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301 A carpenter and machinist in the Pantry dist., north east Sudbury; later at Malden; served nine months in the Civil War, 1862-3, Co. F. in the 45th Mass. Inf.
Puffer, Pvt. Alpheus (I36951)
302 A carpenter and signatory of the Mayflower Compact, he died shortly after landing. Browne, Peter MAYFLOWER (I12174)
303 A carpenter at the time of his death. Rogers, Alvin Geoffrey (I24172)
304 A carpenter by trade. Macomber, John (I13962)
305 A carpenter by trade. A soldier in the French and Indian war. Clapp, Joel (I3167)
306 A carpenter in 1850 Puffer, Marshall G. (I47252)
307 A carpenter living at Woodhaven Ave, Ozone Park, NY.

He owned W.E. Puffer & Sons, furnace dealers 
Puffer, William Edwin (I23274)
308 A carpenter, contractor and builder (1888 Town Directory, St. Johnsbury, VT)
Bragg, Alfred Ladd (I16716)
309 A carpenter, from English descent. Shortt, Leslie Alford (I11435)
310 A carpenter, living at Columbia Falls, ME, no children

He had a substitute that served for him during the Civil War. 
Puffer, Elijah Redman (I39418)
311 A carpenter, living near Hornell, NY. Puffer, Salem Monroe (I18565)
312 A carpenter, master-builder. Chandler, Philemon (I8576)
313 A carpenter. Appel, Thomas (I4872)
314 A carpenter. Goodwin, Matthew Edward (I20990)
315 A carpenter. Enlisted in Co. A. Mass 3rd Infantry Reg. on Sep 23, 1862 . Mustered out on 26 Jun 1763 at Camp Hooker, Lakeville, MA. French, Timothy E. (I36187)
316 A carriage maker French, William III (I25757)
317 A carriage mfg at Leominster, MA Kendall, George Wakefield (I557)
318 A carriage painter in 1875 Clark, Willie (I51688)
319 A cashier at a brass factory

-- MERGED NOTE ------------

It's not proven she belongs in this family however its the only family that fits with dates and places. 
Puffer, Rena M. (I35944)
320 A Catholic priest, Pastor of St. Francis Parish, 1913-1947
Puffer, Rev. Leonhard (I39106)
321 A chair manufacturer in Gardner. Baker, Ezra (I16265)
322 A chaplain in the US Army. The post Chaplain at Fort Keogh in the late 1 800s. A member of the 49th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Ritner, Rev. Capt. Isaac Newton (I16046)
323 A chauffeur Puffer, Raymond Henry Sr. (I15305)
324 A cheesemaker Colby, Roy Pablo (I35051)
325 A chemical engineer Reese, Charles Lee (I754)
326 A cigar clerk at A. L, Rudger Puffer, Harry Wilson (I15939)
327 A civil engineer for the Norwegian government. A teacher of manual training, formerly at the Pennington Academy, Pennington, N.J., now (1915) director of manual training in the school of Morristown, N.J.. Resides in Morristown, N.J. Lied, Fred C. M. (I9779)
328 A Civil War corporal, he was captured at Canton, MS, Mar 2 1864. Jones, Perry (I47415)
329 A Civil War soldier, killed at Petersburg, VA. Hicks, Merrick Gideon (I25199)
330 A Civil War Vet from the village of Pentwater, MI; Company K, 19th Michigan Infantry. Ira enlisted at Kalamazoo, MI at age 18 for 3 years service on August 8, 1864. He reached the Regiment at Atlanta, Georgia on September 5, 1864. Transferred to Company G, 10th MI Infantry on June 10, 1865. Mustered out at Louisville, Kentucky on July 19, 1865.

Admitted to the National home for Disabled Veterans in 1905 with malaria, chronic constipation, right inguinal hernia. 
Puffer, Ira M. Sr. (I152)
331 A Civil War Vet, Pvt,. Co. C, 10 Regt, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Puffer, Francis A. (I13337)
332 A Civil War Vet, Pvt. with 20th Maine Infantry Regt. Young, John A. (I2240)
333 A Civil War Veteran Robertson, Thomas Logan (I14613)
334 A Civil War Veteran 2nd Battery of Light MA Artillery as a corporal. Andrews, Erastus Ellsworth (I3326)
335 A Civil War Veteran and lived in the Soldier's Home at Bennington, VT (1915-21). Pvt., Co. H., 8th VT

He was promoted corporal June 9, 1864, sergeant Dec. 6, 1864, and first sergeant April 13, 1865.

A shoemaker by trade. He was a mechanic when his first child was born in 1868.

Puffer, Henry L. (I20505)
336 A Civil War veteran born in VT of English ancestry. Bugbee, Van Ness (I21110)
337 A Civil War Veteran in Co. J., 16th Vermont Regt. and later Co. H. 8th VT Regt. He came to Chicago in January, 1894, where for eleven years he followed the occupation of saw filer for Swift & Co. When he enlisted he recieved a bounty of $500.00
Puffer, Francis J. (I18675)
338 A Civil War Veteran, 105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Smith, Seth Marshall Jr. (I52247)
339 A Civil War Veteran, 11th NY Art. Btty. Ouderkirk, Nelson Bernard (I39090)
340 A Civil War Veteran, 21st OH Inf. Regt.
Married and has descendants near Ravannah, OH 
Puffer, Silas Peter (I2384)
341 A Civil War Veteran, 29th Michgan Infantry Luce, James Collins (I27025)
342 A Civil War Veteran, 35th Inf. Regt, New Jersey. Zellers, Martin Van Buren (I19340)
343 A Civil War Veteran, a private in Company D, 33rd OH Inf. Regt. Puffer, Horace F. (I38241)
344 A Civil War Veteran, A PVT in Co. A, 23rd Reg., MA Infantry. Whitney, Jonas Lovering (I35650)
345 A Civil War Veteran, and a farmer
Gallaher, Theron Espasia (I27016)
346 A Civil War Veteran, Co. C., 144th NY Infantry Regt., a musician Puffer, John Harold (I2328)
347 A Civil War veteran, Co. C., 3rd PA Calvary Regiment. In the lumber business. Brilhart, John Wesley (I9806)
348 A Civil War Veteran, Co. D, Seventeenth OH Vol. Inf., and Co. D, 1st OH Calvary; wounded with a pension, and a farmer. He was "Hurt in privates, on sadle" according to disability records.

Puffer, George W. (I1122)
349 A Civil War veteran, Co. H, 42nd NY Inf Regt, wounded in action. Retired paper maker, was killed in an accident. The MA death records indicate death from "multiple injuries and their results. Alleged assault." Puffer, Marcus Morton (I24522)
350 A Civil War Veteran, Co.H. of the IL Volunteer Infantry. Mustered out at Galveston,TX on 22 Jul 1865 as a corporal.

For eighteen years Capt. Benson ran as master of Puget sound steamers, notably the Chehalis, City of Quincy, George E. Starr, Josephine and the Eliza Anderson

He was killed in the Treadwell mine on Douglas Island, Alaska. He was blasting in a shaft or tunnel when an explosion jarred loosed a hanging rock that crashed down about 25 feet onto his head. He died instantly. He had been employed in the mine since September 1899 and the story marks his original departure from Seattle as July 1898. His body was brought down on one of the supply steamers, the Dirigo, which also brought miners and their families home from the gold district. The story notes that he was to be buried in the Lakeview cemetery, in a section we now know to have been devoted to G.A.R. veterans
Benson, Capt. Daniel R. (I37125)

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