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North Providence, RI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARANCI, Albert J.  16 May 1935North Providence, RI I2923
2 CARANCI, Arthur  19 Jun 1919North Providence, RI I813
3 CARANCI, Francis Angelo  19 Jul 1922North Providence, RI I2307
4 CARANCI, Pasqualina L  13 Dec 1927North Providence, RI I3556
5 CARANCI, Thomas Anthony  13 Jun 1922North Providence, RI I3555
6 PUFFER, Florence Winnifred  31 Jul 1910North Providence, RI I18605
7 PUFFER, Grace Elizabeth  17 Jul 1906North Providence, RI I18013
8 STONE, Sharon Jene  26 Dec 1989North Providence, RI I2261
9 SUCCI, Pompeo J.  14 May 1904North Providence, RI I39352
10 VIOLA, Elena Rosemarie  4 Apr 1942North Providence, RI I6975


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 APOSTOLICO, Angela Maria  1987North Providence, RI I52037
2 CARANCI, Antonetta  16 Feb 1998North Providence, RI I5556
3 CARANCI, Antonio Benjamin  18 Nov 1971North Providence, RI I3077
4 CARANCI, Delphina Pearl  24 Oct 1998North Providence, RI I3333
5 CARANCI, Domenica  20 Sep 1945North Providence, RI I218
6 CARANCI, Luigi  Feb 1965North Providence, RI I4598
7 CARANCI, Mary J.  15 Aug 1989North Providence, RI I818
8 CARANCI, Michele  22 Dec 1986North Providence, RI I5555
9 CARANCI, Palmerino  11 Feb 1929North Providence, RI I3558
10 CARANCI, Pasquale Domenico  Sep 1975North Providence, RI I1752
11 CARANCI, Teresa Filomena  13 Oct 1993North Providence, RI I9859
12 CARLUCCI, Pasquale  13 Dec 1975North Providence, RI I220
13 CIPRIANO, Carmella  20 Mar 1972North Providence, RI I3076
14 CIPRIANO, Jennie  23 Mar 2010North Providence, RI I22500
15 COLLETTI, Delia  1965North Providence, RI I61817
16 DI GIULIO, Vito  12 Sep 1973North Providence, RI I62043
17 DIMICHELE, Raffaele  1978North Providence, RI I52036
18 GUGLIELMOTTI, Antoinetta  3 Dec 1999North Providence, RI I9376
19 GUGLIELMOTTI, Pasqualina  3 Mar 2001North Providence, RI I7828
20 MANCINI, Michelena  1 Jan 2012North Providence, RI I20089
21 MARZUCCA, Angela Maria Concetta  17 Apr 1987North Providence, RI I8091
22 MARZUCCA, Georgianna Maria  Mar 1980North Providence, RI I11928
23 MATRUMALO, Anthony Louis  8 Oct 2002North Providence, RI I44569
24 PAQUIN, William Joseph  4 Apr 1994North Providence, RI I1050
25 PUCCETTI, Louis  6 Dec 1988North Providence, RI I44535
26 ROMANO, Filomena F.  23 Aug 1993North Providence, RI I3557
27 SABETTA, Rosario T.  16 Apr 2016North Providence, RI I51619
28 SABETTA, Thomas George  26 Jan 2002North Providence, RI I44574
29 SOUSA, Manuel J.  29 Jan 1985North Providence, RI I2758
30 SUCCI, Pompeo J.  28 Jan 1999North Providence, RI I39352


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARBARITA, Anna E.  North Providence, RI I2306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Reinterr    Person ID 
1 CARANCI, Etta A.  1935North Providence, RI I5590


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BAGLINI, Louis Adolfo  1940North Providence, RI I61802
2 BAGLINI, Tomasso  2 Apr 1940North Providence, RI I61814
3 CARANCI, Agnes Mary  1930North Providence, RI I11661
4 CARANCI, Angela M.  1925North Providence, RI I5316
5 CARANCI, Angela M.  1950North Providence, RI I5316
6 CARANCI, Angelo  1930North Providence, RI I11557
7 CARANCI, Anthony Benjamin Jr.  1950North Providence, RI I4092
8 CARANCI, Anthony Charles  1930North Providence, RI I19728
9 CARANCI, Antoinetta M.  1930North Providence, RI I3870
10 CARANCI, Antonetta  1930North Providence, RI I5031
11 CARANCI, Antonio Benjamin  1 Apr 1940North Providence, RI I3077
12 CARANCI, Arthur  1950North Providence, RI I813
13 CARANCI, Charles  1 Apr 1940North Providence, RI I819
14 CARANCI, Delphina  1930North Providence, RI I5589
15 CARANCI, Delphina  1940North Providence, RI I5589
16 CARANCI, Delphina  1950North Providence, RI I5589
17 CARANCI, Delphina Pearl  1930North Providence, RI I3333
18 CARANCI, Domenica  1920North Providence, RI I218
19 CARANCI, Domenica Antonetta Margaret  1930North Providence, RI I6453
20 CARANCI, Domenica Antonetta Margaret  1940North Providence, RI I6453
21 CARANCI, Elvira  1925North Providence, RI I5588
22 CARANCI, Elvira  1930North Providence, RI I5588
23 CARANCI, Etta A.  1926North Providence, RI I5590
24 CARANCI, Etta A.  1930North Providence, RI I5590
25 CARANCI, Eva Ann  1930North Providence, RI I3334
26 CARANCI, Evelina Evelyn  1925North Providence, RI I2580
27 CARANCI, Evelina Evelyn  1930North Providence, RI I2580
28 CARANCI, Evelina Evelyn  1935North Providence, RI I2580
29 CARANCI, Evelina Evelyn  1940North Providence, RI I2580
30 CARANCI, Filomena Ann  1930North Providence, RI I33577
31 CARANCI, Frances  1930North Providence, RI I11662
32 CARANCI, Francis Angelo  1930North Providence, RI I2307
33 CARANCI, Francis Angelo  1 Apr 1940North Providence, RI I2307
34 CARANCI, Frank R.  1950North Providence, RI I59832
35 CARANCI, Giuseppe Genarro  1925North Providence, RI I5244
36 CARANCI, Giuseppe Genarro  1930North Providence, RI I5244
37 CARANCI, Gloria M.  1930North Providence, RI I1750
38 CARANCI, John Charles  1930North Providence, RI I3
39 CARANCI, John Charles  1951North Providence, RI I3
40 CARANCI, John L. Jr.  1930North Providence, RI I3871
41 CARANCI, Joseph Philip  1 Apr 1940North Providence, RI I3564
42 CARANCI, Joseph Philip  1950North Providence, RI I3564
43 CARANCI, Joseph Ralph Sr.  1930North Providence, RI I12429
44 CARANCI, Libero L.  1925North Providence, RI I11293
45 CARANCI, Libero L.  1930North Providence, RI I11293
46 CARANCI, Louis Liberato  1950North Providence, RI I36568
47 CARANCI, Margorie Palma  1930North Providence, RI I6452
48 CARANCI, Margorie Palma  1950North Providence, RI I6452
49 CARANCI, Marguerite  1950North Providence, RI I6216
50 CARANCI, Mary  1926North Providence, RI I5591

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARANCI / CARDARELLI  12 Mar 1905North Providence, RI F1330


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   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 CARANCI /   1950North Providence, RI F23398
2 CARANCI / CANCELLIERE  1950North Providence, RI F675
3 CARANCI / CAPOBIANCO  1950North Providence, RI F12225
4 CARANCI / CARANCI  1930North Providence, RI F1427
5 CARANCI / CARANCI  1950North Providence, RI F1427
6 CARANCI / CARANCI  1950North Providence, RI F4476
7 CARANCI / CARANCI  1950North Providence, RI F9086
8 CARANCI / CARDARELLI  1926North Providence, RI F1330
9 CARANCI / CARDARELLI  1940North Providence, RI F1330
10 CARANCI / CIPRIANO  1950North Providence, RI F3475
11 CARANCI / CIPRIANO  1950North Providence, RI F4603
12 CARANCI / DIRESTO  1950North Providence, RI F13986
13 CARANCI / DISANTIS  1950North Providence, RI F16484
14 CARANCI / DITRI  1925North Providence, RI F19
15 CARANCI / ESPOSITO  1950North Providence, RI F8263
16 CARANCI / KERIS  1950North Providence, RI F21026
17 CARANCI / LOMBARDO  1950North Providence, RI F5204
18 CARANCI / MANCINI  1930North Providence, RI F8114
19 CARANCI / MANCINI  1950North Providence, RI F8114
20 CARANCI / MARZUCCA  1926North Providence, RI F9089
21 CARANCI / MARZUCCA  1930North Providence, RI F9089
22 CARANCI / SEZGLIA  1950North Providence, RI F4
23 CARANCI / SUCCI  1940North Providence, RI F392
24 CARANCI / VACCA  1930North Providence, RI F1568
25 CARANCI / VACCA  1940North Providence, RI F1568
26 GUGLIELMOTTI / MARZUCCA  1930North Providence, RI F5726
27 MARZUCCA / CARRENTI  1930North Providence, RI F775
28 PETTIS / WRIGHT  1870North Providence, RI F7897