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Lunenburg, MA



Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buss, Silas  1769Lunenburg, MA I37236
2 Gibson, Arrington  14 Aug 1756Lunenburg, MA I51540
3 Gibson, Lois  15 Aug 1747Lunenburg, MA I9661
4 Harris, Daniel  Abt 1776Lunenburg, MA I18109
5 Harris, Lyman  7 Jan 1811Lunenburg, MA I18107
6 Harris, Mary  28 Feb 1815Lunenburg, MA I23404
7 Johnson, Keziah  1722Lunenburg, MA I44812
8 Jones, William Jr.  11 May 1737Lunenburg, MA I43434
9 Jones, William  15 May 1765Lunenburg, MA I8586
10 Marsh, Frederick Lincoln  17 Dec 1860Lunenburg, MA I35447
11 Whiting, Ellen Maria  23 Nov 1849Lunenburg, MA I6669
12 Whiting, Mary Puffer  2 Mar 1842Lunenburg, MA I21061
13 Whiting, Wilbur Perez  5 Sep 1859Lunenburg, MA I52199


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Lucia B.  24 Sep 1902Lunenburg, MA I8177
2 Conant, George Washington  1 Dec 1884Lunenburg, MA I21358
3 Cook, Ella  1935Lunenburg, MA I50911
4 Dresser, Hannah  29 Dec 1871Lunenburg, MA I52201
5 Elder, Mary  1853Lunenburg, MA I18108
6 Farnsworth, Issac  17 Dec 1744Lunenburg, MA I23587
7 Felch, Bela Whiton  28 Sep 1881Lunenburg, MA I4315
8 Freeman, George E.  19 Jul 1938Lunenburg, MA I4629
9 Freeman, Henry W.  22 Jan 1892Lunenburg, MA I4631
10 Freeman, Philip H.  29 Jan 1932Lunenburg, MA I35684
11 Gibson, Arrington  15 Jul 1795Lunenburg, MA I36900
12 Gibson, Capt. John  10 Jun 1761Lunenburg, MA I36894
13 Johnson, Martin  3 Nov 1902Lunenburg, MA I8180
14 Jones, William Jr.  23 May 1809Lunenburg, MA I43434
15 Lincoln, Jeremiah  Lunenburg, MA I8815
16 Locke, Sarah  20 Oct 1788Lunenburg, MA I43439
17 Marsh, Mary  1881Lunenburg, MA I4630
18 Marsh, Samuel  Lunenburg, MA I8590
19 Marsh, Samuel  9 Dec 1877Lunenburg, MA I16258
20 Marsh, Stephen Puffer  12 Apr 1886Lunenburg, MA I35446
21 Puffer, Mary  21 Dec 1874Lunenburg, MA I26253
22 Puffer, Rev. Stephen  23 Apr 1867Lunenburg, MA I26254
23 Savage, Frederick Schillow  10 Mar 1947Lunenburg, MA I52694
24 Stevens, Anna  18 Jan 1890Lunenburg, MA I51730
25 Stone, Sarah  29 Nov 1789Lunenburg, MA I43435
26 Whiting, Perez  10 Aug 1850Lunenburg, MA I52200
27 Whiting, Wilbur Perez  29 Dec 1863Lunenburg, MA I52199


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Lucia B.  Lunenburg, MA I8177
2 Choate, Melville Elliot  Lunenburg, MA I35528
3 Conant, George Washington  Lunenburg, MA I21358
4 Cook, Ella  Lunenburg, MA I50911
5 Dowden, John W.  Lunenburg, MA I16245
6 Dresser, Hannah  Lunenburg, MA I52201
7 Freeman, George E.  Lunenburg, MA I4629
8 Freeman, Henry W.  Lunenburg, MA I4631
9 Freeman, Philip H.  Lunenburg, MA I35684
10 Gibson, Capt. John  Lunenburg, MA I36894
11 Howard, Everett E.  Lunenburg, MA I24624
12 Howard, William  Lunenburg, MA I24625
13 Johnson, Abigail Caroline  Lunenburg, MA I8181
14 Johnson, Fannie Eveline  Lunenburg, MA I8178
15 Johnson, Keziah  Lunenburg, MA I44812
16 Johnson, Martin  Lunenburg, MA I8180
17 Johnson, Mary Barrett  Lunenburg, MA I8179
18 Johnson, Sarah Louisa  Lunenburg, MA I8184
19 Jones, William  Lunenburg, MA I8586
20 Jones, William Jr.  Lunenburg, MA I43434
21 Lincoln, Mary Frances  Lunenburg, MA I35445
22 Marden, Herbert Perez  Lunenburg, MA I21056
23 Marden, Lemuel  Lunenburg, MA I6670
24 Marsh, Mary  Lunenburg, MA I4630
25 Marsh, Samuel  Lunenburg, MA I16258
26 Marsh, Sarah M.  Lunenburg, MA I21057
27 Marsh, Stephen Puffer  Lunenburg, MA I35446
28 Pollard, Susannah  Lunenburg, MA I8585
29 Prescott, John  Dec 1681Lunenburg, MA I32946
30 Puffer, Mary  Lunenburg, MA I26253
31 Savage, Frederick Schillow  Lunenburg, MA I52694
32 Stevens, Anna  Lunenburg, MA I51730
33 Stone, Sarah  Lunenburg, MA I43435
34 Whiting, Ellen Maria  Lunenburg, MA I6669
35 Whiting, Perez  Lunenburg, MA I21058
36 Whiting, Perez  Lunenburg, MA I52200
37 Whiting, Wilbur Perez  Lunenburg, MA I52199


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Farnsworth, Samuel  21 Aug 1727Lunenburg, MA I18019


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dowden / Johnson  21 Sep 1872Lunenburg, MA F10521
2 Jones / Locke  25 Dec 1733Lunenburg, MA F15259
3 Jones / Stone  15 Feb 1763Lunenburg, MA F15257
4 Marsh / Lincoln  Abt 1860Lunenburg, MA F9430