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601 A graduate of West Point in 1876; had a notable career as a tactician and authority on military evolutions and gained fame in the Indian expeditions; for service under Gen. Crook, received a medal for bravery; was for three years instructor in Spanish at West Point. French's Tactics, of which he was the author, have been in use in nearly every public school in the country. He was author of the Revision of Interpretations of Infantry Drill. While Major he was associated with General Leonard Wood in Cuba. He had attained the rank of Lt. Col. in the Fourth Artillery at the time of this retirement in 1908. For services during the Powder River expedition under General Crook, he received a Medal of Honor from Congress. FRENCH, Col. John Theodore Jr. (I2975)
602 A grain dealer PUFFER, Herbert Cyrus (I4419)
603 A grain farmer in 1918 & 1930, unmarried. PUFFER, Wilford Alonzo (I24038)
604 A grandaughter (x7) of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins the Pilgrims. Educated in the public and high schools of her native town. ALDEN, Lucy Thomas (I14709)
605 A granite dealer KIMBALL, Sumner (I21332)
606 a grocer PUFFER, Frederick Freeland L. (I21957)
607 A grocer and a Civil War Veteran.

"He was an old and much respected resident of Lowell, the oldest grocer in business in that city at the time of this death, and his genial, kindly personality had endeared him to a wide circle of friends who will sincerely mourn his loss." In 1825 he went to Lowell with his parents and was educated in the public schools until he reached the age of 17, in 1836, when he found employment as clerk in the Washburn & Wilkins grocery store on Merrimac St. for three years and for Benjamin Watson, grocer, for three or four years. In 1845 he engaged in business for himself at the corner of Middlesex and Gorham streets. later he removed to Church Street and in 1855 formed a partnership with Page & Fay, under the name of Page, Fay & Puffer, conducting a grocery business on Middlesex St. for fifteen years. Then he sold out his interests in the firm and accepted the position of president of a lamp company on Devonshire St. in Boston. Two years afterward he returned to Lowell, and engaged as a wholesale dealer in flour, finally purchasing the store of Mr. Whithed at 109 Branch St., the present location of the firm of A.D. Puffer & Son. His son Fredrick A. was his partner.
Mr. Puffer was a Republican and served a year in the common council and one term as Representative in the General Court in 1869. In Oct, 1848, he joined the fire department. For two years, 1860-61, he was chief engineer of the fire department and was elected foreman of the Veteran Fireman's association when it was formed and was later vice-president and president. He was a trustee and vice-president of the Merrimac River Savings Bank.
He was a member of the Old Residents Association; the Grocers Association, and of Oberlin Lodge, I.O.O.F. In 1841 he was a member of the National Highlanders, a military company. He attended Eliot Congregational Church. 
PUFFER, Asahel Dakin (I23908)
608 A grocer at Richford, VT. COLBY, Frank E. (I11276)
609 A grocer, 2,748 West Polk St., Chicago, IL. WILLARD, John Quincy (I19047)
610 A grocery merchant JUDD, Dwight Cyrus (I37552)
611 A Gunners Mate in the United States Coast Guard from 1952-1955. UELAND, Ranulf (I24274)
612 A hairstylist in CA. PUFFER, Courtney Charles (I38132)
613 A hardware dealer; now living at Melrose. MORSE, Charles Alfred (I14179)
614 A harness maker in 1864 HALL, Truman A. (I41133)
615 A harness maker in 1900 Family: WILD, Ralph Miner / THEISS, Lena A. (F16323)
616 A Harvard graduate and US Army Veteran, medical discharge. PUFFER, Steven Edward (I11140)
617 A Harvard graduate, BA, MA SIMPSON, Francis Russell (I59778)
618 A hat maker PUFFER, William M. (I37814)
619 A hatmaker, ca 41 yo when he made the crossing. PRIEST, Degory MAYFLOWER (I8677)
620 A Hessian soldier, one of about 5000 Hessians to stay in America after the American Revolution. He served in Rev. War as a Hessian soldier until captured at the battle of Bennington, VT, when he was shipped to Boston, MA & enlisted in the Colonial Army until discharged 31 Dec 1782; reportedly came from Massachusetts first to Roque Island, then settled at Schoppe Point at Roque Bluffs in 1786, where he was granted 100 acres by the Proprietors. He married Phoebe Speare on November 21, 1784 in Boston, Massachusetts. His death date is recorded as October 17, 1817. Anthony and Phoebe had twelve children. SCHOPPE, Anthony (I45332)
621 A high school teacher for many years in Scarborough, Ontario
She was blind and played sports such as bowling and curling. 
BARKER, Mary Aileen (I32767)
622 A High School teacher. She is listed alone yet married. BURCHOLL, Marian Elizabeth (I52526)
623 A hotel clerk according to his IL death record. PUFFER, Wallace L. (I34659)
624 A house and ship joiner. PETERSON, Alvah (I11506)
625 A house and ship joiner. PETERSON, Pelham Bonney (I11508)
626 A house painter FORSYTHE, George Francis (I15522)
627 A house painter and a guide in the Adirondacks. PUFFER, Guilford Deforest (I35884)
628 A house painter in 1930 WILDEROTTER, Joseph Wendelin (I44437)
629 A housekeeper for the William E. Shepard family in Hartford, CT. PUFFER, Ida L. (I19589)
630 A housewright, he responded to the Lexington Alarm from Medway, MA. HIXON, Seth (I17474)
631 A Jerre D. Davis (b. 1850, VT) appears in the 1880, Federal Census in Athens, VT. He's a horse dealer. DAVIS, Jire (I48222)
632 A jeweler FRENCH, Augustus Mason (I6306)
633 A jeweler in 1875 CLARK, Gilbert (I47116)
634 A joiner Family: ROGERS, Samuel / PUFFER, Nancy (F4725)
635 A joiner from Concord, NH LANG, John K. (I21538)
636 A Kansas homesteader, lived on the homestead, on the south Nebraska lin e. Res. Bloomington, IL. HENDERSON, John Allen (I14625)
637 A King Edward tobacco salesman and later became a reporter for the Emporium Democrat newspaper. HARVEY, Courtland Guy (I58456)
638 A Korean War Veteran, CPL, US Army BJARKO, James Arnold (I59790)
639 A Korean War veteran, Cpl. EPPLEY, James E. (I16073)
640 A Korean War Veteran, Marines, PFC, I Company, 5th Marine Regiment, 3rd Battalio n, 1st Marine Division PUFFER, Joseph Louis (I23953)
641 A Korean War Veteran, US Marine Corps

He was shot in the stomach while tending bar at the West Lounge, on 10th Avenue, NYC. He was shot by an unknown assailant who was known to have had a "bad argument" with Mr. Puffer before the killing. 
PUFFER, Theodore L. (I15385)
642 A lab technician for US Rubber Co. GLEASON, Joseph D. (I60954)
643 A laborer

His children are residing with the Andrew Parker family in April of 1910. The Parker's are not related. Perhaps their mother, Alma,
had become ill by that time and caring for the children was too much for George? 
PUFFER, George Mulford (I7309)
644 A laborer GRANT, Bassom Wellington (I16189)
645 A laborer in a hardware company. Living at 85 Pierpoint St., New Haven , CT in 1917 PUFFER, George Marshall (I4227)
646 A laborer in Harrington, ME in 1880. DORR, John Henry (I4869)
647 A laborer worked for the town of Inlet, NY on the road crew PUFFER, George Dewey (I24209)
648 A laborer. He changed his name to Amos Fletcher Prescott PRESCOTT, Amos (I16568)
649 A ladderman for the fire department, who was cited for bravery in Brockton in 1922 for his part in rescuing a trapped man in a burning building. The Boston Globe, Boston, Massachusetts · Tuesday, May 09, 1922, page 24 Family: MCLAREN, Walter Fred / WORCESTER, Julia Frances (F18639)
650 A landowner and farmer in Lima, NY CHAMBERLAIN, Adonijah Day (I36507)
651 A Landowner and merchant in Plymouth Colony. Immigrated to America in 1642 with his brother Thomas on the ship "Recovery' out of London. This ship was owned by his uncle Alexander Graie. To Plymouth in 1643. In 1651 he married Mary Winslow, daughter of John and Mary (Chilton) Winslow. Their children were: Desire 1651, Mary 1653, Elizabeth 1657, Sarah 1659, and John 1661. After Mary's death in Plymouth in 1663, Edward married in 1665 Dorothy Lettice. Their children were: Edward II 1666, Susanna 1668, Rebecca 1670, Thomas 1669 (see site #36257503), Hannah1673, Anna 1671, Lydia 1677, and Samuel 1682 (see record# 20495342). Dorothy died in Little Compton, Rhode Island in 1726. Plymouth records show Edward became a merchant, and among the wealthiest in Plymouth Colony. He was a key investor in lands south of Plymouth to Newport Harbor. He died at age 52, young for a time when 70 was not uncommon. He lived to see peace restored with the Indians, but not long enough to see the development of his lands in what is now Rhode Island.  GRAY, Dr. Edward Sr. (I3733)
652 A landscape engineer, he was living in Torrington, CT at the time of hi s marriage HATCH, Walter Bowerman (I8087)
653 A laundress at Foxboro State Hospital at the time of her daughter's death. ROMIGLIO, Maria Helena (I19193)
654 A law student in 1880. LEWIS, Edward (I43024)
655 A lawyer GALLAHER, George Puffer (I24880)
656 A lawyer PUFFER, Wilbur Merritt (I37377)
657 A lawyer according to the 1860 Federal Census PREBLE, Leander (I45998)
658 A lawyer at Keene, NH. He graduated from Glenwood Classical Seminary at West Brattleboro, VT, June 1887, having previously attended several terms at the Leland and Gray Seminary in Townshend, VT., and taught several terms in the common schools in Windham County, VT. He began the study of law in the office of Capenter and Towle, No. 10 Tremont St. Boston, MA, in 1888, residing in Malden MA., where he was employed as clerk to the Board of Assessors for three seasons, teaching in the Malden evening schools, Fall of 1889. He attended the Albany Law School a part of the year 1888-9, and the Harvard Law School a part of the year 1890-91. IN 1891 he engaged in the insurance business at Bellows Falls, VT, with Edward L. Walker, under the firm name of Walker and Holden. He graduated from the law department of the West Virginia University, 1895, with degree of L.L.B.; admitted to W.V. bar, 1895, and to the NH bar, 1896. He has since been engaged in the practice of law at Keene, NH . He was County Auditor for Cheshire County 8 years from 1906 to 1913 inclusive. He is now (July 1915) serving as postmaster at Keene, NH, under commission dated Feb 11, 1914. No children. HOLDEN, Arthur James (I22315)
659 A lawyer in NYC LOOK, Alonzo Esq. (I49011)
660 A lawyer, of Detroit, MI, THOMPSON, Jonathan (I13174)
661 A leading attorney in Saint Louis, MO. ROLLINS, Isaac Adolphus (I39366)
662 A legal counsel for the Veterans Adminstration, a graduate of the Law School at the University of MI in 1933. Served as a Lt. Cmdr. in the Navy during WWII.
Retired Jul 1958 as a LtCdr. 
PUFFER, LCDR Howard Archie Sr. (I3161)
663 A librarian and school teacher PUFFER, Dorathy (I16565)
664 A librarian in Los Angeles in 1940 FAY, Edyth Ann (I39549)
665 A library clerk at the time of her first marriage PUFFER, Dorothy Lillian (I20266)
666 A Lieutentant Senior Grade in the Air Force. A historian at Edwards Air Force Base in California from 1994 to 2007, he documented the history of the test pilot school, unmanned aerial vehicles, and the Airborne Laser. PUFFER, Dr. Raymond Labounty (I16792)
667 A lineal descendant of Joseph Morse, Ipswich, 1635; Shadrach Hapgood, Sudbury, 1656; Lawrence Southwick, born in Salem, 1664, daughter of George and Abbie Jane (Roe) Morse. MORSE, Dr. Frank Wilmont (I19869)
668 A locomotive engineer O'NEILL, Charles (I42345)
669 A locomotive engineer. DARRALL, Alex Grange (I39323)
670 A long time Deacon of the Baptist Church in Columbia. LOW, Deacon Daniel Jr. (I36892)
671 A Lt. in the 79588 Regt. of the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force during WWI. He was a flying ace of the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force, with 7 kills. (source Wikipedia.org) PUFFER, Stanley Asa Esq. (I1396)
672 A lumberman SMITH, Isaac P. (I1493)
673 A lumberman WORCESTER, Theodore Frelinghuysen (I6806)
674 A lumberman FARNSWORTH, Enoch (I9196)
675 A lumberman LEE, James (I9556)
676 A lumberman DORR, Moses Worcester (I36904)
677 A lumberman GOOCH, Franklin J. (I39181)
678 A lumberman HAYNES, James (I40311)
679 A machine operator in a factory PUFFER, Olive (I62216)
680 A machine-hand according to his marriage records PUFFER, Floyd C. (I5346)
681 A machinist KING, Bernard Lorenzo (I12513)
682 A machinist PUFFER, Charles William (I41955)
683 A machinist and lathe operator for a refrigeration mfg. PUFFER, Charles Raymond (I10526)
684 A machinist at a copper smelter in 1940 PUFFER, Conway Kursey (I14538)
685 A machinist at the time of his marriage.
A mill foreman 
DRAKE, Howard Prouty (I10651)
686 A machinist, resided in Providence, RI in 1985 PUFFER, John Marshall (I3256)
687 A machinist, with the Appollo Gum and Candy Co., 42 Bowdoin St., Boston . PUFFER, Samuel Dwight (I18970)
688 A maid for the David Grossman family PUFFER, Barbara D. (I9615)
689 A mail carrier PUFFER, William Erwin (I6781)
690 A mail clerk EAMES, Clarence Ned (I24564)
691 A manufacturer at Monson, MA. ELLIS, Arthur Dwight (I14140)
692 A Marine Corps Veteran GREENFIELD, Garfield Joseph (I23823)
693 A mariner SHUTE, Richard (I33877)
694 A mariner HOLMES, Capt. Edward (I49249)
695 A mariner and resided in Boston, MA. He was on a voyage in 1688 and overdue when his father made his will. LUDDEN, Joseph (I54)
696 A mariner at the time of his marriage MARTIS, Cornelius (I49073)
697 A mariner, living in Provincetown, MA in 1850 PUFFER, Otis (I36415)
698 A mariner. PHILBRICK, Lt. James (I12268)
699 A market gardner, resided at West Cambridge, now Arlington, MA. PUFFER, David J. Sr. (I20912)
700 A mason GASTONGUAY, Edward (I61255)
701 A mason and ensign of the Dedham militia, and used to beat the drums fo r meetings before the advent of church bells. DAY, Ralph (I20077)
702 A master carpenter in Wyk HANSEN, Julius Heinrich August (I48888)
703 A master mariner at the time of his marriage Family: LUCAS, Isaac Shaw / TREMLETT, Mary Cordelia Dickson (F14471)
704 A Master mariner, then farmer. SMITH, Capt. James Hollis (I58376)
705 A Master Mason who helped start the Montauk Lodge in Brooklyn, NY PUFFER, John Parton (I18622)
706 A math teacher and track and field coach at Hillside Jr. HS PUFFER, Terrell K. (I8565)
707 A Mayflower descendant from the Allerton line NEWHALL, Hannah (I40320)
708 A measurer (at his father's distillery), 127 Broad Street, NYC; lived 1 30 Livingston, Brooklyn. PUFFER, William Nichol (I18627)
709 A meat cutter at a butcher's shop in Anaheim, CA in 1930 PUFFER, Peter W. (I24233)
710 A mechanic SHACKETT, Francis Jr. (I7850)
711 A mechanic at a tire service company PUFFER, Stanley Erle (I6501)
712 A mechanic at West Meriden, CT. BRECKENRIDGE, Allender Coney (I33690)
713 A mechanic in Meriden, CT. PUFFER, Samuel Dwight (I33670)
714 A mechanic. Resided at 3529 No. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

A machinist living in Philadelphia, PA in 1923 
PUFFER, Jesse Burton (I23506)
715 A mechanical engineer with the Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Co. BUGBEE, Benjamin Chester (I19418)
716 A medical assistant at a Dr.'s office PUFFER, Miriam Ellen (I33411)
717 A member of Free Will Baptist Church, Mygatt's Corners, WI CARR, Mary Emma (I15204)
718 A member of the Fitchburg Fire Department in 1935 CUTTER, Richard Henry (I5310)
719 A member of the Mass. Militia and on the US Pension Roll of 1835. SPARHAWK, Timothy (I51921)
720 A member of the Mopany tribe of Red Men. BENNER, Chester Ezra (I52096)
721 A member of the National Guard PUFFER, Dr. John Wilson (I24362)
722 A member of the Old Bergen Reformed Church, Bergen, NJ, where her death records are held PUFFER, Adeline (I39626)
723 A member of the Ottawa Indian Nation PICARD, Peter Eugene (I2699)
724 A member of the RCAF in Canada during WWII. Served at the RCAF Station, Sea Island, BC. A radio operator. PUFFER, Mildred Ruth Joye (I37858)
725 A member of the Society of Friends in Dartmouth, MA. As such he has no gravestone. SMITH, Eleazer (I51142)
726 A member of the Society of Friends. It is not proven that she is buried in the Smith Family cemetery, it is proven she is buried in Dartmouth, MA. It makes logical sense that she is buried with her husband Eleazer. SPRAGUE, Ruth (I51141)
727 A member of the Taunton Light Guards, called upon in the Civil War, and though he was exempt, he furnished a substitute. Descended from Mayflower stock through the Cobb, Wild, Makepeace, Tisdale, Rogers, Babitt and other lines from John Rogers and Ruth Alden FRENCH, John Theodore (I16249)
728 A member of the Wisconsin Women's Relief Corps in 1907 NOGGLE, Helen Rebecca (I33803)
729 A merchant MANNING, John (I18160)
730 A merchant at Chelsea. EVANS, Samuel Holt (I13832)
731 A merchant in Wyk and Niebüll PAULSEN, Theodor (I48895)
732 A Merchant Marines Veteran PUFFER, Robert Montgomery (I20829)
733 A merchant of Fitchburg CHOATE, Elliot Newton (I14374)
734 A merchant tinsmith
P. 228, new history of New Ipswich, N.H. A dealer in tin and hardware i n Winchendon, MA. 
BATEMAN, Andrew Plummer (I34722)
735 A Methodist clergyman. MORGAN, Rev. William E. (I22004)
736 A mfr of costume jewelry SOUTHARD, Paul Allen (I24390)
737 A milkman for a dairy company PUFFER, Willett Chester (I35407)
738 A mill operator Family: CARANCI, Giovanni Carmine / MARZUCCA, Georgianna Maria (F9089)
739 A miller in the 1860 census ROUNDY, Elisha H. (I20435)
740 A milliner KEYES, Linda A. (I36492)
741 A milliner at the time of her marriage. Family: HOTCHKISS, John W. / KEYES, Linda A. (F10081)
742 A millwright LIBBY, Daniel Farnsworth (I18094)
743 A millwright. YEOMANS, Z. Wightman (I24350)
744 A miner Family: GRANSBURY, Benjamin B. / CRADDICK, Josephine (F19621)
745 A miner at the time of his marriage Family: CONRAD, Francis Harold / PUFFER, Truro Anza (F7636)
746 A mining consultant.

According to his 1918 WWI Draft Registration Card he was a student at Kansas University
According to the 1940 Federal Census he was a salesman for an advertising agency. 
PUFFER, Charles Oliver (I12038)
747 A minister of the Society of Friends (Quaker), very pious and exemplary m an. HANSON, Moses (I10480)
748 A minuteman during the Revolutionary War. GIBSON, Isaac (I34482)
749 A missionary in the mountains of Tennessee for 35 years. Never married PUFFER, Candace (I35617)
750 A mistress of King Henry I of England BEAUMONT, Isabel Elizabeth De (I25868)
751 A molder. VAUGHN, Orlando Samuel (I22587)
752 A mulatto, according to the 1910 Federal Census. Eva M. (I35704)
753 A music teacher PUFFER, Arthur Frank (I19206)
754 A music teacher LYMAN, Frederick G. (I35009)
755 A music teacher at the time of his death. MILLER, Gen. George Fletcher (I34787)
756 A music teacher. CLIFTON, Mary Jane (I7516)
757 A music teacher. FARNSWORTH, Pearl (I23188)
758 A musician TIMAYENIS, Alfreda Young (I15904)
759 A musician CONTE, Louis (I38724)
760 a musician in 1870, Boston. CLAPP, Erastus S. (I23126)
761 A National Guard, Warrant Officer, JG in 1956 CARANCI, Joseph A. (I20004)
762 A native American indian JACKSON, Mitchell (I42852)
763 A Native American of the Choctaw tribe. MANNING, Forbis (I63228)
764 A native American of the Hia-Ced branch of the Tohono O'odham tribe. PUFFER, Mary Anita (I24823)
765 A native American of the Tohono O'odham tribe
Sherriff of Pima County 
PUFFER, Lawrence Calhoun (I7798)
766 A native American of the Tohono O'odham tribe JAMES, Tillisita (I7796)
767 A native American of the Tohono O'odham tribe who reside primarily in the Sonoran Desert of the southeastern Arizona and northwest Mexico. "Tohono O'odham" means "Desert People." Although they were previously known as the Papago, they have largely rejected this name (meaning literally "tepary-bean eater"), which was applied to them by conquistadors, who had heard them called this by other Piman bands who are very competitive with the Tohono O'odham. The term Papago derives from Ba:bawiko'a, meaning "eating tepary beans", which was pronounced Papago by the Spanish.

It is likely that both wives are the same woman based on the similarity of their names (James & Jim). Only Tillie appears in census records (1920) and no marriage records are found for either.

He was a mine worker at the time of his son Joe's birth. 
PUFFER, Alonzo Ace (I7797)
768 A native American of the Tohono O'odham tribe. He was a ranch hand. He was arrested in Feb, 1960, for contributing to the delinquency of a minor (his 5 year old Leonard). He was sentenced to 60 days in the county jail.
He was murdered by his brother, James, by a gunshot wound to the head. 
PUFFER, George (I1970)
769 A native American of the Tohono O'odham tribe. She attended American Indian Bible College in Phoenix and Prescott College and was a teaching assistant and speech therapist at San Simon Elementary School. She later was a counselor for Tohono O’odham Behavioral Health Services and retired after 17 years of service PUFFER, Daisy Jose (I7801)
770 A native born Cherokee Indian who was born and died on the Cherokee reservation in Tennessee. He lived in North Carolina and Georgia. SMITH, Sanders (I21603)
771 A native of Dundee, Scotland. REID, George Duncan (I16594)
772 A native of Germany, who located in Hopkins, Minn. BREN, Francis (I22060)
773 A native of Perth, Scotland RAINE, Elizabeth (I16595)
774 A native son of MA, K. Arthur Dearden from the age of fourte en years made his own way in the world, beginning under his father's wa tchful care in the crockery store, operated by the latter, and continui ng in this for thirty years. After retiring from the field of merchandi se, he became a farmer and cultivated for a time his own acres in the t own of Westfield. He was also known in court circles from his long serv ice as deputy sheriff, court officer and court crier. DEARDEN, Kirke Arthur (I17812)
775 A naturapath physician... educated in Hartford, CT FITCH, George Curtiss (I18344)
776 A Naval Academy graduate, Capt of the cruiser Duluth during WWII. He was charged with finding and sinking the Japanese destroyer Keyaki. HYLANT, R ADM Emory Paul Sr. (I45664)
777 A neurosurgeon NIERLING, Dr. Dean Allan (I6960)
778 A newspaper clipping states a Burton Stowe leased a farm at Iron Hill, Quebec, Canada, and moved there Oct 30, 1914. The dates fit for this Burton L. Stowe. STOWE, Burton L. (I45202)
779 A newspaper correspondent and the deputy clerk of Lincoln, NE. MORGAN, Raymond Beveridge (I22005)
780 A Nicene Christian, who convinced her husband Clovis to convert. Clotilde Queen Of The Salian Franks (I3151)
781 A non-contested divorce for desertion and non-support Family: PUFFER, John D. / LAMAY, Jennette Elizabeth (F2245)
782 A noted school teacher of Berkley. It was said he accidentally drowned i n the OH River. He taught watercolor painting and fancy penmanship in F all River, MA. He took a trip to OH where he introduced a new spellin g book, compiled by Rev. John Parsons of Berkley, MA. FRENCH, David (I10164)
783 a nun NEVILLE, Elizabeth De (I2660)
784 A nun NEVILLE, Joan De (I6575)
785 A nun CARANCI, Sister Maureen Joseph (I40350)
786 A nurse ARNOLD, George (I9362)
787 A nurse HERENDEEN, Sandra L. (I38149)
788 A nurse according to the 1925 NY State Census HAVENS, Adelaide C. (I12701)
789 A nurse during WWII HOXEY, Hazel Maxine (I43757)
790 A nurse during WWII ARCHER, Irene Elizabeth (I44354)
791 A nurse graduate of Cradle Society Nursing school. NIENKE, Betty Jean (I9728)
792 A nurse in 1940 in Warwick, RI BABER, Rose (I14819)
793 A nurse in WWII, Cadet Nursing Corps. JACKSON, Geraldine Mae (I43574)
794 A nurse, never married. RILEY, Mayme (I43391)
795 A packer CARANCI, Etta A. (I5590)
796 A packer CARANCI, Mary (I5591)
797 A packer in a meat packing plant PUFFER, Robert Emmett (I15044)
798 A painter PUFFER, Frederick (I6789)
799 A painter STEARNS, Stephen Bennet (I23346)
800 A painter STEARNS, Seth (I34943)

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