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Toronto, Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beale, Henry Douglas M.D.  29 Sep 1919Toronto, Ontario, Canada I44552
2 Boddington, Alice Elizabeth  8 Mar 1882Toronto, Ontario, Canada I40562
3 Craig, Doris Marie  11 Mar 1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada I48426
4 Craig, Harriet Agnes  19 Oct 1915Toronto, Ontario, Canada I48428
5 Davis, Andrew Jackson  9 Jun 1946Toronto, Ontario, Canada I53100
6 Davis, Ernest Claud  20 Dec 1939Toronto, Ontario, Canada I53099
7 Gilbert, Agness M.  18 May 1907Toronto, Ontario, Canada I48738
8 Louden, Lloyd George Walter  3 Oct 1919Toronto, Ontario, Canada I40553
9 Parcells, Madeline Elizabeth  17 Dec 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada I12834
10 Parker, Harold William  17 Apr 1905Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35112
11 Puffer, Alan John  18 Sep 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I36099
12 Puffer, Alfred Douglas  5 Feb 1922Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35101
13 Puffer, Alice Elizabeth  27 Jul 1919Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35104
14 Puffer, Allan Willet  9 Oct 1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35103
15 Puffer, John Harold  27 Jun 1944Toronto, Ontario, Canada I51968
16 Puffer, Ralph Alexander  18 Aug 1916Toronto, Ontario, Canada I44836
17 Puffer, William Daniel  27 Jul 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35102
18 Smith, Charles James Sr.  1865Toronto, Ontario, Canada I53282
19 Smith, Charles James Jr.  7 Mar 1896Toronto, Ontario, Canada I54198
20 Smith, Charles Roy  24 Feb 1894Toronto, Ontario, Canada I54197


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Ethel Therese  13 Jan 1936Toronto, Ontario, Canada I49692
2 Caranci, Michael Michele Antonio  21 Apr 1978Toronto, Ontario, Canada I4513
3 Caranci, Pietro Domenico  6 Jul 2010Toronto, Ontario, Canada I9987
4 Caranci, Rosa Maria  10 Jun 1951Toronto, Ontario, Canada I7829
5 Caranci, Vitaliano  Bef 2009Toronto, Ontario, Canada I9988
6 Cinnamon, Alice Maude  1975Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35100
7 Cobain, Lorena M.  19 Nov 1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada I37742
8 Collen, Amelia  10 Sep 1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada I44955
9 Davis, Andrew Jackson  4 Oct 1992Toronto, Ontario, Canada I53100
10 Davis, John Lyons  9 Aug 1954Toronto, Ontario, Canada I44951
11 Dingman, Ada Irene  19 Aug 1974Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6790
12 Hart, Georgina  1955Toronto, Ontario, Canada I17026
13 Hye\Hie\High, Mary Ann  16 Aug 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I8373
14 Jamieson, Elizabeth  3 Nov 1906Toronto, Ontario, Canada I21258
15 Losie, Louisa  28 Oct 1929Toronto, Ontario, Canada I37780
16 Parcells, Madeline Elizabeth  1 Jul 1924Toronto, Ontario, Canada I12834
17 Parker, Harold William  4 Nov 1977Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35112
18 Puffer, Alfred Douglas  31 Jan 2012Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35101
19 Puffer, Allan Willet  13 Oct 1952Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35103
20 Puffer, Baby Girl  23 Jan 1913Toronto, Ontario, Canada I17025
21 Puffer, Dr. DeWillet Stanley  2 Oct 1968Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26290
22 Puffer, Eileen Muriel  27 May 1971Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35111
23 Puffer, Kenneth Ross  25 May 2007Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35081
24 Puffer, Major Andrew  4 Apr 1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada I16089
25 Puffer, Mary Ann  16 Aug 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I54711
26 Puffer, Ralph Alexander  1 May 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada I44836
27 Puffer, William Daniel  Dec 1995Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35102
28 Robson, Thomas Bartholomew  16 Feb 1961Toronto, Ontario, Canada I40469
29 Rush, Walter Elmer  29 Aug 1936Toronto, Ontario, Canada I54713
30 Smith, Charles James Jr.  20 Dec 1896Toronto, Ontario, Canada I54198
31 Smith, Charles James Sr.  4 Dec 1942Toronto, Ontario, Canada I53282
32 Smith, Charles Roy  2 Feb 1897Toronto, Ontario, Canada I54197
33 Stewart, Catherine Elizabeth  14 Jul 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada I8781
34 Swires, Mary Almira  22 Sep 1930Toronto, Ontario, Canada I53283


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blaver, Capt. Collison Alexander  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35063
2 Boddington, Alice Elizabeth  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I40562
3 Cinnamon, Alice Maude  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35100
4 Collen, Amelia  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I44955
5 Crowley, Ellen  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I37899
6 Hart, Georgina  1958Toronto, Ontario, Canada I17026
7 Hye\Hie\High, Mary Ann  19 Aug 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I8373
8 Puffer, Allan Willet  18 Oct 1952Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35103
9 Puffer, Dr. DeWillet Stanley  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I26290
10 Puffer, Ina Elizabeth  6 Dec 1939Toronto, Ontario, Canada I11385
11 Puffer, Kenneth Ross  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35081
12 Puffer, Ralph Alexander  3 May 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada I44836
13 Puffer, William Daniel  28 Dec 1995Toronto, Ontario, Canada I35102
14 Puffer, William Henry  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I14548
15 Robson, Thomas Bartholomew  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I40469
16 Smith, Charles James Sr.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I53282
17 Smith, Charles Roy  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I54197
18 Swires, Mary Almira  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I53283


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blaver / Meaden  1946Toronto, Ontario, Canada F12110
2 Clark / Washburn  23 Dec 1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada F17911
3 Craig / Puffer  22 Feb 1915Toronto, Ontario, Canada F15234
4 Gebbie / Dennis  24 Jul 1900Toronto, Ontario, Canada F14709
5 Gray / Rusk  27 Jul 1925Toronto, Ontario, Canada F20453
6 Parcels / Puffer  5 Dec 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada F1533
7 Parker / Ashby  11 Nov 1891Toronto, Ontario, Canada F17042
8 Parker / Puffer  3 Sep 1927Toronto, Ontario, Canada F8195
9 Puffer / Boddington  10 Aug 1907Toronto, Ontario, Canada F12322
10 Puffer / Cobain  4 Oct 1916Toronto, Ontario, Canada F14598
11 Puffer / Hart  10 Jul 1912Toronto, Ontario, Canada F10859
12 Puffer / Thompson  22 Sep 1915Toronto, Ontario, Canada F12321
13 Vezeau / Davis  27 Jul 1951Toronto, Ontario, Canada F19690