Puffer Genealogy

Bohemia, Czech Republic



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ludmilla of Bohemia  CA 1170Bohemia, Czech Republic I61288
2 BALIK, Vaclav  15 Aug 1856Bohemia, Czech Republic I38093
3 BERANEK, Frank  23 Mar 1858Bohemia, Czech Republic I34962
4 BOUSKA, Frank  1840Bohemia, Czech Republic I42160
5 BREN, Francis  26 Mar 1839Bohemia, Czech Republic I22060
6 DOLEJŠÍ, Kate?ina  Bohemia, Czech Republic I54586
7 DOUBEK, Joseph  1846Bohemia, Czech Republic I55300
8 HRUSKA, John  Jun 1866Bohemia, Czech Republic I38091
9 HUMPAL, Frank  Apr 1853Bohemia, Czech Republic I46462
10 JAZEK, Mary Z.  CA 1843Bohemia, Czech Republic I44979
11 JUNGWIRTH, Mary  Bohemia, Czech Republic I38594
12 KIRBETZ, Catherine  6 Nov 1841Bohemia, Czech Republic I20993
13 KLIMA, John  Jan 1844Bohemia, Czech Republic I13993
14 KOÈEROVÁ, Marie  CA 1798Bohemia, Czech Republic I54578
15 KOLARS, Barbara  20 Nov 1850Bohemia, Czech Republic I42161
16 KRIVACHEK, Frank J. Sr.  1839Bohemia, Czech Republic I44978
17 MILLER, James Simon  24 Oct 1874Bohemia, Czech Republic I52249
18 MILLER, Theresa G.  24 Oct 1883Bohemia, Czech Republic I52250
19 MILNAR, Josephine  1843Bohemia, Czech Republic I22067
20 NOVOTNY, Eleonora  Jun 1860Bohemia, Czech Republic I13992
21 PUFFER, Charles  Dec 1873Bohemia, Czech Republic I42500
22 PUFFER, James Simon  11 Sep 1880Bohemia, Czech Republic I24505
23 PUFFER, Jan Nepomucky  5 Jul 1798Bohemia, Czech Republic I54577
24 PUFFER, Mary Veronica  May 1858Bohemia, Czech Republic I37750
25 PUFFER, Thomas  Dec 1850Bohemia, Czech Republic I3056
26 PUFFER, Thomas F.  Oct 1878Bohemia, Czech Republic I33550
27 RINDA, Anna  1820Bohemia, Czech Republic I34957
28 RINDA, Anna  Oct 1854Bohemia, Czech Republic I22826
29 ROMSHELL, Agnes A.  Apr 1862Bohemia, Czech Republic I46463
30 SHIMA, Joseph W.  30 Dec 1865Bohemia, Czech Republic I38371
31 SYKORA, Jacob  2 Jul 1805Bohemia, Czech Republic I42421
32 SYKORA\SYKOROVA, Marie  24 Dec 1839Bohemia, Czech Republic I20732
33 WOLFLOVA, Terezie  22 Sep 1801Bohemia, Czech Republic I54576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KOÈEROVÁ, Marie  10 Sep 1840Bohemia, Czech Republic I54578
2 SYKORA, Jacob  29 Jul 1865Bohemia, Czech Republic I42421
3 WOLFLOVA, Terezie  29 Jul 1865Bohemia, Czech Republic I54576
4 ZUPAN, Slavibor  860Bohemia, Czech Republic I21021


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 KLIMA / NOVOTNY  Abt 1880Bohemia, Czech Republic F2213
2 PUFFER / RINDA  1876Bohemia, Czech Republic F9286
3 PUFFER / SYKORA\SYKOROVA  1864Bohemia, Czech Republic F1031
4 SYKORA / WOLFLOVA  8 Jul 1826Bohemia, Czech Republic F15130