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Saint Albans, VT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brace, Douglas  1845Saint Albans, VT I10256
2 Brace, Frederick D  Oct 1869Saint Albans, VT I10259
3 Brace, Mary M.  1871Saint Albans, VT I10260
4 Brace, Theodore  1823Saint Albans, VT I10257
5 Crawford, Warren J.  Mar 1839Saint Albans, VT I22259
6 Curtis, Amanda Hannah  19 Oct 1859Saint Albans, VT I41951
7 Frost, Albert  3 Nov 1844Saint Albans, VT I38649
8 Grover, Katherine Carmelita  22 Feb 1925Saint Albans, VT I43778
9 Longway, Mary  1 Feb 1880Saint Albans, VT I23867
10 Miner, Maria  15 Jan 1841Saint Albans, VT I16334
11 Puffer, Mabel Ellen  21 Dec 1913Saint Albans, VT I36478
12 Rodden, Jeanie A.  CA 1871Saint Albans, VT I54426
13 Trudeau, Frederick C.  1870Saint Albans, VT I43827


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Emerson  9 Sep 1981Saint Albans, VT I44529
2 Austin, Fannie D.  20 Feb 1998Saint Albans, VT I49011
3 Austin, James Henry  19 Jul 1943Saint Albans, VT I13069
4 Austin, Mary Elizabeth  31 Jan 1954Saint Albans, VT I43656
5 Bedard, Frank  15 Mar 1891Saint Albans, VT I46576
6 Beeman, Daniel Raymond  22 Sep 1934Saint Albans, VT I43816
7 Crowe, Alta F.  1 Oct 1948Saint Albans, VT I50014
8 Dumouchel, Laura  8 Aug 2006Saint Albans, VT I45129
9 Fletcher, Giles R.  15 Jan 1975Saint Albans, VT I51323
10 Frost, Albert  9 Jul 1913Saint Albans, VT I38649
11 Grant, Clarence Wesley  6 May 1966Saint Albans, VT I19365
12 Grant, David Adelbert Jr.  15 May 1954Saint Albans, VT I1181
13 Howe, Ruth  21 Jun 1819Saint Albans, VT I49547
14 Ives, Geraldine May  30 Aug 1984Saint Albans, VT I45124
15 Ives, Robert Clifton  18 Jul 1996Saint Albans, VT I45126
16 Jenne, John Thayer  20 Jun 1974Saint Albans, VT I10265
17 Lawyer, Ruby Genevieve  28 Dec 2002Saint Albans, VT I54459
18 Mitchell\Michall, Ellen L.  5 May 1940Saint Albans, VT I19637
19 Mitiguy, Joseph  7 May 1967Saint Albans, VT I49012
20 Puffer, Helen Maud  23 Oct 1974Saint Albans, VT I239
21 Puffer, John  24 Oct 1931Saint Albans, VT I26910
22 Puffer, Luman P.  2 Feb 1914Saint Albans, VT I19638
23 Puffer, Mabel Ellen  19 Aug 1914Saint Albans, VT I36478
24 Puffer, Olive Louise  27 May 2002Saint Albans, VT I17893
25 Puffer, Olive Mae  21 Sep 1971Saint Albans, VT I44080
26 Royce, Jesse Edward  29 Apr 1958Saint Albans, VT I49014
27 Ryea, Sophia M.  12 Oct 1918Saint Albans, VT I38187
28 St. Pierre, Blanche  13 Jul 1955Saint Albans, VT I22246
29 Vautier, Henry Albert  17 Mar 1966Saint Albans, VT I238
30 Wright, Chester Summer  18 Apr 1952Saint Albans, VT I49015
31 Wright, Etta J.  22 Aug 1978Saint Albans, VT I49002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Austin, Emerson  Saint Albans, VT I44529
2 Austin, Fannie D.  Saint Albans, VT I49011
3 Austin, James Henry  Saint Albans, VT I13069
4 Austin, Mary Elizabeth  Saint Albans, VT I43656
5 Beeman, Daniel Raymond  Saint Albans, VT I43816
6 Boyer, Mary Louise  Saint Albans, VT I43828
7 Crowe, Alta F.  Saint Albans, VT I50014
8 Howe, Ruth  Saint Albans, VT I49547
9 Ives, Rudolph Charles  Saint Albans, VT I45128
10 Mitchell\Michall, Ellen L.  Saint Albans, VT I19637
11 Mitiguy, Joseph  Saint Albans, VT I49012
12 Puffer, Luman P.  Saint Albans, VT I19638
13 Puffer, Lydia D.  Saint Albans, VT I13070
14 Puffer, Ray L.  Saint Albans, VT I38188
15 Ryea, Sophia M.  Saint Albans, VT I38187
16 Trudeau, Frederick C.  Saint Albans, VT I43827
17 Underwood, Harold C.  Saint Albans, VT I54458
18 Vautier, Henry Albert  Saint Albans, VT I238


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Laundway, Samuel  30 Aug 1878Saint Albans, VT I43813


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Laundway / Bedard\Bedore  12 Feb 1872Saint Albans, VT F15447
2 Peno / Longway  31 Jul 1895Saint Albans, VT F15560
3 Puffer / Brace  25 May 1904Saint Albans, VT F10074
4 Puffer / Flinton  28 Nov 1900Saint Albans, VT F10144