Puffer Genealogy

North Providence, RI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARANCI, Albert J.  16 May 1935North Providence, RI I3305
2 CARANCI, Arthur  19 Jun 1919North Providence, RI I930
3 CARANCI, Francis Angelo  19 Jul 1922North Providence, RI I2604
4 CARANCI, Pasqualina L  13 Dec 1927North Providence, RI I4004
5 CARANCI, Thomas Anthony  13 Jun 1922North Providence, RI I4003
6 PUFFER, Florence Winnifred  31 Jul 1910North Providence, RI I20254
7 PUFFER, Grace Elizabeth  17 Jul 1906North Providence, RI I19640
8 STONE, Sharon Jene  26 Dec 1989North Providence, RI I2554
9 SUCCI, Pompeo J.  14 May 1904North Providence, RI I42340
10 VIOLA, Elena Rosemarie  4 Apr 1942North Providence, RI I7827


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 APOSTOLICO, Angela Maria  1987North Providence, RI I57153
2 CARANCI, Antonetta  16 Feb 1998North Providence, RI I6119
3 CARANCI, Antonio B.  18 Nov 1971North Providence, RI I3474
4 CARANCI, Delphina Pearl  24 Oct 1998North Providence, RI I3763
5 CARANCI, Domenica  20 Sep 1945North Providence, RI I253
6 CARANCI, Luigi  Feb 1965North Providence, RI I5113
7 CARANCI, Mary  15 Aug 1989North Providence, RI I936
8 CARANCI, Michele  22 Dec 1986North Providence, RI I6118
9 CARANCI, Palmerino  11 Feb 1929North Providence, RI I4006
10 CARANCI, Pasquale Domenico  Sep 1975North Providence, RI I1983
11 CARANCI, Teresa Filomena  13 Oct 1993North Providence, RI I10951
12 CARLUCCI, Pasquale  13 Dec 1975North Providence, RI I255
13 CIPRIANO, Carmella  20 Mar 1972North Providence, RI I3473
14 CIPRIANO, Jennie  23 Mar 2010North Providence, RI I24400
15 DIMICHELE, Raffaele  1978North Providence, RI I57152
16 GUGLIELMOTTI, Antoinetta  3 Dec 1999North Providence, RI I10426
17 GUGLIELMOTTI, Pasqualina  3 Mar 2001North Providence, RI I8766
18 MANCINI, Michelena  1 Jan 2012North Providence, RI I21844
19 MARZUCCA, Angela Maria Concetta  Apr 1987North Providence, RI I9045
20 MARZUCCA, Georgianna Maria  Mar 1980North Providence, RI I13180
21 MATRUMALO, Anthony Louis  8 Oct 2002North Providence, RI I48707
22 PAQUIN, William Joseph  4 Apr 1994North Providence, RI I1191
23 PUCCETTI, Louis  6 Dec 1988North Providence, RI I48670
24 ROMANO, Filomena F.  23 Aug 1993North Providence, RI I4005
25 SABETTA, Rosario T.  16 Apr 2016North Providence, RI I56696
26 SABETTA, Thomas George  26 Jan 2002North Providence, RI I48712
27 SOUSA, Manuel J.  Jan 1985North Providence, RI I3100
28 SUCCI, Pompeo J.  28 Jan 1999North Providence, RI I42340


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARANCI / CARDARELLI  12 Mar 1905North Providence, RI F1445