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Walton, NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Earl Bennett  28 Jun 1886Walton, NY I38835
2 Armstrong, George Raymond  27 Nov 1927Walton, NY I48457
3 Bradley, Alfred  Oct 1850Walton, NY I53585
4 Combs, Cecilia  15 Jun 1887Walton, NY I38834
5 Constable, Nina Mae  7 Aug 1897Walton, NY I43249
6 Gransbury, Edward Smith  22 Jun 1846Walton, NY I43904
7 Gransbury, Ida Naomi  9 Aug 1860Walton, NY I45374
8 Gransbury, John Wesley  9 Feb 1848Walton, NY I42654
9 Gray, Michael Henry  8 Apr 1941Walton, NY I49309
10 Gray, Seymour Walter  19 Mar 1882Walton, NY I16024
11 Hicks, Mary D.  Nov 1856Walton, NY I38456
12 McCall, Bernita M.  2 Sep 1907Walton, NY I40505
13 McCall, Francis Alton  28 Sep 1905Walton, NY I44078
14 McCall, Ilene  22 Dec 1933Walton, NY I44076
15 McCall, Niona Amelia  3 Jan 1910Walton, NY I21707
16 Puffer, Agnes W.  23 Sep 1946Walton, NY I48525
17 Puffer, Berkley  7 Feb 1898Walton, NY I3031
18 Puffer, Daniel Keith  13 Dec 1950Walton, NY I21705
19 Puffer, Elizabeth J.  9 Nov 1866Walton, NY I2329
20 Puffer, Florence Dora  31 Jul 1922Walton, NY I39058
21 Puffer, Frank  12 Mar 1924Walton, NY I3029
22 Puffer, Frederick Harry  30 Jun 1896Walton, NY I18369
23 Puffer, Gerald Harold  8 Apr 1944Walton, NY I10889
24 Puffer, Josephine  Mar 1869Walton, NY I2326
25 Puffer, Martha  1929Walton, NY I207
26 Puffer, Patricia Anne  18 May 1941Walton, NY I10891
27 Puffer, Reatha M.  24 Jul 1927Walton, NY I12658
28 Puffer, Richard H.  Aug 1930Walton, NY I6554
29 Puffer, Ruth Eva  27 Nov 1917Walton, NY I23821
30 Puffer, Sylvia Mae  20 Oct 1925Walton, NY I25326
31 Shackelton, Frances Viola  9 Sep 1900Walton, NY I16977
32 Smith, Mary Ellen  14 Mar 1870Walton, NY I23705


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Laurence W.  18 Feb 1995Walton, NY I38833
2 Blencoe, Dora M.  17 Sep 1946Walton, NY I14023
3 Bradley, Alfred  1920Walton, NY I53585
4 Budine, Donald J.  Nov 1985Walton, NY I12657
5 Cole, John S.  31 Oct 1874Walton, NY I42656
6 Combs, Cecilia  9 Jun 1931Walton, NY I38834
7 Dods, Juliette  30 Oct 1959Walton, NY I16023
8 Gransbury, Emma L.  1939Walton, NY I45372
9 Gray, Clair Rutherford Sr.  Mar 1984Walton, NY I3222
10 Gray, Clair Rutherford Jr.  21 Jun 2002Walton, NY I3220
11 Gray, Michael Henry  11 Jan 1980Walton, NY I49309
12 Gray, Seymour Walter  17 Feb 1951Walton, NY I16024
13 Hotchkiss, John  Aft 1900Walton, NY I52755
14 Lawson, April L.  16 Jun 2011Walton, NY I54425
15 Lawson, Walter H.  14 Nov 2010Walton, NY I25327
16 Marvin, Maria A.  12 Mar 1909Walton, NY I5430
17 McCall, Bernita M.  1 Jul 1999Walton, NY I40505
18 McCall, Frank  31 Aug 1940Walton, NY I40503
19 McCall, Niona Amelia  13 Mar 1998Walton, NY I21707
20 Puffer, Berkley  17 Feb 1980Walton, NY I3031
21 Puffer, Carrie Belle  Aug 1994Walton, NY I3221
22 Puffer, Edward Marvin  1920Walton, NY I25696
23 Puffer, Frank  12 Mar 1924Walton, NY I3029
24 Puffer, Gladys C.  1988Walton, NY I23823
25 Puffer, Henry Smythe  5 Jun 1909Walton, NY I5431
26 Puffer, James  25 Jun 1975Walton, NY I23825
27 Puffer, Jay  1 Aug 1976Walton, NY I23824
28 Puffer, Reatha M.  19 May 2013Walton, NY I12658
29 Roof, Charles James  28 Oct 1941Walton, NY I43722
30 Scott, Lottie Irma  14 Dec 2003Walton, NY I22607
31 Scoville, Francis James  8 Mar 1978Walton, NY I21708
32 Shutter, Hannah Elizabeth  3 Nov 1936Walton, NY I40520
33 Valentine, Jennie C  13 Nov 1961Walton, NY I40504


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Earl Bennett  Walton, NY I38835
2 Armstrong, Laurence W.  Walton, NY I38833
3 Beers, Eugene L.  Walton, NY I38899
4 Beers, Ruth Marcia  Walton, NY I25622
5 Beers, Sabra Redfield  22 Nov 1877Walton, NY I13210
6 Blencoe, Dora M.  Walton, NY I14023
7 Bradley, Alfred  Walton, NY I53585
8 Budine, Cyrus H  Walton, NY I40521
9 Cole, John S.  Walton, NY I42656
10 Combs, Cecilia  Walton, NY I38834
11 Constable, Maude Winifred  Walton, NY I16978
12 Dods, Juliette  Walton, NY I16023
13 Franks, Eleanor  Walton, NY I6504
14 Franks, Floyd O.  Walton, NY I6506
15 Franks, Lulu Belle  Walton, NY I18370
16 Gransbury, Emma L.  Walton, NY I45372
17 Gransbury, John  26 Feb 1903Walton, NY I17450
18 Gray, Clair Rutherford Sr.  Walton, NY I3222
19 Gray, James M.  Walton, NY I48381
20 Gray, Michael Henry  Walton, NY I49309
21 Gray, Seymour Walter  Walton, NY I16024
22 Longway, Gertrude  Walton, NY I37685
23 Marvin, Maria A.  Walton, NY I5430
24 McCall, Bernita M.  Walton, NY I40505
25 McCall, Niona Amelia  Walton, NY I21707
26 McLaughlin, Charles Beers  Walton, NY I38978
27 Miller, Marcia  Walton, NY I38898
28 Puffer, Carrie Belle  Walton, NY I3221
29 Puffer, Daniel Keith  Walton, NY I21705
30 Puffer, Edna M.  Walton, NY I23826
31 Puffer, Edward Marvin  Walton, NY I25696
32 Puffer, Emma M.  Walton, NY I36498
33 Puffer, Frederick Harry  Walton, NY I18369
34 Puffer, Gladys C.  Walton, NY I23823
35 Puffer, Gleason H. Sr.  Walton, NY I7409
36 Puffer, Henry Smythe  Walton, NY I5431
37 Puffer, Henry Smythe  Walton, NY I18371
38 Puffer, James  Walton, NY I23825
39 Puffer, Jay  Walton, NY I23824
40 Puffer, Jennie  Walton, NY I6505
41 Puffer, Naomi Ann  25 Jul 1899Walton, NY I24079
42 Puffer, Patricia Anne  Walton, NY I10891
43 Puffer, Vernon G.  Walton, NY I12797
44 Puffer, William Beers  Walton, NY I1372
45 Scott, Lottie Irma  Walton, NY I22607
46 Shackelton, Frances Viola  Jun 1986Walton, NY I16977
47 Shackelton, James William  Walton, NY I16976
48 Shutter, Hannah Elizabeth  Walton, NY I40520
49 Youngs, Rachel A.  Walton, NY I42657


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Marvin, Maria A.  5 Jun 1909Walton, NY I5430


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Reinterr    Person ID 
1 Eggleston, Mary Christmas  1960Walton, NY I50909


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Budine / Shutter  15 Nov 1887Walton, NY F12470
2 Puffer / Latham  6 Jan 1890Walton, NY F11933


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Cronauer / Stilson  1930Walton, NY F15354
2 Hotchkiss / Hurlbutt  1892Walton, NY F19541