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26701 Mentioned in her father's will HAYNES, Elizabeth Melvina (I62010)
26702 Mentioned in her fathers will as 'Mary L' 9 April, 1852 PUFFER, Margaret L. (I43541)
26703 Mentioned in her fathers will of 9 April, 1852 PUFFER, Susan C. (I33868)
26704 Mentioned in her fathers will of 9 April, 1852 PUFFER, Mariah A. (I43542)
26705 Mentioned in her fathers will of 9 April, 1852 PUFFER, Ann M. (I43546)
26706 Mentioned in her fathers will of 9 April, 1852 as Charlotte Hayward. It is unclear if this is the correct Charlotte or not. She m. bef 1829 a "Gentleman". PUFFER, Charlotte (I43544)
26707 Mentioned in her fathers will of 9 April, 1852.

Something tragic happened to her children. They all died within a month of each other. 
PUFFER, Harriett C. (I33870)
26708 Mentioned in his fathers will of 9 April, 1852 PUFFER, Cady James (I20718)
26709 Mentioned in his fathers will of 9 April, 1852 PUFFER, Clark D. Jr. (I24595)
26710 Mentioned in his grandfathers will of 9 April, 1852 BEEDLE, Lewis C. (I43548)
26711 Merchant. Res. 13 Dover St., Lowell. PUFFER, Frederick Arthur Asahel (I23768)
26712 Merovingian king of the Salian Franks Childeric King Of Salien Franks (I1384)
26713 Merrill served in the Civil War as a private in company F, 1st US Sharpshooters (also known as Berdan's Sharpshooters) BAILEY, Merrill Barrett (I35002)
26714 Met Carol through Newman Kelley, who lived with Gramma and Grampa French. Grampa called her and asked "What are you doing tonight? Do you have a date?" She said, "Yes, I do". He replied (In typical Charlie French style!) "Well G..Damn it break it! I'll be there at 5 PM. I want you to go out with my son Carol." (who was home on leave from England from the US ARMY). They went square dancing with Auntie May/Uncle Buddy (married) and Norma/John Caranci in Centredale. Iola was 22 at the time .

He "proposed" the next day by saying "You're the kind of girl I'd like to marry." She wasn't impressed and told her mother how crazy he was to say such a thing. He wrote letters to her from Maryland where he was stationed, though she didn't write many back. He returned to Providence and tried to pick her up at City Hall, where she worked, and she left by the rear entrance because she didn't want to go out with him. "He was a persistent little bastard." she told DMC!

Her mother insisted that she marry him though because she was getting older and said that "people are talking". They married and lived with her parents afterward. Moved into Grampa French's Vandewater St. house when Gramma/Grampa moved to Lakeville, CT (June 1958). 
MANASTERSKA, Iola E. (I18629)
26715 Mexican War Veteran, Mormon Battalion TWITCHELL, Pvt Anciel (I32873)
26716 Michigan Department of Vital and Health Records, Michigan Death Index, Lansing, Michigan, USA Source (S399)
26717 Microfiche Source (S225)
26718 Microfilm reel K -1 Source (S282)
26719 Middle East Veteran, US Army PUFFER, James Joseph (I24113)
26720 Milanny came to the US on the S.S. Albert Ballin arriving in NY on Nove mber 16, 1925 with her father Henry and her brothers Henry, and Rievert . She was 19 and listed her occupation as 'household ???'. She lists h er last permanent resident as Wyk and her mother Ida Stender, Wyk auf F oehr Grove Strasse 52 as her last address where her mother still lived. H er destination was Brooklyn, NY. She had never been in the US before a nd was going to the home of a friend (of the family) Emil Ney, 638 Fult on Street, Brooklyn, NY. She was 5'4" tall with a ruddy complexion, bl onde hair and blue eyes. She worked as an "in stellunk" (German 'in place') which means domestic w ork, i.e. cook, waitress and chambermaid type work with her sister Mine . STENDER, Milanny Luiese (I12125)
26721 Mine Run, VA battlefield PUFFER, Orville Derry (I16866)
26722 Minister at Ashley
"He was a farmer in Ashby, and a prominent man in town affairs, holding the more important town offices.  In early middle life he accepted the Baptist belief, and became a lay preacher with little if any salary, but in later years he became Rev. Stephen Gibson.  He served in the Revolution." SOURCE: The History of New Ipswich, New Hampshire 1735-1914, Charles Henry Chandler, p 438

He served as First Lt. under Captains John Jones and James Bennett, and Colonels James and Oliver Prescott, Massachusetts Militia. SOURCE: National Society Daughters of the American Revolution" 
GIBSON, Rev. Stephen Jr. (I18372)
26723 Minnesota Statewide Divorce Index, 1970-1995, St Paul, MN, USA: Minnesota Department of Health Source (S310)
26724 Minnesota, Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-2002, Minneapolis, MN, USA: Minnesota Department of Health Source (S406)
26725 Mission De La Casa Nursing Home 2501 Alvin Avenue San Jose, CA 95121 408-238-9751 Attended Mathew Fountain Maury HS in Norfolk VA - 10th grade Member Ghent United Methodist Church Norfolk Married prior to Stanley French MASON, Helen Frances (I12215)
26726 Missouri Marriage Records, Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives Source (S501)
26727 Monument Lot, Section 4 Lot 234 Grave 1 PUFFER, Alfred Eugene (I34466)
26728 More research needed PUFFER, Maude L. (I39283)
26729 Morgan Depuy Puffer owned one of the largest gun collections in private hands in the US in 1924. One was used in the Battle of Lexington (1775). He also has the patent awarded to Elisha Mack, his great-grandfather, for a water-wheel used in milling. President John Madison signed it. PUFFER, Morgan Depuy (I15683)
26730 Moses came to Columbia, ME, from Old York, ME on or before 1775. He se ttled in that part of Columbia known as Saco. He was a long time deacon o f the Baptist church.

He was the first white male born in Pleasant River. 
WORCESTER, Rev. Moses Jr. (I17231)
26731 Most famously perhaps, Alberic was one of the three great leaders of the Christian League which defeated the Saracens at the Battle of the Garigliano in June 915. Alberic I Duke of Spoleto (I1339)
26732 Mother Mary Elizabeth, son, Johann Peter, and daughter-in-law, Elizabet h Magdalena, are buried in the Graceham Moravian Church Cemetery, Grace ham, Maryland. They came to this country in 1744. SCHLIM, Elizabeth Magdalena (I3425)
26733 Mother Mary, Peter, and Elizabeth Magdalena are buried in the Graceham M oravian Church Cemetery, Graceham, Maryland. They came to this country i n 1744. Augustus, Martin and Johann George are all brothers and sons of Johan P eter. They factor in heavily in this genealogy. WILLARD, Johan Peter (I3426)
26734 Mother Mary, Peter, and Elizabeth Magdalena are buried in the Graceham M oravian Church Cemetery, Graceham, Maryland. They came to this country i n 1744. Maria's parent's fled from France because of religious persecu tion. She was also born in Germany as was Jakob. WILLARD, Maria Elisabeth (I5081)
26735 Mother may be Prudence. BREWSTER, Prudence (I20195)
26736 Mother may be Prudence. BREWSTER, James (I20197)
26737 Moved from Swan Point to Plainfield, NJ in 1910 ANTHONY, Charles James (I46154)
26738 Moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin ALLEN, Benjamin Jones (I23621)
26739 Moved to Glendive, MT in the mid 1890s. Died of a head injury. PUFFER, Luther Wesley (I20471)
26740 Moved to Indian Territory (OK) from Georgia. Family history says that he was recruited by Gen. Gordon to provide healthcare to the Indians in Indian Territory. MANNING, Dr. Thomas Jefferson (I23195)
26741 Moved to Lake City, IA in 1895, where he had a 300 acre farm in Section 9, Elm Grove Twp and has been very successful; graduate of Downers Grove High School, 1879; teacher in that school two years; elder in the Presbyterian Church; moved to Jefferson, IA in March 1913.

US Navy, during WWII, USS LSM-30 
PUFFER, Frank Sumner (I19187)
26742 Moved to Norton about 1745 and late in life to Medway. He was a partner in the Land Bank of MA in 1740. He was living in Medway in 1790, according to the census. PUFFER, William Jr. (I6061)
26743 Moved to PA where her brother was. INGERSOLL, Mary (I8166)
26744 Moved to Pasadena with parents; graduate of University of Arizona (B.S. ) and University of California (A.B.); engaged in banking and mercantil e business in Livingston, MT, and is now ranching at Wilsall, MT. PARKER, George Millard (I15066)
26745 Moved to Pasadena, CA with parents. She graduated from So. California University, Los Angeles, and later took the degree of LL.B. at the University of California, Berkeley; taught in the high schools of Wood and Escendido, CA. PARKER, Grace Miles (I15068)
26746 Moved to Taunton with parents between 1678-1680. Was a farmer/ tavern k eeper. He was a soldier in King William's War of 1692 (the first Frenc h and Indian War) and a member of the 1st Military Co. of Taunton in 17 00 and the First Foot Co. of Taunton in 1710. In 1735 the south part of the town was set off as the town of Berkley. H e assisted in forming the Congregational church there, and with his wif e Hannah, were among the first members. FRENCH, John (I6964)
26747 Moved to Wiliston, ND after her husband's death. THAYER, Charlotte Augusta (I17256)
26748 Mr Gill is the originator of the school republic idea of teaching citizenship and has been instrumental in having the system put into successful operation in public schools in Boston, NYC, Los Angeles and many other cities in this country, in Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Japan and other foreign countries. When General Wood was governor of Cuba, Mr. Gill introduced this system of education in the Cuban schools. His services have been recognized throughout the educational world and he as been awarded a gold medal by the Franklin Institute. He is the author of "A New Citizenship". For the past dozen years his home has been in Philadelphia. GILL, Wilson Lindsey (I32747)
26749 Mr Kerr is a well known author under the name of "Jo Kerr", author of "Fads, Facts and Fancies" and several other books. He located in Redlands, CA, a few years ago and has an orange plantation there. KERR, William Melville (I8581)
26750 Mr. Finney was the primary instigator of the Kansas Bond Scandal in 1933. His operation generated nearly $1.35 million in bogus securities. This occurred during the Great Depression when nearly a third of the US population was unemployed or underemployed. The Bond Scandal impacted others such as Gov. Alf Landon and the Emporia Gazette newspaper editor William Allen White. Mr. Finney and several coconspirators were convicted and imprisoned at Lansing State Penitentiary. Altogether, there were four criminal convictions, two state officers were impeached, and six federal indictments were brought against seven defendants (including his father, a bank president, who committed suicide). He was sentenced to serve the state's second-longest prison sentence at the time, 31 to 635 years. However, his sentence was later commuted to 18 to 36 years, and he was released from prison on February 18, 1945, and moved to Southern California where his wife and children had moved. In November 1949, he applied for a full pardon. Gov. Carlson commuted his sentence to 24 years, and then granted him a citizen pardon in December 1949. FINNEY, Ronald Tucker (I40801)
26751 Mr. Goodson ran the Goodsons Texaco service station on Main Street for s everal years. After selling his station, Mr. Goodson worked for the Tow n of Kennebunk at the transfer station on Sea Road until his retirement . Mr. Goodson enjoyed model trains, and was a member of train clubs he re in Maine. He and his second wife Shirley enjoyed their camper in Oxf ord during the summer season and made many friends there over the years . GOODSON, Alton Francis (I2937)
26752 Mr. Luther Tibbetts at Indian River died suddenly Oct 18. He had bruised his thumb a short time previous with a hammer which occasioned lockjaw resulting in death. TIBBETTS, Luther Ingersoll (I37054)
26753 Mr. Millard was born at Stamford January 27, 1825, the son of Squire and Rachel Millard, and most of his life was passed in that town. About 1849 he moved to New York state and lived for three years at Hannibal and Clyde. While living in Clyde he united with the Baptist church in 1850. When he returned from New York state he took possession of the farm that had been owned by his father before him and the remainder of his days was spent there. When the civil war broke out he enlisted and did good service in the Union cause. He was in the battle of Gettysburg and other important engagements. MILLARD, Deacon John Ward (I12096)
26754 Mr. Puffer gives a pen picture of the Josiah Puffer homestead in Westminster: "Situated on a rising ground, separated from a lofty eminence only by a valley that modern engineering might bridge and in distinct view the bold Wachusett reared its lofty head; often hid in the clouds, the wind roaring it is forests, the precursor of the coming storm; or, when milder weather prevailed, far up its green slopes might be seen flocks and herds peacefully grazing upon its sides, the first light of morning gilding it and the party rays of sunset playing upon its summit; from whose top could be seen rivers and lakes, mountains and meadows giddy heights and gloomy hollows; villages and valleys, field and forests, farms and firesides; towns built for purposes of trade, and temples erected to t he worship of the Most High. Also in full view and at the foot of Wachusett could be seen a placid lake of the same name, better known, perhaps, as Foskett's 'Pork Barrel.' This was stocked with fish of various kinds, horn pouts predominating. These as you know are induced to come in schools to the shore by building fires near the water, and thus become easy prey to the angler. Here on fish forever fresh, near groves forever green, lived Daniel Foskett, and he was a good man and a Baptist, or as he expressed it, 'a burning and shining light in that part of the town, a candle of the Lord'. An unregenerate neighbor of his who lived on the opposite side of the lake said of him in connection with his burning and striking light, that he was so in pout-time, and as to his being a candle of the Lord: 'I suppose that he might be called a dipt candle.'"

Clinton Puffer was furniture dealer and undertaker in Woonsocket, RI. 
PUFFER, Clinton (I14705)
26755 Mr. Puffer lived in Montague Township for 18 yrs, and formerly worked in foundries in Muskegon, MI

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he worked for Henry Frischett in Crystal Valley, MI 
PUFFER, Irving Charles (I2670)
26756 Mrs. E. A. Merson Dies After Long Illness Here

Mrs. Mamie Merson, 76, passed away at her home, 315 Van Buren St. today , Jan. 25 at 10:50am after a lingering illness.

She is survived by her husband Edward A. , one son Harold O. of Trinidad, Colorado, one daughter Mrs. Josephine Killian, (incorrectedly printed: should be Mrs. Joseph Killian) of St. Joseph, and five grandchildren. Funeral services will be Friday Jan 7 at 3:30pm at Calvin Funeral Home with the Rev. L. E. Tenhopen officiating. Burial will be in Lake View Cemetery.
Mrs. Merson, born Mary Shattuck, was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Shattuck, pioneer resident of Covert and South Haven. Mrs. Merson taught music for several years in the public school at Vass ar and Caro in the eastern part of MI. She married Edward Merson in 1911 and two children were born a daughter Alice, now Mrs. Joe Killian of St. Joe and Harold Orlo Merson of Trinidad, Colorado. Always active in musical endeavors, Mrs. Merson was member of the Music C lub and played the organ and piano for church services in several of th e city's churches. She served her own Congregational Chruch as a active member and served too, as president of the Woman's Union of the Church The Acacia Chapter of the Eastern Star honored her as their organist and as their Worthy Matron. She was a charter member of Polly Hosmer chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and elected their regent. She was an organizing member of the B. A. Club one of the city's senior ladies clubs. 
SHATTUCK, Mary Foss (I10112)
26757 Mulatto according to the Federal Census' HARMON, Abram Bunk (I45838)
26758 Mulatto according to the Federal Census' HARMON, James Daniel (I53196)
26759 Mulatto according to the Federal Census' LUCAS, Polly Bleeding Heart (I53197)
26760 Myron S. Higley, son of Job Higley and Dorcus Eggleston, was born in Simsbury, Ct., December 29th, 1801. His father supposed to be dead, in his 12th year Myron, with a younger brother, was leased to an uncle, but not relishing the treatment they there received, left without warning after two years' service; wandered off some forty miles and were kindly taken in by a stranger with whom they lived some years, when they went to Gananoqui [sic] Canada, and engaged in the business of turning wooden bowls and making water buckets, which Myron exported in large quantities. 

He married Priscilla Ebberson, October 1885 [Note: Jun 1826 is correct date]; heard and embraced the Gospel just before the Patriot War and moved to New York State; presided over a branch of the church in Port Leyden two years; made his mother a visit and converted her to the truth of the gospel, but her husband (for supposing Myer's [sic] father to be dead, she married again) being so much opposed to the religion, she concluded not to be baptized then, and requested that one of her daughters should perform that rite for her if she failed to do it for herself. While there, on that visit, Elder Higley preached night and day, as the people would give him no rest. They sent for the smartest preachers in the country round, but their doctrines were not sufficiently substantial to stand before the gospel as expounded by the Elder who to get a little rest obliged to conceal himself, "or else," said he, "they would have preached me to death."

He now discovered that his father was not dead, and that one of his brothers went to see him where he was established as a merchant in the City of New York. Having been brought into some disgrace through the treachery of a supposed friend while doing business for a rich man, Job Higley would not write of his whereabouts and concluded not to return home until he had regained both wealth and character, and when he afterwards possessed both, and learned that his wife was married again, he would not go to see his family.

Elder Higley moved to Nauvoo in time to participate in the persecutions inflicted upon the Saints there. From Nauvoo he moved to Benton's Fort on the Des Moines River then to Council Bluffs, and from there to Uintah, Utah, in 1852, helping a family across the plains. He went from Uintah to Mountain Green, then to Morgan, and from there to Hooper where he resided until his demise. His family number eleven children, seventy-one grandchildren and fifty-six great grandchildren. He was tender hearted, strictly honest and a faithful devotee of Mormonism. 
HIGLEY, Myron Spencer (I974)
26761 n 1334, Beatrice married John of Luxembourg who had been a widower sinc e the death of his first wife, Elisabeth of Bohemia, in 1330. Since the t wo were related in a prohibited degree, Pope Benedict XII had to give d ispensation for the marriage. The dispensation was given at the request o f King Philip VI of France. The wedding was solemnized in Château de Vi ncennes. The marriage contract stipulated that if a son was born from t he marriage, the County of Luxembourg, as well as lands belonging to it , would go to him. [1] Beatrice arrived in Bohemia in 1336. The new Queen of Bohemia and Count ess of Luxembourg brought with her an annual income of 4,000 livres. Sh e was crowned Queen of Bohemia in St. Vitus Cathedral on 18 May 1337. [ 1] Beatrice was not popular in Bohemia. Shortly after her coronation, in J une 1337, she left the kingdom and went to live in Luxembourg. John die d in 1346 and Beatrice ceased to be queen. BOURBON, Beatrice of (I17857)
26762 Name changed to Charles Pinckney Sumner by act of General Court; gradua te of Harvard in 1796, sheriff of Suffolk County, Mass. SUMNER, Job Jr. (I6031)
26763 Name Suffix: (Miller) !HE WAS A MILLER DANIELSON, Johan (I2427)
26764 Name Suffix: Captain Ancestral File Number: FW64-P3 VOSE, Capt. Nathaniel (I19372)
26765 Name Suffix: Deacon Ancestral File Number: 8VH0-95 ELLIOTT, Philip (I21264)
26766 Name Suffix: JR. Ancestral File Number: 2FJK-XR THORNDIKE, Robert (I9495)
26767 Name Suffix: Lady Ancestral File Number: 9MFR-TF LEDBURY, Mary (I17036)
26768 Name Suffix: Lord Ancestral File Number: 9MFR-S8 LEDBURY, John (I17037)
26769 Name Suffix: Sir Ancestral File Number: 1RGK-R7S MONTFORT, Simon De (I2940)
26770 Name Suffix: Sr. Ancestral File Number: 92W7-BW NEWELL, Isaac (I16371)
26771 Name Suffix: [Lord of Dutton] Ancestral File Number: 9PD6-10 DUTTON, Roger (I22926)
26772 Name Suffix: [SIR KNIGHT] Ancestral File Number: 9246-6P DUTTON, Thomas (I22935)
26773 Name Suffix: [SIR KNIGHT] Ancestral File Number: 9PFD-G5 SAVAGE, John (I4529)
26774 Nathaniel sailed on March 9, 1632 from England to New England on the "William and Francis" with his grandfather, Stephen Bachilor. They l anded in Boston, June 3, 1632. He was a constable and a selectman of Ha mpton, NH for 9 years.

"The following anecdote is told of Nathaniel: When, after the death of h is first wife, he had determined to marry again, he resolved to be gove rned by his choice by the direction in which his staff, held perpendicu larly over the floor, should fall, when dropped from his hand. The expe riment being tried, the staff fell towards the southwest, and in that d irection he bent his steps. Having traveled as far as Woburn, he called u pon the widow Wyman, and offered her his hand, stating that he was goin g to Boston, and would call for her answer, on his return.´´ 
26775 Nathaniel was a tavern keeper. In 1673 he was allowed to sell “bear and syder by the quart for the tyme whyle the farmers are building of their meeting house and on Lord’s days afterwards.” Some of the first hearings in the Salem Witch Trials were held at the tavern on Mar 1 1692. Nathaniel was an accuser in at least 7 cases. Church meetings were held at the Ingersoll home. Near their home was a block house where a watch was kept for Indian raids. In 1675 he was a Lieutenant in the attack on the Narragansetts. INGERSOLL, Nathaniel (I16006)
26776 National Cemetery Administration, Nationwide Gravesite Locator Source (S297)
26777 Navy Veteran, YN1, aboard the USS Cimarron, 1990 PUFFER, Jeffrey Lynn (I22710)
26778 Never married PUFFER, Elijah (I16388)
26779 New York State Education Department, Office of Cultural Education, 1892 New York State Census, Albany, NY: New York State Library Source (S434)
26780 Newburyport Town and Vital Records lists her first name as "Aldez" but this is an unlikely name for the 1800s. The entry is written over and hard to read. No parents are listed. PUFFER, Mary B. (I16280)
26781 No connection to the Puffer family has been found. Where did her middle name come from? Should it be Potter? BAXTER, Charlotte Puffer (I59895)
26782 No definite information as to his father's name has been given, but there is hardly a doubt that he was son or nephew of Ebenezer. He was a farmer. "He felled alone 100 acres of standing timber and often worked two days and one night in succession. He was also an expert swimmer. A most excellent man" (Information from Mrs. Chauncey Puffer) PUFFER, Hiram Spafford (I19159)
26783 No father is registered for Myrtle, born out of wedlock? DINGMAN, Myrtle Lulu (I2495)
26784 No husband (Charles) is listed. Separated or divorced? FEKEN, Amelia (I55532)
26785 No record exists that her mother married Lloyd Oral Puffer SWARTHOUT, Baby Girl (I41662)
26786 No record of his birth has been found. It is assumed that he was the son of Matthias, from the fact that he was associated with other children of Matthias. In 1792, John, Jacob, and Matthias Puffer were in Society (near Francestown), NH. Jacob lived at Society and was one of the petitioners to have his land added to Francestown, December, 1791. Solomon Pilsbury, who married Prudence Puffer, lived on the adjoining farm. Jacob was a blacksmith. In the history of Antrim, N.H. he is mentioned as a settler about 1788. It is stated there that he is believed to have gone in 1799 to some town on the Hudson River. PUFFER, Jacob (I17740)
26787 no records found for this death date PUFFER, Almeda Samantha (I17988)
26788 No stone PUFFER, Solomon (I15541)
26789 No stone PUFFER, Royal Lewis (I21276)
26790 No stone THURMAN, William Jackson (I51827)
26791 no stone GEAR, Roxanna (I59787)
26792 Nominated Marmaduke Tilden for her guardian, Oct 19,1719. PUFFER, Ruth (I2087)
26793 Norman Jesse is her 2nd cousin
Lodging with mother in the James T. Banford household. He is an auditorr and bookkeeper at a book shop. 
Family: PUFFER, Norman Jesse / PUFFER, Josephine Maude (F10091)
26794 Not found in 1790 Federal Census. PUFFER, George (I21624)
26795 Not mentioned in father's obituary PUFFER, Kamron (I48870)
26796 Not mentioned in Puffer Genealogy. SUMNER, Roger (I21082)
26797 Not to be confused with and older step-brother Frederick, who died bef 1878. PUFFER, Frederick (I62026)
26798 Not to be confused with C. Henry Puffer, Civil War soldier KIA at Spotsylvania, PA. PUFFER, Henry Clay (I32776)
26799 Note this is NOT Frederick Eugene Puffer as found in Nutt, Ref 394 PUFFER, Frederick Eugene Sr. (I47680)
26800 NOTE: !Title: Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, 7th Editio n, by Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Shippard Jr., 1999 P age: 136-33 PHILIP TILNEY, Gent., of Boston, Ringborough, Fisherwick, etc.,and,in r ight of his wife, of Ashwellthorpe, Colkirk, North Creak and Massingham P arva, Norfolk, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, alderman of the Corpus Christi guild, Boston, son and heir, born say 1400 (of age by 1422). He m arried ISABEL THORPE, daughter and co-heiress of Edmund Thorpe, Knt.,5t h Lord Thorpe, of Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, Knight of the Shire for Norfo lk, by Joan, daughter and heiress of John de Northwood. They had three s ons, Frederick, Robert, and Hugh, and three daughters, Maud,Grace (wife o f Oliver Sutton) and Marion. She died 10 Nov. 1436, and was buried (M.I .) at Ashwellthorpe. Following her death, he became Canon and Residenti ary of Lincoln Cathedral. PHILIP TILNEY, Gent.,died 31 October 1453 and w as buried in Lincoln Cathedral. References: F. Blomefield Top. Hist. of the County of Norfolk 4 (1775): 640(Tilney a rms: Argent, a chevron between three griffins' heads, erased,gules); 5 ( 1775): 984. G. Poulson History and Antiquities of Seigniory of Holderne ss 2 (1840): 32. P. Thompson Hist. and Antiq. of Boston (1856), pp. 373-374, chart facing p g. 372. Cal. Close Rolls,1422-1429 (1933), pg. 258. C.P. 12 Part I (195 3): 723-725. H.S.P. 32(1891): 287-288 (Tilney pedigree: "Phillippus Til ney = Isabell da. & heir of Edmund Thorpe"). Yorkshire Arch. Journal 16 (1902): 97. VCH Stafford 14 (1990): 241. Nic olas Testamenta Vetusta 2 (1826):482-484. C.T. Clay Yorkshire Deeds 4 ( Yorkshire Arch. Soc. Rec. Ser., Vol. 65) (1924), pg. 5. Blomefield 5: 1 50-51 (not seen). posted by Douglas Richardson Newsgroups: soc.genealog y.medieval TILNEY, Philip De (I11269)
26801 NOTE: Great grandmother of 3 queens: Ann Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Jane S eymour. CHENEY, Elizabeth (I7023)
26802 NOTE: John Lestrange, 6th Lord (Baron) Strange (of Knockyn); born c1352 ; married as her 1st husband Maud de Mohun (married 2nd Sir Nicholas Ha uberk and died 20 Sep 1400), 3rd and youngest daughter and coheir of 2n d Lord (Baron) Mohun, KG, of the 1299 creation and died 28 July 1397, l eaving [Richard, 7th Lord]. [Burke's Peerage] Note: Burke's Peerage makes no mention of Jane de Cherleton, which all W orld Connect sources of the ancestry of Alice le Strange have as her mo ther, by John 6th Baron le Strange. Obviously from the above text from B urke's Peerage, barring divorce, Maud de Mohun outlived John; so, if th ere were two wives, she was the 2nd. John & Maud had Richard 7th Baron l e Strange, who was born 1 Aug 1381, while John & Jane had Alice, who ma ny people have born abt 1386, which is after Richard was born; making J ane the 2nd wife. This is improbable, barring out of wedlock births and d ivorces. LE STRANGE, Sir John VII (I2957)
26803 NOTE: Sir Thomas Willoughby, of Parham, co. Suffolk, a gallant soldier a nd one of the heroes of Agincourt, m. Joane, dau. and heir of Sir Richa rd Fitz-Alan, Knt. (son of John Fitz-Alan, Lord Maltravers, 2nd son of S ir Richard Fitz-Alan, 3rd Earl of Arundel), and was s. by his son, Sir R obert Willoughby. WILLOUGHBY, Sir Thomas (I3914)
26804 NOTE: Sister to Anne Boleyn, who was one of the wives to Henry VIII, an d daughter of Elizabeth I. Aunt to Elizabeth I. BOLEYN, Mary (I11392)
26805 Note: The Massachusetts Town and Vital Records source shows her burial in South Hingham. This is the only cemetery in that vicinity.  WILDER, Tamsin (I17723)
26806 NOTE: Was created Earl of Ormonde, but title was restored to Piers Butl er. BOLEYN, Sir Thomas (I8988)
26807 Notes: Buried cremated remains (6\" x 8\" x 4\") in center of headstone area 30\" deep. Incasesed in concrete 2\" thick. Additional Information: Waived internment fee (Indigent) PUFFER, Elizabeth Adalin (I38866)
26808 Nothing is known about the date or place of his birth. He first appears to have settled in Gouldsboro,Maine sometime before 1760. He subsequently lived in Steuben and then Cherryfield. In Cherryfield he lived in a house on the East side of the Narraguagus River and was very active in the then Plantation #11 affairs. For a time he operated a sawmill on the Narraguagus River. He had a settler's right in Plantation # 11 and subsequently purchased and sold sizeable pieces of land. A land record of 1792 refers to him as the moderator of a Town Meeting held in his house and town records refer to a school being held in one room of his house. He served twice in the American Revolution, first in 1775 for four months for defense of the seacoast and again in 1779 for one month,marching to Majorbagaduce (Castine) and the Battle of Penobscot. He did not leave a will, and his last deed of record was dated at Cherryfield in 1796. The surname of his wife, Susanna, is not known but Perley Leighton believes it to be Leighton. It is the opinion of one descendant, Allen L. Sproul, that Josiah and his wife moved to Lubec where they both died. TUCKER, Josiah (I35810)
26809 Nothing more is known of her, and the year of her birth is not correct if her parents where married in 1790. An alternate birth date is 1827, found in records. PUFFER, Sally (I21186)
26810 Now (1915) living at 72 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury, MA. After the death of her husband she moved with her children to a farm at Chelsea, VT and lived there twelve years. She then moved to St. Johnsbury, VT, where she lived until 1912. HASELTON, Hannah Anne (I11918)
26811 Now called Penacook. BLACK, Ezra Carter (I3724)
26812 Now in possession of Mrs. Edward C. Spring, 526 South 42nd Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Member of William Penn Chapter, Daughters of the American Colonists) Source (S42)
26813 Nun at the Abbey of Santa Clara at Tordesillas CASTILE, Beatrice of Princess of Castile (I2061)
26814 Nutt (page 238) shows a marriage (no date, no first name) to a Cummington, however no records of a marriage to him or records of their children (Bloice W., Daniel R.) can be found. (DMC 12/14/2020) Family: CUMMINGTON / BARNER, Flora Grace (F21111)
26815 Nutt book is incorrect on death date according to the NH Death and Disinterment Records SIDDELL, Agnes J. (I18091)
26816 Nutt book is incorrect on dob ALLEN, George S. (I23032)
26817 Nutt gives his birth as 1885 in Brattleboro, VT CHAMBERLAIN, George Weymouth (I20311)
26818 Nutt has birth year as 1877 ROGERS, Inez A. (I21545)
26819 Nutt is incorrect in the date of death as the gravestone shows. WHITNEY, Leonard (I34561)
26820 Nutt is incorrect on the dob per her grave stone PUFFER, Susie Louise (I16900)
26821 Nutt says "Nancy I."??? HEMENWAY, Lucy (I34162)
26822 Nutt says 1737,calcluated gravestone says 1739 PUFFER, Dr. Abel (I16146)
26823 Nutt says 1813 PUFFER, Clinton (I14705)
26824 Nutt says husband was "Dexter" Richardson. RICHARDSON, Gideon (I34161)
26825 Nutt shows the full date of 1 Oct 1856, however this date belongs to Mary Elizabeth Whitmore Johnson, daughter of James and Chloe Elizabeth Spears Whitmore. This Mary married George E. Johnson. According to the 1870 Federal Census our Mary was born around the same time, 1856/7 JOHNSON, Mary Elizabeth (I14672)
26826 Nutt states the name is Hendrick. MILLER, Frederick (I22565)
26827 Nutt's book has an incorrect marriage date. It might be the Marriage Banns he was citing Family: HILL, Carlos Burton / FLETCHER, Lonia (F2865)
26828 Nutt's book is incorrect on her dob. Gravestone says she was 4 days old at dod. PUFFER, Florence (I21180)
26829 Nutt's DOB of 1780 is incorrect according to his gravestone TILSDALE, Asa (I18578)
26830 Obituary of his father, Grover G. Loftis LOFTIS, Max Edward (I57981)
26831 Obituary says his first name is James, however every other source shows his name as Henry S., or Henry Smythe. PUFFER, Henry Smythe Jr. (I16696)
26832 Obituary says the marriage year was 1854. Family: PUFFER, Charles F. / LIVINGSTON, Margaret Charlotte (F1563)
26833 Occupied his father's farm for a few years and then moved to Whitestown, NY.

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

Occupied his father's farm for a few years and then moved to Whitestown , NY. 
MIXER, John (I6053)
26834 of "of throatale" (probably cholera) CORTHELL, Abigail (I15919)
26835 of a brain abscess SMITH, Ruth Gertrude (I40584)
26836 of a fractured skull and sternum (he was a coachman) BURRELL, William Franklin (I58121)
26837 of a heart attack PUFFER, Edward Jeremiah (I33903)
26838 of a hemorrhage CLAPP, George W. (I21586)
26839 of a stroke EATON, Nancy (I18861)
26840 Of a sudden heart attack PUFFER, Henry L. (I18841)
26841 of acute tuberculosis LOTHROP, Minerva (I58122)
26842 of cancer of the lungs and spine WOOD, Ernest Robert (I55070)
26843 of cancer of the throat BARNARD, Charles Wesley (I48787)
26844 of cholera infantum BURRELL, Emma Ethel (I58126)
26845 of cholera infantum BURRELL, Elbridge Richmond II (I58127)
26846 of chronic bronchitis ELMS, Lyman (I49063)
26847 of colon cancer SMITH, Larry Weldon Sr. (I51270)
26848 of consumption WILKINSON, Dwight H. (I4649)
26849 of consumption PUFFER, Mabel E. (I20333)
26850 of consumption PUFFER, Margaret Anna (I24235)
26851 of consumption (flu) PUFFER, Silence (I2202)
26852 of convulsions DEWING, Susan Ella (I23157)
26853 of diptheria PUFFER, Phoebe Jane (I34798)
26854 of diptheria PUFFER, Phoebe Jane (I34798)
26855 of diptheria, his death notice shows his name as Paffer PUFFER, Norris (I32683)
26856 of diptheria, his death notice shows his name as Paffer PUFFER, Norris (I32683)
26857 of dropsey (swelling) on the brain BULLMAN, Mary L. (I60744)
26858 of dropsy INGERSOLL, Louisa F. (I36616)
26859 of dropsy (heart failure) PUFFER, Samuel (I22476)
26860 Of Georgetown INGERSOLL, Mary Hunt (I23438)
26861 of heart disease PUFFER, Charles Drevar (I18500)
26862 of heart disease PUFFER, Elvira M. (I33264)
26863 of heart failure PUFFER, Florine L. (I32686)
26864 Of Henry VIII's Privy Chamber. Once passing Bideford Church, he found a b urial scene with a priest who refused sacraments because friends would n ot give over the deceased man's only possession, a horse. Sir Wm had th e priest placed in the grave and ordered him to be buried; the priest a greed to read the service. Risky business, flouting a priest, but Wm us ed the event to persuade Parliament to limit what the clergy could char ge the poor. COFFIN, William (I1843)
26865 Of his death, Rev. Cotton Mather says he was "murdered with an hideous witchcraft." SMITH, Lt. Philip (I59109)
26866 of Horsford FITZ WALTER, Robert Sherriff of Norfolk (I7920)
26867 of Horsford FITZ WALTER, Robert Sherriff of Norfolk (I71888)
26868 of hydropericardium PUFFER, Sarah Elizabeth (I14715)
26869 of marasmus (severe malnutrition) BURRELL, Irving Lathorp (I58123)
26870 Of meningitis PUFFER, Grace Lillie Frances (I20856)
26871 of multiple sclerosis WOOD, Mildred E. (I55069)
26872 of old age PUFFER, Stephen (I19393)
26873 of Olney, County Bucks, England, was probably the father of Sarah Fuller and husband of Anne since a Robert Fuller, son of John, became a freeman in 1639. Robert was probably Sarah's brother as the ages match well SOUR: @S151@ SOUR: @S310@ PAGE: p. 67 FULLER, John (I16071)
26874 of pleuricy AMIDON, Fidelia\Phidelia (I22173)
26875 of pneumonia PUFFER, Henry Samuel Sr. (I6652)
26876 of pneumonia FARNSWORTH, Hannah L. (I7851)
26877 of pneumonia PUFFER, Jacob Jr. (I16441)
26878 of pneumonia WOOD, Herbert Arnold (I55068)
26879 of pneumonia WILLEY, Hannah Frances (I58162)
26880 of poisoning LEIGHTON, Eli Ingersoll (I43293)
26881 of rheumatism MUNGER, Lorinda (I14542)
26882 Of scarlet fever MCCLENNAN, Helen Abbie (I32741)
26883 Of Scotch-Irish ancestry SPENCE, Jeanette Sherrie (I19288)
26884 of SIDS PUFFER, Melissa Susan (I53524)
26885 Of the 11th Calvary SWIFT, Col. Eben (I12952)
26886 Of typhoid fever HASTINGS, Ephraim (I33033)
26887 of typhoid fever PUFFER, Harriet M. (I36151)
26888 of typhus fever PUFFER, Ruel H. (I20860)
26889 of whooping cough PUFFER, Charles Norris (I1410)
26890 Officer in the Revolutionary War and friend with George Washington. Af ter the war he moved to Montgomery, VT, being the first settler in that t own, and his family was the only one in the town for two years. He was s ubject to turns of the same kind of mental depression as his brother, C aleb, and also committed suicide. CLAPP, Joshua (I2788)
26891 Officer in the Revolutionary War and friend with George Washington. Sg t Major of Col. Doolittle's regiment in MA, then appt. Captain. Moved to Greenfield, MA where he became a druggist. Representative of the General Court, 1797. He was subject to seasons of great mental depression, and in one of them, when about 60 years old, committed suicide. CLAPP, Captain Caleb (I2791)
26892 Officers and Soldiers in the Seventeenth Centruy Conflict s. (The Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, N EHGS.) Source (S38)
26893 Ohio Birth Records, Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Vital Records Office Source (S422)
26894 Ohio Divorce Index, 1962-1963, 1967-1971, 1973-2007, Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics, 2008 Source (S369)
26895 Ohio Marriage Index, 1970 and 1972-2007, Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics, 2008 Source (S320)
26896 Oliver Sawyer appointed her guardian, Sept. 11, 1829. PUFFER, Phebe Morse (I35315)
26897 Oliver Sawyer as appointed her guardian, Sep 11, 1829 PUFFER, Phebe Morse (I35315)
26898 On 11 July 1346 Prince-electors had elected him King of the Romans (rex R omanorum) in opposition to Emperor Louis IV. Charles was crowned on 26 N ovember 1346 in Bonn. After his opponent had died, he was re-elected in 1 349 (17 June) and crowned (25 July) King of the Romans. In 1355 he was a lso crowned King of Italy on 6 January and Holy Roman Emperor on 5 Apri l. With his coronation as King of Burgundy, delayed until 4 June 1365, h e became the personal ruler of all the kingdoms of the Holy Roman Empir e. Karel IV Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire (I3269)
26899 On 13 July 1365, he was made Archbishop of Lyon. As archbishop, he firm ly resisted royal encroachment on his rights as Primate of France. Charles of Alencon (I684)
26900 On 18 Oct 1909 the Petition for Letters of Adminstration for his estate was dropped by the Petitioner PUFFER, William Warren (I14688)

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