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26651 Originally buried in Walker-Blake Cemetery, Taunton, MA RICHMOND, Abigail (I59635)
26652 Originally buried on the battlefield of Nashville, TN.. reinterred to the National Cemetery there. PUFFER, Horace F. (I35512)
26653 Originally interred in Mound City National Cemetery, Section C., Site 1510 PUFFER, John Ira III (I36177)
26654 Originally named William Erasmus. He worked on his father's farm and attended the district schools until he was twenty years old. He attended academies during the next two years and studied for the ministry. In 1852 and 1853 he preached in Methodist pulpits under appointment of the presiding elder; in 1854 he joined the Troy conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. For years he preached and labored in the ministry, chiefly in Vermont, the conference of which he joined in 1861. He had numerous pastorates in the state of Vermont and was Presiding Elder of St. Johnsbury District from 1874 to 1878. He was elected in 1876 a member of the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He has been one of the most honored and influential clergyman of his denomination in Vermont. He retired in 189_ and lived in Richford, VT.

His 2nd marriage shows some differences in his record. The Vermont Vital Records records that his father was Austin Puffer and that his 2nd wife's name was Esther Ann Kingsley. 
PUFFER, Rev. William R. (I16832)
26655 Originally of Rockville, CT, later Amherst, MA and finally Almoral, IA STRICKLAND, William Green (I20859)
26656 Originally recorded as 3 Jul 1889, in 1945 someone in the family (perhaps Lloyd himself) filed an affidavit with the state to change the day to the 30th (shown in the pic). PUFFER, Lloyd Wellington (I19995)
26657 Originally Tiverton, MA which became a part of RI in 1747 COOKE, Elizabeth (I2642)
26658 Owned 30 farms in Windham Co., VT at the time of his death, 1890, and h ad 210 head of cattle, 52 horses and 500 sheep. He was a Democrat and m ember of the Vermont House of Reprentatives BEMIS, Nial (I32803)
26659 Owned a construction company, Calocci Brothers CALOCCI, Anthony (I38592)
26660 Owned a farm of 120 acres. PUFFER, John (I11543)
26661 Owned a fur company, Furs by Rudolph, in Calgary, Alberta. PUFFER, Rudolph (I55568)
26662 owned a large quantity of land, evident by the number of documents pertaining to this fact SOUR: @S243@ PAGE: 79:296 "The Knowles Family of Eastham, Mass," by Charles Thornton Libby, Esq., of Portland, Me. This GEDCOM is generated by The Master Genealogist (TMG). Care must be e xercised in using these data; it is a "work in progress." KNOWLES, Samuel Sr. (I20511)
26663 Owned and operated a chair shop POMEROY, Simeon Goodwin (I39209)
26664 owned and operated Puffer Apartments in Faribault and enjoyed time at t heir cabin on Horseshoe Lake together RING, Margaret (I18075)
26665 Owned and/or operated Clios Hotel, according to the 1940 Federal Census. PUFFER, Corp. Loyd M. (I16309)
26666 Owned the G. W, Puffer & Co., Albany, NY, hatters. PUFFER, George Windsor (I24277)
26667 Owner and operator of Crafts, Etc. at Markets of Marion, FL LIBERTY, Gail Karen (I20667)
26668 Owner and operator of Puffer Forest Products for over 20 yrs. PUFFER, John Frederick Sr. (I1786)
26669 Owner of a small fruits farm in NH in 1910 PIERCE, William D. (I18889)
26670 Owns Puffer Auto in Kittery, ME PUFFER, Pierre Patrick (I40039)
26671 p. 265 Conant Gen. CONANT, Levi (I19518)
26672 Parentage unknown

1/2/18. it is possible that this might be Mary Ann Noyes. She married Andrew Bowen in Jan 1840, the married Phineas Puffer in Nov of that year? DMC 
PUFFER, Mary A. (I34349)
26673 Parentage unknown PUFFER, Mary (I23053)
26674 Parentage unknown SHUTE, Elizabeth (I41551)
26675 Parentage unknown. She likely died in childbirth. PUFFER, Emeline (I34313)
26676 Parents came from Wales. ROBERTS, Louisa (I18148)
26677 Parents moved to Peterborough Co. from Leeds Co., when 8 years of age, then to Dresden, Ontario, Canada, when 13 years of age; thence to Illinois at 14 and to MI at 16 yrs.; went to Alberta early in 1890; worked at farming and lumbering; was a pioneer in Alberta; homesteading and farming in the spring of '95; started in the meat and cattle trade at Lacombe, Ontario and for several years also conducted a lumber yard and machine business. elected to the first Alberta Legislature, Nov., 1905; re-elected by acclamation, 1909

He spoke fluent Cree, an Algonquin language and employed many native Americans. 
PUFFER, William Franklin (I19990)
26678 Park City officials have no record of her in this cemetery GEBHART, Ruth Mary (I48607)
26679 Participated in the 2nd Crusade Louis VII, King Of France (I12598)
26680 Participated in the Lancastrian upgrising and was beheaded by order of K ing Edward IV. DYMOKE, Sir Thomas of Scrivelsby (I10842)
26681 Partner of David in Puffer Brothers, wholesale fruit dealers. PUFFER, Charles Reuben (I20781)
26682 Partner of Puffer Bros., 20 Merchantile St., Boston, wholesale dealers i n fruit and produce. PUFFER, David J. Jr. (I19641)
26683 Partner with his father, a horn merchant. PUFFER, Charles (I16445)
26684 Pastor of Emmanuel Southern Baptist Church, South Gate, CA at the time of his daughters wedding there. PUFFER, Rev. Max Duane (I9641)
26685 Pastor of the Baptist Church and in 1870 was elected Town Clerk of Bell ingham, MA, serving 10 years. He resigned his pastorate to return to VA t o spend the remainder of his life near his boyhood home, where he purch ased the "Thomas Jefferson" estate. MASSEY, Rev. Joseph T. (I23080)
26686 Pastor of the Nazarene Church in Omaha, NE (1946) PUFFER, Rev. Asa Ernest Evlan (I9994)
26687 Patriot soldier appears with rank of private on muster and pay rolls of C aptain Samuel Hill's company, Colonel Josiah Whitney's regiment. He enl isted in August 1777, serving for six days during which he marched to t he Bennington Alarm from Harvard. He re-enlisted as private in the same c ompany and regiment in October 1777 for another 4 days, and again serve d for twenty-four days under Lieutenant Colonel Ephraim Sawyer. He was a m ember of Committee of Correspondence and Safety in 1781 and later a Sel ectman. HAPGOOD, Shadrach (I113)
26688 Pearl Whitehead's son by a previous marriage...Adopted by Owen F. French WHITEHEAD, Thomas A. Jr. (I17309)
26689 Pennsylvania Miracode, Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration Source (S360)
26690 Per his mother's obituary Family: ROGERS, James S. / GODWELL, Elizabeth C. (F22053)
26691 Per letter from the directory to my mother, Norma I. Caranci date 14 May 1942. SMITH, Frances Alma (I23638)
26692 Per the 1880 Federal Census she is single, boarding at the home of Andrew Upham and family in Gardner, MA. She must have married the "Foster" shortly after and he either died, or they were divorced, though no records have been found. PUFFER, Eva Mabel (I5270)
26693 Persian Gulf Veteran, US Air Force, Major PUFFER, Gary Irving (I38858)
26694 Peter bought a mill in Newbury in 1663, ran it for several years and tr ained his sons in the business. In 1670 the town granted him land to bu ild a windmill for grain. He built a water-driven sawmill with his sons a round 1690. The last record known of him is 10 Jan 1694/95, when he dee ded the sawmill to a son. After Peter died, Hannah married 3 Jun 1700, J ohn Atkinson. CHENEY, Peter (I16784)
26695 PETER, Sudbury 1639, came in the Confidence, 1638, from Southampton, la tter part of Apr. aged 47, with s. Thomas, 15; d. Eliz. and three serv. i s call. yeoman in the custom-ho. rec. but aft. arr. gentleman. He was o f Penton, in Co. Hants, wh. is near Andover; went home aft. short visit o r explorat. here, well pleased with what he saw at Watertown, and next y r. came again in the "Jonathan", with sev. friends, and Nicholas, Dorot hy, Abigail, and Peter, all prob. his ch. beside John Waterman, Richard B arnes, William Street, Agnes Bent, Eliz. Plimpton, and Agnes Blanchard, w h. I judge to be his serv. as he paid for their passages; but such was n ot Agnes**** Bent, for she paid for herself, for d. Agnes, Thomas Blanc hard's w. with her h. and Richard Barnes, s. of said Blanchard's w. and p rob. Eliz. Plimpton. Blanchard's w. with inf. d. on the passage, 15 day s out, and Barnes's gr.mo. d. this side of the Banks. He had share in t he first div. of lds. in his town, and again in the 2d and 3d, made 164 0, was freem. 13 May 1640, selectman 18 yrs. rep. 1640, 1, and 50, d eac. of the ch. and d. 23 Sept. 1657. Three yrs. bef. he gave his est. i n Old Eng. to his eldest s. Thomas, and in his will, of wh. Thomas was m ade excor. made the day bef. his d. he names other ch. Peter, Joseph, E liz. w. of Josiah Haynes, Dorothy, w. of John Haynes, Abigail, w. of Th omas Plympton, d.-in-law Mary, w. of his s. Thomas, and kinsm. Shadr ach Hapgood. Occupation - Yeoman Christening - 30 AUG 1590; Andover, Hampshire, England; Emigration - 11 APR 1638; London, England; Came at the age of 47 on 'Confidence' of London, 200 tons, Jo hn Jobson, Master. Left Southampton 24 April 1638. NOYES, Peter (I14373)
26696 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I39475)
26697 PFC, 142nd Inf., 36th Inf. Div. WWII Veteran CARANCI, Libro A. (I11709)
26698 PFC, US Army, WWII Veteran PUFFER, Harold J. (I12631)
26699 PFC, US Army, WWII Veteran ALLRED, James Oliver (I33380)
26700 Pharmacist. WEBSTER, Herman Oliver Sr. (I13715)
26701 Phineas served in the Militia under General Gates in 1777. He suffered f rom "numb Palsey" for 23 years before his death. Phineas and his brothe r, Johnson, inherited from their father, John Pelton (1682), 400 acres c alled school lot and one half the dwelling house thereon. The old homes tead of John Pelton the 1st, of Saybrook, lies in what is now the Twp o f Portland. PELTON, Phineas (I20742)
26702 Played tackle in 2 games for the 1944 NY Giants football team CARANCI, Roland (I1960)
26703 Playwright whose works included "The Last Pleiad," "The Blood of Kings," "Joe" and "The Fastidious Lady" DRANSFIELD, Jane (I53956)
26704 Pliny Wetherell Puffer is the illegitimate son of William Wetherell and Eunice Puffer. WETHERELL, Pliny Puffer (I42971)
26705 Police Officer Henry Puffer was shot and killed when he interrupted two men robbing a service station at Vinewood and West Warren.

The suspects opened fire on him before he could draw his weapon. Although mortally wounded, he chased the suspects a short distance before collapsing. He was transported to Detroit Receiving Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Officer Puffer had served with the Detroit Police Department for two years. 
PUFFER, Henry Gordon (I8374)
26706 Poppo I was a count in the Grapfeld (Grabfeld), floruit 819 – 839. He w as a "leading man of the Franks" in 838–839, when he and several other n oblemen, including Gebhard, Count of the Lahngau, Adalbert, Count of Me tz, and Otgar, Archbishop of Mainz, who opposed Louis the German's revo lt against Louis the Pious. Poppo was probably the father or grandfather of Henry of Franconia, Pop po (II) of Thuringia, and Egino. He was a forefather of the later Baben bergs. BABENBERG, Poppo Count of Grapfeld Duke of Franconi (I9779)
26707 possibly in childbirth with last child OXENDINE, Elizabeth (I62664)
26708 Postmaster of Scrooby. Personal secretary to William Davison, Secretary o f State under Queen Elizabeth. Publisher and printing press owner. Pl ymouth Church Elder. From Scrooby, co. Nottinghamshire, England, about 5 4-years old BREWSTER, Elder William MAYFLOWER (I5988)
26709 Praetor in 166 BC. (Praetor was a title granted by the governmen t of Ancient Rome to men acting in one of two official capacities: The c ommander of an army, usually in the field, or the named commander befor e mustering the army; and an elected magistratus (magistrate) as signed varied duties (per the historical period).) CAESAR, Sextus Julius I (I10781)
26710 Preached at Hudson and Hopedale. HEYWOOD, Rev. William Sweetser (I34541)
26711 Premature birth WHITNEY, Baby Girl (I47141)
26712 Premature birth. WHITNEY, Baby Girl (I47141)
26713 President of a dye works. PUFFER, George Francis (I15834)
26714 President of the International Harvester Company of America. Mr. Haskins was born in South Crosby, Canada. His father was a Baptist minister and farmer in early life. His mother was also a native of Canada, daughter of an English army officer, Cheetham as originally spelled, now Chatham. Mr. Haskins came to Chicago with is parents when he was six years old. He left the high school at fourteen and went to work for the Champion Harvester Co. and remained with this concern till it became part of the International Harvester Co. in 1903. At that time he was general manager of the Champion Company. In 1912 he was made president of the International Harvester Co. of America. He is a life long student, a man of marked ability, highly honored. Res. 7350 Sheriden Road, Chicago.

(Ed. note: I notice with some distain that so much is written about Mr. Haskins and nothing whatsoever of his wife, who bears the Reference Number in Mr. Nutt's book. DMC.) 
HASKINS, Robert Chatham (I13750)
26715 President, Musicians Protective Union, No. 262, Woonsocket, RI. A self -employed musician. Resided at 51 Earle Street, Woonsocket, RI. PUFFER, Frederic Clinton (I14707)
26716 Principal of the Weyauwega High School. Founder and owner of the Fountain City Business College, in Fond Du Lac, WI PUFFER, George Walter Jr. (I15872)
26717 Principle at Cunningham Elementary School Family: PUFFER, Albert William / FRANER, Ruth Patricia (F5675)
26718 Private in Co C, 24th Reg. MA Vols. in the Civil War. CARVER, Justin Alanson (I44171)
26719 Private secretary to George Washington at Valley Forge and afterward sheriff of New York, NY. STAGG, Major John (I39084)
26720 Private Troop C., 1st Calvary COOVER, Richard Thompson (I56015)
26722 Probably went to Westmoreland, NH. His father deeded land there to him, 1745. PUFFER, Seth (I15747)
26723 Progenitor of the House of Vermandois. Bernard King of Italy (I10063)
26724 Prominent in politics in Missouri. RICKEY, Joseph Kerr Jr. (I14725)
26725 Promoted to Corporal in Co. B, 1st Michigan Calvary Regiment PUFFER, Garrett H. (I32684)
26726 Propietor of Luddy's Garage, 205 Triangle St, Amherst, MA LUDDY, John F. (I24094)
26727 Proprietor of the Flat Iron Cafe Family: O'BRIEN, John Urban / PLANTE, Marie-Ange Apolline (F16779)
26728 Published in the Piscataquis (ME) Observer 6 Oct 1859 p3: "MARRIED---In Bangor, 26th, by Rev. A. K. P. Small, Dexter R. Puffer of Boston, and Miss Mary J. Thomas, of Bangor Family: PUFFER, Dexter Richardson / THOMAS, Mary Jane (F8913)
26729 Puffer Genealogy book is incorrect on birth place. PUFFER, Betsey Ann (I15030)
26730 Puffer Genealogy says b. 1821, Concord, MA. HAYWARD, Mary Jane (I13996)
26731 Puffer opened Pacific Western Traders on Oct. 1, 1971. The store continues to do business at 305 Wool St., Folsom.

He was a US Navy veteran, Korean War. 
PUFFER, Herbert Charles Jr. (I37497)
26732 PUFFER, Barbara Lou, 85, of Mesa, died September 1, 2010 in Mesa. No services were held. Angels Cremation and Burial handled arrangements 480 962-6435 SPURGEON, Barbara Lou (I9093)
26733 Puffer, Mildred M.
Puffer, Mildred M. at her residence on Tuesday, May 4, 2004 in her 89th year. Mildred Rogers beloved wife of the late Charles Puffer of Norwood. Loving mother of Sharon (Robert) Fisher of Peterborough and Judie (Bart) Downton of Wellington. Dear Grandmother of Gregory & Kenneth Fisher and Brad & Chris Downton. Great grandmother of Emily & Brianna.
Friend may call at the NORWOOD & DISTRICT FUNERAL HOME LTD. 1-877-737-7070. 36 Queen Street, Norwood on Thursday from 2-4 & 7-9pm. Funeral Service at Christ Anglican Church on Friday, May 7, 2004 at 1:30pm. Rev Naomi Miller officiating. Interment Asphodel-Norwood Cemetery. Donations to Christ Church Anglican Restoration Fund would be appreciated by the family. 
ROGERS, Mildred M. (I11643)
26734 purchased from the Indians the townsite of Falmouth, Barnstable County, Massachusetts HATCH, Dr. Elisha (I17081)
26735 Purchasing agent of the Worcester Pressed Steel Co., Worcester. Resided at 8 Scrimgeour Road.

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he was a purchasing agent for the Boston Magneto Co, North Main Street, Worcester, MA 
PUFFER, Philip Gleason (I33173)
26736 Pvt in Co. C., 9th NH Regt. ROBERTS, Millet W. (I49822)
26737 Pvt in CT troops under Col. Hinman. HURD, John IV (I36262)
26738 PVT US Army, Battery B, Fourth Artillery, Fort Riley, KS in 1900 TONER, William (I58222)
26739 Pvt, Capt David Parker's Co., Lynn Minute Men HAWKES, Adam (I40029)
26740 Pvt, Capt. Henry Haskell & Col. James Prescott. Fought at the Battle of Lexington. PAGE, Daniel (I34585)
26741 PVT, Co A, 95th NY Inf. Regt. PUFFER, John Ely (I21280)
26742 Pvt, Co. E., 103rd Ohio Vol. Infantry. Promoted to Corporal, 1 Dec 1864. PUFFER, Corp. Henry R. (I37300)
26743 Pvt, Co. G., 151 Pennsylvania Volunteers PUFFER, Salem Shumway (I16867)
26744 Pvt, Co. G., 21st MA Inf. Regmt. PUFFER, Cpl. Eugene Augustus (I21576)
26745 Pvt, N.H. Continental Line MARSTON, Levi (I45930)
26746 Pvt, US Army PUFFER, Charles Richard (I37935)
26747 Pvt. Co. A. 93rd NYSV during the Civil War, mustered in Dec 16, 1861; Returned from desertion 1 Sep 1863; transferred to Co. G. Feb 1, 1864; re-transferred to Co. A, Apr 15, 1864; wounded in action Aug 18, 1864, at Weldon Railroad, VA; discharged for disability, May 25, 1865. PUFFER, John Ely (I21280)
26748 Pvt. US Army PUFFER, Gladys Mary (I14160)
26749 PVT., 151st Field Art., WWI Veteran
A fireman in Minneapolis, MN 1920 
PUFFER, Walter Wales (I23891)
26750 Pvt., 164th Bat. CEF PUFFER, Kipling Lofthouse (I32654)
26751 Pvt., Co. B, 101st NY Infantry Regt. GRANSBURY, Stephen Henry (I40283)
26752 Pvt., Company-K, 3rd Michigan Infantry MARK, Joseph (I17482)
26753 Rachel SMITH b: ABT. 1783 in New Jersey Martha SMITH b: 25 JUL 1771 in Boteto urt Co. Virginia Mary SMITH b: 1774 in Sussex Co. New Jersey Eleazor SMITH b: 18 FEB 1776 in Sussex Co. New Jersey Rachel SMITH b: 1782 in Sussex Co. Ne w Jersey Jacob SMITH b: 5 JUL 1785 in Stokes Co. North Carolina Moses SMITH b: 15 JUN 1788 in Of Stokes Co. North Carolina Thompson SMITH b: 15 OCT 1790 in Stokes Co. North Carolina John SMITH b: 15 JUN 1793 in Stokes Co. North C arolina BRILES, Rachel (I17852)
26754 Raised by Ephraim and Melissa from a young girl. Taken as a wife in po lygamy by Ephraim in March, 1858. BROWN, Margaret Melinda (I22644)
26755 Raised by the Puffers after her mother, Margaret MacMaster, died. MACMASTERS, Peggy (I16191)
26756 Ran/owned a boarding house in Hartford, CT in 1880 CULVER, Lucinda (I15213)
26757 Ransom, the eldest son of Seth Smith, came, with his younger brother, Marsh, the year before their father, and purchased the land lying between the two roads; Marsh Smith taking that lying on both sides of the western road, which is now owned by Sandford Eddy, upon which he resided more than forty years. About 1871, he removed to Chardon, where he still resides. While living in Parkman, he was several times elected to the office of justice of the peace, and also to that of auditor of the county. Ransom Smith died in 1833. Two of his sons, Alonzo B. and Norman Decatur, with their families, still live in the township. He was a soldier in the war of 1812, and was a member of the first militia company organized in the township. SMITH, Ransom (I44462)
26758 Receipt dated Springfield, MA, Jul 19 1782, signed by Seth Banister, Captain, 4th Mass. regt., Muster Master, stating that he had received said Puffer of Lieut. Michael Frizzle, Chairman of Class No. 5 of the town of Bernardston, MA, and mustered him as a recruit to serve in the Continental Army for the term of 3 years; also, Private, 7th Co.; entries dated Oct 25, 1783, and Jan. 29, 1784, or orders for wages for May-Dec (year not given), appearing in a register of orders accepted on account of wages, etc. PUFFER, Benjamin (I13661)
26759 Received from Harvard the degree of A.B. in 1900, A.M. in 1901; S.T.B. i n 1913. He is a distant relative of Rev. William Barry, author of the history of Framingham.

Barry was educated privately before undergraduate and graduate studies at Harvard University (A.B., 1900; A.M., 1901; S.T.B., 1913) studying folklore, theology, and classical and medieval literature.[2] After graduating, he devoted himself to "the cultural history of the Celts and American colored lithographs"[3] and then began collecting variations of both American and Anglo-American ballads in the northeast United States.[4] In 1930 he founded the Folk-Song Society of the Northeast. He edited and regularly contributed to the group's Bulletin,[5] which printed twelve issues from 1930 until Barry's death in 1937.[6]In an obituary printed in 1938, folklorist George Herzog described his theory of "communal re-creation" as a significant contribution to the study of ballads in the field:
Mr. Barry, and Professor Louise Pound, attacked the theory of "communal ballad origin" according to which ballads were supposed to have originated through improvisation, by a group acting in concert. Mar. Barry suggested instead a theory of "communal re-creation," a process according to which songs created by individuals and handed down by tradition became remodeled and changed by practically each individual who sang them. The protagonists of the communal original theory in time modified their views considerably, and emphasis has turned from theorizing to patient research.[7]
Phillips Barry's theories have not been without criticism. In 1964, eminent folklorist Tristram Coffin criticized Barry's handling of tragic ballads "Springfield Mountain" and "Fair Charlotte" as showing "disregard of narrative obituary tradition [that is] typical of ballad scholar in general," and disputed his method in dating of the ballads.[8]
During the summer of 1930, Helen Hartness Flanders began to correspond with Barry on the subject of an archive of traditional songs she had been collecting in Vermont for the Vermont Commission on Country Life. Initially they collaborated for the sake of finding Child Ballads in New England; at the time these songs were considered to be more prevalent in the South and were generally not associated with New England culture.[9] Besides Flanders, Barry's contemporaries included Fannie Eckstorm, Marguerite Olney, Eloise Linscott, and Mary Winslow Smyth. Together, they collected New England songs from 1920 to 1960, documenting a fading musical tradition belonging to an bygone lifestyle.[10] Barry's later work focused more on original ("native") American ballads rather than British ballads. His last work, published posthumously, was The Maine Woods Songster, his second volume of songs from the state. He was in the process of doing research on the ballads "The Three Sisters" and "Little Musgrave".[11]
Barry married Kate Fairbanks Puffer of Framingham, Massachusetts in 1914 and began an association with the Ebert School in 1921. He also cultivated fruit trees, possessing at his 70-acre Prospect Hill Farm near Groton, Massachusetts, an orchard of some six hundred trees; the house dated from 1680 or before and was one of the oldest structures in town.[12] He was a pacifist, writing in 1925: "'Let not ambition,' etc. I hope, however, to live long enough to see war appraised at its true value, namely, as murder, without even the extenuation which permits the tempering of justice with mercy in dealing with cases of individual homicide."[13] 
BARRY, Phillips (I32779)
26760 Received her Masters Degree at Western Illinois University in 1980
A teacher in the East Moline, IL school system in 1986 
COPE, Alison Foster (I19925)
26761 Records from B.W. Johnson JOHNSON, Lewis Sherman (I14673)
26762 Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, RG 85, Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration Source (S373)
26763 Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, RG 85, Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration Source (S465)
26764 Referred to by the family as 'Grandma McIntyre' JONES, Mary Elizabeth (I7655)
26765 Registered to vote this date. A farmer. GRANSBURY, Stephen Henry (I40283)
26766 Relative of Senator Elihu Root ROOT, Louisa Cordelia (I10323)
26767 Remained in No. Sutherland and in extreme old age removed to Deerfield, MA CANTRALL, Mary (I10300)
26768 Removed from VT to Hayhead, Green County, NY and later to Coxsackie in that state. He became wealthy. PUFFER, Amos (I21281)
26769 Removed to Berkshire County, and later to Shaftsbury, VT., and finally settled in New York state. He was a soldier in the Revolution in Capt Samuel Law's company, Col. Benjamin Simonds's regiment (Berkshire Co.) 1777, at St. Croix; also in Capt. William Clark's company, Col. Benj. Simonds's regiment; marched from Gatesborogh to reinforce the army under Gen. Gates at Pawlet. In 1790 a Timothy Puffer was living in Ballstown, NY according to the federal census, and had nine in his family.

Probably went to Swansey, NH. (A Timothy d. at Canterbury in 1805. Gravestone.)

"Nearly across the road from the Cassabone farm, on the east side of West Line Road in a small field, is the grave of the wife of Timothy Puffer, the Innkeeper. This farm is now known as the Bull Farm. Puffer's Tavern had to be over into the town of Glenville as Puffer did not appear on the 1797 Excise tax-roll as receiving a license to dispense liquor beverages. Timothy Puffer had to be an affluent man as he was mentioned several times as holding many farms in the Blue Corners area in those days." 
PUFFER, Dr. Timothy (I6018)
26770 removed to California, 1873.

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

William Warren Puffer, left his family and moved to California, possibly during the Gold Rush of 1849. He lived there (San Francisco) in 1865, and moved to Alameda County, CA by 1868. He died in Alameda County before March of 1868, when his will was first probated. No known burial records have been found for him. 
PUFFER, William Warren (I14688)
26771 Removed to Jersey City before 1880 with her remarried mother. Married there 24 Oct 1881 Theodore R. Van Huysen. Divorced before Nov 1893, when she took back maiden name. She and mother lived in Springfield. She removed to Boston 1900

Resided at 16 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, MA. 
FOSTER, Ella Bradford (I17120)
26772 Removed to Louisville, Canajaoharie, NY (see census of 1790)

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

He is listed in the "History of Lewis County" (NY) as one of the first settlers of the town, having taken up a farm in 1801. 
PUFFER, Jabez (I34539)
26773 Removed to Lowell, MA was an overseer in the Hamilton Mills there. PUFFER, James Goddard (I18615)
26774 Removed to Maine. DAVIS, Shubael Maynard (I2456)
26775 Removed to Middletown, CT PUFFER, Almeda Samantha (I17988)
26776 Reportedly lived at Windham and had 8 children ALLEN, David (I22789)
26777 Representative from Lebanon to General Court. Family: SPRAGUE, Lieut. John / Lydia (F18997)
26778 Representative in MA Legislature, 1847 BAKER, Alfred (I7643)
26779 Res. 13 Dover St., Lowell. PUFFER, Abby Adelaide (I23772)
26780 Res. 13 Dover St., Lowell. She is an inmate at the Old Ladies Home in Lowell, MA in the 1930 Federal Census. PUFFER, Grace Helena Durell (I23771)
26781 Res. 404 Mineral St., Milwaukee, WI.

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card, he was a millman in WI. 
PUFFER, Arthur Patrick Sr. (I35740)
26782 Res. 83 Chandler St., Boston. PUFFER, Martha Raymond (I13730)
26783 Res. 96 Pleasant St., Lynn, MA, no issue. HILLER, Walter Lewis (I24442)
26784 Res. at 12 Burnside St. Lowell, MA. PUFFER, Ella Estella (I17894)
26785 Res. at 5623 Anderson St., Kansas City, Mo. He is a carpenter. PUFFER, Charles W. (I18058)
26786 Res. Ayer. JOHNSON, Mary Barrett (I7209)
26787 Res. Belfast, Me. BREWSTER, Fred A. (I23253)
26788 Res. Charlestown. One child. (Records -- J.J. Dunn, Apr. 4, 1876.) DUNN, Lucy Mariah (I17770)
26789 Res. Fitchburg. MILLER, George W. (I15835)
26790 Res. Gardner (MA), four children EDGELL, Charles Nichols (I12000)
26791 Res. Goldendale, Wash. Has two children. DONNELL, George A. (I11690)
26792 Res. Hubbardston MERRIAM, Asa (I21619)
26793 Res. in Boston (1915), interested in art and music. FOSKETT, Carrie Antoinette (I16432)
26794 Res. La Grange, IL FAUL, Ella Rose (I12789)
26795 Res. Lunengburg and Ayer. JOHNSON, Abigail Caroline (I7211)
26796 Res. Middletown, CT BRECKENRIDGE, Clara L. (I17111)
26797 Res. Middletown, CT. BRECKENRIDGE, Hattie Augusta (I17125)
26798 Res. Mt. Palatine and Tonica, IL PUFFER, Rhoda Idelia (I24724)
26799 Res. New Haven, CT PUFFER, William Albert (I37339)
26800 Res. Searsmont, Me. DONNELL, Herbert Melville (I11689)
26801 Res. Westminster and Lunenburg. They lived to celebrate their golden wedding. PUFFER, Mary (I24062)
26802 Res. Williamstown, MA. RANSEHOUSEN, Augustus (I15042)
26803 Reside in Linwood, UT

Green River Star, Jun 25, 1943
Pioneer Woman Of Vicinity Dies Here On Sunday

Mrs. Rozina Fidelia Solomon, 78, who had spent the greater portion of her long life in Green River and this area, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Carl Yowell, in Green River, Sunday after a prolonged illness that had confined her to her bed for months.

Born at Beaver City, Utah, Sept. 4, 1864, of pioneer Utah parents, she had made her home in Green River for the past 36 years, before which she had spent several years in the Henry's Fork valley. Until her health failed more than a year ago, she had maintained an active life.

Funeral services were held at 2 p. m. Wednesday at the Episcopal church, Rev. C. L. Callahan officiating. Burial was in Riverview cemetery here, under direction of Rogan mortuary. Prior to the funeral, the body rested in state at the home of a son, George M. Stephens, of this city.

Surviving Mrs. Solomon are four daughters, Mrs. Carl Yowell and Mrs. Jessie Walters, both of Green River. Mrs. Tillie Lacey of Delia, Kan., and Mrs. Lily Tedrow of Valley, Nebr.; two sons, George M. Stephens, Green River town councilman, and Ray Stephens of Roseville, Calif.; one brother, Orrin Puffer of Beaver City, Utah, and Mrs. Linda Johansen, of Rock Springs. 
PUFFER, Rozina Fidelia (I16865)
26804 Reside in Richford, VT and in summer at Park View House, Bethlehem, NH. HARDY, Henry F. (I19770)
26805 Resided Worcester. No children. PUFFER, Joanna Eames (I32718)
26806 Resided (1915) with her daughter, Mrs. W.D Howe, in Readsboro, VT, the only descendants now living in that town. BATTLES, Julia Maria (I10295)
26807 Resided 1416 Kentucky Ave., Lawrence, KS. PUFFER, Lavina Jane (I10036)
26808 Resided 226 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, CT PUFFER, Florence L. (I33494)
26809 Resided at 10 Cornell Ave, Yonkers, NY. At the time of her marriage her husband's family lived in the town of Pinckney, NY. PLUMB, Martha Mahala (I10871)
26810 Resided at 108 Austin Street, Worcester, MA. PEABODY, Charles Edgar (I15020)
26811 Resided at 125 Pearl St., Somerville, MA. DAVIS, Dr. Winnifred Puffer (I19546)
26812 Resided at 13 Dover Street, Lowell, MA. She celebrated their golden we dding. WATSON, Elizabeth Ann (I23769)
26813 Resided at 15 Sachem St. Lynn, MA BISHOP, Mary M. (I4074)
26814 Resided at 18 Allston St., Boston. DAYMON, Benita Adelaide (I11276)
26815 Resided at 21 Coolidge Street, Brookline, MA. COBURN, May (I32972)
26816 Resided at 24 Mansfield St., Allston, Boston. PUFFER, Hannah Augusta (I20808)
26817 Resided at 31 Exchange Place, Rm 10, Providence, RI in 1885, He was a clerk in the office of Public Telephone, C. G. A in Providence.

He was named for a great friend of the family and neighbor, Charles Loring Sweeny, whose property at Little River, Columbia, ME went to Edward Puffer.

An electrical engineer in 1920, a Superintendent of Western Electric Co

According to his WWI Draft Registration Card (1918) he was an engineer at Westinghouse Electric Mfg. Co, 32 South Peoria Street, Chicago, IL. 
PUFFER, Charles Loring Sweeny (I35753)
26818 Resided at 43 Varney St., Lowell, MA

Co. G., 47th Mass. Inf.
POW in Civil War on Jul 21 1861, Bull Run, VA (Paroled)
Exchanged on Jun 1 1862 
WHEELER, Cpl. Edward Selfridge (I10788)
26819 Resided at 4570 Lake Park Ave, Chicago, IL. RAYMOND, Fanny H. (I23993)
26820 Resided at 59 Corey St., Lowell, MA. He was a forman. PUFFER, Albert B. (I16890)
26821 Resided at 59 Spencer Street, Dorchester, MA

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he was a stock keeper for J. L. Gleason & Co., Boston, MA 
PUFFER, Harry Vannah (I24496)
26822 Resided at 620 Farwell St., Lewiston, MT MEEKER, Emma Estella (I3310)
26823 Resided at 640 Loraine Ave., Detroit, MI

He supplied information to Charles Nutt on his ancestry

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he was an Ass't Dept. Manager at A. Krolik & Co. in Detroit, MI 
PUFFER, Raymond Wilford (I16676)
26824 Resided at 834 Worthington St., Springfield, Mass. HOLMES, Herbert Elisha (I14980)
26825 Resided at 846 Lakeside Pl., Chicago, IL. CUNNINGTON, William H. (I19732)
26826 Resided at 919 Buena Ave., Chicago, IL. PUFFER, James Curtis (I19725)
26827 Resided at Bay City, MI HOXEY, Frederick Joseph (I15432)
26828 Resided at Bethel, VT PERKINS, Rena Ethal (I1399)
26829 Resided at Brattleboro, now of Aberdeen, SD. PUFFER, Isadore Mary (I20309)
26830 Resided at Buffalo Street, Conneaut, OH. JERRILS, Eudora (I37304)
26831 Resided at Chatsworth, IL. PUFFER, Daniel Belden (I19728)
26832 Resided at Chicago, IL. PUFFER, Hazel Duncan (I17128)
26833 Resided at Cowansville, Quebec, Canada FLETCHER, Flora M. (I15025)
26834 Resided at Deertrail, CO. REARDON, Katheryne Ann (I21547)
26835 Resided at Deertrail, CO. ROGERS, Ethel Idella (I22153)
26836 Resided at Franklin, NH, now living at Maynard, MA. He was a spinner b y trade. PUFFER, Edward Ellsworth (I21919)
26837 Resided at Freelawn Corners, Cortland Co., NY PUFFER, Ursula (I7204)
26838 Resided at Hoosick Falls, NY.

He had a step-brother with the same name who was born of a different mother and they both were alive at the same time. 
PUFFER, Frederick Eugene (I15453)
26839 resided at Lisle, Du Page Co., Ill. PUFFER, Hannah Perry (I14854)
26840 Resided at Malta, IL SCOTT, Alice Augusta (I17079)
26841 Resided at Malta, IL.

According to NH 1860 Federal Census he was living in the town of Chesterfield, in Cheshire county (page 579)

The federal census for 1910 shows his parents birth place is unknown. He is a 'hired boy' for the Charles E. Vanschoyck family. 
PUFFER, Alanson Rawson (I17629)
26842 Resided at Maynard, MA. A carpenter in a woolen mill PUFFER, Arthur Walcott (I17049)
26843 Resided at Monson, MA (Ed. Note: Nutt says name is Lorance) PUFFER, Lorana Beals (I33491)
26844 Resided at Montgomery, VT DAVIS, Charles S. (I14011)
26845 Resided at Needham. PUFFER, Martha Elizabeth (I34294)
26846 Resided at No. Amherst, MA. (Records sent by her) PUFFER, Carrie Emma (I16464)
26847 Resided at Springboro, PA. PUFFER, Harriet (I2829)
26848 Resided at St. Johnsbury, VT. BAKER, Caley (I20322)
26849 Resided at St. Johnsbury, VT. Has one son. BECKWITH, Delmar Austin (I21211)
26850 Resided at Stafford Springs, CT FOSTER, Mary Ann (I17121)

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