Puffer Genealogy

Hainaut, Belgium



Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnoul Count Of Flanders  Abt 1055Hainaut, Belgium I4196
2 Baudouin Count of Hainault  Abt 1061Hainaut, Belgium I22113
3 Baudouin Count of Hainault Hennegau  1087Hainaut, Belgium I22115
4 Baudouin IX (VI) Count of Flanders & Hainault  Jul 1171Hainaut, Belgium I15414
5 Baudouin VIII (V) Count of Flanders & Hainault  1150Hainaut, Belgium I33465
6 Philippe Count Of Namur  1174Hainaut, Belgium I33472
7 Regnier Count Of Hainault  885Hainaut, Belgium I12862
8 Regnier Count of Hainault  918Hainaut, Belgium I12863
9 D'avenes, Philippa Queen Of England  24 Jan 1310Hainaut, Belgium I2067
10 Hainault, Beatrix of  Abt 995Hainaut, Belgium I13163
11 Hainault, Catherine of  1320Hainaut, Belgium I7892
12 Hainault, Laurette Laurence De  Abt 1137Hainaut, Belgium I33635
13 Lorraine, Alberade De  Abt 850Hainaut, Belgium I32448
14 Louvain, Alix De  Abt 1063Hainaut, Belgium I22114