Compton, RI I30241
6 Richmond, Anna  2 Jan 1692Little Compton, RI I31332
7 Richmond, Benjamin  10 Jan 1696Little Compton, RI I31339
8 Richmond, Edward  3 Dec 1689Little Compton, RI I20526
9 Richmond, Elizabeth  1694Little Compton, RI I31338
10 Richmond, Elizabeth  15 Nov 1707Little Compton, RI I31337
11 Richmond, Esther  1668/9Little Compton, RI I30245
12 Richmond, Esther  3 Feb 1703Little Compton, RI I31336
13 Richmond, Henry  1676Little Compton, RI I30234
14 Richmond, Mary  15 Mar 1700Little Compton, RI I31333
15 Richmond, Sylvester  1671/2Little Compton, RI I30246
16 Southworth, Edward  23 Nov 1684Little Compton, RI I34421
17 Thurston, Abigail  7 May 1700Little Compton, RI I33046
18 Thurston, Amy  29 Jan 1705Little Compton, RI I33033
19 Thurston, Content  18 Aug 1691Little Compton, RI I33038
20 Thurston, Edward  18 Oct 1679Little Compton, RI I33050
21 Thurston, Eleanor  26 Nov 1696Little Compton, RI I33034
22 Thurston, Elizabeth  29 Nov 1682Little Compton, RI I33042
23 Thurston, Hope  26 Nov 1698Little Compton, RI I33041
24 Thurston, Jeremiah  8 May 1710Little Compton, RI I33043
25 Thurston, Job  1 Jul 1717Little Compton, RI I33048
26 Thurston, John  12 Jul 1695Little Compton, RI I33035
27 Thurston, Johnathan  4 Jan 1659Little Compton, RI I33044
28 Thurston, Jonathan  5 Jul 1687Little Compton, RI I33049
29 Thurston, Joseph  25 Apr 1714Little Compton, RI I33047
30 Thurston, Mary  20 Mar 1685Little Compton, RI I33045
31 Thurston, Patience  16 Feb 1702Little Compton, RI I33040
32 Thurston, Peleg  8 Jul 1706Little Compton, RI I33039
33 Thurston, Rebecca  28 Nov 1689Little Compton, RI I31326
34 Thurston, Sarah  9 Nov 1693Little Compton, RI I33036
35 Thurston, Susannah  20 Aug 1712Little Compton, RI I33032
36 Thurston, Thomas  8 Oct 1671Little Compton, RI I33065
37 Waite, Benjamin  1644Little Compton, RI I15852
38 Wilbor, Benjamin  22 Oct 1750Little Compton, RI I52286
39 Wilbour, George Shaw  25 Oct 1866Little Compton, RI I23970
40 Wood, Abner  16 Jun 1758Little Compton, RI I49563
41 Wood, Thurston  23 Jan 1797Little Compton, RI I42969


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Richmond, Sylvester  3 Nov 1700Little Compton, RI I30246


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alden, Elizabeth  31 May 1717Little Compton, RI I16174
2 Bartlett, Ebenezer  1712Little Compton, RI I19170
3 Briggs, Job  1733Little Compton, RI I6621
4 Briggs, William  12 May 1716Little Compton, RI I6623
5 Pabodie, Rebecca  23 Dec 1702Little Compton, RI I50774
6 Pabodie, William John  13 Dec 1707Little Compton, RI I19620
7 Richmond, Abigail  4 Oct 1702Little Compton, RI I31331
8 Richmond, Edward  14 Feb 1743Little Compton, RI I20525
9 Richmond, Elizabeth  Bef 1707Little Compton, RI I31338
10 Richmond, Mary  Bef 1800Little Compton, RI I31333
11 Richmond, Sylvester  20 Nov 1754Little Compton, RI I30246
12 Southworth, Alice  5 Mar 1718/9Little Compton, RI I32472
13 Southworth, Edward  17 Dec 1728Little Compton, RI I34421
14 Southworth, Priscilla  7 Jun 1761Little Compton, RI I32473
15 Southworth, William  25 Jun 1719Little Compton, RI I32471
16 Thurston, Edward  1739Little Compton, RI I33050
17 Thurston, Elizabeth  8 Mar 1707Little Compton, RI I33068
18 Thurston, Elizabeth  27 Aug 1717Little Compton, RI I33042
19 Thurston, Hope  Feb 1716Little Compton, RI I33041
20 Thurston, Job  Dec 1780Little Compton, RI I33048
21 Thurston, Jonathan  13 Apr 1749Little Compton, RI I33049
22 Tilden, Judith  29 Jul 1714Little Compton, RI I31851


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Alden, Elizabeth  Little Compton, RI I16174
2 Briggs, Susannah  1704Little Compton, RI I4980
3 Davis, Abigail  Bef Jul 1682Little Compton, RI I29136
4 Pabodie, Rebecca  Little Compton, RI I50774
5 Richmond, Abigail  Oct 1702Little Compton, RI I31331
6 Richmond, Edward  1696Little Compton, RI I30235
7 Richmond, Elizabeth  Bef 1707Little Compton, RI I31338
8 Richmond, Elizabeth L.  Dec 1717Little Compton, RI I30243
9 Richmond, Sylvester  Nov 1754Little Compton, RI I30246
10 Southworth, Alice  Little Compton, RI I32472
11 Southworth, Edward  Little Compton, RI I34421
12 Southworth, William  Little Compton, RI I32471
13 Thurston, Elizabeth  Little Compton, RI I33068
14 Tucker, John  Little Compton, RI I34859


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bartlett, Ebenezer  1712Little Compton, RI I19170


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carr / Thurston  Abt 1732Little Compton, RI F12168
2 Peters / Thurston  Abt 1716Little Compton, RI F12166
3 Richmond / Thurston  6 May 1711Little Compton, RI F7139


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Wilbour / Shaw  1870Little Compton, RI F14750