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Ravenna, OH



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Jerusha  1826Ravenna, OH I201
2 Gilbert, Albert Harold  8 Jul 1923Ravenna, OH I44567
3 Puffer, Clayton Nelson  5 Dec 1915Ravenna, OH I5134
4 Puffer, Lawrence A.  8 Apr 1906Ravenna, OH I23073
5 Puffer, Lulu M.  3 May 1902Ravenna, OH I26562
6 Puffer, Roy Amos  25 Mar 1904Ravenna, OH I20874
7 Puffer, Shirley Mae  19 Feb 1927Ravenna, OH I9028
8 Puffer, William H.  5 Aug 1907Ravenna, OH I19558
9 Puffer, Willis L.  3 Jul 1902Ravenna, OH I3436
10 Smith, Evelyn Mae  14 Jun 1918Ravenna, OH I44352
11 Smith, Ruth Gertrude  25 Jan 1921Ravenna, OH I44353
12 Watters, Donald Eugene  13 Jul 1941Ravenna, OH I41120
13 Wymer, Harvey  4 Sep 1905Ravenna, OH I18345


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barshney, Mary Elizabeth  30 Jan 1936Ravenna, OH I7533
2 Derr, John  14 May 1901Ravenna, OH I54551
3 Fleshman, Elizabeth  19 Aug 1976Ravenna, OH I52887
4 Gilbert, Aletha Mae  13 Nov 2006Ravenna, OH I41084
5 Gross, Alice  23 Mar 1951Ravenna, OH I18338
6 Partin, Andrew  22 Feb 1991Ravenna, OH I11025
7 Puffer, Esther Irene  26 Aug 1912Ravenna, OH I20875
8 Puffer, Helen Gladys  20 Jul 1979Ravenna, OH I11024
9 Puffer, Kenneth Melvin Sr.  19 May 1984Ravenna, OH I7391
10 Puffer, Lawrence A.  4 Apr 1958Ravenna, OH I23073
11 Puffer, Lucille M.  10 Jul 1984Ravenna, OH I2385
12 Puffer, Lulu M.  26 Mar 1962Ravenna, OH I26562
13 Puffer, Melvin Alfred  18 Feb 1939Ravenna, OH I2387
14 Puffer, Sarah M.  13 May 1848Ravenna, OH I45928
15 Puffer, Sylvester Amos  27 Feb 1936Ravenna, OH I14031
16 Puffer, Willis L.  26 Feb 1977Ravenna, OH I3436
17 Riepen, Homer L.  15 Apr 1961Ravenna, OH I50915
18 Self, Clara Ellen  14 Jan 1979Ravenna, OH I16878
19 Siefer, Arthur L.  26 Feb 1996Ravenna, OH I47726
20 Siefer, Audrey Lucille  15 Nov 2001Ravenna, OH I44560
21 Smith, Phila  14 Jul 1854Ravenna, OH I11167
22 Triansin, Helen Stella  8 Nov 2000Ravenna, OH I7390
23 Watters, Gerald Leonard  1 Jun 2002Ravenna, OH I41119
24 Watters, Nelson E.  28 Oct 1982Ravenna, OH I41122
25 Wright, Mary Belle  25 Sep 1987Ravenna, OH I41121
26 Wymer, George  23 Jan 1934Ravenna, OH I18342
27 Wymer, Harvey  Apr 1972Ravenna, OH I18345
28 Wymer, Lillian  15 Jun 1966Ravenna, OH I18341


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barnes, George  Ravenna, OH I11168
2 Barshney, Mary Elizabeth  Ravenna, OH I7533
3 Gross, Alice  Ravenna, OH I18338
4 Harman, Arminda  Ravenna, OH I2386
5 Kimes, Mabel M.  Ravenna, OH I48613
6 Puffer, Austin Hiram  Ravenna, OH I7534
7 Puffer, Clayton Nelson  Ravenna, OH I5134
8 Puffer, David R.  Ravenna, OH I26561
9 Puffer, Esther Irene  Ravenna, OH I20875
10 Puffer, Kenneth Melvin Sr.  Ravenna, OH I7391
11 Puffer, Lawrence A.  Ravenna, OH I23073
12 Puffer, Louis M.  11 Aug 1920Ravenna, OH I6958
13 Puffer, Lulu M.  Ravenna, OH I26562
14 Puffer, Melvin Alfred  Ravenna, OH I2387
15 Puffer, Sarah M.  Ravenna, OH I45928
16 Puffer, Shirley Mae  12 Mar 1927Ravenna, OH I9028
17 Puffer, William H.  Ravenna, OH I19558
18 Puffer, Willis L.  Ravenna, OH I3436
19 Shriver, Olive  Ravenna, OH I18650
20 Smith, Phila  Ravenna, OH I11167
21 Triansin, Helen Stella  11 Nov 2008Ravenna, OH I7390
22 Whittaker, Margaret E.  Ravenna, OH I5133
23 Wild, Amoret L.  Ravenna, OH I23072
24 Wymer, Arthur M.  Ravenna, OH I18651
25 Wymer, Clarence  Ravenna, OH I18344
26 Wymer, George  Ravenna, OH I18342
27 Wymer, Harvey  Ravenna, OH I18345
28 Wymer, Joseph William  Ravenna, OH I18340
29 Wymer, Lillian  Ravenna, OH I18341
30 Wymer, Rose  Ravenna, OH I18343