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Westhorpe, Suffolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1513Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I12701
2 Carter, Alice  1519Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I14892
3 Carter, John  1493Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I14891
4 Clark, Bray  1610Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I27653
5 Clark, Carew  1605Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I27660
6 Clark, Dray  Abt 1605Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I27658
7 Clark, Elizabeth  1617Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I27655
8 Clark, John  1600Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I27659
9 Clark, Joseph  1597Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I27651
10 Clarke, John  1509Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I12700
11 Clarke, John  4 Feb 1541Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I12702
12 Clarke, Mary  1615Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I27652
13 Clarke, Thomas  1 Nov 1570Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I12323
14 Clarke, William  6 Feb 1610Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I12315
15 Cooke, Catherine  4 Feb 1541Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I24061
16 Cooke, John  1515Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I24534


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clarke, John  3 May 1559Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I12700
2 Clarke, John  7 Apr 1598Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I12702
3 Clarke, Thomas  29 Jul 1627Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I12323
4 Cooke, Catherine  27 Mar 1598Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I24061
5 Kerrich, Rose  19 Sep 1627Westhorpe, Suffolk, England I12322


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clark / Pepper\ Peppit  1640Westhorpe, Suffolk, England F8725
2 Clarke / Cooke  12 Oct 1567Westhorpe, Suffolk, England F5094
3 Clarke / Kerrich  13 May 1600Westhorpe, Suffolk, England F4775
4 Cooke / Carter  8 May 1540Westhorpe, Suffolk, England F5095