Puffer Genealogy

Shell Rock, IA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Knapp, Harold G.  26 Jul 1897Shell Rock, IA I15632
2 Newell, Lulu Arvilla  16 Jul 1868Shell Rock, IA I19205
3 O'Brien, Margaret  Jan 1876Shell Rock, IA I11777
4 Puffer, Baby Girl  26 Feb 1920Shell Rock, IA I36465
5 Puffer, Bessie Kathline  27 Jul 1894Shell Rock, IA I36454
6 Puffer, Carl Elwyn  7 Nov 1879Shell Rock, IA I768
7 Puffer, Edith Esa  30 May 1889Shell Rock, IA I26177
8 Puffer, Edith Iva May  10 Sep 1896Shell Rock, IA I26236
9 Puffer, Edward Melville  19 Dec 1889Shell Rock, IA I36453
10 Puffer, Irvin Dewey  1 Mar 1898Shell Rock, IA I4287
11 Puffer, Kenneth Leroy  14 Jul 1900Shell Rock, IA I36460
12 Puffer, Lola Alvena  13 Dec 1909Shell Rock, IA I36463
13 Puffer, Lucile  17 Apr 1913Shell Rock, IA I9114
14 Puffer, Lucile Mae  1913Shell Rock, IA I766
15 Puffer, Rex Newell  30 Jan 1891Shell Rock, IA I26178


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Julia Ann  19 Sep 1913Shell Rock, IA I36458
2 Farr, Armina  7 Apr 1924Shell Rock, IA I770
3 Farr, Oliver W.  25 May 1899Shell Rock, IA I36461
4 Harding, Sarah  11 Jun 1895Shell Rock, IA I36452
5 Harding, Stuckley Myron  16 Mar 1928Shell Rock, IA I36457
6 Puffer, Baby Girl  26 Feb 1920Shell Rock, IA I36465
7 Puffer, Carl Elwyn  10 Jan 1937Shell Rock, IA I768
8 Puffer, Min  22 Apr 1903Shell Rock, IA I43846
9 Robinson, Hannah M.  1913Shell Rock, IA I19204
10 Sewell, Homer Augustine  17 Jun 1921Shell Rock, IA I49083
11 Tippy, Willis Allen  2 May 1894Shell Rock, IA I38506
12 Waite, Roxina  12 Aug 1905Shell Rock, IA I36462
13 Winklepleck, Delilah E.  8 Dec 1900Shell Rock, IA I38505


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Julia Ann  Shell Rock, IA I36458
2 Bogan, Minerva Ann  Shell Rock, IA I17860
3 Farr, Oliver W.  Shell Rock, IA I36461
4 Gould, Daniel J.  13 Oct 1913Shell Rock, IA I41139
5 Harding, Sarah  Shell Rock, IA I36452
6 Harding, Stuckley Myron  Shell Rock, IA I36457
7 Johnson, Lova Nannetta  9 Mar 1920Shell Rock, IA I36464
8 Knapp, William Fishburne  Shell Rock, IA I15633
9 Newell, Maxim  Shell Rock, IA I19203
10 Puffer, Baby Girl  Shell Rock, IA I36465
11 Puffer, Bessie Kathline  Shell Rock, IA I36454
12 Puffer, Edward Melville  Shell Rock, IA I36453
13 Puffer, Mary A.  Shell Rock, IA I15630
14 Puffer, Rex Newell  21 Aug 1948Shell Rock, IA I26178
15 Puffer, William Arthur  Shell Rock, IA I36459
16 Robinson, Hannah M.  Shell Rock, IA I19204
17 Sewell, Homer Augustine  Shell Rock, IA I49083
18 Sewell, Rosa Catherine  Shell Rock, IA I17861
19 Sewell, William  Shell Rock, IA I17854
20 Sewell, William Allen  Shell Rock, IA I17858
21 Tippy, Willis Allen  Shell Rock, IA I38506
22 Waite, Roxina  Shell Rock, IA I36462
23 Warnke, Earnest William  Shell Rock, IA I36456
24 Winklepleck, Delilah E.  Shell Rock, IA I38505


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Newell, Martha Ella Marie  1876Shell Rock, IA I6655

Census 1900

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census 1900    Person ID 
1 Winklepleck, Delilah E.  1900Shell Rock, IA I38505


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Puffer / Sewell  7 Apr 1896Shell Rock, IA F9028