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Standish, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alianora Eleanor  Abt 1244Standish, Lancashire, England I29848
2 Margaret Margery  Abt 1292Standish, Lancashire, England I27701
3 BOLD, Sibella De  Abt 1440Standish, Lancashire, England I28615
4 BUSSELL, Warine  Abt 1087Standish, Lancashire, England I9996
5 HARRINGTON, Alice  Abt 1471Standish, Lancashire, England I28607
6 PILKINGTON, Lora Laura De  1368Standish, Lancashire, England I26625
7 PRESCOTT, Anne  28 Mar 1569Standish, Lancashire, England I26156
8 PRESCOTT, Ellen  1551Standish, Lancashire, England I27720
9 PRESCOTT, Isabell  11 Mar 1575Standish, Lancashire, England I26159
10 PRESCOTT, James  Between 1509 and 1512Standish, Lancashire, England I27687
11 PRESCOTT, James  1529Standish, Lancashire, England I31486
12 PRESCOTT, Joanna  1557Standish, Lancashire, England I27724
13 PRESCOTT, John  Abt 1546Standish, Lancashire, England I31481
14 PRESCOTT, Ralph  Abt 1542Standish, Lancashire, England I31480
15 PRESCOTT, Richard  1555Standish, Lancashire, England I27718
16 PRESCOTT, Robert  Abt 1540Standish, Lancashire, England I31484
17 SHAW, Ellen Helen Gellen  1549Standish, Lancashire, England I8586
18 SHAW, Robert  1523Standish, Lancashire, England I8585
19 SPILEMAN, De  1140Standish, Lancashire, England I9994
20 STANDISH, Alexander  Abt 1372Standish, Lancashire, England I31498
21 STANDISH, Alexander  Abt 1400Standish, Lancashire, England I26622
22 STANDISH, Alexander  1438Standish, Lancashire, England I28616
23 STANDISH, Alexander  Between 1500 and 1505Standish, Lancashire, England I28611
24 STANDISH, Alice  Abt 1257Standish, Lancashire, England I29851
25 STANDISH, Alice  Abt 1347Standish, Lancashire, England I27714
26 STANDISH, Alice  1491Standish, Lancashire, England I29839
27 STANDISH, Alice  Abt 1591Standish, Lancashire, England I29841
28 STANDISH, Brian  Abt 1456Standish, Lancashire, England I30129
29 STANDISH, Catherine  Abt 1487Standish, Lancashire, England I29838
30 STANDISH, Edmond De  Abt 1318Standish, Lancashire, England I27704
31 STANDISH, Edmund  Abt 1259Standish, Lancashire, England I29849
32 STANDISH, Eleanor  Abt 1399Standish, Lancashire, England I27963
33 STANDISH, Elizabeth  Abt 1370Standish, Lancashire, England I31499
34 STANDISH, Elizabeth  1510Standish, Lancashire, England I27719
35 STANDISH, Gilbert  Abt 1364Standish, Lancashire, England I31494
36 STANDISH, Gilbert  Abt 1458Standish, Lancashire, England I30126
37 STANDISH, Gilbert De  Abt 1324Standish, Lancashire, England I27706
38 STANDISH, Grace  Abt 1589Standish, Lancashire, England I29840
39 STANDISH, Henry De  Abt 1270Standish, Lancashire, England I29995
40 STANDISH, Henry De  Abt 1316Standish, Lancashire, England I27708
41 STANDISH, Hugh  Abt 1462Standish, Lancashire, England I30130
42 STANDISH, James  Abt 1366Standish, Lancashire, England I31497
43 STANDISH, Jane  Abt 1511Standish, Lancashire, England I28614
44 STANDISH, John  Abt 1368Standish, Lancashire, England I31496
45 STANDISH, John  Abt 1485Standish, Lancashire, England I29843
46 STANDISH, John De  Abt 1278Standish, Lancashire, England I29852
47 STANDISH, John De  Abt 1286Standish, Lancashire, England I27698
48 STANDISH, John De  Abt 1322Standish, Lancashire, England I27702
49 STANDISH, Jordan De  Abt 1234Standish, Lancashire, England I13273
50 STANDISH, Lawrence  Abt 1426Standish, Lancashire, England I26629

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 PRESCOTT, Anne  28 May 1569Standish, Lancashire, England I26156
2 PRESCOTT, Isabell  11 Mar 1575Standish, Lancashire, England I26159
3 PRESCOTT, Margaret  20 Apr 1588Standish, Lancashire, England I31261
4 PRESCOTT, William  1538Standish, Lancashire, England I31485


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 PRESCOTT, James  1 Mar 1583Standish, Lancashire, England I27687
2 PRESCOTT, John  1608Standish, Lancashire, England I31479
3 PRESCOTT, Robert  1595Standish, Lancashire, England I31484
4 SHAW, Ellen Helen Gellen  1567Standish, Lancashire, England I8586
5 SHAW, Robert  1548Standish, Lancashire, England I8585
6 STANDISH, John De  Bef 1386Standish, Lancashire, England I27698
7 STANDISH, Ralph De  Aft 1219Standish, Lancashire, England I9998
8 STANDISH, Richard De  1246Standish, Lancashire, England I10000
9 STANDISH, William De  1322Standish, Lancashire, England I27700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 PRESCOTT, Robert  9 Mar 1595/6Standish, Lancashire, England I31484
2 PRESCOTT, Roger  4 Oct 1594Standish, Lancashire, England I26157
3 STANDISH, William De  1322Standish, Lancashire, England I27700


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 PRESCOTT / STANDISH  1528Standish, Lancashire, England F7113