Puffer Genealogy

Leicestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adeliza  Abt 1035Leicestershire, England I30455
2 Ellen  Abt 1535Leicestershire, England I12629
3 AULT, Mary  1629Leicestershire, England I11324
4 BEAUMONT, Aubree Alberee De  Abt 1109Leicestershire, England I32242
5 BEAUMONT, Geoffrey De  Abt 1146Leicestershire, England I29735
6 BEAUMONT, Geoffrey De  Abt 1161Leicestershire, England I25162
7 BEAUMONT, Gervace De  Abt 1138Leicestershire, England I27830
8 BEAUMONT, Hawise De of Leicester  Abt 1129Leicestershire, England I29447
9 BEAUMONT, Hawise De  Abt 1164Leicestershire, England I26141
10 BEAUMONT, Henry De  Abt 1148Leicestershire, England I29445
11 BEAUMONT, Hugh De 1st Earl of Bedford  Abt 1106Leicestershire, England I32241
12 BEAUMONT, Isabel Elizabeth  Abt 1121Leicestershire, England I29446
13 BEAUMONT, Isabel Elizabeth De  Abt 1110Leicestershire, England I25868
14 BEAUMONT, John De  Abt 1144Leicestershire, England I30408
15 BEAUMONT, Lade Elizabeth De  Abt 1140Leicestershire, England I27826
16 BEAUMONT, Mabel De  Abt 1162Leicestershire, England I26140
17 BEAUMONT, Maud De  Abt 1111Leicestershire, England I32416
18 BEAUMONT, Robert 2nd Earl of Leicester  1104Leicestershire, England I20578
19 BEAUMONT, Roger De  Abt 1128Leicestershire, England I27828
20 BISET, Henry  Abt 1150Leicestershire, England I12644
21 BOURDON, John  Abt 1350Leicestershire, England I13577
22 BOURDON, Nicholas  Abt 1380Leicestershire, England I13578
23 DESPENCER, Thomas Le  Abt 1195Leicestershire, England I26449
24 GRANDMESNIL, Petronilla De Countess of Leicester  Abt 1134Leicestershire, England I13589
25 GREY, Richard  1485Leicestershire, England I15825
26 HARCOURT, Amicia  Abt 1160Leicestershire, England I26139
27 HARCOURT, Pernel De  Abt 1166Leicestershire, England I26142
28 HASTINGS, Anne  Abt 1423Leicestershire, England I1589
29 HASTINGS, Walter  1544Leicestershire, England I54433
30 PLANTAGENET, Edward de Lancaster  1365Leicestershire, England I2075
31 PLANTAGENET, John de Lancaster  1362Leicestershire, England I2078
32 PLANTAGENET, Phillipa de Lancaster  31 Mar 1360Leicestershire, England I5971
33 ROCKLEY, Anne De  Abt 1290Leicestershire, England I21770
34 ROPER, Joyce  1548Leicestershire, England I54440


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEAUMONT, Robert De 1st Earl of Leicester  5 Jun 1118Leicestershire, England I20320
2 FERRERS, Anna Agnes  9 Jan 1468Leicestershire, England I20634
3 GRANDMESNIL, Petronilla De Countess of Leicester  1 Apr 1212Leicestershire, England I13589
4 HASTINGS, Edward  1603Leicestershire, England I54431
5 HASTINGS, Sir George 4th Earl of Huntingdon  31 Dec 1604Leicestershire, England I54026
6 HASTINGS, Sir Henry 3rd Earl of Huntingdon  14 Dec 1595Leicestershire, England I54025
7 HOWARD, John 1st Duke of Norfolk  22 Aug 1485Leicestershire, England I918
8 PAYNE, Emma  Sep 1884Leicestershire, England I5141
9 PLANTAGENET, Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster  22 Sep 1345Leicestershire, England I4082
10 PLANTAGENET, Henry of Grosmont 1st Duke of Lancaster  24 Mar 1360/61Leicestershire, England I10360
11 PLANTAGENET, John 1st Duke of Lancaster  3 Feb 1398Leicestershire, England I2077
12 POLE, Katherine  23 Sep 1576Leicestershire, England I54023
13 PUFFER, Clara Payne  Feb 1919Leicestershire, England I21550
14 YORK, Richard III King of England  22 Aug 1485Leicestershire, England I3598


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BEAUMONT, Robert 2nd Earl of Leicester  Leicestershire, England I20578
2 BOHUN, Mary De  6 Jul 1394Leicestershire, England I3339
3 FERRERS, Henry De Lord Ferrers of Groby  Leicestershire, England I5410
4 GRANDMESNIL, Petronilla De Countess of Leicester  Leicestershire, England I13589
5 HARCOURT, Robert  Leicestershire, England I26090
6 PLANTAGENET, Edward de Lancaster  1372Leicestershire, England I2075
7 PLANTAGENET, Henry of Grosmont 1st Duke of Lancaster  Leicestershire, England I10360
8 PLANTAGENET, John de Lancaster  Leicestershire, England I2078
9 PLANTAGENET, John  Leicestershire, England I6691


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEAUMONT, Hugh De 1st Earl of Bedford  Abt 1106Leicestershire, England I32241


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALBINI /   Abt 1031Leicestershire, England F7363
2 BIGOD / TONI  Abt 1098Leicestershire, England F7364
3 HASTINGS / POLE  25 Jun 1532Leicestershire, England F20436
4 PAYNE / PUFFER  May 1880Leicestershire, England F11101
5 SEGRAVE / DESPENCER  Abt 1199Leicestershire, England F6178