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South Boardman, MI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Harriet Lizette  7 Jul 1904South Boardman, MI I6302
2 Benson, Anna  Abt 1869South Boardman, MI I10819
3 Bond, Frederick Justus  2 Nov 1872South Boardman, MI I13200
4 Bowdish, Sylvannus  27 Nov 1820South Boardman, MI I9060
5 Bowman, Harriet  7 Oct 1828South Boardman, MI I9059
6 Cady, Henry J.  5 Jun 1864South Boardman, MI I11453
7 Cady, Irene Etha  1 Mar 1898South Boardman, MI I11455
8 Chase, George W.  7 Aug 1858South Boardman, MI I19830
9 Clark, Arista O'Lensa  14 Sep 1897South Boardman, MI I7229
10 Clark, Edward Everett  20 Sep 1869South Boardman, MI I10717
11 Clark, Kathryn Louise  28 Jul 1917South Boardman, MI I48103
12 Drake, Ira H.  1842South Boardman, MI I15397
13 Draper, Marguerite H.  29 Apr 1901South Boardman, MI I8652
14 Dyke, Alice L.  Mar 1866South Boardman, MI I7537
15 Edwards, Virgil  Bef 1964South Boardman, MI I13967
16 Fox, Julia Ann  1846South Boardman, MI I25329
17 Hughes, Bonnie Fern  2 Sep 1926South Boardman, MI I14764
18 Hughes, Violetta Maude  8 Jun 1921South Boardman, MI I3886
19 Jackson, Jeanette Rena  29 Apr 1910South Boardman, MI I17252
20 Leavitt, Flora  1854South Boardman, MI I8943
21 Lenderink, Andrew  17 Dec 1877South Boardman, MI I3189
22 Luce, Joseph G.  1863South Boardman, MI I27027
23 Mangold, Maude Athelia  23 Sep 1879South Boardman, MI I13201
24 Miller, Kittie I.  15 Apr 1890South Boardman, MI I13697
25 Moyer, Robert A.  21 May 1849South Boardman, MI I11579
26 Murphy, Clare R.  May 1879South Boardman, MI I208
27 Murphy, Homer M.  Abt 1850South Boardman, MI I210
28 Neihardt, Catherine Dora  21 Oct 1893South Boardman, MI I7228
29 Olson, Frank  Abt 1891South Boardman, MI I11335
30 Owens, Ray E.  1888South Boardman, MI I18309
31 Parent, Bertram W.  Dec 1887South Boardman, MI I7548
32 Parent, Joseph Benjamin  25 Apr 1889South Boardman, MI I7550
33 Puffer, Sgt. Alan B.  1922South Boardman, MI I18400
34 Puffer, Alice Alberta  Oct 1880South Boardman, MI I1441
35 Puffer, Alma Lois  10 May 1918South Boardman, MI I154
36 Puffer, Angeline  5 Apr 1894South Boardman, MI I17146
37 Puffer, Austin Hiram  19 Feb 1869South Boardman, MI I7534
38 Puffer, Barbara Jean  Jan 1927South Boardman, MI I7142
39 Puffer, Bertha M.  18 Nov 1929South Boardman, MI I3039
40 Puffer, Betty  1927South Boardman, MI I26912
41 Puffer, Burton L.  Abt 1908South Boardman, MI I13435
42 Puffer, Catherine R.  Abt 1912South Boardman, MI I7227
43 Puffer, Charles Burton  8 Aug 1878South Boardman, MI I24384
44 Puffer, Dennis H.  25 Apr 1867South Boardman, MI I8049
45 Puffer, Elgie Charles  21 Jun 1926South Boardman, MI I2123
46 Puffer, Emogene  Abt 1922South Boardman, MI I7263
47 Puffer, Floyd C.  26 Jun 1879South Boardman, MI I5903
48 Puffer, Floyd Hiram  30 Oct 1907South Boardman, MI I17145
49 Puffer, Francis G.  Abt 1903South Boardman, MI I3050
50 Puffer, Gerald Glenn Sr  13 Sep 1921South Boardman, MI I3887

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Magdelene  14 Sep 1870South Boardman, MI I15393
2 Amidon, Ralph  31 Oct 1856South Boardman, MI I17098
3 Baldwin, Harriet Lizette  28 May 1967South Boardman, MI I6302
4 Carbaugh, George  16 Sep 1862South Boardman, MI I15394
5 Carbaugh, Nancy M.  21 Feb 1940South Boardman, MI I209
6 Drake, Ira H.  Bef 1940South Boardman, MI I15397
7 Elzinga, Susan A.  26 Mar 1949South Boardman, MI I17251
8 Forman, Elsa Rocina  5 Jul 1989South Boardman, MI I5000
9 Frostic, Christopher William  24 Jun 2011South Boardman, MI I1426
10 Grover, Abigail M.  16 Mar 1911South Boardman, MI I39104
11 Hodge, Sophia E.  Bef 31 Jul 1917South Boardman, MI I35348
12 Hoxey, Frederick Joseph  12 Jan 1962South Boardman, MI I17022
13 Hughes, Violetta Maude  19 Aug 2003South Boardman, MI I3886
14 Jackson, Bernard W.  9 Jan 1961South Boardman, MI I17253
15 Kresge, Erles Barnet  2 Nov 1933South Boardman, MI I18668
16 Labounty, Theodore Ford  1989South Boardman, MI I160
17 Lamay, Jennette Elizabeth  7 Nov 1948South Boardman, MI I6598
18 McMichael, Margaret  10 Apr 1958South Boardman, MI I22201
19 Meseroll, Alberta Maude  26 Jun 1936South Boardman, MI I7140
20 Mills, Maria  17 Feb 1882South Boardman, MI I3931
21 Neihardt, Catherine Dora  14 Sep 1937South Boardman, MI I7228
22 Niemiec, Eleanor K.  3 Apr 1980South Boardman, MI I10871
23 Puffer, Alan John  6 Sep 2003South Boardman, MI I36099
24 Puffer, Beulah  17 Nov 1976South Boardman, MI I18669
25 Puffer, Bonnie Fern  4 Sep 2002South Boardman, MI I37032
26 Puffer, Claude Spring  16 Jul 1994South Boardman, MI I21511
27 Puffer, Faith  Jul 1937South Boardman, MI I36074
28 Puffer, Gilbert Alvin  26 Oct 1988South Boardman, MI I6303
29 Puffer, Iona A.  25 Jul 1848South Boardman, MI I23435
30 Puffer, John D.  19 Jun 1929South Boardman, MI I6599
31 Puffer, Kneelon Jay Sr.  29 May 1962South Boardman, MI I36106
32 Puffer, Lewis Abel  3 Feb 1892South Boardman, MI I23260
33 Puffer, Lyman  12 Feb 1961South Boardman, MI I16373
34 Puffer, M. Adeline  28 May 1967South Boardman, MI I37265
35 Puffer, Reuben  28 Jun 1908South Boardman, MI I35106
36 Puffer, Salem Shumway  16 Oct 1901South Boardman, MI I18571
37 Puffer, William H.  15 Jul 1857South Boardman, MI I23437
38 Puffer, William Henry  28 May 1949South Boardman, MI I14548
39 Ranney, Aretas  1891South Boardman, MI I19360
40 Root, Louisa Cordelia  31 Jan 1902South Boardman, MI I11530
41 Sidnam, William P.  1915South Boardman, MI I25075
42 Thomas, Roma Anntoinette  24 Apr 1919South Boardman, MI I4759
43 Thorne, Beatrice Lillian  21 Jun 1991South Boardman, MI I18288
44 Upjohn, Mary N.  1936South Boardman, MI I25074


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fletcher, Kate J.  South Boardman, MI I12874
2 Gardner, Addie J.  South Boardman, MI I48843
3 Hart, George William  South Boardman, MI I50762
4 Hart, Nina Almeda  5 Mar 1901South Boardman, MI I50763
5 Ide, Saloma D.  19 Feb 1914South Boardman, MI I44463
6 Lisch, Herman Otto  South Boardman, MI I46756
7 McNair, Charles W.  South Boardman, MI I12875
8 Neihardt, Samuel Emmett  South Boardman, MI I48842
9 Puffer, George Westley  South Boardman, MI I4760
10 Puffer, Lorna Grace  South Boardman, MI I22944
11 Puffer, Terrance James  South Boardman, MI I5131
12 Thomas, Roma Anntoinette  27 Apr 1919South Boardman, MI I4759


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bays, Dove Theresa  Abt 1899South Boardman, MI I22161
2 Morseman, Matilda A.  May 1855South Boardman, MI I11842


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Harriet Lizette  30 Apr 1993South Boardman, MI I6302


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chase / Carbaugh  1891South Boardman, MI F3203
2 Doherty / Huffman  14 Jan 1899South Boardman, MI F18622
3 Lisch / Puffer  19 Oct 1935South Boardman, MI F16751
4 Moyer / Puffer  6 May 1872South Boardman, MI F2300
5 Puffer / Gilmore  1 Jul 1885South Boardman, MI F3798
6 Puffer / Palmer  1907South Boardman, MI F8685
7 Puffer / Pierson  2 Nov 1893South Boardman, MI F8194
8 Puffer / Thorne  13 Dec 1923South Boardman, MI F6319
9 Sebring / Pierson  1908South Boardman, MI F5408