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24601 There is no evidence of a marriage. I believe their child, Flora Etta, was born out of wedlock and took the name Puffer from her mother's husband. GOULD, Ellis P. (I51386)
24602 There is no marriage records for them. It is likely that their son was born out of wedlock, hence his Puffer surname. PUFFER, Mary Elfleda (I16511)
24603 There is no proof he is the son of Floyd Arthur Puffer. More research needs to be done PUFFER, Floyd A. (I45307)
24604 There is no proof he was the son of Jabez and Harried M. Field Puffer, he is only listed in two census's one Federal (1860) and one state (NH). The dates and places fit his existing records and he is placed here for those reasons. More research is needed. PUFFER, Alonzo W. (I33237)
24605 There is no proof he was the son of Silas and Sarah Ann Levalley. But this is the only family in the area that fits for date and places.

There are no records of his marriage to Sally Deuel. Perhaps she was a common law wife? 
PUFFER, Silas (I44912)
24606 There is no proof she is the daughter of DeWillet Puffer. She's put here because of birth date and place. More research is needed PUFFER, Helen Maryjane (I58300)
24607 There is no proof that she is the daughter of Elon and Harried Parsons. She appears on the family oblisk headstone and the dates of birth correspond which is why I have placed her as their daughter. More research is needed. DMC 6/15/2020 Family F20753
24608 There is no proof that this is the Emma Puffer that married Julius Charier, 15 Mar 1876 in Casco, WI. But she is the only Emma that fits both time and place. PUFFER, Emma Sherry (I339)
24609 There is no record of her parentage however, this is the only Puffer family in which she fits birth-wise. It is corroborated by the 1840 Federal Census for Readsboro, VT, where her husband, Ira Whitney, is listed and the dates for each category of household people fit. In addition her father, "T Puffer" (Tisdale), is listed right below Ira Whitney and those dates also fit. In conclusion Mary Ann doesn't fit with any other family and so she is put here. PUFFER, Mary Ann (I22057)
24610 There is no stone PUFFER, Rosa Christine (I33030)
24611 There is no town with that name in NY, yet the record is pretty clear LONG, Catherine (I24146)
24612 There is some confusion about her parentage. Some records show her as the daughter of Jacob and Hannah Haynes Puffer, who married Joseph Conant. Although the dates and places are similar I don’t believe they are the same person. PUFFER, Nancy (I15358)
24613 There is some confusion as to a 2nd marriage for Lucy. The Puffer Genealogy book doesn't show a marriage to Otis Stearns. It shows that she did marry a Coggswell with no children (Page 60).  No other marriages are shown for her.

Another Lucy Wilder born 6 Feb 1792, to Joel and Lucy Wilder makes it all the more confusing.

The case for her marriage to Otis Strearns isn't great.  And with another Lucy in the area with the same date minus the year, it is probably not this Lucy that married Otis Stearns.  Plus Lucy Wilder and Otis Stearns have a son named Joel Wilder Stearns, so that, to me, is pretty compelling it's this Lucy who is the wife of Otis Stearns. 
WILDER, Lucy (I20026)
24614 There is some confusion on his birth place. Some records show 'Epping, NH', some show 'Epping, ME'. His daughter's death certificate shows his birth place at Wolfesboro, NH. "Early Pleasant Families" shows Exeter, NH FRENCH, Sewell Worcester (I37144)
24615 There is some controversy over whether Garrett H. and Jared Isaac Puffer are the same person. The 1851 Federal Census seems to indicate that they are. There is no conclusive proof (yet) that this is so. I have continued to separate them (mainly due to the name of wives and birth dates). PUFFER, Garrett H. (I32866)
24616 There is some controversy over whether Garrett H. and Jared Isaac Puffer are the same person. The 1851 Federal Census seems to indicate that they are. There is no conclusive proof (yet) that this is so. I have continued to separate them (mainly due to the name of wives and birth dates). PUFFER, Jared Isaac (I38214)
24617 There is some disagreement on his death date/place. Some families have him dying and buried in Oregon. However, these records are for a William S. Keene son of Alfred Carter and Nancy Neal Keene, who came to Oregon in 1844. This is not the same man. KEENE, William Soule (I54243)
24618 There is some discrepancy in his birth dates PUFFER, Benjamin Wilson (I16099)
24619 There is some mystery regarding Sewell and his family. The Family French Association has Barnes French as his father and other sources show a Freeman French as his father and Eunice Worcester as his mother. Places of birth are also confusing as some family members state he was born in Epping, NH and others (and himself) in Columbia, ME. To further complicate matters there is a section of Columbia, ME called "Epping". I have done extensive research on Sewell and have no conclusions as to his true parentage. (DMC 10/24/2022)

According to the 1840 Federal Census, he was a living in Turner, Maine and had a wife, one son 15-19 (Rowland?), one son 5-9 (Talbot?), one son under 5 (Freeman?).

On Sept. 18, 1843 he bought 300+- acres for $250 from Elijah L. Hamlin, Isaac Farrow, Abner Coburn, and Arnold F. Wells. (David M. Caranci has the original deed.)

According to the 1850 census, he was a laborer and born in New Hampshire. (Ed. Note: I've been unable to locate Sewell French in NH or his ancestry!)

On July 7, 1851 he bought about 1/2 acre for $120 from Lucy S. and Roger W.E. Brown. (David M. Caranci has the original deed.)

On Sept. 27, 1851 he bought ten acres of land for $100 from Joseph Crandon of Columbia, Me. (David M. Caranci has the original deed).

On Oct 12 1854 he sold one pair of brown and white, two year old steers for $50. (David M. Caranci has the original deed.)

According to the 1860 census, he was a farmer and born in NH .

According to the 1870 census, he was a farmer.

According to the 1880 census he was a farmer; his father was born in MA, mother born in ME. He listed his occupation as 'farmer', and his wife as 'keeping house'. 
FRENCH, Sewell Worcester (I37144)
24620 There is some recent speculation that George is the "real" monarch of England due to the supposed illegitimacy Edward IV, from whom the Windsor line descends. HASTINGS, Sir George 4th Earl of Huntingdon (I54026)
24621 There may be confusion between this couple and Joseph's nephew, also Joseph, who married Abigail Robinson 5 Aug 1712 at Dover,NH VARNEY, Joseph (I37675)
24622 There was a teacher in Chicago named Patsy Puffer (1938), could this be her? PUFFER, Patricia Dorthey (I36695)
24623 There's a descripancy with his birth day and the Puffer Genealogy book by Nutt. PUFFER, Josiah (I21433)
24624 There's a discrepancy between the date of birth in records and his stone. CROSSMAN, Zara Mann (I24347)
24625 They are first cousins Family F5154
24626 They are not married yet. She lists her marital status as widowed but her husband, Charles, is still alive. Family F21480
24627 They both were attending University of Alberta at the time of their marriage. Family F11274
24628 They emigrated to OH 1820-25, settling with several other families at Keene, OH, naming it for the county seat of Cheshire County, NH. They later settled on their farm "Bonadel" four miles north of Keene, where the died. LAWRENCE, Jesse (I39989)
24629 They had 11 children RUGG, Abigail H. (I17139)
24630 They had a total of four children and following the death of the fourth, the family unit dissolved with Effie announcing to her sister “If you don't go out West with me, you may never see me again.” The family never did learn where she went. However,in the 1911 Census the following information was found - Minnewaska Hospital Gravenhurst Muskoka, ONT Sub dist 21 there was a Effie M Washburn, Gender: Female, Marital Status: Single, Age: 28, Birth Date: May 1883, Birthplace: Ontario. Relation to Head of House: Patient, Tribal: Scotch (Scotish) Congregational, Occupation: Nursing, Employer: Hospital, Province: Ontario, District: Muskoka District Number: 98, Sub-District: Gravenhurst, Sub-District Number: 21, Place of Habitation: Wagner St.

Perhaps she never made it out west, but resided in Gravenhurst for the remainder of her years. 
Family F14143
24631 They have five children. BECKWITH, Carl Martin (I21341)
24632 They left Germany May 23, 1866; landed in New York July 17, 1866, and a rrived in Salt Lake Valley October 1, 1866. When he arrived in America he took his grandfather's name, Per. OLSON, John Nils Per (I8853)
24633 They lived at 75 Borden Avenue, Johnston, RI. He was in the Italian Navy and when he immigrated to America he worked in the Lavorer foundry. As a child he used to be afraid of the earthquakes, so after the navy he came to America and never went back, not even to visit or claim his land. TROFA, Dominic (I9529)
24634 They lived at Stow. PUFFER, Joseph Darby (I23890)
24635 They lived on a farm on the shore of Black Lake, Oswegatchie, NY. WHEATER, David (I8795)
24636 They lived on a farm that was known as "Stone Cottage" in Pelham, NH. LYON, Sheffield Hayward (I19614)
24637 They lived on a sugar plantation for about 10 years. Family F20269
24638 They lived on South 2nd Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a large Jewish (Yiddish) community at the time. Family F20234
24639 They must have renewed their marriage vows on this date. Family F16016
24640 They resided in PA. HUDSON, Thomas (I9012)
24641 They settled in Ashland, MA and also lived at Fitchburg. He was a paper manufacturer. WHITNEY, Samuel (I13839)
24642 They settled in Oak Lake Methune Turnpike in Peterborough Ontario Canada. This was Isaac Whitney's second marriage. No info about 1st marriage. WHITNEY, Isaac (I9001)
24643 They were first cousins. Family F10765
24644 They were one of the first settlers of Hartford, CT FARNSWORTH, Joseph (I41805)
24645 They were one of the first settlers of Hartford, CT ALCOTT\OLCOTT, Mary (I57080)
24646 They were pioneers of Marion county, first settling at Salem, later at K inmundy. He was the owner of a large tract of land, part of which is th e present site of Kinmundy. EAGAN, Isaac (I7333)
24647 They were re-married in Waterloo, IA by the JP J. E. Dempster. Family F5764
24648 This cemetery is also called Childs Cemetery PUFFER, Lawrence Calhoun (I7798)
24649 This cemetery no longer exists as it fell into disrepair 100 years after it was founded in Philadelphia. Remains were removed to make way for a housing development in 1951. Those remains became a part of the Philadelphia Memorial Park and Mount Peace Cemetery, in Philadelphia, PA. The marker stones were buried with the remains. PUFFER, George E. (I45065)
24650 This census shows:
1 Male 10-15 years of age (Sewell?)
1 Male 16-25 years of age
1 Male 26-44 years of age (Barnes)
1 Female under 10
1 Female 26-44 of age (Dorothy?)
Free White person under 16 2 (Rebecca and ??) 
Family F19796

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