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Burgos, Castile, Spain



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alfonso King of Castile & Leon  Bef Jun 1040Burgos, Castile, Spain I28980
2 Constance Princess of Castile  Abt 1191Burgos, Castile, Spain I28207
3 Constanza Princess of Castile  Aft 1203Burgos, Castile, Spain I34382
4 Eleanor Countess of Ponthieu Princess of Leon & Castile  1241Burgos, Castile, Spain I1767
5 Elvira Princess Of Castile & Leon  1039Burgos, Castile, Spain I30078
6 Enrique King of Castile  Abt 1183Burgos, Castile, Spain I28206
7 Enrique King of Castile  14 Apr 1204Burgos, Castile, Spain I28204
8 Fernando King of Castille & Leon  Between 1016 and 1018Burgos, Castile, Spain I30073
9 Fernando Prince of Castile  29 Nov 1189Burgos, Castile, Spain I28203
10 Garcia King of Castile Leon & Galicia  Abt 1042Burgos, Castile, Spain I30074
11 Henry King of Castile  4 Oct 1379Burgos, Castile, Spain I7908
12 Juan Prince of Castile And Leon  Jan 1355Burgos, Castile, Spain I10570
13 Leonor Princess of Castile  1202Burgos, Castile, Spain I28201
14 Mafalda Princess of Castile  Abt 1192Burgos, Castile, Spain I28205
15 Peter King of Castile & Leon  30 Aug 1334Burgos, Castile, Spain I2364
16 Sancha Princess of Castile  20 Mar 1182Burgos, Castile, Spain I28199
17 Sancho Prince of Castile  5 Apr 1181Burgos, Castile, Spain I34619
18 Sancho King of Castile & Leon  Between 1036 and 1038Burgos, Castile, Spain I30077
19 Urraca Princess Of Castile & Leon  1134Burgos, Castile, Spain I30076
20 Alfonsez, Elvira Sancha  Abt 1083Burgos, Castile, Spain I30081
21 Alfonsez, Urraca  Abt 1082Burgos, Castile, Spain I27706
22 Castro, Juana De  Abt 1335Burgos, Castile, Spain I10571
23 Cerda, Alfonso De La  Aft 1270Burgos, Castile, Spain I1788
24 Cerda, Fernando II De La  1275Burgos, Castile, Spain I18250
25 Cerda Y De Lara, Blanca De La  Aft 1311Burgos, Castile, Spain I3519
26 Eril, Elvira De  Abt 1360Burgos, Castile, Spain I10572
27 Lara, Juana Nunez De  Abt 1279Burgos, Castile, Spain I18249


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berenguela Berengaria Queen Of Castile  8 Nov 1246Burgos, Castile, Spain I5288
2 Leonor Princess of Castile  1244Burgos, Castile, Spain I28201
3 Habsburg, Philip I King of Castile  25 Sep 1506Burgos, Castile, Spain I19872


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Juan Prince of Castile And Leon  Burgos, Castile, Spain I15078
2 Plantagenet, Eleanor Princess Of England  Burgos, Castile, Spain I28200
3 Sanchez, Alfonso VIII King Of Castile  Burgos, Castile, Spain I21986


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Hapsburg  3 Apr 1497Burgos, Castile, Spain F6149
2 / Monferrato  1281Burgos, Castile, Spain F2748
3 / Ponthieu  1237Burgos, Castile, Spain F4343
4 Cerda / Capet  13 Nov 1268Burgos, Castile, Spain F2749
5 Plantagenet /   18 Oct 1254Burgos, Castile, Spain F4944
6 Sanchez / Plantagenet  22 Sep 1177Burgos, Castile, Spain F7951