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24551 The original royal house was St. James Palace, built by Henry VIII, but George preferred a more secluded place and bought Buckingham House.
He was melancholic and had bouts of madness, increasing in his latter years. In 1811 he was totally incapacitate and his son George took the throne.

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died at 3 months from a polyp on his heart 
George William Frederick III King of England (I57708)
24552 The passenger list of the Bevis, the ship on which he left England, is dated 2 May 1638 and states William’s age as 62, “they [had been] so me Dayes gone to sea. They landed probably at Boston (the point of all b ut a handful of Bay Colony arrivals) in June or July 1638 (the average o cean crossing took five to eight weeks). CARPENTER, William (I28419)
24553 The Pioneer resident was born in a log cabin when the country was very s parsely settled. She recalled walking four miles to school every day. W hen she was in school in the post-Civil War days, she remembered that t he "pupils divided up into 'Rebels' and 'Union's before a presidential e lection." PUFFER, Mary E. (I35064)
24554 The Puffer Genealogy book by Nutt is incorrect as to the location. SUMNER, Job (I13571)
24555 The Puffer genealogy book by Nutt is incorrect on her death year. It should be 1868, which could explain why he never picked up on her marriage to Nathaniel S. Rand. PUFFER, Clarissa (I19875)
24556 The Puffer Genealogy book by Nutt states she was married Oct 16 1779. I believe this was when their intentions were published, actually marrying 25 Feb 1780. DMC Family F9006
24557 The Puffer Genealogy book by Nutt, says she married Israel Longley. However all the records show he married a Mrs. Lucy Conant. This cannot be her then. CONANT, Lucy (I23569)
24558 The Puffer Genealogy gives her name as Miriam PUFFER, Mary Ann (I1649)
24559 The Puffer Genealogy is incorrect in her last name (Floyd, instead of Ford) Ed. Note. FORD, Lucinda (I21365)
24560 The Puffer Genealogy says 1791 for birth FERRY, Sally (I20376)
24561 The Puffer Genealogy says he died in Waterbury, CT PUFFER, Alphonso C. (I19935)
24562 The Puffer Genealogy states that he had two wives, Amy and Anna Hawes. I believe this is incorrect in that they are both the same woman. The dates do not match for a wife who was 'appointed admx. in 1758. HAWES, Anna (I19078)
24563 the record of the marriage of her son John shows her name as Ida ROPER, Sarah Ann (I39253)
24564 The record reads Puffer, Abigail, Mrs and Benjamin Pratt, 27 Apr 1763/ Family F3591
24565 The record shows she wasn't married "Nev" (never). So her marriage to Wilke must have happened after the census. PUFFER, Elizabeth Jane (I36380)
24566 the record shows the wife's name as "C Puffer" STREVELS, Henry I. (I23645)
24567 The record shows this is his 2nd marriage and that he is 41 years old, born in Waterloo, IA. His father is John Puffer. (Iowa Marriage Records, 1880-1940)

This is her 2nd marriage, she is 31 years old, born in Waterloo, IA. Her father is listed as M. Wood which is incorrect. She's the daughter of Edgar and Frederika Hopfe Utley. 
Family F9083
24568 The record states "Clarissa Puffer daughter of Capt. Samuel Puffer, and Joanah his wife died Jul 22nd 1799." This is the only Samuel Puffer whose wife is Joannah. PUFFER, Clarissa (I57025)
24569 The separation and subsequent divorce was based on a unique legal agreement between them. A 3 year separation was agreed to, during which, neither party was to say anything disparaging about the other. The agreement stipulated Mrs. Puffer be paid $75 a month during the 3 years and to receive $7000 at the divorce. The grounds for the divorce was "incompatibility". Family F8302
24570 The source for this marriage is the SSA and Claims Index, and is for the death of their daughter, Vera Maxine. The record clearly shows her parents are Ira A. and Helen A. Puffer. Nothing further is known of Ira. Family F14487
24571 The SS Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007, lists her parents as Ira A. and Helen A. Puffer. Unable to locate these people. PUFFER, Vera Maxine (I24623)
24572 the statesman, see Sumner Genealogy. SUMNER, Hon. Charles (I6076)
24573 The stone was foil rubbed to get the information which differs from Nutt. PUFFER, Sarah J. (I22533)
24574 The title "Lion" was attached to him because of his flag or standard, a red lion rampant with a forked tail, on a yellow background, which became the Scottish coat-of-arms under his reign. William King of Scotland (I6389)
24575 The titles of King of Hungary and Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor stayed with the Habsbug line of succession until 1919 at the end of WWI. HABSBURG, Ferdinand I King of Bohemia and Hungary, Holy Roman Emperor (I54839)
24576 The tradition is that the Rebecca he married was either a sister of Edward Hilton, or a sister of Major Nicholas Shapleigh and a sister-in-law to Edward Hilton, who married (1) Jane Shapleigh and (2) Catherine Shapleigh SOUR: @S310@ PAGE: p. 37 ROBERTS, Thomas (I15960)
24577 The Tusculum popes were either descendants of or aligned with Theophylact and his family from Latium, near Rome. His descendants were so powerful in tenth-century Italy that the were known as the "pope makers." Through the sexual exploits of his daughters, Theodora and Marozia, the family controlled the papacy for much of the tenth century and the first half of the eleventh century.

Because of these women, this era has been called the "Pornocracy." 
Theophylact Count of Tusculum Count of Tusculum (I9170)
24578 The US Public Records Index, Volume 2 shows him living at 30 Hagan Stre et, Providence, RI. CARANCI, Erazio A. (I1758)
24579 The US Veterans Gravesite source shows he was buried in Macomb First Cemetery PUFFER, Lloyd L. (I14574)
24580 The Vermont Vital Records, 1720-1908, state the name of cemetery as "Old" PUFFER, William Elijah (I13791)
24581 The Vital records of Norton, MA shows his parents at William Wetherell Jr. and Eunice. WETHERELL, Pliny Puffer (I43360)
24582 The was a donation land claim, approximately 160 acres (see map). PUFFER, William W. (I37864)
24583 The wedding was held in 'secret' and the Puffer family was unaware of the marriage until they heard of it in the newspaper. There was a stir over the fact that his wife, Amelia, was not part of the 'society' of the time. Family F8134
24584 The WWI Draft Registration card for his son, Andrew, shows Andrews nearest relative as "Mrs A C Puffer" PUFFER, Charles Andrew (I24675)
24585 The WWII Draft Registration Card shows him living at 10111 Plymouth Ave nue, Farfield Heights, OH. His occupation is at ?? and Worsted Mills, B roadway, Cleveland, OH.

The 1920 Federal Census shows him living as a boarder at 7888 Connectic ut Avenue, Cleveland, OH. He immigrated to the US in 1900 and lists hi s occupation as a repairman at a worsted mill.

The 1930 Federal Census shows him living at 1041 Plymouth Avenue, Garfi eld Heights, OH. He immigrated to the US in 1906 and lists his occup ation as a repairman in Worsted Mills.

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The 1930 Federal Census has him living at 58 Kirkland Street in Cambrid ge. MA. He immigrated to the US in 1906 and lists his occupation as re al estate, private

The WWII Draft Registration Card (1942) has his name as "Dominik" and s hows him living at 10111 Plymouth Ave, Garfield Hts, OH. He lists hi s place of employment at Cleaveland Worcested Mills, Broadway, Cleavela nd, OH.

He immigrated to the US in 1899 and became a naturalized citizen in 190 5. 
CARANCI, Domenico (I6213)
24586 The WWII Draft Registration Card shows him living at 1302 South Chadwic k Street, Philadelphia, PA. His occupation is at The Electric Storage B attery Co., 19th and Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA.

The 1930 Federal Census shows him living at 1302 South Chadwick Street, P hiladelphia, PA. He immigrated to the US in 1909 and lists his occupat ion as a tinsmith in a battery plant. 
CARANCI, Francesco Antonio (I1075)
24587 The WWII Draft Registration Card shows him living at 1311 Siegel Streee t, Philadelphia, PA. His occupation is at William G. Shane & Son, Phil adelphia, PA.

The 1930 Federal Census has him living at 444 Christian Street Philadel phia, PA. He immigrated to the US in Mar 1912 arriving at the port of N Y aboard the ship "Konig Albert". He lists his occupation as a butcher i n a meat market.

His petition for Naturalization lists his occupation as a fruit vendor. 
CARANCI, Eustachio Nicola (I2236)
24588 The WWII Draft Registration Card shows him living at 139 Third Avenue, N YC. His occupation is a laborer on the WPA CARANCI, Domenico (I5245)
24589 The WWII Draft Registration Card shows him living at 54-61 83rd Street, E lmhurst, Queens, NY. His occupation is at Calvary Cemetery, Long Islan d City, NY CARANCI, Antonio (I5246)
24590 The WWII Draft Registration Card shows him living at Canal Road, South B arre, MA. His occupation is at Barre Wool Combing Co, Ltd., South Barr e, MA. In the 1930 Federal Census he is living at Canal Street, Barre, MA. He i mmigrated to the US in 1910. He lists his occupation as a truck driver f or a trucking company. CARANCI, Antonio (I9189)
24591 Their days in Maine were filled with violence between settlers and local tribes. One researcher believes Mary Rideout was killed in a raid. Shortly after her death her husband remarried and moved to MA. Mary (I35497)
24592 Their original surname was DeManche but was changed to DeMosh and DeMarsh when they immigrated. DEMOSH, Claude (I24096)
24593 Then 1920 Federal Census shows that she is a stenographer in a dentist's office.
The 1930 Federal Census shows that she is a registered nurse, working at the Laconia City Hospital.
The 1940 Federal Census shows that she is the Superintendent at Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, NH. 
PUFFER, Frances Bailey (I1236)
24594 There are 4 cemeteries in New Salem. BLODGETT, Levi (I10489)
24595 There are qualifying Puffer families who live in VT at the time of her birth (1797) making her father's dob ca 1777 or earlier. Who is she? PUFFER, Sarah Turner (I39628)
24596 There are two marriage dates in the Town Records of Stow, MA, 1 an 1801 is the other one. Perhaps the 1800 one is an intention of marriage date. The records aren't clear. Family F7996
24597 There are two stones for George E. Puffer. The original headstone is for George and Eva Currier Puffer, in Woodlawn Cemetery, Canisteo, NY. After Eva's death, George remarried to Dorothy M. Sampson (1914-1990) in 1976. He died shortly thereafter and a new stone was erected for him and Dorothy, in Greenwood Cemetery, Greewood, NY. That is why there is no death date on the original stone for George. PUFFER, George E. (I19994)
24598 There is a discrepancy between Nutt and Cutter/Adams in his death date. His memorial stone agrees with Cutter/Adams. MORSE, Samuel (I571)
24599 There is a family tradition that John and his brother William were orphans and came to this country from South Wales about 1644 with their mother's brother, William Stillman, and first settled in the New Haven Colony. GOODRICH, John (I15759)
24600 There is no evidence found that her name was Eunice. However, a Eunice Puffer had a son with William Wetherell, Jr. whose name was Pliny Wetherell Puffer. Most likely Pliny was b. out of wedlock. Eunice's brother was Pliny Puffer so it makes sense that she named him after her brother and her son's father. This is conjecture but it's the only way to make sense of Pliny Wetherell Puffer's birth record in the Vital Records of Norton, MA. PUFFER, Eunice (I43359)

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