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Mechanicsville, IA



Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Colton, Jacquelyn Ann  23 Jul 1945Mechanicsville, IA I13302
2 Gibeau, Minnie Lulu  6 Jun 1884Mechanicsville, IA I19368
3 Harper, Joseph Chalmer  10 Sep 1903Mechanicsville, IA I35976
4 Platner, Edith Jeanette  24 May 1921Mechanicsville, IA I9761
5 Puffer, Authernial George Washington  15 Sep 1848Mechanicsville, IA I35975
6 Puffer, Charles Andrew Jr.  26 Apr 1862Mechanicsville, IA I35984
7 Puffer, Daniel Comstock  9 May 1853Mechanicsville, IA I26805
8 Puffer, Donald Everette  1 Nov 1919Mechanicsville, IA I35971
9 Puffer, Everette Earl  24 Apr 1879Mechanicsville, IA I35970
10 Puffer, Jeanette Elaine  12 Dec 1950Mechanicsville, IA I35981
11 Puffer, Jemima B.  1 Aug 1855Mechanicsville, IA I35978
12 Puffer, Julia Mae  21 May 1916Mechanicsville, IA I35972
13 Puffer, Levi  3 May 1850Mechanicsville, IA I35979
14 Puffer, Mabel Euretta  21 Dec 1876Mechanicsville, IA I2876
15 Puffer, Mark L.  26 Mar 1969Mechanicsville, IA I35982
16 Puffer, Mary Arminda  6 Feb 1910Mechanicsville, IA I35973
17 Puffer, Mary Elizabeth  12 Jul 1857Mechanicsville, IA I7252
18 Puffer, Mildred Elizabeth  24 Jun 1907Mechanicsville, IA I20481
19 Puffer, Nathan Allen  13 Apr 1860Mechanicsville, IA I21634
20 Puffer, Priscilla Hastings  23 May 1851Mechanicsville, IA I5465
21 Puffer, Ray Augustus  30 Dec 1874Mechanicsville, IA I7469
22 Puffer, Raymond  9 Oct 1910Mechanicsville, IA I25849


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boyles, Arminda  27 Dec 1923Mechanicsville, IA I10325
2 Jack, Edward Lee  27 Dec 2002Mechanicsville, IA I35983
3 Puffer, Everette Earl  22 May 1962Mechanicsville, IA I35970
4 Puffer, Jeanette Elaine  15 May 1953Mechanicsville, IA I35981
5 Puffer, Jemima B.  20 Jun 1870Mechanicsville, IA I35978
6 Puffer, Julia Mae  10 Jun 2009Mechanicsville, IA I35972
7 Puffer, Levi  24 May 1850Mechanicsville, IA I35979
8 Puffer, Mark L.  26 Mar 1969Mechanicsville, IA I35982
9 Puffer, Phillip Lynn  5 Sep 2010Mechanicsville, IA I13303
10 Puffer, Ray Augustus  26 Jul 1949Mechanicsville, IA I7469


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Luretta Rebecca  Mechanicsville, IA I10324
2 Boyles, Arminda  Mechanicsville, IA I10325
3 Boyles, Thomas Jefferson  Mechanicsville, IA I10322
4 Brock, Chloie Ethel  Mechanicsville, IA I7468
5 Brock, Cowan Baldwin  Mechanicsville, IA I16562
6 Brown, George E.  Mechanicsville, IA I35974
7 Cannaday, Margaret Ann  Mechanicsville, IA I50618
8 Colton, Patricia  Mechanicsville, IA I35980
9 Comstock, Abigail Fox  Mechanicsville, IA I19860
10 Comstock, Daniel Isaac  Mechanicsville, IA I20949
11 Comstock, Julia A.  Mechanicsville, IA I45134
12 Fox, Elizabeth  Mechanicsville, IA I20948
13 Jack, Edward Lee  Mechanicsville, IA I35983
14 Jack, Michael Allen  Mechanicsville, IA I47274
15 Jack, Walter Thomas  Mechanicsville, IA I47624
16 Kohl, Grace Maud  Mechanicsville, IA I16564
17 Moffitt, Elizabeth Jane  Mechanicsville, IA I16561
18 Pickert, Amber Jane  Mechanicsville, IA I47658
19 Platner, Edith Jeanette  20 Jul 2008Mechanicsville, IA I9761
20 Puffer, Authernial George Washington  26 May 1896Mechanicsville, IA I35975
21 Puffer, Charles Andrew Sr.  Mechanicsville, IA I25142
22 Puffer, Donald Everette  Mechanicsville, IA I35971
23 Puffer, Edith  Mechanicsville, IA I35977
24 Puffer, Everette Earl  Mechanicsville, IA I35970
25 Puffer, Jacqueline  Mechanicsville, IA I35987
26 Puffer, Jeanette Elaine  Mechanicsville, IA I35981
27 Puffer, Jemima B.  Mechanicsville, IA I35978
28 Puffer, Julia Mae  Mechanicsville, IA I35972
29 Puffer, Levi  Mechanicsville, IA I35979
30 Puffer, Mark L.  Mechanicsville, IA I35982
31 Puffer, Mary Arminda  Mechanicsville, IA I35973
32 Puffer, Ray Augustus  Mechanicsville, IA I7469
33 Puffer, Raymond  Mechanicsville, IA I25849
34 Puffer, Ruth Louise  Mechanicsville, IA I3589
35 Puffer, Dr. Steven Dale  Mechanicsville, IA I11029
36 Puffer, Steven Dale  Mechanicsville, IA I13805
37 Slater, Helen Roberta  Mechanicsville, IA I25848
38 Wilson, Jacquelyn Kay  Mechanicsville, IA I11028


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bassett / Puffer  15 Apr 1873Mechanicsville, IA F8720
2 Jack / Puffer  11 Dec 1940Mechanicsville, IA F8715
3 Puffer / Boyles  17 Mar 1874Mechanicsville, IA F8716
4 Puffer / Brock  3 Feb 1904Mechanicsville, IA F8717
5 Puffer / Comstock  29 Jun 1847Mechanicsville, IA F9616
6 Puffer / Wilson  1 Jul 1967Mechanicsville, IA F8722