Puffer Genealogy

Quebec, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lumina B.  1876Quebec, Canada I49638
2 BALLARD, Mathilde  CA 1839Quebec, Canada I57203
3 BATTEN, Violet  1901Quebec, Canada I57662
4 BEAUDOIN, Amanda  CA 1873Quebec, Canada I58641
5 BOMBARD, Mary  Oct 1824Quebec, Canada I52151
6 BRYAN, Ellen Grace  30 Nov 1842Quebec, Canada I45109
7 BUSSIERE, Peter  May 1852Quebec, Canada I55225
8 CLARK, Austin Albert  25 Dec 1856Quebec, Canada I8716
9 CLOUTIER, Marie Selima  Feb 1870Quebec, Canada I50881
10 DANIELS, Adeline  17 Nov 1833Quebec, Canada I9878
11 DEVEAU, Marie Jane  4 Nov 1855Quebec, Canada I38704
12 FLEURY, Dealia  1898Quebec, Canada I57660
13 FLEURY, Francis Lucien  28 Oct 1901Quebec, Canada I45042
14 FLEURY, Georgianna  Nov 1899Quebec, Canada I57663
15 FLEURY, Mary Anne  Aug 1903Quebec, Canada I57664
16 FLEURY, Narcisse Joseph  20 Aug 1921Quebec, Canada I57661
17 FLEURY, Wilfred  Feb 1912Quebec, Canada I57665
18 GADAPEE, Peter Pierre  14 Jul 1835Quebec, Canada I16709
19 GIGUERE, Joseph E.  1867Quebec, Canada I49637
20 GOSSELIN, Gabriel II  11 May 1662Quebec, Canada I57188
21 GOSSELIN, Simon  CA 1832Quebec, Canada I57200
22 GOULET, Joseph  1869Quebec, Canada I57032
23 KILBURN, Almira L.  9 Feb 1835Quebec, Canada I51277
24 MILLER, Helen Irene  21 Mar 1913Quebec, Canada I38255
25 MOREL, Laurence A.  27 Mar 1908Quebec, Canada I58155
26 OSLER, Paul (Chevalier)  1824Quebec, Canada I40915
27 PALEN, Joseph  1800Quebec, Canada I11784
28 PICHET, Madeleine  9 Apr 1675Quebec, Canada I57196
29 PLANTE, Agathe  13 Jul 1894Quebec, Canada I50882
30 PLANTE, Marie-Ange  Apr 1893Quebec, Canada I50883
31 PLANTE, Omer  Mar 1869Quebec, Canada I50880
32 POULIN, Alphonsine  2 Jan 1905Quebec, Canada I47098
33 RANE, Mary  CA 1822Quebec, Canada I46577
34 RONDEAU, Arthur Phillias  6 Dec 1906Quebec, Canada I57668
35 RYEA, Peter  1836Quebec, Canada I16945
36 SQUIRES, Samantha  22 Mar 1818Quebec, Canada I13966
37 ST. MARTAIN, Josephine  17 Feb 1873Quebec, Canada I17779
38 VIALL, Joseph  1878Quebec, Canada I35430
39 WEYRAUCH, La Vinea  Jan 1884Quebec, Canada I35431
40 WHALEY, Philo  1829Quebec, Canada I49778
41 WILDER, Florence E.  1868Quebec, Canada I13241


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 OTIS, Francoise Rose  1677Quebec, Canada I40299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATTEN, Violet  1992Quebec, Canada I57662
2 CHANDLER, Rosalie  1974Quebec, Canada I45043
3 COYLE, Abraham  4 Feb 1892Quebec, Canada I51776
4 DELINE, William Jr.  21 Apr 1889Quebec, Canada I47991
5 FLEURY, Dealia  1953Quebec, Canada I57660
6 FLEURY, Lucien  1974Quebec, Canada I49652
7 FLEURY, Narcisse Joseph  1989Quebec, Canada I57661
8 GOSSELIN, Gabriel II  9 Dec 1700Quebec, Canada I57188
9 KILBURN, Almira L.  6 Jun 1866Quebec, Canada I51277
10 KINGSBURY, Algernon Sidney  14 Dec 1884Quebec, Canada I51276
11 LAMB, Caleb  30 Jun 1669Quebec, Canada I15353
12 MADIGO, Amos  21 Mar 1882Quebec, Canada I50626
13 MCKEAGE, Letitia  1914Quebec, Canada I51777
14 PICHET, Madeleine  6 Nov 1746Quebec, Canada I57196
15 SQUIRES, Samantha  11 Apr 1900Quebec, Canada I13966
16 WILDER, James Kendall  10 Dec 1891Quebec, Canada I12348


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FLEURY / CHANDLER  CA 1897Quebec, Canada F16032
2 GOUPIL / PELLETIER  17 Oct 1650Quebec, Canada F5058