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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander King of Scotland  Abt Aug 1077Scotland I1564
2 Alpin King Of Scotland Count Of Ghesnes  Abt 778Scotland I32860
3 Áed Find Áed Mac Echdach King Of Western Scotland  Abt 725Scotland I33477
4 Constantine King Of Scotland  Abt 836Scotland I32585
5 David King of Scotland  Between 1080 and 1082Scotland I25698
6 Donald King of Scotland  Abt 812Scotland I32861
7 Donald II Dasachtach King Of Scotland  Abt 862Scotland I32283
8 Dongart King Of Scotland  Abt 600Scotland I14789
9 Dongart Eugene King Of Scotland  Abt 630Scotland I14790
10 Duff Dubh King of Scotland  Abt 930Scotland I32285
11 Edgar King of Scotland  Abt 1074Scotland I30754
12 Edmund Prince of Scotland  Abt 1070Scotland I30757
13 Edward Prince of Scotland  Abt 1068Scotland I30755
14 Eochaid King Of Scotland  Abt 695Scotland I33474
15 Eochaid King Of Scotland  Abt 747Scotland I32863
16 Ethelred Prince of Scotland  Abt 1072Scotland I30756
17 Eugene Prince of Cumberland  Abt 899Scotland I32587
18 Fergus King Of Dalraide  Abt 733Scotland I33478
19 Fergus Ungust King Of The Picts  Abt 735Scotland I33476
20 Fergusa Urgusia Queen Of Scotland  Abt 755Scotland I32862
21 Henry Prince Of Scotland  Between 1114 and 1119Scotland I25697
22 Janet S.  May 1861Scotland I52463
23 Kenneth King Of Scotland  Abt 932Scotland I22001
24 Malcolm IV King of Scotland  20 Mar 1141/42Scotland I29986
25 Malcolm King Of Scotland  Abt 897Scotland I32282
26 Mary Princess of Scotland  1080Scotland I10958
27 Mary Princess Of Scotland  Abt 1084Scotland I30750
28 Mogallus Prince of Scotland  Abt 934Scotland I32284
29 Prince of Scotland  Abt 1074Scotland I30760
30 Prince of Scotland  Abt 1076Scotland I30761
31 Princess Of Scotland  Abt 834Scotland I32866
32 Princess Of Scotland  Abt 842Scotland I32864
33 Seward Earl of Northunbria  Abt 978Scotland I14577
34 Urgust King Of The Picts  709Scotland I33475
35 William King of Scotland  1143Scotland I7115
36 Williamina Rae  1889Scotland I49788
37 Adams, William  Abt 1795Scotland I4928
38 Alaxandair, Mael Coluim Mac  Abt 1090Scotland I1563
39 Allison, Elizabeth  6 May 1860Scotland I42994
40 Avenal  Abt 1143Scotland I7114
41 Avenal, Richard  Abt 1117Scotland I11652
42 Bowie, Margaret  CA 1719Scotland I42880
43 Buchanan, Malcolm  Abt 1799Scotland I9930
44 Buchanan, Molchom (Malcolm)  Abt 1769Scotland I9944
45 Campbell, Daniel  26 Feb 1830Scotland I18826
46 Carruthers, Charles H.  1813Scotland I14141
47 Cheney, Daniel  1633Scotland I6984
48 Cheney, Martha  1629Scotland I13413
49 Colt, Oliver  1570Scotland I32604
50 Comyn, John Lord of Badenoch III  Abt 1305Scotland I13942

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ethelred Prince of Scotland  13 Nov 1093Scotland I30756
2 Henry Prince Of Scotland  12 Jun 1152Scotland I25697
3 Comyn, John Lord of Badenoch III  24 Jun 1314Scotland I13942
4 Fergus, Domangart I Mac of Argyll King of Dalriado  511Scotland I14277
5 Gordon, Adam  17 Mar 1537/38Scotland I1050
6 Harcourt, Roger  1202Scotland I27316
7 Huntington, Matilda Maud  23 Apr 1130Scotland I10898
8 Kerr, John  1562Scotland I27927
9 Kerr, Katherine  Scotland I27926
10 Mor, Fergus King of Dalriada  Abt 515Scotland I14273
11 Prince Of Manau, Bychan II  Scotland I17748
12 Shelley, Edward  Scotland I32906
13 Stewart, Agnes  Feb 1557Scotland I12775
14 Stewart, Daughter  Aft 1530Scotland I4465
15 Stewart, James  Aft 1451Scotland I663
16 Stuart, James of Scotland V  16 Dec 1542Scotland I8972
17 Stuart, Joan Janet Princess of Scotland  Aft 22 Jun 1493Scotland I5243


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kerr, John  1562Scotland I27927
2 Kerr, Katherine  Scotland I27926
3 Stewart, Daughter  Scotland I4465


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1159–1560Scotland F3791
2 / Huntington  1113/14Scotland F7037
3 Cuthbertson /   Bef 1856Scotland F503
4 Dal / Lleian  Scotland F2633
5 Geddes / Cormack  1850Scotland F2237
6 Hutton / Bell  Apr 1850Scotland F10298
7 Leighton / Silsby  Abt 1634Scotland F11753
8 Maccrinan I / Fitz Siward  1030Scotland F7485
9 Mackenneth / Ossory  Abt 983Scotland F3842