Puffer Genealogy

Battle Creek, MI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Glenn E.  1924Battle Creek, MI I47215
2 Andrews, June Frances  13 May 1922Battle Creek, MI I35364
3 Brattain, Juanita M.  6 Apr 1930Battle Creek, MI I48868
4 Cadwell, Cora M.  Abt 1859Battle Creek, MI I23259
5 Forman, Ernestine Viola  11 Oct 1908Battle Creek, MI I35340
6 Geesin, Donald Lee  25 Sep 1930Battle Creek, MI I35346
7 Merrill, Georgiana  6 Sep 1868Battle Creek, MI I18666
8 Packer, Juanita Rachel  6 Feb 1917Battle Creek, MI I46287
9 Packer, Maxwell Lloyd  1 Jun 1925Battle Creek, MI I48297
10 Puffer, Beverly J.  13 Sep 1924Battle Creek, MI I19827
11 Puffer, Esther Louise  30 Mar 1915Battle Creek, MI I35354
12 Puffer, Marcia M.  Abt 1932Battle Creek, MI I11952
13 Puffer, Rebecca Kay  3 Jul 1945Battle Creek, MI I19828
14 Puffer, Richard Ellsworth  13 May 1919Battle Creek, MI I4014
15 Shepard, Barbara Jean  9 Feb 1922Battle Creek, MI I48254
16 Wilkens\Wickens, Mary Ellen  CA 1930Battle Creek, MI I48867


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrews, June Frances  4 Jan 2008Battle Creek, MI I35364
2 Austin, Thomas Jefferson  8 Sep 2007Battle Creek, MI I11951
3 Carroll, Robert Christian  Feb 2016Battle Creek, MI I54877
4 Crow, Miles William  29 Apr 1952Battle Creek, MI I53137
5 Damon, Louisa Henrietta  24 May 1911Battle Creek, MI I9364
6 Duncombe, Mary Ann  9 Apr 1950Battle Creek, MI I53328
7 Dunsmore, James  13 Nov 1950Battle Creek, MI I16278
8 Farleigh, Richard B.  27 Jul 1987Battle Creek, MI I35363
9 Felter, Eleanor May  23 Apr 1925Battle Creek, MI I47218
10 Forman, Marion Lavern  28 Apr 1956Battle Creek, MI I22183
11 Forman, William Glen  30 Jan 1972Battle Creek, MI I35351
12 Geesin, Donald Lee  14 Mar 1988Battle Creek, MI I35346
13 Geesin, Frederick Charles  14 Aug 1943Battle Creek, MI I35345
14 Gifford, Mary Jane  2 Apr 1917Battle Creek, MI I11174
15 Knox, Henry G.  28 Jul 1911Battle Creek, MI I19845
16 Loncaric, Louis John  10 Nov 1977Battle Creek, MI I52832
17 McCarty, Mildred Kathaleen  30 Dec 1981Battle Creek, MI I35347
18 Merrill, Georgiana  4 Dec 1918Battle Creek, MI I18666
19 Merrill, Horace Augustus  30 Jul 1917Battle Creek, MI I14842
20 Norwood, David William  2 Oct 1939Battle Creek, MI I53327
21 Norwood, Irene  Jan 1990Battle Creek, MI I53133
22 Owens, Ray E.  1960Battle Creek, MI I18309
23 Packer, Juanita Rachel  15 Jun 2003Battle Creek, MI I46287
24 Packer, Wayne Shepard  22 Jan 1965Battle Creek, MI I35352
25 Puffer, Beverly J.  7 Sep 1976Battle Creek, MI I19827
26 Puffer, Ellsworth Hazzard  15 Apr 1942Battle Creek, MI I18667
27 Puffer, Georgia Lucille  30 Mar 1937Battle Creek, MI I35344
28 Puffer, Marian Elizabeth  11 May 1991Battle Creek, MI I35338
29 Puffer, Philena  24 Mar 1907Battle Creek, MI I38825
30 Puffer, Rebecca Kay  13 Jul 1945Battle Creek, MI I19828
31 Puffer, Rosa Christine  30 Mar 1917Battle Creek, MI I35337
32 Shinn, Leonard Lionel  7 Aug 1977Battle Creek, MI I53586
33 Strole, Andrew J.  26 Dec 1928Battle Creek, MI I9362
34 Strole, Anna Elizabeth  27 Dec 1973Battle Creek, MI I9363
35 Thoms, Charles R.  30 Sep 1998Battle Creek, MI I37496
36 Traut, Orpha  21 Nov 1951Battle Creek, MI I35341
37 Wilkins, Robert Edward  31 Mar 1928Battle Creek, MI I16371
38 Woodard, Harry F.  28 Jan 1987Battle Creek, MI I47776


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Damon, Louisa Henrietta  Battle Creek, MI I9364
2 Dunsmore, William Douglas  Battle Creek, MI I53131
3 Geesin, Donald Lee  Mar 1988Battle Creek, MI I35346
4 Geesin, Frederick Charles  Battle Creek, MI I35345
5 Gifford, Dr. David S.  Battle Creek, MI I18845
6 Gifford, Levi  Battle Creek, MI I18844
7 Gifford, Mary Jane  Battle Creek, MI I11174
8 Harter, Marie Mildred  Battle Creek, MI I37525
9 House, Harriet A.  Battle Creek, MI I53139
10 Hoyt, Eliza Drew  Battle Creek, MI I49239
11 Knox, Henry G.  Battle Creek, MI I19845
12 Loncaric, Louis John  Battle Creek, MI I52832
13 McCarty, Mildred Kathaleen  Battle Creek, MI I35347
14 Packer, Juanita Rachel  Battle Creek, MI I46287
15 Puffer, Beverly J.  Battle Creek, MI I19827
16 Puffer, Lewis Abel  Battle Creek, MI I23260
17 Puffer, Loyd M.  Battle Creek, MI I17967
18 Puffer, Rebecca Kay  Battle Creek, MI I19828
19 Puffer, Richard Ellsworth  Battle Creek, MI I4014
20 Puffer, Rosa Christine  Battle Creek, MI I35337
21 Shinn, Leonard Lionel  Battle Creek, MI I53586
22 Strole, Andrew J.  Battle Creek, MI I9362
23 Strole, Anna Elizabeth  Battle Creek, MI I9363
24 Wagner, Ovieda E.  Battle Creek, MI I19844
25 Wilcox, Johanna  Battle Creek, MI I18846
26 Wilkins, Henry Bernard  Battle Creek, MI I53138
27 Wilkins, Robert Edward  Battle Creek, MI I16371


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carroll / Wilkens\Wickens  4 Sep 1948Battle Creek, MI F20516
2 Dunsmore / Norwood  19 Dec 1925Battle Creek, MI F19703
3 Farleigh / Andrews  22 Jun 1940Battle Creek, MI F8313
4 Forman / Puffer  2 Mar 1881Battle Creek, MI F8300
5 Forman / Puffer  18 Apr 1908Battle Creek, MI F8306
6 Geesin / Puffer  20 Apr 1952Battle Creek, MI F8308
7 Kreilick / Brattain  26 Jun 1948Battle Creek, MI F17765
8 Kreilick / Wilkens\Wickens  23 Mar 1946Battle Creek, MI F17764
9 Merrill / Brockway  23 Nov 1867Battle Creek, MI F8309
10 Merrill / Hodge  23 Nov 1867Battle Creek, MI F8310
11 Nyles / Puffer  17 Nov 1917Battle Creek, MI F8303
12 Owens / Strole  27 Dec 1919Battle Creek, MI F8301
13 Packer / Puffer  3 Dec 1915Battle Creek, MI F8302
14 Puffer / Knox  21 Aug 1912Battle Creek, MI F8307
15 Puffer / Strole  6 Feb 1913Battle Creek, MI F8304
16 Shepard / Puffer  23 Apr 1920Battle Creek, MI F11918
17 Sofia / Puffer  9 Jun 1950Battle Creek, MI F1213
18 Traut / Hodge  20 Dec 1877Battle Creek, MI F16055
19 Walton / Keeler  8 Jan 1902Battle Creek, MI F17948