Puffer Genealogy

Hornell, NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CORWIN, Raymond Kenneth  11 Apr 1897Hornell, NY I57442 Puffers 
2 COYKENDALL, Betty Arline  15 Feb 1925Hornell, NY I45874 Puffers 
3 HARRINGTON, Helen D.  27 May 1897Hornell, NY I13781 Puffers 
4 MEAD, Edith Gloria  23 Jan 1924Hornell, NY I40301 Puffers 
5 MEAD, Harold L.  3 Apr 1918Hornell, NY I55770 Puffers 
6 PHILBRICK, Laurie Beth  12 Dec 1962Hornell, NY I37534 Puffers 
7 PUFFER, Ellsworth Hazzard  30 Jun 1862Hornell, NY I16951 Puffers 
8 PUFFER, Richard L.  29 Jan 1961Hornell, NY I24692 Puffers 
9 TERIBURY, Clifford Lavern  7 Sep 1886Hornell, NY I13780 Puffers 
10 WOODWORTH, Jean Marium  16 May 1935Hornell, NY I43705 Puffers 
11 WOODWORTH, Mabel Maud  15 Jun 1891Hornell, NY I12234 Puffers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, Adelia  24 Jul 1904Hornell, NY I46196 Puffers 
2 CLANCY, Mary  6 Jan 2013Hornell, NY I52200 Puffers 
3 COYKENDALL, Leon McIntyre  15 Jan 1968Hornell, NY I23546 Puffers 
4 DAILEY, Clinton L.  1961Hornell, NY I49479 Puffers 
5 EMERY, Mabel F.  15 Jan 1947Hornell, NY I10962 Puffers 
6 EMERY, William Winchester  Aft 1930Hornell, NY I39359 Puffers 
7 GOULD, Francis Lee  21 Jul 1974Hornell, NY I44806 Puffers 
8 MEAD, Edith Gloria  4 Jul 2021Hornell, NY I40301 Puffers 
9 MEAD, Harold L.  13 Apr 2005Hornell, NY I55770 Puffers 
10 MUSTO, Hazel Genevieve  Apr 1993Hornell, NY I44807 Puffers 
11 NEU, Theresa R.  1 Jun 1973Hornell, NY I35329 Puffers 
12 PHILBRICK, Laurie Beth  19 Dec 2011Hornell, NY I37534 Puffers 
13 PUFFER, Robert Thomas  Apr 1984Hornell, NY I12095 Puffers 
14 RING, Leonard Bert  3 Jan 1952Hornell, NY I49480 Puffers 
15 STEPHENS, Mildred Lucina  7 Dec 1976Hornell, NY I8449 Puffers 
16 VAN NESS, Orrin William  12 Apr 1972Hornell, NY I61391 Puffers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 COYKENDALL, Leon McIntyre  Hornell, NY I23546 Puffers 
2 GIGLIO, Angela Antonia  Hornell, NY I49493 Puffers 
3 GIGLIO, John  Hornell, NY I46547 Puffers 
4 MEAD, Clayton Floyd  Hornell, NY I55769 Puffers 
5 MEAD, Edith Gloria  Hornell, NY I40301 Puffers 
6 NESBITT\NISBET, Ida\Ina  Hornell, NY I45875 Puffers 
7 NEU, Theresa R.  Hornell, NY I35329 Puffers 
8 POTTER, Charles H.  Hornell, NY I47031 Puffers 
9 PUFFER, Robert Thomas  Hornell, NY I12095 Puffers 
10 THOMPSON, Louise E.  Hornell, NY I47032 Puffers 
11 VAN NESS, Orrin William  Hornell, NY I61391 Puffers 
12 WOOLEVER, Ruth Irene  Hornell, NY I60528 Puffers 
13 YATALESE, Bambina  Hornell, NY I46548 Puffers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHASE, Violet M.  1920Hornell, NY I10967 Puffers 
2 EMERY, William Winchester  1925Hornell, NY I39359 Puffers 
3 HALLETT, Joanne G.  2020Hornell, NY I24687 Puffers 
4 MEAD, Edith Gloria  1998Hornell, NY I40301 Puffers 
5 PUFFER, Gerald Lee  1950Hornell, NY I36451 Puffers 
6 PUFFER, Isaac Monroe Jr.  1950Hornell, NY I24689 Puffers 
7 PUFFER, Isaac Monroe Jr.  2004Hornell, NY I24689 Puffers 
8 PUFFER, Isaac Monroe Jr.  2020Hornell, NY I24689 Puffers 
9 PUFFER, Lt. James Earl  1950Hornell, NY I15960 Puffers 
10 PUFFER, Marion Allen  1950Hornell, NY I24686 Puffers 
11 PUFFER, Robert Arthur  1950Hornell, NY I7531 Puffers 
12 ROSS, Ginger Sue  1 Jul 1994Hornell, NY I42779 Puffers 
13 THOMPSON, Martin Moses  1920Hornell, NY I10968 Puffers 
14 THOMPSON, William Henry  1920Hornell, NY I10969 Puffers 
15 WOODWORTH, Flossie Phoebe  1930Hornell, NY I12235 Puffers 
16 WOOLEVER, Ruth Irene  1910Hornell, NY I60528 Puffers 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 CLEVELAND / WOODWORTH  1 Feb 1958Hornell, NY F17738 Puffers 
2 PUFFER / PHILBRICK  23 May 1992Hornell, NY F11027 Puffers 
3 RING / WOODWORTH  1 Apr 1931Hornell, NY F18448 Puffers 
4 WOODWORTH / PUFFER  11 Oct 1919Hornell, NY F10257 Puffers 


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   Family    Residence    Family ID   Tree 
1 ERSKINE / EMERY  1925Hornell, NY F1188 Puffers 
2 GIGLIO / YATALESE  1925Hornell, NY F17075 Puffers 
3 GIGLIO / YATALESE  1940Hornell, NY F17075 Puffers 
4 PUFFER / STEPHENS  1950Hornell, NY F10259 Puffers 
5 VAN NESS / WOOLEVER  1940Hornell, NY F24206 Puffers