Puffer Genealogy

Saint Paul, MN



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bauer, Mary A.  31 Jan 1896Saint Paul, MN I52306
2 Cook, Fred Will  8 Apr 1890Saint Paul, MN I18755
3 Ingersoll, Henry Gilbert  28 Feb 1863Saint Paul, MN I45643
4 Johnson, Olga  2 Feb 1902Saint Paul, MN I8476
5 Lackner, Joseph Julius  20 Apr 1899Saint Paul, MN I45191
6 Lackner, Marcella Lavern  13 Dec 1924Saint Paul, MN I45192
7 Lackner, Richard Edward  4 Apr 1927Saint Paul, MN I45193
8 Lofgren, John Chester  1 Sep 1922Saint Paul, MN I48262
9 Osmundson, Marva Jean  17 May 1943Saint Paul, MN I3636
10 Puffer, Alfred Edson II  26 Jul 1901Saint Paul, MN I8477
11 Puffer, Allan Harley  4 Aug 1947Saint Paul, MN I15308
12 Puffer, Ardene Elaine  5 Nov 1930Saint Paul, MN I8484
13 Puffer, Baby Boy  19 Jun 1935Saint Paul, MN I44009
14 Puffer, Gladys Mary  3 Sep 1903Saint Paul, MN I15676
15 Puffer, Hazel Elizabeth  8 Jul 1908Saint Paul, MN I26410
16 Puffer, Ormand Sherman  29 Jun 1925Saint Paul, MN I8482
17 Puffer, Patricia Ann  11 Nov 1933Saint Paul, MN I48549
18 Puffer, Robert Emmet  9 Dec 1927Saint Paul, MN I8480
19 Puffer, Robert Emmett  10 Jul 1911Saint Paul, MN I16506
20 Puffer, William Henry  14 Sep 1905Saint Paul, MN I38740
21 Puffer, William Henry  26 Jan 1923Saint Paul, MN I8483
22 Taylor, Donald West  12 Jan 1877Saint Paul, MN I10867
23 Taylor, Jeanne Harriet  1 Dec 1912Saint Paul, MN I48230
24 Tuchner, Joseph Robert  14 Dec 1918Saint Paul, MN I48218
25 Wildenauer, Charles Louis  21 Jan 1894Saint Paul, MN I52305
26 Williamson, Helen Grael  19 Nov 1903Saint Paul, MN I41162
27 Wirth, Bernadette Gladys  24 Jan 1921Saint Paul, MN I45195


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amundson, Frieda  16 May 1978Saint Paul, MN I49834
2 Bauer, Mary A.  19 Jul 1974Saint Paul, MN I52306
3 Erickson, Herbert Andrew  14 Jul 2010Saint Paul, MN I26221
4 Harkness, Byron Eugene  29 Oct 2001Saint Paul, MN I48263
5 Johnson, Olga  3 Apr 1982Saint Paul, MN I8476
6 Lackner, Joseph Julius  26 Apr 1961Saint Paul, MN I45191
7 Lackner, Marcella Lavern  Feb 1997Saint Paul, MN I45192
8 Lackner, Richard Edward  2 Nov 1998Saint Paul, MN I45193
9 Lofgren, John Chester  6 Nov 1997Saint Paul, MN I48262
10 Lofgren, John Randolf  21 Mar 1978Saint Paul, MN I49833
11 Osmundson, Marva Jean  4 Aug 2009Saint Paul, MN I3636
12 Puffer, Ardene Elaine  5 Nov 1930Saint Paul, MN I8484
13 Puffer, Bonnie Belle  23 Feb 1959Saint Paul, MN I26920
14 Puffer, Dennis Melville Martin  20 Jul 1945Saint Paul, MN I592
15 Puffer, Donald Robert  19 Jul 1939Saint Paul, MN I16505
16 Puffer, Mary Elizabeth Wheeler  17 Dec 1870Saint Paul, MN I21051
17 Puffer, Ormand Sherman  29 Apr 1995Saint Paul, MN I8482
18 Puffer, Robert Emmet  28 Sep 1983Saint Paul, MN I8480
19 Puffer, Robert Emmett  31 Mar 1966Saint Paul, MN I16506
20 Puffer, William Henry  23 May 1936Saint Paul, MN I11400
21 Puffer, William Henry  12 Nov 1986Saint Paul, MN I38740
22 Sorenson, Agnes  25 Sep 1972Saint Paul, MN I13646
23 Warren, Albert Puffer  Bef 1914Saint Paul, MN I52352
24 Wildenauer, Conrad George  5 Nov 2010Saint Paul, MN I48171
25 Wirth, Bernadette Gladys  8 May 1999Saint Paul, MN I45195
26 Wirth, John Benedict  1973Saint Paul, MN I45194


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fyffe, Anna Olexina  1965Saint Paul, MN I11399
2 Hippe, Aletta Benora  Saint Paul, MN I16507
3 Johnson, Olga  Saint Paul, MN I8476
4 O'Brien, Lucille Margaret  Saint Paul, MN I46127
5 Osgood, Benjamin S.  Saint Paul, MN I52891
6 Osmundson, Marva Jean  Saint Paul, MN I3636
7 Puffer, Alfred Edson II  Saint Paul, MN I8477
8 Puffer, Alfred Edson III  Saint Paul, MN I8481
9 Puffer, Ardene Elaine  Saint Paul, MN I8484
10 Puffer, Baby Boy  Saint Paul, MN I44009
11 Puffer, Baby Girl  Saint Paul, MN I51715
12 Puffer, Donald Robert  Saint Paul, MN I16505
13 Puffer, Mary Elizabeth Wheeler  Saint Paul, MN I21051
14 Puffer, Robert Emmett  Saint Paul, MN I16506
15 Puffer, William Henry  Saint Paul, MN I11400
16 Wildenauer, Conrad George  Saint Paul, MN I48171


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Nutting, Levi  7 Jan 1853Saint Paul, MN I55875


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Puffer, Bonnie Belle  8 Nov 1903Saint Paul, MN I26920


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Puffer / Holum  12 Oct 1944Saint Paul, MN F6557
2 Puffer / Johnson  CA 1919Saint Paul, MN F10454
3 Puffer / Middendorf  1 Nov 1902Saint Paul, MN F15874
4 Puffer / Spry  27 Jun 1888Saint Paul, MN F3221
5 Puffer / Steenstra  27 Jun 1888Saint Paul, MN F14755
6 Wildenauer / Bauer  28 Nov 1916Saint Paul, MN F19330
7 Wirth / Puffer  22 May 1920Saint Paul, MN F16095