Puffer Genealogy

Watertown, NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Keyes, Linda A.  9 Apr 1860Watertown, NY I39092
2 Lamay, Jennette Elizabeth  11 Jul 1870Watertown, NY I6598
3 Puffer, Benjamin Harrison  29 Sep 1888Watertown, NY I38912
4 Puffer, Eleanor Jean  4 Feb 1905Watertown, NY I37134
5 Puffer, Guy Rainsford Jr.  7 Sep 1917Watertown, NY I9699
6 Puffer, Mary E.  Abt 1860Watertown, NY I35279
7 Puffer, Robert Ryle  14 Feb 1923Watertown, NY I26579
8 Puffer, LTC. Robert Tripp  10 May 1909Watertown, NY I37135
9 Puffer, Willard Winslow  7 Mar 1874Watertown, NY I37136
10 Reed\Reid, Jennifer Elizabeth  Feb 1898Watertown, NY I26576
11 Signor, Louise Audrey  27 Jan 1925Watertown, NY I39094
12 Tripp, Emily M.  10 Dec 1875Watertown, NY I37133


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brennan, Catherine  4 Oct 1923Watertown, NY I42096
2 Cole, Angeline  9 May 1921Watertown, NY I26763
3 Gillan, James Edward  5 Oct 1925Watertown, NY I45084
4 Lawrence, Richard  26 Mar 1828Watertown, NY I43148
5 Meredith, Caroline  5 Oct 1893Watertown, NY I41240
6 Michaels, Lillian M.  Watertown, NY I48502
7 Peifer, Dorothy  15 Jan 2008Watertown, NY I8263
8 Pellam, Adelbert Dewitt  15 Nov 1945Watertown, NY I37113
9 Puffer, Anna Estella  1913Watertown, NY I38938
10 Puffer, Eleanor Jean  13 Feb 1955Watertown, NY I37134
11 Puffer, Guy Rainsford Sr.  12 Jan 1919Watertown, NY I26578
12 Puffer, Lloyd L.  1 Nov 1998Watertown, NY I16001
13 Puffer, Mary Louise  Oct 1895Watertown, NY I26628
14 Puffer, Robert Ryle  8 Apr 2005Watertown, NY I26579
15 Puffer, Willard Winslow  10 Nov 1925Watertown, NY I37136
16 Reed\Reid, Jennifer Elizabeth  2 Apr 1951Watertown, NY I26576
17 Tompkins, Col. Raymond Taylor  Jan 1969Watertown, NY I37137
18 Tripp, Emily M.  1958Watertown, NY I37133
19 Tripp, Lottie P.  22 Mar 1985Watertown, NY I51200


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Durham, Nellie E.  Watertown, NY I52508
2 Exford, Lillian E.  Watertown, NY I51191
3 Michaels, Lillian M.  Watertown, NY I48502
4 Olvert, Sylvia Ann  Watertown, NY I45085
5 Peifer, Dorothy  Watertown, NY I8263
6 Puffer, Anna Estella  Watertown, NY I38938
7 Puffer, Eleanor Jean  Watertown, NY I37134
8 Puffer, Ella F.  Watertown, NY I38937
9 Puffer, Isaac G.  Watertown, NY I26630
10 Puffer, Mary Louise  Watertown, NY I26628
11 Puffer, Robert Ryle  Watertown, NY I26579
12 Puffer, LTC. Robert Tripp  Watertown, NY I37135
13 Puffer, Willard Winslow  Watertown, NY I37136
14 Signor, George J.  Watertown, NY I48501
15 Tisdale, Nabby  Watertown, NY I9830
16 Tompkins, Col. Raymond Taylor  Watertown, NY I37137
17 Tompkins, Raymond Taylor Jr.  Watertown, NY I45991
18 Tripp, Emily M.  Watertown, NY I37133
19 Tripp, Soranus Hunt  Watertown, NY I42095
20 Welch, Henry  Watertown, NY I9829
21 Winslow, Carrie  Watertown, NY I26629


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Puffer / Reed\Reid  1 Jan 1917Watertown, NY F10273