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401 A Civil War Veteran, private in the Vermont Infantry, 5th Regt. PUFFER, Nelson L. (I24783)
402 A Civil War veteran, private, in Company G, First Ohio Infantry, as a private, for three months, and was discharged about Aug. 1, 1861. In Sep 1861, he set about recruiting a company for 3 years service. He was successful and reported to camp at Chillicothe, Ohio, and the company was mustered in the Seventy-third Ohio, 30 Nov 1861. he was commissioned Second Lieutenant of Company D, in December, 1862, he was commissioned First Lieutenant, and in March, 1864, he was promoted to Captain. He participated in a number of battles, First Bull Run, Chancellorville, Gettysburg and siege of Atlanta. He was promoted to Major, July 20, 1865 just as he was being discharged. DOWNING, Maj. Abisha (I23707)
403 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt 3rd MI Infantry MARK, Joseph (I17601)
404 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt in Co. C., 20th MI Inf. Regt. wounded in battl e. TRAUT, Wilson (I33042)
405 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt, 13th MI Inf. Reg. A teacher. SIDNAM, William P. (I23114)
406 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt, 144th NY Infantry Regt., a clerk. Promoted to Corporal in 1862.

He was slightly wounded in the battle of Honey Hill, SC, carrying the colors of his Regiment.

His headstone was supplied by Stockbridge Marble Co, Stockbridge, MA in 1900 
PUFFER, Henry Smythe (I4907)
407 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt, Co D, 25th Mass. Iinf. Regt.Combmaker, Leominster. BIGELOW, William (I17897)
408 A Civil War veteran, Pvt, Co. B., 32nd Maine Volunteers. Transferred 12 Dec 18 Wounded in the head, 31 May 1864 at the battle of Totopotomo Creek, VA. Transferred to Co. B, 31st Maine Inf. Regt., 12 Dec 1864. ABBOTT, Henry (I43976)
409 A Civil War veteran, Pvt, Co. G, 1st NH Cavalry FLANDERS, Charles Colby (I19272)
410 A Civil War veteran, Pvt, Co. M, Maine 1st Hvy Artlry Regt. A boat bui lder MOORE, Hezekiah C. (I17729)
411 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt. Co. A. 22nd Ohio Vol. Regt. MILLER, Wales Newton (I11332)
412 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt. in Co. D., 22nd ME Inf. He and his whole family are listed in the 1880 Schedules of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes Record as "Pauper and Indigent Inhabitants In Institutions, Poor-Houses or Asylums, or Boarded at Public Expense in Private Homes". Their daughter Laura is mentioned as being 'insane'.
A laborer and farmer. 
GRANT, John Billings (I18403)
413 A Civil War Veteran, Pvt., 3rd Mass. Battery Regt. His headstone was provided by Gross Brothers, Lee, MA. DICKMAN, Joseph L. (I55283)
414 A Civil War Veteran, Sergeant with the 142nd PA Vol. Infantry. KERR, Johnston Williams (I8650)
415 A Civil War Veteran, Sgt. Co. H., 1st Maine Hvy Artlry. FARNSWORTH, George Washington (I9198)
416 A Civil War Veteran. An undertaker. DAYMON, William (I11365)
417 A Civil War veteran. Company C, Sixth Maine Volunteer Infantry
Enlisted at Portland, Maine 29 April 1861 and discharged 6 December 1865. 
LEIGHTON, Francis C. (I37097)
418 A clerk

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he was a student. 
PUFFER, Maynard Coler (I34077)
419 A clerk NORRIS, Andrew Armstong (I16388)
420 A clerk ROLLINS, Cecil James (I39365)
421 A clerk @ 346 Broadway, home @ 130 Livingston, Brooklyn in 1857 PUFFER, Edward Holmes (I18626)
422 A clerk according to the 1850 Federal Census
A brush manufacturer according to the 1870 Federal Census 
PUFFER, Gustavus Aaron (I33895)
423 a clerk at the time of his death WILKINS, Cyrus W. (I22206)
424 A clerk for a trolley company PUFFER, Leroy Giles (I36209)
425 A clerk for Coburn & Co., Lowell, MA FOSTER, Zadie Elma (I3190)
426 A clerk in a dental office, living in 1910 in Hennepin, MN PUFFER, Hazel Veleta (I33556)
427 A clerk in a grocery store 1930 Federal Census SCHOEFFLER, Florence Pauline (I37993)
428 A clerk in a hardware store at the time of his death DRISKO, Ralph Leslie (I38915)
429 A clerk in a hotel PUFFER, Harold James (I5941)
430 A clerk in a notion store BISEL, Opal O. (I20766)
431 A clerk in an auto store

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he worked at Nielson Tractor Company in Minneapolis, MN 
PUFFER, Eugene Alfred (I36134)
432 A clerk in L H Field Company HARLOW, Anna Marie (I48372)
433 A clerk in the County Assessor's office PACK, Wilma Elaine (I42433)
434 A clerk in the War Department. PUFFER, Candace (I35617)
435 A coal miner in 1930 CARR, Wilbur Jason (I40726)
436 A collector 1797 -1801 WARE, Capt. Benjamin (I3393)
437 A Colonel in the First Regiment, Orange County, NY Militia

He signed the Association ledge April 29, 1775. Was chairman of the committee of Safety and loaned money to help the war effort. Lt. Col. First Regiment, Orange County, NY. Promoted to Col. 
MARVIN, Col. Elihu (I46262)
438 A colony militia man, Capt. Jonas Douw's Company, in 1715 at Albany. HOGEBOOM, Derrick (I59800)
439 A comb maker at the time of his death MORSE, Joel R. (I42477)
440 A combat engineer in Europe during WWII.

Manger at J.C. Penny and Robert Hall Clothing Stores. Proprietor of Puffer's Floral Shoppe in 1968. 
PUFFER, Phillip L. (I6400)
441 A commercial photographer PUFFER, William Frederick (I675)
442 A Companion of William the Conqueror (one of the few proven to be). GRENTMESNIL, Hugh De (I4931)
443 A compositor by trade, employed for many years in the Framingham Gazette office; lived in Framingham. LLOYD, Mary Adelaide (I16930)
444 A conductor on the Michigan Railway Co. in 1914 DEWITT, Stuart (I18041)
445 A confectionary store keeper REED, Ann T. (I38992)
446 A Confederate Colonel. Started out as a Pvt. in 5th VA Inf. Regt.
He was wounded at Fredricksburg, VA, 2 Apr 1865 and hospitalized in Richmond, VA on 3 Apr 1865. He was released from the hospital on 23 May 1865. Died between 1869-1893. 
LYDER, Col. John Lewis (I35019)
447 A Confederate soldier, PVT 42nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment WILLARD, Bartlett Yancey (I6441)
448 A Confederate soldier, PVT North Carolina 10th Bn. Light Artillery WILLIARD, William Riley (I4580)
449 A Congregational preacher MORRISON, Rev. John Alexander (I1362)
450 A constable according to the 1880 California Federal Census PUFFER, Wilson Henry (I12074)

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