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251 A blacksmith NEALLY, Charles D. (I19547)
252 A blacksmith CHANDLER, Capt. John (I21031)
253 A blacksmith MOORE, Capt. Josiah (I34154)
254 A blacksmith PUFFER, Capt. Smith C. (I36072)
255 A blacksmith Family: PONSFORD, William G. / LEADER, Louisa (F8128)
256 A blacksmith according to the 1920 Federal Census PUFFER, Silas Alvin (I10614)
257 A blacksmith and Methodist minister in Broome County, NY ca 1850. Member of¬†New York state assembly¬†from Broome County, 1857, Justice of the Peace 1856, Fenton, NY. PUFFER, Rev. Enos (I35727)
258 a blacksmith and Quaker CHASE, Lt. Isaac (I19348)
259 A blacksmith and wealthy, he was one of the first Proprietors and Freeh olders of Roxbury, MA, he served as a Representative to the General Cou rt of MA Bay Colony in 1678 CHANDLER, Capt. Thomas (I12089)
260 A blacksmith at the time of his death SPRAGUE, Joseph Cushing (I9225)
261 A blacksmith at the time of his marriage KRIVACHEK, Frank J. (I34991)
262 A blacksmith at the time of his marriage GERRY, Ernest Reed (I41391)
263 A blacksmith at the time of his marriage Family: DAVIS, William Henry / STEVENS, Katherine M. (F14097)
264 A blacksmith at the time of his marriage Family: FRENCH, Albert Nelson / ISRAEL, Jennie (F22793)
265 A blacksmith for the NY City Sanitation Dept. STENDER, Henry Detlef (I1109)
266 A blacksmith in 1892 VOUGHT, Alison T. (I49736)
267 A blacksmith in Fayette County, IL in 1870 PUFFER, Hugh (I1106)
268 A blacksmith in Hobart, NY BARLOW, Ward Samuel (I2037)
269 A blacksmith in Hobart, NY at the time of his marriage BARLOW, William Harrison (I11093)
270 A blacksmith in Lockport, Nova Scotia. BILL, Caleb Ryder (I13841)
271 A blacksmith, brother of Luther. WASHBURN, Rufus (I19244)
272 A blacksmith, resided at 3736 Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN
A painter, resided at 212 38th Ave. North, Minneapolis 
PUFFER, William Hale (I33517)
273 A blacksmith. PERRY, Calvin (I17360)
274 A blacksmith. BOYNTON, Ebenezer (I59538)
275 A blacksmith. The Haynes family settled on a grant of land called "Quinisigmonnd" aft er arrival on the "Confidence" April 9, 1638. Deacon John Haynes grant ed one hundred of land included in the tract to Henry Balcombe, Septemb er 5, 1672.] Married by Lt. Edm. Goodonow BALCOMBE, Henry (I29543)
276 A bodyguard for George Washington MCCAUSLAND, James (I35287)
277 A bookeeper WASS, Beverly (I62594)
278 A bookkeeper IRONS, Franklin Henry (I22205)
279 A bookkeeper at the time of her marriage. Family: SMITH, Eben Eri / MCMILLAN, Mary Pauline (F10375)
280 A bookkeeper in NYC PUFFER, William Lord (I18491)
281 A bookkeeper. Resided at 83 Chandler Street, Boston. TAYLOR, Amos Spaulding (I13731)
282 A boot and shoe merchant. AGNEW, James Henry (I23103)
283 A bootmaker at the time of his death FISHER, Ebenezer B. (I39552)
284 A border, with (supposedly her brothers), Armen M. and Joseph M. Demerjian, in the house of Thomas Flaherty. DE MERJIAN, Mary (I6032)
285 A boxer, undefeated and the Amateur Maine State Golden Glove Welterweight Champion. US Army Vet (forward scout) wounded in the head, honored with the Purple Heart. POTVIN, Richard Paul (I12651)
286 A brakeman for the B&O Railroad PUFFER, Neil D. (I3328)
287 A breeder of Cotswold and Leicester sheep, apiarist 50 swarms, and farm er 215 acres. FOLSOM, Chauncey Alonzo (I6440)
288 A brick maker

(Note: The Puffer Genealogy says his name was William. g.s says Wilson) 
PUFFER, Wilson (I11582)
289 A brick maker/layer in 1850 Family: PUFFER, Simon / DICKINSON, Adeline G. (F9853)
290 A brick mason in 1870, he lived at Porter, MI and afterward at Breckinridge, MI.

Living with his brother Benjamin in 1880 according to the Federal Census. 
PUFFER, William R. (I22202)
291 A bricklayer at the time of his death. MOORE, Charles Albion (I36824)
292 A brickmason MILLER, Harry Harmon (I20922)
293 A bridge builder LEE, Nathan Sr. (I18430)
294 A British Revolutionary War Soldier TREADWELL, Ephraim (I48970)
295 A Briton who settled in England during the reign of Henry II. ZOUCHE, Alan La (I9752)
296 A Bronze Star medal recipient for "exceptional courage, skill and adaptability to adverse conditions". A Cpl in the US Army, stationed in Europe and Korea. FRENCH, Edwin Freeman (I56232)
297 A bus boy at a hotel ROMANO, Paul C. (I61289)
298 A business administrator for a life insurance company Family: PUFFER, Leonard Goff / TOTTEN, Margaret Olive (F14921)
299 A butcher REED, William Harrison Jr. (I33203)
300 A butter maker in 1900 PUFFER, William (I37912)
301 A buyer for a department store PUFFER, Mary D. (I58912)
302 A cab driver? Employed by Yellow Cab Taxi Co. Centralia, IL PUFFER, Harry Roscoe (I6895)
303 A cabinet maker BLACK, Jesse S. (I3719)
304 A cabinet maker by trade and during most of his active life resided in Boston, where he manufactured musical instruments.

He was a 'pianoforte' maker in the 1850 Federal Census. 
PUFFER, Aaron (I33664)
305 A cabinet maker for Heywood Bros and Wakefield, Co. TOMLINSON, Oscar Campbell (I51436)
306 A cabinet maker. MESSINGER, Jacob (I18741)
307 A cadet in British Navy, wounded in engagement with the French. Merchant, Falmouth, Jamaica-West Indies DELISSER, Samuel de Aaron (I41735)
308 A Capt. in the US Army during WWII PERSHALL, George Arthur (I49612)
309 A captain from the island of Hooge, off the coast of Germany (just south of Fohr) FRERKSEN, Frerk (I48338)
310 A cardboard manufacturer CHENEY, Frank Page (I21605)
311 A caretaker of ranch buildings. PUFFER, Alonzo Ace (I7736)
312 A carpenter PUFFER, Amos Taft (I564)
313 A carpenter PUFFER, Arthur Ransom F. (I1012)
314 A carpenter PUFFER, Lorenzo (I11982)
315 A carpenter PUFFER, Francis A. (I11984)
316 A carpenter WILDER, Thomas (I14457)
317 A carpenter PUFFER, Albert S. (I18772)
318 A carpenter SPRAGUE, Soreno M. (I19803)
319 A carpenter WHITMORE, Harry (I20289)
320 a carpenter LANG, John K. (I21407)
321 A carpenter INGRAHAM, Edwin G. (I22172)
322 A carpenter FRENCH, Isaac Edwin (I33625)
323 A carpenter MINOTT, Joseph Nelson (I34551)
324 A carpenter PUFFER, Franklin Jason (I35697)
325 A carpenter HOTCHKISS, John W. (I36273)
326 A carpenter NASH, Herrick E. (I36881)
327 A carpenter BEEMAN, Daniel Raymond (I40201)
328 A carpenter Family: PUFFER, William H. / WOODRUFF, Elizabeth (F9316)
329 A carpenter and joiner. GROVER, Wesley (I22207)
330 A carpenter and joiner. He served in the Albany, NY Company during the Revolution and while enlisted he became ill which lasted for approx. 18 months after his service ended. He was never paid for his time in service and numerous letters and petitions were raised by his family to secure remuneration. MARSHALL, Enos Sr. (I46873)
331 A carpenter and machinist in the Pantry dist., north east Sudbury; later at Malden;
Civil War Veteran, served nine months, 1862-3, Co. F. in the 45th Mass. Inf. 
PUFFER, Pvt. Alpheus (I34330)
332 A carpenter and signatory of the Mayflower Compact, he died shortly after landing. BROWNE, Peter MAYFLOWER (I10906)
333 A carpenter at the time of his death. ROGERS, Alvin Geoffrey (I22147)
334 A carpenter by trade. MACOMBER, John (I12548)
335 A carpenter by trade. A soldier in the French and Indian war. CLAPP, Joel (I2790)
336 A carpenter in 1850.
In 1855 he appears in the NY State Census with is mother, Eliza, as "Mar Miller", not Puffer. 
PUFFER, Marshall G. (I42941)
337 A carpenter in 1860. Family: BEASLEY, Charles / Susan (F13096)
338 A carpenter in Augusta, ME. PLANTE, Omer (I45933)
339 A carpenter living at Woodhaven Ave, Ozone Park, NY.

He owned W.E. Puffer & Sons, furnace dealers 
PUFFER, William Edwin (I21290)
340 A carpenter, contractor and builder (1888 Town Directory, St. Johnsbury, VT) BRAGG, Alfred Ladd (I15137)
341 A carpenter, from English descent. SHORTT, Leslie Alford (I10235)
342 A carpenter, living at Columbia Falls, ME, no children

He had a substitute that served for him during the Civil War. 
PUFFER, Elijah Redman (I36564)
343 A carpenter, living near Hornell, NY. PUFFER, Salem Monroe (I16861)
344 A carpenter, master-builder. CHANDLER, Philemon (I7585)
345 A carpenter, Utica, N.Y.

Recommended to be appointed a "Plank Road Inspector" 12 Nov 1874, Chenango County, NY Source: The Chenango American, Greene, NY, Nov 26, 1874

Won a contract from the highway commission to build a bridge "across the river at Tillotson's Mills". Source: The Chenango American, Greene, NY, 27 Jun 1861.

Called to sit on the grand jury in Oxford, NY, on 2 Apr 1868. Source: The Chenango American, Greene, NY, 2 Apr 1868.

Granted a patent on a vehicle wheel. Source: The Chenango American, Greene, NY, 3 May 1888.

Granted a patent, #39,245 along with Andrew J. Sands for improvements in Water Elevators. Source: Annual Reports of the Commissioner of Patents, US Patents Office, Vol 1, page 541

He sued Jacob Bearer for assault and battery and won a $55 judgment. Source: Oxford Times, Oxford, NY, 17 Oct 1855, page 2.

He was elected Commissioner of Highway in 1872 for the town of Oxford. Source: Oxford Times, Oxford, NY, 28 Feb 1872, page 3. 
PUFFER, Stephen Haynes (I17299)
346 A carpenter. APPEL, Thomas (I4330)
347 A carpenter. GOODWIN, Matthew Edward (I19171)
348 A carriage maker FRENCH, William III (I23605)
349 A carriage mfg at Leominster, MA KENDALL, George Wakefield (I498)
350 A carriage painter in 1875 CLARK, Willie (I46669)
351 A cashier at a brass factory

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

It's not proven she belongs in this family however its the only family that fits with dates and places. 
PUFFER, Rena M. (I33402)
352 A cashier at a restaurant PUFFER, Margaret B. (I10201)
353 A Catholic priest, Pastor of St. Francis Parish, 1913-1947 PUFFER, Rev. Leonhard (I36286)
354 A chair manufacturer in Gardner. BAKER, Ezra (I14698)
355 A chaplain in the US Army. The post Chaplain at Fort Keogh in the late 1 800s. A member of the 49th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. RITNER, Rev. Capt. Isaac Newton (I14501)
356 a chauffeur FRENCH, John Clinton (I33602)
357 A chauffeur and he owned a trucking business PUFFER, Raymond Henry Sr. (I13807)
358 A chauffeur for the Police Dept. BRIDGHAM, Justin Roland (I47941)
359 A cheese maker at the time of his marriage Family: PUFFER, William Henry / CONE, Winnie Adell (F22882)
360 A cheesemaker COLBY, Roy Pablo (I32573)
361 A chemical engineer REESE, Charles Lee (I631)
362 A chemist HUNT, Harvey (I32976)
363 A chemistry professor at Univ. of Florida FRENCH, Dr. Roland Barnes (I61352)
364 A Choctaw native indian MANNING, Dr. Thomas Jeffereson Sr (I62991)
365 A Christian Science practitioner PUFFER, Katherine May (I21213)
366 A cigar clerk at A. L, Rudger PUFFER, Harry Wilson (I14412)
367 A city firefighter SOUTHARD, Donald J. (I57204)
368 A civil engineer Family: PUFFER, Clayton Linville / SHUMAKER, Beulah Alice (F16139)
369 A civil engineer for the Norwegian government. A teacher of manual training, formerly at the Pennington Academy, Pennington, N.J., now (1915) director of manual training in the school of Morristown, N.J.. Resides in Morristown, N.J. LIED, Fred C. M. (I8713)
370 A Civil War corporal, he was captured at Canton, MS, Mar 2 1864. JONES, Perry (I43063)
371 A Civil War Soldier LEIGHTON, George Nelson (I36865)
372 A Civil War soldier, killed at Petersburg, VA. HICKS, Merritt Gideon (I23095)
373 A Civil War Vet from the village of Pentwater, MI; Company K, 19th Michigan Infantry. Ira enlisted at Kalamazoo, MI at age 18 for 3 years service on August 8, 1864. He reached the Regiment at Atlanta, Georgia on September 5, 1864. Transferred to Company G, 10th MI Infantry on June 10, 1865. Mustered out at Louisville, Kentucky on July 19, 1865.

Admitted to the National home for Disabled Veterans in 1905 with malaria, chronic constipation, right inguinal hernia. 
PUFFER, Ira M. Sr. (I119)
374 A Civil War Vet, Pvt. with 20th Maine Infantry Regt. YOUNG, John A. (I1946)
375 A Civil War Veteran
A lumberman 
KINCAID, Samuel (I36676)
376 A Civil War Veteran ROBERTSON, Thomas Logan (I13160)
377 A Civil War Veteran DORR, Benjamin Eli (I18950)
378 A Civil War Veteran PIERSON, Charles W. (I33515)
379 A Civil War Veteran LEIGHTON, Corp. Stephen Silsby (I36868)
380 A Civil War Veteran LEIGHTON, Harris H. (I50398)
381 A Civil War Veteran 2nd Battery of Light MA Artillery as a corporal. ANDREWS, Erastus Ellsworth (I2918)
382 A Civil War Veteran and lived in the Soldier's Home at Bennington, VT (1915-21). Pvt., Co. H., 8th VT. He enlisted when he was 15 years old and served 4 years.

He was promoted corporal June 9, 1864, sergeant Dec. 6, 1864, and first sergeant April 13, 1865.

A shoemaker by trade. He was a mechanic when his first child was born in 1868.

Enlisted in Company H, Vermont 8th Infantry Regiment on 18 Feb 1862.
Promoted to Full Corporal on 07 Jun 1864.
Promoted to Full Sergeant on 08 Dec 1864.
Promoted to Full 1st Sergeant on 12 Apr 1865.
Mustered out on 28 Jun 1865 at Washington, DC. 
PUFFER, Henry L. (I18719)
383 A Civil War veteran born in VT of English ancestry. BUGBEE, Van Ness H. (I19289)
384 A Civil War Veteran in Co. J., 16th Vermont Regt. and later Co. H. 8th VT Regt. He came to Chicago in January, 1894, where for eleven years he followed the occupation of saw filer for Swift & Co. When he enlisted he recieved a bounty of $500.00 PUFFER, Francis J. (I16959)
385 A Civil War Veteran, 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry SMITH, Seth Marshall Jr. (I47151)
386 A Civil War Veteran, 11th NY Art. Btty. OUDERKIRK, Nelson Bernard (I36272)
387 A Civil War Veteran, 21st OH Inf. Regt.
Married and has descendants near Ravannah, OH 
PUFFER, Silas Peter (I2076)
388 A Civil War Veteran, 35th Inf. Regt, New Jersey. ZELLERS, Martin Van Buren (I17603)
389 A Civil War Veteran, 8th Mass Infantry. Wounded in battle. MURPHY, Michael W. (I52180)
390 A Civil War Veteran, a musician with the MA 27th Infantry Regt. CLAPP, Julius M. (I21581)
391 A Civil War Veteran, A PVT in Co. A, 23rd Reg., MA Infantry. WHITNEY, Jonas Lovering (I33127)
392 A Civil War Veteran, and a farmer GALLAHER, Theron Espasia (I24716)
393 A Civil War veteran, and later a lighthouse keeper at Petit Manan and Egg Rock, both close to Bar Harbor. SMALL, Amaziah Ricker (I52678)
394 A Civil War Veteran, Co A., 29th Michgan Infantry

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

A Civil War Veteran, 29th Michgan Infantry 
LUCE, James Collins (I24725)
395 A Civil War Veteran, Co. B, 8th Mass Infantry Regt.

Res. Adams, MA 
BATTLES, Joseph A. (I13694)
396 A Civil War Veteran, Co. C., 144th NY Infantry Regt., a musician PUFFER, John Harold (I2027)
397 A Civil War veteran, Co. C., 3rd PA Calvary Regiment. In the lumber business. BRILLHART, John Wesley (I8740)
398 A Civil War Veteran, Co. D, Seventeenth OH Vol. Inf., and Co. D, 1st OH Calvary; wounded with a pension, and a farmer. He was "Hurt in privates, on sadle" according to disability records. PUFFER, George W. (I987)
399 A Civil War Veteran, Co. E. 142d Infantry. SAWYER, Platt Rogers Halstead (I54943)
400 A Civil War Veteran, Co. F. 52nd Mass. Vol. Inf.; Corp. 30th Co. Unattached Mass. Heavy Artillery

He petitioned to be Executor of his mother-in-law's estate on 19 Dec 1878. He was unsuccessful and Joseph H. Root was appointed Executor on Jan 7 1879. 
ANDREWS, Joseph Luther (I35381)
401 A Civil War veteran, Co. H, 42nd NY Inf Regt, wounded in action. Retired paper maker, was killed in an accident. The MA death records indicate death from "multiple injuries and their results. Alleged assault." His attacker was William D. Nealy of Fall River, MA, his grand-nephew. PUFFER, Marcus Morton (I22477)
402 A Civil War Veteran, Co. K. 13th Mass Infantry SARGENT, Amos Plimpton (I14999)
403 A Civil War Veteran, Co.H. of the IL Volunteer Infantry. Mustered out at Galveston,TX on 22 Jul 1865 as a corporal.

For eighteen years Capt. Benson ran as master of Puget sound steamers, notably the Chehalis, City of Quincy, George E. Starr, Josephine and the Eliza Anderson

He was killed in the Treadwell mine on Douglas Island, Alaska. He was blasting in a shaft or tunnel when an explosion jarred loosed a hanging rock that crashed down about 25 feet onto his head. He died instantly. He had been employed in the mine since September 1899 and the story marks his original departure from Seattle as July 1898. His body was brought down on one of the supply steamers, the Dirigo, which also brought miners and their families home from the gold district. The story notes that he was to be buried in the Lakeview cemetery, in a section we now know to have been devoted to G.A.R. veterans 
BENSON, Capt. Daniel R. (I34484)
404 A Civil War Veteran, Company A, 9th Regiment Infantry, Maine
He was a pensioner of the state of Maine, certificate # 59,002. "g.s.w. face, dis of brain". $50.00 per month. 
PHIPPS, Stephen E. (I36791)
405 A Civil War Veteran, Company C., 29th Regiment, Ohio infantry
Died, ultimately, of wounds. 
KRAHL, Ransom S. (I39143)
406 A Civil War Veteran, enlisted in Company E, 103rd Regt. OH Volunteer Infantry in Cleveland, OH, Aug. 12, 1862; mustered out June 12, 1865. Applied for invalid pension, Mar. 6, 1891 in IL but it was not issued. Cemetery records were burned up in a fire in the early 1970s but he has a military headstone in a plot with 20 other vets in Section H. His name is on Panel #14 in the Cuyahoga County Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Public Square, Cleveland, OH.

His headstone was provided by the Stockbridge Marble Co, Stockbridge, MA on May 29, 1900

A school teacher at the time of his marriage to Sarah F. Hollis 
PUFFER, Henry Samuel Sr. (I6652)
407 A Civil War Veteran, enrolled in the army on the first day of May in 1863 at Ft. Blunt Cn. in Fort Smith, AR. He was in Co. L 14th Regiment of Kansas Cavalry. He was mustered in as a private on the 19th day of October in 1863 at Ft. Scott, Kansas. He was mustered out as Sergeant and honorably discharged with company June 25, 1865 at Ft. Gibson Cn.

"I was detailed by General Bluntto to go to Baham, Texas and find out the true condition of the Southern Army. I left Ft. smith, AR on April 14, 1864. After we reached Mt. Pleasant we were suspicioned as spies, we fled and were pursued by a force from the confederate army. After traveling 4 days and nights, we stopped to graze our horses and were attacked by our pursuers. I had my horse shot and killed and I was shot in the head. Two more were shot and wounded and one was killed. We killed 3 of their party and wounded 2 more. This was on the 19th day of April 1864 on our return to headquarters at Ft. Smith, AR. The attack was made on the Kimish River in the Choctaw Nation. We were attacked by a command of whites and Indians. I was shot in the back part of my head. I succeeded after I came to getting another horse and making my escape, although we were pursued until the afternoon of the next day." 
REMY, Henry (I9550)
408 A Civil War veteran, he died accidentally, while intoxicated. He had slumped over and became lodged between pieces of his buggy. BUDHEIN, Joseph (I42059)
409 A Civil War Veteran, Lt. Co. F. 105th Reg., Ohio Volunteer Infantry

In 1868 he purchased his father's farm in Parkman, OH 
SMITH, Norman Decatur (I47144)
410 A Civil War Veteran, private in the Vermont Infantry, 5th Regt. PUFFER, Nelson L. (I24628)
411 A Civil War veteran, private, in Company G, First Ohio Infantry, as a private, for three months, and was discharged about Aug. 1, 1861. In Sep 1861, he set about recruiting a company for 3 years service. He was successful and reported to camp at Chillicothe, Ohio, and the company was mustered in the Seventy-third Ohio, 30 Nov 1861. he was commissioned Second Lieutenant of Company D, in December, 1862, he was commissioned First Lieutenant, and in March, 1864, he was promoted to Captain. He participated in a number of battles, First Bull Run, Chancellorville, Gettysburg and siege of Atlanta. He was promoted to Major, July 20, 1865 just as he was being discharged. DOWNING, Maj. Abisha (I23570)
412 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt 3rd MI Infantry MARK, Joseph (I17482)
413 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt in Co. C., 20th MI Inf. Regt. wounded in battl e. TRAUT, Wilson (I32857)
414 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt, 13th MI Inf. Reg. A teacher. SIDNAM, William P. (I22980)
415 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt, 144th NY Infantry Regt., a clerk. Promoted to Corporal in 1862.

He was slightly wounded in the battle of Honey Hill, SC, carrying the colors of his Regiment.

His headstone was supplied by Stockbridge Marble Co, Stockbridge, MA in 1900 
PUFFER, Henry Smythe (I4867)
416 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt, Co D, 25th Mass. Iinf. Regt.Combmaker, Leominster. BIGELOW, William (I17775)
417 A Civil War veteran, Pvt, Co. B., 32nd Maine Volunteers. Transferred 12 Dec 18 Wounded in the head, 31 May 1864 at the battle of Totopotomo Creek, VA. Transferred to Co. B, 31st Maine Inf. Regt., 12 Dec 1864. ABBOTT, Henry (I43571)
418 A Civil War veteran, Pvt, Co. G, 1st NH Cavalry FLANDERS, Charles Colby (I19146)
419 A Civil War veteran, Pvt, Co. M, Maine 1st Hvy Artlry Regt. A boat bui lder MOORE, Hezekiah C. (I17608)
420 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt. Co. A. 22nd Ohio Vol. Regt. MILLER, Wales Newton (I11241)
421 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt. in Co. D., 22nd ME Inf. He and his whole family are listed in the 1880 Schedules of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes Record as "Pauper and Indigent Inhabitants In Institutions, Poor-Houses or Asylums, or Boarded at Public Expense in Private Homes". Their daughter Laura is mentioned as being 'insane'.
A laborer and farmer. 
GRANT, John Billings (I18279)
422 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt., 3rd Mass. Battery Regt. His headstone was provided by Gross Brothers, Lee, MA. DICKMAN, Joseph L. (I54596)
423 A Civil War Veteran, Sergeant with the 142nd PA Vol. Infantry. KERR, Johnston Williams (I8582)
424 A Civil War Veteran, Sgt. Co. H., 1st Maine Hvy Artlry. FARNSWORTH, George Washington (I9128)
425 A Civil War Veteran. An undertaker. DAYMON, William (I11274)
426 A Civil War veteran. Company C, Sixth Maine Volunteer Infantry
Enlisted at Portland, Maine 29 April 1861 and discharged 6 December 1865. 
LEIGHTON, Francis C. (I36871)
427 A clerk

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he was a student. 
PUFFER, Maynard Coler (I33877)
428 A clerk NORRIS, Andrew Armstong (I16272)
429 A clerk ROLLINS, Cecil James (I39088)
430 A clerk @ 346 Broadway, home @ 130 Livingston, Brooklyn in 1857 PUFFER, Edward Holmes (I18502)
431 A clerk according to the 1850 Federal Census
A brush manufacturer according to the 1870 Federal Census 
PUFFER, Gustavus Aaron (I33695)
432 a clerk at the time of his death WILKINS, Cyrus W. (I22073)
433 A clerk for a trolley company PUFFER, Leroy Giles (I35993)
434 A clerk for Coburn & Co., Lowell, MA FOSTER, Zadie Elma (I3164)
435 A clerk in a dental office, living in 1910 in Hennepin, MN PUFFER, Hazel Veleta (I33369)
436 A clerk in a grocery store 1930 Federal Census SCHOEFFLER, Florence Pauline (I37753)
437 A clerk in a hardware store at the time of his death DRISKO, Ralph Leslie (I38644)
438 A clerk in a hotel PUFFER, Harold James (I5896)
439 A clerk in a notion store BISEL, Opal O. (I20638)
440 A clerk in an auto store

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he worked at Nielson Tractor Company in Minneapolis, MN 
PUFFER, Eugene Alfred (I35919)
441 A clerk in L H Field Company HARLOW, Anna Marie (I47899)
442 A clerk in the County Assessor's office PACK, Wilma Elaine (I42065)
443 A clerk in the War Department. PUFFER, Candace (I35405)
444 A coal miner in 1930 CARR, Wilbur Jason (I40411)
445 A collector 1797 -1801 WARE, Capt. Benjamin (I3366)
446 A Colonel in the First Regiment, Orange County, NY Militia

He signed the Association ledge April 29, 1775. Was chairman of the committee of Safety and loaned money to help the war effort. Lt. Col. First Regiment, Orange County, NY. Promoted to Col. 
MARVIN, Col. Elihu (I45821)
447 A colony militia man, Capt. Jonas Douw's Company, in 1715 at Albany. HOGEBOOM, Derrick (I58826)
448 A comb maker at the time of his death MORSE, Joel R. (I42108)
449 A combat engineer in Europe during WWII.

Manger at J.C. Penny and Robert Hall Clothing Stores. Proprietor of Puffer's Floral Shoppe in 1968. 
PUFFER, Phillip L. (I6347)
450 A commercial photographer PUFFER, William Frederick (I665)

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