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801 A nurse in 1940 in Warwick, RI BABER, Rose (I14709)
802 A nurse in WWII, Cadet Nursing Corps. JACKSON, Geraldine Mae (I43177)
803 A nurse, never married. RILEY, Mayme (I43000)
804 A packer CARANCI, Etta A. (I5546)
805 A packer CARANCI, Mary (I5547)
806 A packer in a meat packing plant PUFFER, Robert Emmett (I14931)
807 A painter PUFFER, Frederick (I6733)
808 A painter STEARNS, Stephen Bennet (I23212)
809 A painter STEARNS, Seth (I34734)
810 A painter BARTLETT, Frederick M. (I56527)
811 A painter and decorator CLARK, Asahel Puffer (I46665)
812 A painter at the time of his marriage FROST, Dalton Owen (I48590)
813 A painter at the time of his marriage.
A countrystore owner at the time of his death. 
LAROSE, Roland Joseph (I8350)
814 A painter in 1915. PUFFER, John J. (I50946)
815 A painter; never married. MERRIAM, Farwell (I34553)
816 A painting contractor. PUFFER, Fletcher Ira (I143)
817 A paperhanger PUFFER, George Albert (I23118)
818 A pastor of the First Spiritual Science Church RALPH, Rev. Mary A. (I62459)
819 A patent rights dealer. PUFFER, Stephen (I33021)
820 A patient at the Grafton State Hospital in 1930 PUFFER, David Eugene (I21212)
821 A patient at the Westborough State Hospital in 1910 PUFFER, David Eugene (I21212)
822 A patient at the Westborough State Hospital in 1910 PUFFER, David Eugene (I21212)
823 A patient in the Wadsworth Sanitarium in 1940. PUFFER, Herman Gates (I18492)
824 A Patron in 469 FELIX, Magnus (I3104)
825 A peddler DARRAH, Maurice (I14759)
826 A pedler on a RR car, according to the 1870 Federal Census PUFFER, Charles P. (I33171)
827 A PFC at time of his honorable discharge. PERSHALL, George Arthur (I49612)
828 A pharmacist CARVER, Lucy Jane Kimmel (I34978)
829 A pharmacist, graduate of University of MI, the first woman gradu ate. UPJOHN, Mary N. (I22979)
830 A photographer and undertaker at Chester, VT. WELLMAN, Charles Ezra (I19155)
831 A photographer at the 1910 Federal Census Family: BRILHART, Charles Wesley / PUFFER, Grace Belle (F8817)
832 A photography retoucher at the time of his death PUFFER, Bruce Frank (I17648)
833 A physician UPJOHN, Dr. Henry Uriah (I3457)
834 a physician HASTINGS, Alonzo Thomas (I18302)
835 A physician and pharmacist PUFFER, Dr. John Dickinson (I22270)
836 A physician and State Senator of Maine. MANNING, Dr. John III (I5479)
837 A physician at Taunton, MA. MACOMBER, Dr. Thomas (I8039)
838 A physician in 1880 WINN, Dr. Philip James Sr. (I39227)
839 A physician in Brooklyn, NY and Bridgeport, CT.

He signed his middle name as "Medcalfe" on his passport application. 
DELISSER, Dr. Glenwood Medcalfde (I41060)
840 A physician, he lived with his daughter Helen in his final years. UPJOHN, Uriah (I3459)
841 A physician. Resided in Downers Grove. A WWI Army Lt. According to the 1920 Federal Census he was adopted, his birth parents were born in Ireland.

A Private, Troop E., 1st IL Calvary, Spanish American War, 1898

A Veteran of the 2nd Boer War, a Pvt in the Prince of Wales Light Horse, South Africa, 1901-02; 1st Lt. R.C., Mexican Border, 1916; Capt. Medical Corps, 1917-19; 1st. Lt. Medical Reserve Corps, 1917, Fort Riley, KS 
PUFFER, Dr. Maurice Lyon (I9316)
842 A pianist HERREN, Julia Alice (I34394)
843 A pianist and jazz singer PUFFER, Keri Lesa (I23564)
844 a piano teacher PUFFER, Vera Fern (I33405)
845 A pioneer at Concord, MA HUNT, William (I17768)
846 A pioneer of the town of Weymouth, corporal of the military company and town officer. LUDDEN, Capt. Cpl. James (I51)
847 A pioneer settler in Detroit, MI. He was founder and head of N. S. Rand & Son's electrotype and stereotype foundry, Detroit, MI. He died at this daughter, Isabelle's, house in Windsor, CT RAND, Nathaniel Sewall (I60736)
848 A plasterer THORPE, James Alfred (I24302)
849 A plumber
He was raised on a farm and attended the district schools, completing his education in the old Framingham academy, which he attended for two years. In his youth he spent much of his spare time in reading and study and early in life demonstrated natural ability as a mechanic and marked inventive genius. He followed the trade of blacksmith for a time and in 1842 started in the plumbing business on Water Street, Boston. Soon after he began to manufacture soda fountains. This business grew rapidly and he secured many valuable patents used in soda fountains, giving him a substantial lead over his competitors. After a few years he moved to new quarters on Portland Street, Boston. Year by year the demand for the fountains and devices manufactured by Mr. Puffer grew amazingly and his business became very large and profitable. A factory was built at Winchester but the offices remained at 44-8 Portland Street. He was granted more than a hundred patents. His three sons were associated with him in business in later years under the firm of A.D. Puffer & Sons Manufacturing Company. This firm continued until 1891, when it was consolidated with three other concerns in the same line of business under the name of the American Soda Fountain Company, of which Mr. Puffer became vice-president.
During the last 15 years of his life, Mr. Puffer devoted his attention mainly to his real estate and other investments. He was fond of travel and mad many trips abroad. He was well read, broad of mind, kindly, gentle and modest, equipped with a wide knowledge of men and affairs gathered from books and experience, a veritable (en)cyclopedia of information. During his business career he employed many thousands, all of whom held him in the highest esteem and affection. He had a fine physique, good health and great energy of mind and body. In politics he was a Republican, but he took no very active part in public affairs and declined public honors.
After living in Boston for a few years he made his home in Somerville for a period of fourteen years, removing thence to Medford. The section near his home is know as Puffer corner. During his last years his legal residence was at Derry, NH.
He died at Medford, after an illness of a few hours. The interment was in Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford. The funeral was at his late residence, 203 High Street. His will, dated March 15, 1897, was proved at Exeter, N H. His legal residence was in West Derry, NH where he had a summer home. In his will he bequeathed to his children, to his half-brother Jonas L. Whitney, the daughters of his half-sister Abigail Hewitt and his half-sister Hannah C. Felton.

The 1870 Malden, MA city directory lists him as living on High Street, Medford, MA on the corner of Purchase. 
PUFFER, Alvin Davis (I7995)
850 A plywood worker in 1967 PUFFER, Paul W. (I19064)
851 A police lieutenant GROUDLE, Glen Alan (I60598)
852 A policeman in the city of Oneonta, NY. National Guardsman PUFFER, Kenneth Charles Sr. (I15718)
853 A politician and very active soldier. A Spanish medieval writer. He b ecame one of the richest and most powerful men of his time, coining his o wn currency as the kings did. During his life, he was criticized for ch oosing literature as his vocation, an activity thought below a nobleman o f such prestige. CASTILE, Juan Manuel De Senor de Villena y Escalona (I3097)
854 A popular photographer in Nashua, NH..
http://www.etsy.com/listing/124598872/cdv-velvet-gown-pie-crust-collar-id-mrs? is an example of his work 
GLENTON, Federico Jr. (I33347)
855 a popular young lawyer died at age of 29 years at Jersey City Hospital of typhoid fever. He studied law with Counselor John Sykes, and after graduating with honor, he opened an office in Westfield. MORRELL, Henry H. (I1989)
856 A post office clerk in 1915-1919 PUFFER, Florence J. (I20758)
857 a post-mistress PUFFER, Alfreda (I22200)
858 A postmaster at the time of her marriage PUFFER, Lorna Grace (I20979)
859 A postmaster in Wyantskill, NY in 1940 PUFFER, Wallace George Jr. (I35702)
860 A postmaster of Engery, IL KILBRETH, James Leon (I42711)
861 A powder maker

A Civil War Veteran with Co. H, 13th MA Volunteer Infantry: wounded and taken prisoner, Aug. 30, 1862, at 2nd Bull Run. VA.; paroled , date not shown; missing July 1, 1863 at Gettysburg, Penn.; killed by a wound in the side, in a skirmish, before the battle of Cold Harbor, VA, June 3, 1864 at Cold Harbor. 
LOVERING, Daniel Artemas (I13424)
862 A powerful Earl and knight under Edward I (Longshanks) of England. When Edward II, his first cousin, became king he was a staunch supporter, at first. But he, and other English nobles, hated the confidant of Edward II, Pier Gaveston, and ultimately had him killed. Edward II eventually did the same to Thomas. PLANTAGENET, Thomas 2nd Earl of Lancaster (I1926)
863 a powerful Norman magnate with much wealth and political influence BEAUMONT, Waleran IV De 1st Earl of Worcester Count of Meu (I20047)
864 A practical nurse
the 1940 Federal Census shows her living in Mesilla Park, NM as a lodger in the home of Margaret Langston, she is married still. 
FREEMAN, Edith Elizabeth (I41591)
865 A premature twin PELTON, Eileen (I57279)
866 A printer PUFFER, Donald Wayne (I23991)
867 A printer and linotype operator at the Conneaut News Herald MONTGOMERY, Willard S. (I37313)
868 A private duty nurse, for Mr. Abiather Spencer POULIN, Marie Léa (I63097)
869 A private in Capt John Hoover's company, Col. Calvin Britain's Regt. 108, during the War of 1812 MILLER, Pardon (I43382)
870 A Private in the Civil War with the 12th Mass. Inf., 12th Regiment, Company G. KEENE, Melzar (I21996)
871 a private nurse WILKINSON, Carrie Mills (I33141)
872 A private secretary PUFFER, Alethea Roxanna (I33400)
873 A produce merchant. PEIRCE, James Adams (I19817)
874 A professional soldier NYLES, Arthur J. (I6305)
875 A prominent patriot; Captain of the Minute Men; town treasurer; Represe ntative to the General Court. ENDICOTT, Capt. John (I18412)
876 A Puritan, he studied at St John's College, Cambridge, receiving his B. A. in 1630 and his M.A. in 1633. Carter was a student at Cambridge at t he same time as John Harvard, and the two probably knew each other ther e. Like Harvard and many other Puritans, Carter immigrated to New Engla nd as part of the Great Migration, becoming a freeman of Dedham, Massac husetts in 1637. Carter was active in the church, both at Dedham, and a t Watertown, MA, where he served as an elder.

Having demonstrated spiritual gifts during his time as an elder, on Nov ember 22, 1642, Carter was ordained at Woburn, MA and he bec ame the pastor of the Woburn congregation. 
CARTER, Rev. Thomas (I17927)
877 A Pvt in Co. B., 86th NY Infantry Regt in the Civil War. Wounded in the foot. Member of Abram Miller Post, G.A.R., Canistee, NY.

His headstone was provided by Gross Brothers, Lee, MA in 1891. 
PUFFER, George Layfayette (I16858)
878 A Pvt in Co. F, 9th VT Inf. during the Civil War, also Co. A, 5th VT Inf.. Participated in the battles of Gettysburg and the Wilderness and remained in the service till the end of the war.

Asahel B. Puffer was b. in Enosburg in 1830. Two brothers, one of whom, Daniel, was grandfather of Asahel, came from England and settled in Connecticut, and later in Franklin, Vt. Daniel m. Susie Farr. His son, Daniel, m. a woman of the same name, Susie Farr. He d. at the age of 99 and she in 1884 at 98. There were six sons and three daughters, of whom Merrill is living in St. Albans, Isabel probably is living in Belvidere, and Asahel is in this town. The others have passed away.
Asahel lived in Enosburg till he was seven years old, then while in Bakersfield he was with Fay Brigham fourteen years, in Boston a year with Bent Brigham, in the West a year, again in Bakersfield two years, on the Erie Canal two years. Then he bought a farm in Montgomery and married.

In 1863 he enlisted from Burlington in Co. A, 5th Vt. Vols., participated in the
battles of Gettysburg and the Wilderness and remained in service till the close of the war. Then he lived on a farm in Bolton and in 1868 or 1869 came to Jericho. He built the house in which he now resides. His first wife d. here in 1892. He m. in 1894 Mrs. Julia (Cilley) Nichols, who had m. 1 John D. Nichols. She d. in 1910, aged 66 
PUFFER, Pvt. Asahel B. (I23866)
879 A Pvt in CO. K, 90th PA Infantry Regt. Gravestone was supplied by Gross Bros., Lee, MA in 1891. PUFFER, George E. (I44646)
880 A Pvt in the US Army during WWII 1945-1948 PUFFER, William Edward (I18793)
881 A Pvt, Co. F, 11th NY Infantry Regt. RENNIE, Melvin James (I55197)
882 A Quaker, at one time a member of New Garden Monthly Meeting (Kernersville) She may be buried in the Friends Cemetery there. HIATT, Mary (I148)
883 A Quaker. ALLEN, Robert (I22787)
884 A radio repairman PUFFER, Glen Orville (I35247)
885 A railroad brakeman at the time of his marriage. PERRY, Fredrick Clayton (I10357)
886 A railroad engineer. Family: BISHOP, William S. / PUFFER, Mariah A. (F15620)
887 A railway engineer CLIFFORD, James Benjamin (I41608)
888 A real estate agent from 1930 to her death. PUFFER, Jennie (I33563)
889 A real estate broker according to the 1940 Federal Census PUFFER, Leonard Bruce Sr. (I13097)
890 A registered nurse WALLACE, Mary Jane (I42410)
891 A registered nurse for over 40 years DOUGHAN, Monica Agnes RN (I43901)
892 A registered nurse in 1930 PUFFER, Frances Bailey (I1220)
893 A restaurant proprietor TALCOTT, Dewitt Clinton (I9400)
894 A restaurant worker PUFFER, Imelda Mary (I38844)
895 A retail grocer. MERRIAM, Frank H. (I16429)
896 A retail merchant PUFFER, James Wright (I18243)
897 A retail merchant in 1920 PUFFER, Frederick A. (I22170)
898 A retired farmer at the time of death PUFFER, William (I9114)
899 A retired farmer, he burned up $53,000 of his fortune in a single year. His family hired a lawyer/conservator to look over his financial affairs in 1925. PUFFER, Samuel R. (I19449)
900 A retired grocer at the time of his death PUFFER, John F. (I5471)
901 A retired Philadelphia policeman at the time of his death. GEONNOTTI, Jerry (I52684)
902 A Revolutionary War soldier WALES, Samuel (I11856)
903 A Revolutionary War soldier and member of the first Constitutional Conv ention in MA. SOUTHWORTH, Capt. Jedediah (I14002)
904 A revolutionary War soldier he was in Lt. Capt, Ebenezer Bridge's Company, Col. John Whitcomb's Reg. of minute-men, marched from Fitchburg on Lexington alarm of Apr 19, 1775, served 15 days; Ens., Capt. Josiah Stearns' Co., Col. Ephraim Doolittle's Reg. (24th Mass.) July 13 to Aug 1, 1775 (commissioned Mar. 23 1776, Captain 9th Co., Col. Abijah Stearns' Reg. of militia); Capt. under Maj. Ebenezer Bridge, marched Aug 22, 1777 on Bennington alarm, served 9 days; Capt. under Maj. Bridge Sept. and Oct. 1777, service at Saratoga at Burgoyne's surrender; Capt., Col. Josiah Whitney's Reg. (2d Worcester county) July 30 to Sept 13, 1778. THURLO\THURLOW, Capt. William (I8982)
905 A Revolutionary War soldier, Pvt. in Capt. William Henry's Company, Oct 3 to Nov 10 1779. GIBSON, Bezaleel (I8593)
906 A Revolutionary War Veteran who received a pension. FICKETT, Zebulon (I52703)
907 A Revolutionary War Veteran, enlisted 1775 in Capt. Samuel Sawyer's company,Scammon's regiment. He was granted a pension for his service in 1818, for one year's active service, as a Private in the Massachusetts line.

He moved from the town of Sanford, ME, into Columbia, when his son, Daniel, was 4 yrs old (ca 1802). 
LOW, Jonathan (I13550)
908 A Revolutionary War Veteran, in Capt. Abraham Swartwort's Company, Col Poter Gainsworth, Commander, 3rd NY Battalion, deserted May 12, 1779. MIXER, Daniel (I6054)
909 A Revolutionary War Veteran, Pvt in Capt Jesse Holbrook's Co., which marched on the alarm of Apr 19, 1775 HOLBROOK, Lt. Asahel (I10344)
910 A Revolutionary War Veteran.

Came to Jaffrey, NH about 1816 from Marlborough, N.H. and before that from Fitzwilliam, NH to Marlborough, NH about 1808. He was a chairmaker. He bought land in Jaffrey in 1820. He served as highway surveryor.

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Came to Jaffrey, NH about 1816 from Marlborough, N.H. and before that from Fitzwilliam, NH to Marlborough, NH about 1808. He was a chairmaker. He bought land in Jaffrey in 1820. He served as highway surveryor. A Revolutionary War Veteran. 
GERRY, Jonas (I47338)
911 A Revolutionary War veteran. MERRITT, Richard Gowell (I7481)
912 A Roman general and statesman. He played a critical role in the gradual t ransformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Emperor/ di ctator of Roman Empire. CAESAR, Gaius Julius (I3547)
913 A Roman Macedonian governor and senator. OCTAVIUS, Gaius (I7882)
914 A Roman politician and consul in 53 BC. RUFUS, Marcus Valerius Messalla (I4079)
915 A rug weaver at the time of his death PATTEE\PETTEE, John F. (I43534)
916 A sailor LOOK, Jerome Bonaparte (I20735)
917 A sailor LOOK, Capt. Aaron J. Jr. (I76067)
918 A sailor died of yellow fever in Havana, Cuba TABBUTT, William III (I59751)
919 A sailor in the Revolutionary War. MERRITT, John (I51706)
920 A sailor on the ship Belgrade around S. America to San Francisco in 1850 to seek gold (California Gold Rush) TIBBETTS, Benjamin Franklin (I59720)
921 A sales lady in 1940 THORPE, Burdetta (I12922)
922 A saleslady in Ladies Ready to Wear, Kansas in 1930. PUFFER, Nelle May (I34675)
923 A salesman

He and his wife, Ethel, sailed from Naples, Italy 21st Jan 1925, arriving in NYC 31 Jan 1925.

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A salesman 
PUFFER, Rollin Edwin (I33190)
924 A salesman MARSH, Frederick Lincoln (I32950)
925 A salesman for a candy factory Family: PUFFER, Harold Otis Sr. / FRASER, Edith Beatrice (F8952)
926 A salesman for A.O. Landkamer and later a traffic manager for Tonka Toys in Mound, MN PUFFER, John Nutting (I23343)
927 A salesman for Hoover Co. PUFFER, Rex Newell (I24001)
928 A salesman in Augusta, ME Family: PLANTE, Alfred Joseph Sr. / POULIN, Alphonsine Marie (F15307)
929 A saleswoman in a dry goods store in 1920 PUFFER, Doris (I33558)
930 A saloon keeper in 1855. VALENTINE, Frederick Eugene (I62325)
931 A saloon keeper in 1880, Nashua, NH PUFFER, Henry James (I6817)
932 A sawyer PUFFER, Frank J. (I42739)
933 A scale sealer (1900), resided in Mass. Was clerk in First Natl. Bank, St. Johnsbury, VT.

According to the 1910 & 1920 Federal Census he was an inmate at the Westboro (MA) State Hospital. At the time a facility for mental illness.

According to the 1940 Federal Census he was an inmate at the Grafton State Hospital, North Grafton, MA. At the time a facility for mental illness. 
PUFFER, David Eugene (I21212)
934 A school teacher PUFFER, Lillian Editha (I11560)
935 A school teacher PUFFER, Elizabeth Rachael (I36178)
936 A school teacher and farmer in his native town. PUFFER, Samuel Jr. (I14994)
937 A school teacher at Great Basin College Preschool, Elko, NV NUSSBAUM, Danielle Elyse (I46760)
938 A school teacher at John J. Dugan Jr HS Family: RAMAGE, Joseph Anderson Jr. / DAVIS, Bernice Mary (F20659)
939 A school teacher at St. Juliana in West Palm Beach, FL. WILDEROTTER, Janet Frances (I22501)
940 A school teacher in Columbia Falls, ME. LOOK, Victor Mellan (I37248)
941 A school teacher in Lynn, MA WEBSTER, May Locke (I13716)
942 A school teacher in the city public school system. PUFFER, Ida Bridgham (I37129)
943 A school teacher in Thetford, VT in 1894. TRESCOTT, Bernice Abbie (I15136)
944 A school teacher, began when 18 yo. RICE, Rosamond Babbitt (I11435)
945 A school teacher. SAWYER, Sophronia E. (I18265)
946 A schoolteacher at Frank F. Carr School PUFFER, Dorothy Ann (I24701)
947 A sea captain and fisherman LOOK, Capt. James William (I59976)
948 A sea captain at Addison, ME TABBUTT, Daniel Shepard (I59742)
949 A sea captain, according to Hazel Bradeen. SMITH, Captain Winslow M. (I9781)
950 A sea captain. WASS, Capt. Thomas (I669)
951 A sea captain. NYE, Capt. John Henry (I38960)
952 A seaman FISHER, Thomas H. (I11573)
953 A seaman NORTON, Lamont J. (I56366)
954 A seaman and lobsterman in Addison, ME. LOOKE, Joseph Warren (I52584)
955 A seaman when young. 23 years as a local undertaker. WILSON, Joel Drisko (I50066)
956 A seaman, a harpooner for Greenland, and a farmer in Klintum and Oldsum on Föhr NICKELSEN, Ketel (I61642)
957 A seaman, according to the 1870 Federal Census STEVENS, Horace M. (I52605)
958 a seamstress HELLTHALER, Catherine (I44197)
959 A seamstress at Manchester, NH. PUFFER, Elizabeth Augusta (I20826)
960 A seamstress in Newark, OH in 1937, according to US City Directories STEVENSON, Lucille D. (I40410)
961 A secretary at an insurance company PUFFER, Priscilla Emma (I37355)
962 A secretary in a factory according to the 1940 Federal Census HARTIGAN, Alice Veronica (I13098)
963 A secretary in a research facility Family: BONNER, Robert C. Jr. / LANE, Pauline (F24480)
964 A Selectman and Constable of Framingham, MA. MIXER, Daniel (I2628)
965 A self-employed manufacturer and lumberman. PUFFER, Alton Matheas (I9387)
966 A Sergeant at Fort Ethan Allen in VT at the time of his marriage Family: PROKOP, Joseph Marion / PUFFER, Alma Rose (F15711)
967 a servant in 1940 FRENCH, Geneva Belle (I3810)
968 A servant in a hotel 1900 HAVENS, Jennie M. (I36190)
969 A servant in the home of William R. Spear, Randolph, MA. BURRELL, Jennie Perkins (I17578)
970 A servant in the home of William Van Atter JOHNSON, Sarah E. (I46827)
971 A servant in the house of the Wayne Ellis family. PUFFER, Martha Jenett (I7251)
972 A servant in the household of Enoch Smith and family RHOADES, Jane (I62964)
973 A servant in the household of Wallace Johnson in 1900 PUFFER, Bruce Frank (I19164)
974 A servant to Alexander Maxwell circa 1662. "[i]n 1678 Daniel Dill was d runk and threatening to kill his wife, who was Dorothy Moore, sister to T homas."[1,23] DILL, Daniel (I9023)
975 A service station owner, Don's Conoco. Family: BERGHOFF, Donald Joseph Sr. / HEYER, Harriet Jane (F23780)
976 A Sgt. during WWI, US Army INGERSOLL, Percy Talbot (I54041)
977 A Sgt. in the French and Indian War, 1757 OLDS, William (I46550)
978 A shear press operator for an automobile parts stamping factory Family: PUFFER, Lawrence Harry / SHERWOOD, Madeline (F22110)
979 A ship builder in Harrington, ME. He had five children. COFFIN, Joseph Adams Jr. (I8739)
980 a ship carpenter PINEO, Benjamin L. (I41276)
981 A ship caulker at the time of his death SAMPSON, Charles (I21992)
982 A ship's carpenter LOOK, Stillman S. (I19077)
983 A shipbuilder MERRILL, James A. (I15071)
984 A shipfitter/welder in 1921 TAINTOR, Loren Russell (I40156)
985 A shipmaster TUCKER, Morey (I52618)
986 A shipping clerk for a paper mill Family: GIBSON, Truman A. / PUFFER, Lucy Arvilla (F11170)
987 A ships captain GUIMOND, Alfred (I1364)
988 A ships captain LOOK, Capt. Philander Wass (I20730)
989 A ships carpenter LOW, Vendeluer (I36671)
990 A ships carpenter. DORR, Erastus G. (I36788)
991 a shipwright in Kittery, ME TUCKER, William (I45932)
992 A shirt stitcher PUFFER, Flora Augusta (I16278)
993 A shoe dealer, Shelburne Falls and Greenfield. No children. WELLS, John Milton (I33084)
994 A shoe manufacturer CONANT, Joseph (I18215)
995 A shoemaker SPRAGUE, Blossom (I9223)
996 A shoemaker BICKFORD, Eli (I9674)
997 A shoemaker SNELL, Joseph Doane (I14000)
998 A shoemaker CHANDLER, Joshua Jr. (I19158)
999 A shoemaker PONSFORD, David (I19541)
1000 A shoemaker SAMPSON, Charles Jr. (I21993)

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