Puffer Genealogy


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35251 Wooler Friends Cemetary COONEY, Alice May (I41650)
35252 Worked as an aircraft mechanic for the Dept. Of Defense at McClellan AF B from 1966 to 1998. PUFFER, Horace Cecil (I3171)
35253 Worked at an auto service station in 1930. PUFFER, Ernest S. (I26568)
35254 Worked for A.T. Cross Co for 10 years FECTEAU, Bertha Clarice (I13728)
35255 Worked for N K P company, Ohio PUFFER, Robert Theodore (I26624)
35256 Worked in a cotton mill (at 14) in 1870 SIDDLE, Agnes J. (I19855)
35257 Worked in a creamery at the time of his marriage

On October 3, 1976, along with brothers, Gordon and Harold, and son Stephen, he built and helped establish Puffer Brothers Broadcasting and WYKR radio in Haverhill, Woodsville, and Wells River. 
PUFFER, Eugene Weston (I22661)
35258 Worked in his brother Smith's blacksmith shop PUFFER, Harrison (I38857)
35259 Worked on the NY NH & HTFD Railroad

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he was a clerical worker for the CT Co., New Haven, CT

PUFFER, Leo Marshall (I35284)
35260 Worked on the Stuyvesant Estate, Allamuchy, NJ PUFFER, Milford Clayton (I180)
35261 Works Project Administration, Graves Registration Project, Washington, D.C.: n.p., n.d. Source (S327)
35262 World War II Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. Born in Jefferson, Iowa and served as a Captain, flight commander for the 394th Bomb Group's 585th Squadron, U.S. Army Air Corps. On August 9, 1944 he led a formation of 30 B-26s in a mission to destroy the strategic enemy-held L'lsle Adam railroad bridge over the Seine in occupied France. During the approach, his plane's right engine received a direct hit from enemy antiaircraft fire and burst into flames. He remained composed and piloted the plane over the target to complete his mission. He then gave the order for his crew to parachute to safety from the doomed aircraft, while he held the descending plane in a steady glide. Just as the man jumped to safety, the fuel tank exploded. The aircraft sheathed in fire, went into a steep dive and was seen to explode as it crashed. His widow Evelyn accepted his posthumously-awarded Medal of Honor in 1945. LINDSEY, Darrell Robbins (I48340)
35263 World War II Vet, served on Guam. YOUNG, Nelson (I58966)
35264 Wounded Civil War Veteran, Co. K., 25th Conn. Vol. Regt.

A telegraph operator in Hartford, CT at the time of his marriage

A 'moulder' according to the 1870 Federal Census for Hartford, CT. He and his wife and son are living with his wife's parents in Hartford, CT.

(Ed. Note: MA Marriages has him as son of Charles E. Sr, and Emma Johnson) 
PUFFER, Charles Edward Sr. (I14102)
35265 Wounded during the attack on Parvillers and later died at No. 48 Casualty Clearing Station. ROSS, Alexander Everett (I41711)
35266 Wounded during the Civil War. Co. G. 5th WI Volunteers SWEANY, George W. (I15532)
35267 Wrentham Center Cemetery FISHER, Sarah (I1149)
35268 Wright Cemetery PIERCE, James (I36149)
35269 Wright Family Cemetery WRIGHT, Elsie Winefred (I11393)
35270 Wright Family Cemetery PUFFER, Floyd Arnold (I17171)
35271 WW II Veteran HULETT, Winifred (I38205)
35272 WW2 and Korea Veteran, TEC 5, US Army PUFFER, Robert Emmet (I8480)
35273 WWI and WWII Veteran WETMORE, Major Don Oscar (I50240)
35274 WWI Veteran, a Corporal, member of the Rainbow Division. Corporal, Company M, 166th Infantry Regiment, 42nd Division, US Army. Entered the service from Ohio; Home of Record: Ravenna. Killed in action on the first day of the Saint Mihiel Offensive, Sep 12-15, 1918. PUFFER, Cpl. Harold Silas (I26566)
35275 WWI Veteran, Co. D., 147th Machine Gun Btn. CRAMER, Frederick Haggerty (I51784)
35276 WWI Veteran, Cpl OH US Vol Inf. JORDAN, John S. (I17024)
35277 WWI Veteran, PFC, Btry. F. 264th Field Arty OLIVER, Cornelius Lycurgus Jr. (I52646)
35278 WWI Veteran, PVT Co D 103 Infantry, November 27, 1897 to January 28, 1958 PUFFER, Earle Robert (I22775)
35279 WWI Veteran, Pvt. US Army, PFC BAKER CO 1, QMC,

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he was a tire maker at United States Rubber Works in Hartford, CT 
PUFFER, Rodney Charles Sr. (I23527)
35280 WWI Veteran, Sgt. Co. C. 40th Infantry Division PUFFER, Cady (I23433)
35281 WWI, Veteran US ARMY, 1918-1919 FIELD, Harris Goodwin (I35520)
35282 WWII & Korea Veteran, US Navy HINESLEY, Marion Thomas (I35953)
35283 WWII and Korea Veteran, 1st Lt. US Army KAY, Lt. Larry J. (I10785)
35284 WWII Navy Veteran COLBERT, Shelby Warren (I48487)
35285 WWII PFC US Army CARANCI, Victor A. (I6002)
35286 WWII US Army Veteran, Cpl. 180th Infantry, 1942-1945, awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and the Conspicuous Service Cross, 15 Jul 1963 KOHLMEIER, Harvey (I43079)
35287 WWII US Army Veteran. Owned and operated Puffer Products in MI PUFFER, Kneelon Jay Jr. (I1613)
35288 WWII US Navy Veteran
An elemetary school teacher 
CHRISMER, Jane (I9550)
35289 WWII US Navy Veteran PUFFER, Willis Ezra Jr. (I26074)
35290 WWII US Navy Veteran, Lt. FRENCH, Valchester Uri (I7024)
35291 WWII USMC Veteran, wounded in WWII EGISHIAN, Jack Koshek (I44178)
35292 WWII Veteran PUFFER, James P. (I4032)
35293 WWII Veteran PUFFER, Vernon Charles (I12797)
35294 WWII Veteran GENTRY, Gerald D. (I18396)
35295 WWII Veteran a textile worker DILLARD, Roy Lee (I35912)
35296 WWII Veteran, LTC US Air Force

Owned Puffer's Monument Co. from 1955 to 1963, and Puff's Ice Cream from 1955 to 1965 
PUFFER, LTC. Robert Tripp (I37135)
35297 WWII Veteran, 1st Lt., US Army HOOD, Helen Ann (I25476)
35298 WWII Veteran, a Cpl. in the Pacific. PUFFER, Willard Lewis (I40193)
35299 WWII Veteran, enlisted 22 Mar 1943, discharged 30 Nov 1950 PUFFER, Raymond E. (I17181)
35300 WWII Veteran, enlisted Jan 12, 1943, Orange County, CA PUFFER, William Henry (I21093)

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