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Herefordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Joan  1481Herefordshire, England I11618
2 Matilda  Abt 1229Herefordshire, England I32011
3 Petronilla  Abt 1135Herefordshire, England I16055
4 Sarah  Abt 1193Herefordshire, England I32012
5 Abrahall, Richard Robert  Abt 1372Herefordshire, England I28181
6 Bardolf, Margaret Eleanor  Abt 1308Herefordshire, England I8404
7 Bohun, Eleanor De  1366Herefordshire, England I2078
8 Bohun, Humphrey De  1220Herefordshire, England I20582
9 Bohun, Humphrey De  1249Herefordshire, England I24571
10 Bohun, Mary De  1370Herefordshire, England I3769
11 Brampton, Margaret  Abt 1300Herefordshire, England I27619
12 Braose, Matilda De  Between 1150 and 1160Herefordshire, England I29320
13 Braose, Philip De  Abt 1126Herefordshire, England I29321
14 Breteuil, Roger De  Abt 1056Herefordshire, England I29551
15 Brocket, John  1580Herefordshire, England I33720
16 Brois, Robert De  Aft 1066Herefordshire, England I31029
17 Brydges, Charles Sherriff of Hereford  Abt 1526Herefordshire, England I13351
18 Carey, Mary  1528Herefordshire, England I19128
19 Clare, Eveline Aveline De  Abt 1172Herefordshire, England I27239
20 Clare, Gilbert De  1112Herefordshire, England I5987
21 Clare, Richard De  Between 1084 and 1090Herefordshire, England I5984
22 Clifford, Amicia De  Abt 1139Herefordshire, England I32502
23 Clifford, Andrew  Abt 1309Herefordshire, England I1690
24 Clifford, Basilia De  Abt 1196Herefordshire, England I28676
25 Clifford, Cecilia De  Abt 1198Herefordshire, England I28673
26 Clifford, Giles De  Abt 1190Herefordshire, England I28678
27 Clifford, Henry  Abt 1134Herefordshire, England I32505
28 Clifford, Hugh De  Abt 1156Herefordshire, England I32501
29 Clifford, John De  Abt 1307Herefordshire, England I1687
30 Clifford, Lucia De  Abt 1141Herefordshire, England I32051
31 Clifford, Maud  Abt 1190Herefordshire, England I28677
32 Clifford, Maud De  Abt 1234Herefordshire, England I28137
33 Clifford, Richard De  Abt 1192Herefordshire, England I28674
34 Clifford, Robert De  Abt 1153Herefordshire, England I32054
35 Clifford, Robert De  1 Apr 1274Herefordshire, England I1689
36 Clifford, Roger De  Abt 1153Herefordshire, England I32503
37 Clifford, Roger De  Abt 1189Herefordshire, England I28671
38 Clifford, Roger De  1243Herefordshire, England I6272
39 Clifford, Rosamond De  Abt 1136Herefordshire, England I33895
40 Clifford, Simon De  Abt 1155Herefordshire, England I32500
41 Clifford, Simon De  Abt 1194Herefordshire, England I28675
42 Clifford, Walter De  Abt 1113Herefordshire, England I32053
43 Clifford, Walter De  Abt 1150Herefordshire, England I28672
44 Clifford, Walter De  Abt 1186Herefordshire, England I28136
45 Clifford, William De  Abt 1157Herefordshire, England I32499
46 Ewias, Harold Ralph Radulf Earl of Hereford  Abt 1023Herefordshire, England I12233
47 Fitzcrob, Richard  Abt 1030Herefordshire, England I10401
48 Fitzrichard, Osbern  Abt 1055Herefordshire, England I8535
49 Fitzwalter, Maude  Abt 1081Herefordshire, England I32142
50 Fitzwarin, Fulke  Abt 1175Herefordshire, England I9246

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cooley, Benjamin  1617Herefordshire, England I3829
2 Fitzmiles, Roger  Herefordshire, England I34090
3 Hale, Dionisia  17 Mar 1611Herefordshire, England I3085
4 Hale, George  13 Jul 1601Herefordshire, England I2706
5 Harley\ Harleigh, Robert  Herefordshire, England I27620
6 Smythe, Mary  23 Mar 1579Herefordshire, England I16786


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Isabelle Princess of France  23 Aug 1358Herefordshire, England I2125
2 Joan of The Tower  7 Sep 1362Herefordshire, England I2124
3 Beaufort, Edmund  22 May 1455Herefordshire, England I6474
4 Bourchier, Humphrey  14 Apr 1471Herefordshire, England I1025
5 Clifford, Thomas  22 May 1455Herefordshire, England I24708
6 Clifford, Walter De  Apr 1263Herefordshire, England I28136
7 Fitzalan, Edmund  17 Nov 1326Herefordshire, England I8199
8 Llywelyn, Margred Verch  Abt 1263Herefordshire, England I28134
9 Marshall, Gilbert 4th Earl of Pembroke  27 Jun 1241Herefordshire, England I4351
10 Neville, Cecily De Dutchess of York  31 May 1495Herefordshire, England I316
11 Percy, Henry De  22 May 1455Herefordshire, England I2643


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Beauchamp, William 1st Baron of Gergavenny  Herefordshire, England I8728
2 Castile, Isabella De Princess of Castile and Leon  14 Jan 1393Herefordshire, England I15783
3 Clifford, Roger De  Herefordshire, England I18150
4 Clifford, Roger De  Herefordshire, England I28671
5 Fitzalan, Joan  Herefordshire, England I8727
6 Percy, Henry De  Herefordshire, England I2643
7 Tudor, Owen  Herefordshire, England I32008


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Braose / Gloucester  Abg 1148Herefordshire, England F6824
2 Chandos /   Abt 1209Herefordshire, England F7259
3 Clifford / Botterell  Herefordshire, England F5084
4 Clifford / Clare  3 Nov 1295Herefordshire, England F2718
5 Clifford / Vipont\ Veteri-Ponti  1269Herefordshire, England F2717
6 Cornewall / Harley  Herefordshire, England F7552
7 Devereaux / Crophull  Abt 1384Herefordshire, England F6146
8 Grey / Longchamp  Abt 1262Herefordshire, England F8015
9 Hale / Bond  Herefordshire, England F3132
10 Plantagenet / Castile  Abt 1 Mar 1372Herefordshire, England F5038
11 Richardson /   Abt 1550Herefordshire, England F6999
12 Tudor / Aragon  11 Jun 1509Herefordshire, England F2941