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Pennfield, MI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Keeler, Clara Nellie  26 Sep 1881Pennfield, MI I49240
2 Kresge, June Frances  18 May 1907Pennfield, MI I18670
3 Kresge, Mildred Bernice  27 May 1911Pennfield, MI I18671
4 Packer, Jean Ardys  19 Apr 1919Pennfield, MI I35353
5 Packer, Patricia May  21 Aug 1923Pennfield, MI I48298
6 Puffer, Beulah  6 Dec 1885Pennfield, MI I18669
7 Puffer, Ellsworth Hazzard Jr.  4 Jun 1905Pennfield, MI I11956
8 Puffer, Evangeline V.  19 Jan 1890Pennfield, MI I4924
9 Puffer, Frances Eugenia  3 Sep 1889Pennfield, MI I7081
10 Puffer, Francis E.  19 Aug 1869Pennfield, MI I26767
11 Puffer, Georgia Lucille  28 Feb 1900Pennfield, MI I35344
12 Puffer, Harold James  6 Apr 1894Pennfield, MI I35342
13 Puffer, Helen May  1 May 1897Pennfield, MI I35343
14 Puffer, Jeanette Merrill  31 Dec 1908Pennfield, MI I22914
15 Puffer, Leona Marie  27 Sep 1901Pennfield, MI I10498
16 Puffer, Marian Elizabeth  12 Jun 1903Pennfield, MI I35338
17 Puffer, Mildred Louise  17 May 1907Pennfield, MI I18665
18 Puffer, Raymond Ellsworth  4 Jan 1888Pennfield, MI I6955
19 Puffer, Richard Wilson  3 Jul 1892Pennfield, MI I22705
20 Traut, Orpha  27 Sep 1878Pennfield, MI I35341
21 Traut, Wilson  Abt 1835Pennfield, MI I35350


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Grunder, Alma Thelma  1996Pennfield, MI I53132
2 Hoyt, Eliza Drew  14 Apr 1875Pennfield, MI I49239
3 Keeler, Hon. Richard  29 Jul 1907Pennfield, MI I11173
4 Puffer, Baby Boy  5 Apr 1896Pennfield, MI I43002
5 Puffer, Edwin O.  26 Jan 1872Pennfield, MI I19903
6 Puffer, Francis E.  9 Feb 1872Pennfield, MI I26767
7 Puffer, Tisdale Amidon  3 May 1874Pennfield, MI I18568


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Floyd E.  Pennfield, MI I35365
2 Andrews, Glenn E.  Pennfield, MI I47215
3 Dunsmore, James  Pennfield, MI I16278
4 Farleigh, Richard B.  Pennfield, MI I35363
5 Fossand, Bernard M.  Pennfield, MI I48839
6 Grunder, Alma Thelma  Pennfield, MI I53132
7 Henker, Gladys Harriet  Pennfield, MI I11955
8 Hodge, Sophia E.  Pennfield, MI I35348
9 Keeler, Clara Nellie  Pennfield, MI I49240
10 Kresge, Erles Barnet  Pennfield, MI I18668
11 Merrill, Georgiana  6 Dec 1918Pennfield, MI I18666
12 Puffer, Baby  Pennfield, MI I52628
13 Puffer, Beulah  Pennfield, MI I18669
14 Puffer, Edwin O.  Pennfield, MI I19903
15 Puffer, Ellsworth Hazzard Jr.  Pennfield, MI I11956
16 Puffer, Ellsworth Hazzard  Pennfield, MI I18667
17 Puffer, Frances Eugenia  14 Jul 1936Pennfield, MI I7081
18 Puffer, Francis E.  Pennfield, MI I26767
19 Puffer, Georgia Lucille  2 Apr 1937Pennfield, MI I35344
20 Puffer, Marian Elizabeth  Pennfield, MI I35338
21 Puffer, Raymond Ellsworth  Pennfield, MI I6955
22 Puffer, Tisdale  Pennfield, MI I18564
23 Puffer, Tisdale Amidon  Pennfield, MI I18568
24 Robins, Phillip D.  Pennfield, MI I52631
25 Robins, Welby Knox Jr.  Pennfield, MI I52629
26 Shepard, Barbara Jean  Pennfield, MI I48254
27 Shepard, James Edward  Pennfield, MI I40582
28 Shepard, Janice L.  Pennfield, MI I40583
29 Shepard, Ralph L.  Pennfield, MI I35339
30 Tolley, Morton Estel  Pennfield, MI I48869
31 Traut, Orpha  Pennfield, MI I35341
32 Traut, Wilson  Pennfield, MI I35350
33 Travis, Etta  Pennfield, MI I40581
34 Walton, Alvah Washington  Pennfield, MI I49241
35 Whitehurst, Clyde R.  Pennfield, MI I48255


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Keeler / Gifford  24 Nov 1880Pennfield, MI F17946
2 Kresge / Puffer  6 Jun 1896Pennfield, MI F2861
3 Puffer / Merrill  14 Sep 1884Pennfield, MI F8296