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Plymouth Colony, MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alden, Elizabeth  Abt 1625Plymouth Colony, MA I16174
2 Alden, Joseph  22 May 1627Plymouth Colony, MA I8558
3 Barnaby, Stephen  1674Plymouth Colony, MA I43468
4 Browne, Priscilla  CA 1628Plymouth Colony, MA I48827
5 Deane, Susanna  1634Plymouth Colony, MA I15429
6 Doty, Edward  Bef 1637Plymouth Colony, MA I19624
7 Doty, Sarah  9 Jun 1666Plymouth Colony, MA I19622
8 Dunham, Daniel  1 Jan 1639Plymouth Colony, MA I47511
9 Faunce, Sarah  9 Jun 1666Plymouth Colony, MA I19623
10 Ford, Baby Boy  9 Nov 1621Plymouth Colony, MA I48830
11 Fuller, Mercy  22 May 1627Plymouth Colony, MA I45760
12 Fuller, Rev. Samuel Jr.  1625Plymouth Colony, MA I45761
13 Haywood, Mehitable  1 Jan 1652Plymouth Colony, MA I47521
14 Higgins, Jonathan  Jul 1637Plymouth Colony, MA I15437
15 Hopkins, Caleb  Abt 1623Plymouth Colony, MA I3937
16 Hopkins, Damaris  Abt 1627Plymouth Colony, MA I11362
17 Hopkins, Deborah  Abt 1624Plymouth Colony, MA I17038
18 Hopkins, Elizabeth  Abt 1631Plymouth Colony, MA I3935
19 Hopkins, Ruth  Abt 1629Plymouth Colony, MA I3933
20 Nelson, John  9 Jul 1643Plymouth Colony, MA I15721
21 Snow, Mary  14 Dec 1630Plymouth Colony, MA I17040
22 Snow, Sarah  1632Plymouth Colony, MA I17032
23 Standish, Alexander  22 May 1627Plymouth Colony, MA I227
24 Standish, Charles  Abt 1629Plymouth Colony, MA I229
25 Standish, Josias  Abt 1633Plymouth Colony, MA I25829
26 Standish, Lora  Abt 1631Plymouth Colony, MA I7770
27 Standish, Miles  Abt 1629Plymouth Colony, MA I7772
28 Warren, James  7 Nov 1665Plymouth Colony, MA I19625
29 Wright, Esther  26 Aug 1652Plymouth Colony, MA I19657


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Browne, Peter MAYFLOWER  Bef 10 Oct 1633Plymouth Colony, MA I12174
2 Burton, Thomas Preston  29 Oct 1779Plymouth Colony, MA I22153
3 Cooke, Elizabeth  Bef 22 May 1627Plymouth Colony, MA I2318
4 Cooke, Jacob  7 Jul 1676Plymouth Colony, MA I11363
5 Doty, Edward MAYFLOWER  23 Aug 1655Plymouth Colony, MA I19627
6 Doty, Edward  8 Feb 1689Plymouth Colony, MA I19624
7 Durant, Mary  Jul 1631Plymouth Colony, MA I44972
8 Fisher, Elizabeth  1639Plymouth Colony, MA I3934
9 Fuller, Edward MAYFLOWER  11 Jan 1620Plymouth Colony, MA I45762
10 Fuller, Rev. Samuel Jr.  17 Aug 1695Plymouth Colony, MA I45761
11 Godbertson, Godbert  1633Plymouth Colony, MA I19154
12 Handley, Rose  29 Jan 1621Plymouth Colony, MA I15428
13 Hopkins, Deborah  23 Feb 1693/4Plymouth Colony, MA I17038
14 May, Dorothy MAYFLOWER  17 Dec 1620Plymouth Colony, MA I12133
15 Morey\ Mowry, Jonathan Sr.  19 May 1708Plymouth Colony, MA I15729
16 Mullins, William MAYFLOWER  21 Feb 1620Plymouth Colony, MA I9117
17 Pontus, Mary  3 Feb 1690Plymouth Colony, MA I1377
18 Priest, Degory MAYFLOWER  1620Plymouth Colony, MA I9673
19 Rider\ Ryder, Samuel  18 Jul 1715Plymouth Colony, MA I15712
20 Southworth, Nathaniel  14 Jan 1710Plymouth Colony, MA I28541
21 Walker, Sarah  24 Nov 1700Plymouth Colony, MA I17036
22 Warren, James  30 May 1715Plymouth Colony, MA I19625
23 Weighte, Martha  1630Plymouth Colony, MA I12173


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Browne, Peter MAYFLOWER  Plymouth Colony, MA I12174
2 Gray, Edward Sr.  Plymouth Colony, MA I4189
3 Lewis, John  26 Mar 1675/6Plymouth Colony, MA I34211
4 Wadsworth, Alice  12 Jun 1791Plymouth Colony, MA I22150
5 Warren, Richard MAYFLOWER  Plymouth Colony, MA I15299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Tinkham, Ephraim Jr.  5 Aug 1649Plymouth Colony, MA I19658


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnaby / Morton  1696Plymouth Colony, MA F15276
2 Bartlett / Warren  23 Dec 1628Plymouth Colony, MA F4910
3 Browne / Weighte  1626Plymouth Colony, MA F8505
4 Cooke / Ring  16 Sep 1635Plymouth Colony, MA F16005
5 Deane / Ring  Abt 1629Plymouth Colony, MA F3127
6 Doty / Clarke  6 Jan 1634/5Plymouth Colony, MA F7669
7 Doty / Faunce  25 Feb 1662Plymouth Colony, MA F3128
8 Howes / Burr  Between 1665 and 1668Plymouth Colony, MA F4046
9 Prence / Burr  1 Apr 1635Plymouth Colony, MA F9374
10 Tinkham / Wright  9 Jun 1676Plymouth Colony, MA F4660
11 Warren / Doty  21 Jun 1687Plymouth Colony, MA F4968
12 Warren / Walker  19 Nov 1645Plymouth Colony, MA F4967